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Zodiac Crystals: Best Stones for the 12 astrology signs

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Learn the zodiac crystals for each sun sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces with the benefits and healing powers.

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What are Zodiac Crystals?

Zodiac crystals are stones related to the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac, zodiac crystals possess healing and protective powers. Different zodiac signs are associated with different crystals and stones, which can be used for spiritual practice, meditation, or simply as decorations.

Zodiac crystals can help promote positive energy for balance and harmony in a person’s life, and may even bring greater awareness of one’s inner self.  

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Zodiac Crystal Bloodstone for Aries


Aries is associated with the bloodstone a dark green crystal with red flecks, a powerful crystal for transforming negativity into positive energy. It helps to protect and cleanse the aura as bloodstone is ruled by the planet mars and increases courage and determination.

The zodiac crystal bloodstone is also known as the stone of courage and justice, making it an ideal companion for those born under the sign of Aries who need an extra dose of confidence in order to reach their goals.

This zodiac crystal rules the heart chakra and cleanses all chakras. Bloodstone chakra energy is very powerful.

Zodiac Crystal Rose Quartz for Taurus

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz zodiac crystal is wonderful for Taurus. This pink zodiac crystal is thought to be a powerful ally for calming and soothing negative emotions and temper in this earth sign. It stimulates love and creativity, allowing its bearer to manifest meaningful relationships and make beautiful art.

Rose quartz used as a zodiac crystal also helps bring greater inner peace by offering emotional balance in difficult times as this beautiful zodiac crystal is connected to the heart chakra.

Furthermore, it encourages self-love and understanding, making it an ideal companion for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Zodiac Crystal Kyanite for Gemini

Kyanite Blue

Kyanite is a great zodiac crystal for Gemini.

This blue crystal is known for its ability to aid in clear communication and peaceful connection through the connection to the throat chakra. It helps foster creativity while also sharpening the mind and intellect.

Kyanite is an excellent companion for those born under the sun sign of Gemini as this zodiac crystal it encourages self-reflection, helping to bring balance to the logical and emotional sides of their personality.

Zodiac Crystal Moonstone for Cancer


Cancer zodiac is associated with moonstone, a zodiac crystal that represents the cycles of life and helps empower intuition.

Moonstones used as zodiac crystals bring peace and harmony, providing the sun sign cancer with a sense of clarity during moments of emotional turbulence. This zodiac crystal can also open up new doors to inner understanding, helping Cancerians make wise decisions in the face of change.

Furthermore, it encourages self-care and nurturance, making it the perfect zodiac crystal for those born under this sign.Moonstone chakra zodiac energy is very powerful for Cancerians, this zodiac crystal is usually white in color and ruled by the moon.  

Zodiac Crystal Tigers Eye for Leo

Tigers Eye Stone Yellow Gold

Leo is associated with the zodiac crystal tiger’s eye, a golden brown crystal that encourages its bearer to fearlessly take center stage. Tigers’ eye zodiac crystal brings strength, courage, and power while helping the wearer stay connected to their inner truth.

This zodiac crystal can also be used as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth, helping Leo gain insight into their own unique capabilities.

This yellow crystal, Tigers eye is ruled by the sun and connects to the third eye chakra, making tigers eye chakra energy very powerful for those born under the zodiac sign Leo.  

Zodiac Crystal Tree Agate for Virgo

Tree Agate

Virgo is associated with Tree Agate, a zodiac crystal that helps Virgo Zodiacs stay connected to nature. Tree Agate brings peace and balance and helps the wearer harness their inner strength while dealing with life’s challenges.

This green and white crystal can also be used as a tool for self-reflection and contemplation, helping Virgos gain insight into their own unique individualism.

Furthermore, it can help provide clarity when it comes to decision-making without being overly influenced by outside opinions or negativity.

Tree agate is also very good for the root chakra, helping the earth sign Virgo feel safe and grounded, so they don’t criticize themselves and others so much, which allows more room for play and fun to bring inner peace and joy into Virgo’s life.  

Zodiac Crystal Prehnite for Libra


Libra is associated with the zodiac crystal Prehnite, a light green crystal that balances the scales of justice and brings peace and harmony. Prehnite zodiac crystal supports spiritual growth and connects to the third eye chakra, making Prehnite chakra healing for Libras to align their thoughts with their intuition, giving them an understanding of what’s truly beneficial for them.

This incredible zodiac crystal clears away any negative energy while allowing its bearer to open themselves up to new opportunities.

Prehnite is a great companion for those born under the sign of Libra, as it helps them achieve their personal goals and live out their highest potential.

Prehnite is also very helpful for relaxing and sleeping, which can support the air sign Libra calming the mind when making important decisions.  

Zodiac Crystal Rhodochrosite for Scorpio


Scorpio is associated with the zodiac stone Rhodochrosite, a pink crystal that is also connected to the planet Mars and brings physical vitality to its wearer.

This zodiac crystal is connected to the heart chakra, allowing Scorpios to release any suppressed emotions, and promote security and stability with the help of the root chakra.

This zodiac crystal can also provide intense insights into their innermost feelings and desires, helping them gain clarity on what truly matters in life. Furthermore, it amplifies love energy making it easier for Scorpios to open up and build meaningful relationships in a positive way.  

Zodiac Crystal Imperial Topaz for Sagittarius

Golden Imperial Topaz

Sagittarius is associated with the zodiac crystal Imperial Topaz, a beautiful yellow crystal that reflects the planet Jupiter and the Sun.

This combination carries healing energies to the solar plexus chakra, allowing Sagittarians to take full control of their lives and make decisions that are aligned with their values.

It also stimulates growth and encourages them to be true to themselves. Moreover, this zodiac crystal is believed to attract abundance and good luck, helping its wearer fulfill their highest potential.  

Zodiac Crystal Hawks Eye Stone for Capricorn

Hawks Eye Stone also known as Blue Tigers Eye

Capricorn is associated with Hawk’s Eye Stone, a dark blue zodiac crystal that radiates to the energy of the Sun and connects to the third eye chakra, hawks eye stone chakra energy is very powerful for Capricorns healing old wounds and gaining clarity into behavior that is geared towards growth, This zodiac crystal helps Capricorns tap into their intuition and elevate their spiritual awareness.

It is believed to help them gain a better understanding of themselves, inspiring them to live more consciously and make wise decisions. Additionally, this zodiac crystal aids in manifesting one’s goals by providing clarity and focus on what truly matters.  

Zodiac Crystal Angelite for Aquarius


Aquarius is associated with Angelite, a light blue crystal that resonates with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. This zodiac crystal helps Aquarians find their true voice and intuition to make meaningful connections with others.

It also encourages Aquarius zodiacs to express themselves clearly and confidently. Additionally, Angelite is believed to enhance psychic abilities, aiding them in understanding their spirituality with gentle support to move forward with grace and ease. Angelite used as a zodiac crystal is very gentle

Zodiac Crystal Amethyst for Pisces


Pisces is associated with the zodiac crystal Amethyst, a purple crystal that resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, and even higher to the Higher Crown Chakra, making Amethyst chakra energy very powerful for Pisces zodiac signs.

This zodiac crystal helps Pisceans open up to the energy influence of Jupiter and Neptune bringing balance between the inner and outer realms.

It also cleanses their aura, increases spiritual awareness, encourages psychic abilities, and helps to remain focused on inner wisdom during difficult times.  

Zodiac Crystals Take Away

The power of the zodiac crystals is undeniable. From providing protection and clarity to aiding in healing and divination, it’s no wonder why many people have drawn on their influence for centuries.

As with any spiritual practice, use caution when working with zodiac stones – respect their energy and take time to meditate on what you’re doing. With that said, we hope these zodiac crystals bring you luck, joy, and good fortune!  

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