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What Zodiac Sign is Chrysocolla Good For?


What Zodiac Sign is Chrysocolla Good For?

Chrysocolla is Good for the Zodiac signs of Virgo, Gemini, and Taurus. Chrysocolla rules Mercury and Venus. So it is highly beneficial for these three zodiac signs with the same ruling planets as the Chrysocolla stone. Although, any zodiac sign may benefit from using the Chrysocolla stone.

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone Zodiac Signs Taurus Gemini Virgo

Chrysocolla and the Individual Zodiac signs

 Zodiac Sign Virgo

 Known for being extremely efficient and organized. Chrysocolla is said to help you stay calm while being focused. It can also help you become even more organized and efficient in your work. Chrysocolla can also help you deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with the perfection you seek. Calming your mind from overuse.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

 Chrysocolla is said to increase stamina and fertility while protecting from negative energy. It is also thought to help encourage self-confidence and help to achieve success. So, if you are looking for a stone to help you achieve your goals, consider including Chrysocolla in your crystal collection.

 Zodiac Sign Gemini

 Chrysocolla gemstone is believed to bring peace, balance, and communication skills. Chrysocolla can also help you succeed and be more successful in your relationships with others. The stone will also help the Zodiac sign Gemini avoid mental burnout and fatigue while problem-solving.


How Did the Ancients Use Zodiac Signs and Stones?

Astrology is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. It is based on the belief that the planets in the sky are associated with archetypes. Predictive astrology for each zodiac sign is based on solar returns to see what the planetary influence will be over the year for each individual. Astrology and zodiac signs have played a significant role in history. For example, astrologers believe that the planetary influences of the zodiac signs were used as indicators of political power in ancient times and advised the royal courts when to seize power or take over other countries. The Chrysocolla stone was also associated with astrology. The Chrysocolla stone is said to have the ability to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. The stone was used in conjunction with the individual’s zodiac sign to bring specific energetic influences.

The Chrysocolla stone was believed to be a stone that assisted individuals in harnessing their own personal powers through the use of the stone.

What Planet Does the Chrysocolla Stone Rule? 

Mercury and Venus are the planets that rule the Chrysocolla stone. Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, and Venus rules Taurus. The Chrysocolla stone brings about the positive traits that govern the Zodiac sign Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus. Thus empowering them to rise up to their true potential in this lifetime. When you use a stone that rules your ruling planet, you magnify the positive aspects of your zodiac sign.

What Does Chrysocolla Rules Physically the Body?

Chrysocolla rules the heart, the neck, the lungs, the throat, and the mid-center of the head, frontal lobe, and left side of the brain.

You can use this stone to clear blockages in your heart, emotional or physical. This includes bringing more love into your life or clearing away grief. If communication has been an issue, then the Chrysocolla would be helpful to assist with speaking and being able to hear. This stone is both active and receptive to communication. Clarity and insight will also open up for those that use this stone’s powers.

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone Zodiac Signs Taurus Gemini Virgo

What do Gemini, Virgo and Taurus Zodiac Signs Rule Physically on the Body?

Virgo Zodiac Sign Rules Physically :

 Abdomen and digestive system. This zodiac sign tends to worry about being perfect and would greatly benefit from using the stone. Virgo is a brilliant and detailed-oriented zodiac sign.

How Does Chrysocolla Physically Benefit Zodiac Virgo? 

 The Chrysocolla stone helps calm the stomach and digestive tract for The Zodiac sign Virgo. Thus allowing for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the digestive tract. Better digestion is excellent for the immune and physical growth and cells. The Chrysocolla stone relaxes the Virgo mind and lets things flow mentally, which helps to allow for a restful sleep. This, in turn, helps the entire physical body of the Zodiac Virgo.

This also allows Virgos to let things go instead of holding on. Physically this translate to letting go of toxins that are no longer needed by the body. Allowing nutrients to rebuild your system.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Physically Rules:

  Throat, Lungs, Brain, and Breath

Gemini Zodiac has a dual nature and is both intellectual and intuitive. They are also very curious, and they like to learn new things. This means that Gemini people constantly explore their bodies and how this relates to their minds. They have excellent motor and communication skills. Although too much mental and brain activity can bring on physical exhaustion.

How Does Chrysocolla Physically Benefit Zodiac Gemini?

 Chrysocolla gemstone calms the mental and physical energy of Gemini. Which also aids the Gemini emotionally. Sometimes, physically Gemini’s breath can be short, leading to nervous physical energy. Chrysocolla stone aids the Gemini Zodiac to take longer, deeper breaths. With all the thinking and problem-solving they do. The Chrysocolla stone assists the Gemini Zodiac brain to bring about more peace in their thinking process and slow it down. Making the process more peaceful and less sporadic. This benefits health, longer breaths, more stability, and better immunity.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Rules Physically:

  Rules Neck, Chest, and Shoulders

The warmer personalities of the Zodiacs, the Taurus zodiac signs are usually confident and supportive people who love being in affectionate relationships. They are good at making decisions but are slow to change gears when doing so. They are also loyal companions who will always be there for you.

 Taurus Zodiac: The chrysocolla gemstone is said to have several physical benefits for the Taurus. Chrysocolla is known to help improve the immune system, protect the heart, and increase mental clarity. It’s also thought to help reduce stress and anxiety in Taurus. Another benefit for the Taurus zodiac sign is flexibility. Since Chrysocolla is a receptive stone ruled by ether, air, and water. This guides the Taurus to be more flexible in their opinion when needed, thus decreasing stress in the actual physical aspect of the firm Taurus body. For example, Taurus’ shoulders can often tense up when working hard. The Chrysocolla can bring relief to this area when worn. On a very subtle level.

What Chakra Does the Chrysocolla Stone Rule?


The Chrysocolla stone rules three of the major chakras. The first one is the Heart’s Chakra, which helps to increase feelings of love, compassion, and joy. This stone can also help clear negative energy from the other chakras and promote spiritual development. It is also an important manifestation chakra. Therefore, the Chrysocolla stone is often used to improve energy flow in the chakras by empowering the heart chakra. The second primary chakra Chrysocolla stone rules is the Throat Chakra, which is responsible for communication and expression and is the second manifestation chakra.

The third Chakra the Chrysocolla stone rules is Third Eye Chakra. The Chrysocolla stone enhances mental clarity and concentration. Chrysocolla stone is said to help improve your intuition and psychic ability. Which is directly related to the Third Eye Chakra. The third eye chakra is also another manifestation chakra.

What Chakras do the Gemini Zodiac Signs Rule?

Mercury rules both Zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini. However, each Zodics sign physically rules different body parts, which correspond to different chakras.

The Zodiac sign Gemini rules the mind. The mind is directly related to the third eye chakra and the stomach. The stomach is actually our second brain. When stressed mentally, this can affect our gut and nervous system. The second Chakra, the Zodiac sign Gemini rules, is the Throat chakra, the Chakra of communication.


How Does Chrysocolla Benefit the Chakra of the Zodiac Sign Gemini?

Chrysocolla is an excellent stone for the Zodiac sign Gemini, ruling chakras by clearing the way for communication and understanding. Since This Zodiac rules the 3rd eye and throat chakra. They are a very intelligent Zodiac sign. But need to learn to slow it down. Gemini is a great communicator, but sometimes it is unclear to the listener as they are very quick, and their brain moves faster than the actual words can come out. Gemini needs to work on connecting with the listener instead of just speaking in monologues. This is important to make that connection with your listeners. Not just talking and being witty. The Chrysocolla stone will assist them in framing a picture mentally and then being able to convey it to their listener. It will also relax their minds, which often run all the time very quickly. This will give them more peace and serenity and help them to be understood by those around them. Thus strengthing the Chakra, they rule.

What Chakra Does the Zodiac Sign Virgo Rule?

The Zodiac sign Virgo rules the digestive system physically, and this is the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. The secondary Chakra is by the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury, so this would be the Fifth Chakra or Throat chakra since Mercury is the planet of communication.

How Does Chrysocolla Benefit the Chakra of the Zodiac Sign Virgo?

This Zodiac sign, Virgo, will significantly benefit from holding onto energy and calming down with the perfectionism ideal. In addition, Virgo is a great and loving sign. Truly dedicated to the needs of others and make ideal marriage partners. Really great with children as well. However, this stone will help with the Throat chakra of communication to assist the Zodiac sign Virgo in speaking the truth and letting the truth out. Not how they would like others to see it or make it into something perfect. Just be open and know it’s okay not to be perfect and that they are loved and worthy of love no matter how they are doing. Assist them in accepting themselves at any part of their process in life.

What Chakra Does Taurus Zodiac Sign Rule?

The Zodiac sign of Taurus rules the neck, throat, and shoulders physically. Thus communication is also essential to a Zodiac sign Taurus. This would be the fifth Chakra, The Throat Chakra. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. So the second Ruling Chakra for this Zodiac Sign is the 4th Chakra, The Heart Chakra, ruled by Venus.

How Does Chrysocolla Benefit the Chakra of the Zodiac Sign Taurus?

Chrysocolla benefits the primary and secondary chakras of the zodiac sign Taurus by bringing in more flexibility. Yes, more flexibility for Taurus. This zodiac sign is very grounded. However, if you don’t bend, you break. The Taurus zodiac can carry a lot on its shoulders energetically. So with a flowing heart chakra. They can expand to let more love into their life and have more compassion for people with different attitudes and options than theirs. Taurus zodiacs can also deal with severe resentment issues blocking the heart and throat chakras. The Chrysocollastone will assist in helping them to dissolve negative blockages in the heart and throat areas.

It makes much more sense for the Zodiac sign to have a minimum of 2 primary chakras. First, you must consider the ruling planet, and what does that planet rule? The heart, the mind, and so on.

Then ask yourself what each Zodiac sign rules physically. Then line up the physical aspect with the Chakra. This is a much more comprehensive approach to Zodiac signs and Chakra correspondence.

What Spiritual Aspect Does the Chrysocolla Rule?

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone Zodiac Signs Taurus Gemini Virgo

The significant spiritual aspect of Chrysocolla’s rule is the energy is Receptive energy. It Magnetizes and Draws inward the manifestations. Through magnetizing by way of the heart, what the 3rd eye chakra sees. Being Yin energy, Yin rules ethers, wind, and water. Powers of Love, wisdom, and Truth, Clairvoyance, precognition, intuition, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, along with Subtle Body, Soul Body, Astral Body

 What Spiritual Aspect do Virgo Zodiac Signs Rule?

The zodiac sign of Virgo is ruled by Mercury. This governs the mind. One of the principal gifts of the Virgo zodiac is a solid intuitive side. The spiritual aspect of this sign is Clairsentience and Intuition. With a strong ability to stay grounded while using their spiritual gifts. 

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Spiritually Virgo Zodiac sign?

The Chrysocolla stone will strengthen the Zodiac Virgo sign Clairsentience and Intuition. Helping them to trust their own intuitive feelings and mind. Also, they can suffer mentally from analysis paralysis. This will help them let go of all that and just go with the flow and messages from the universe. Their first feeling is usually the correct one.

 What spiritual aspect do Taurus zodiac signs rule?

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is associated with the wisdom of the heart. It is very spiritual. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, there have been many Zodiac signs under Taurus that claim to have both. The heart also contains intuition and soul wisdom.

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Spiritually Taurus Zodiac sign?

The Chrysocolla stone assists the Taurus to be less pleasure consumed and connect to the higher wisdom of the heart. At times Taurus zodiac can be stuck in sensual Venusian pleasures of eating, sensuality, sex, etc. Losing sight of the soul’s mission on earth. They must learn to incorporate both. Heaven on Earth.Not one over the other. With the use of Chrysocolla stone, it can aid in bringing balance. They will benefit and be able to use their natural-born talents of intuition, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience.

What spiritual Aspect Does Gemini Zodiac Sign Rule?

Gemini Zodiac sign spiritually rules togetherness, as it is the sign of twins, Claircognizance

clairvoyance, the gift of sight and pre cognition and instinct.

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Spiritually Gemini Zodiac sign?

Chrysocolla stone assists the Gemini spirituality by empowering their gift of sight, avoiding mental fatigue, and tapping into the universal all-knowing mind. The divine sense of the universe is where all the answers in the universe are.


What Emotions Does Chrysocolla Rule?

Some of the primary emotions Chrysocolla rules:

Love, Peace, serenity, comfort, faith, hope, knowing, bliss, relaxation, and power, but subtle power, understanding, clarity, love, healing, compassion, and flow.

What Emotions do the Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus Zodiac Signs Rule? 

All Sun signs of the Zodiac have both negative and positive polarities. Everything in this 3rd-dimensional reality does. Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon, Day and Night. You get it. It does not mean you are one or the other, but everything can exhibit a negative or positive side. Just part of being on this planet.

Virgo Zodiac 

Positive Emotions Virgo Zodiac:

 Humility, hope, serenity, allowance, patience, caring, grace, cherishing, virtue, and understanding.

Negative Virgo Zodiac Emotions :

Bitter, controlling, not letting go, frustrated, critical, unforgiving, and resentful.

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Emotions of the Virgo Zodiac?

The Chrysocolla stone helps by balancing out the negative qualities emotional in the Virgo zodiac sign by sooting their critical feelings and allowing them to let go more freely. This way, they can enjoy the peace and comfort it brings them to share their better side.

Taurus Zodiac 

Positive Zodiac Emotions:

Patience, compassion, joy, comfort, relaxation, contentment, peace, calm, strength

Negative Taurus Zodiac Emotions

Lust, laziness, wanderlust, inflexibility in feelings, rage, anger, revenge, stubborn

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Emotions of the Taurus Zodiac?

 Chrysocolla really touches the heart center for Taurus. The Taurus zodiac is a powerful sign; however, it is also a very sensitive sign. Most people do not know this as the sign comes off like the Zodiac Leo as a proud and strong one. This heart center energy is helpful for Taurus to clear away rage and resentment. This way, they can shine and have genuine compassion for others. While being content and relaxed with themselves.

Gemini Zodiac 

Positive Zodiac Emotions:

Understanding,optomistic,accepting,grateful,unbiased,receptive,competent,liberated, confident,

Negative Zodiac Emotions

Confused, insecure, biased, fearful, frustrated, trapped, apprehensive, paralyzed, anxious, aimless, burned out, drained.

How Does Chrysocolla Assist the Emotions of the Gemini Zodiac?

 Chrysocolla’s positive traits will bring out the Gemini zodiac into emotional balance. Magnifying the positive characteristics of receptivity, confidence, and understanding. The more a Gemini Zodiac understands, the better they feel emotional.

What Mental Aspects Does Chrysocolla Crystal rule?

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone Zodiac Signs Taurus Gemini Virgo

Chrysocolla crystals are a very potent mental empowering stone. The mental qualities of the Chrysocolla rule are optimism, clarity, wisdom, understanding, balance, focus, discernment, subtle power, adaptability, receptiveness, refinement, assessment, ease, accuracy, strength, grace, consistency, and flexibility.

 What Mental Aspects Does Virgo Zodiac Rule?

Virgo’s zodiac strengths are analyzation, critical thinking, problem-solving, assessments, discernment, and balancing.

How Does the Chrysocolla Stone Empower the Mental aspects of the Virgo Zodiac?

Chrysocolla stone empowers the Virgo Zodiac mind and mental state to release the pressures of critical thinking to achieve a better state of flow for mental clarity and peace.

What Mental Aspects Does Taurus Zodiac Rule?

TAURUS zodiac mental qualities: 

Mental strength, determination, extreme focus, mental drive, understanding, force

How Does the Chrysocolla Stone Empower the Mental Aspects of the Taurus Zodiac?

Chrysocolla stone supports the Taurus Zodiac from being mentally lazy and too indulgent. However, Taurus does enjoy the finer things in life, and the Chrysocolla stone reminds them of their natural strong mental powers. This Zodiac sign has a lot of strength, creativity, and beauty to offer the world. They would make fine artists as well.

What Mental Aspects Does Gemini Zodiac Rule?

Gemini Zodiac mental qualities:

Problem-solving, analysis, quick-witted, alert, deduction, clever, flexible, adaptable, communicative, wise

How Does the Chrysocolla Stone Empower the Mental Aspects of the Gemini Zodiac?

The empowering aspect of the Chrysocolla stone for the Gemini zodiac supports their quick-witted minds. This support assists in a very subtle way that can relax a Gemini Zodiac who is mentally always on the go.

Helping them avoid burnout and making communication more stable.

 Where Should Taurus Zodiac put the Chrysocolla stone on the body?

The Chrysocolla stone should be worn next to the heart or throat for the Taurus zodiac. This will aid in the stone powers for the Taurus sun sign. A nice big chunky piece of jewelry or a raw piece of stone.

Where should Taurus Zodiac put the Chrysocolla Stone on the Body?

The Zodiac sign Virgo would greatly benefit from wearing a smaller bracelet or having the stone in the pocket to use a worry stone or reminder to let go and let it flow.

Virgo zodiac signs do well with something they can fidget with from time to time.

Where Should Gemini Zodiac Put the Chrysocolla Stone on the Body?

Gemini zodiac can harness the powers in a ring, necklace, or bracelet. I think the ring would be best so they would not be disturbed while problem-solving. However, most Gemini zodiac signs do not like to wear a lot of jewelry since they enjoy mental and physical travel like Sagittarius zodiac signs do. Therefore, they would tend to feel bogged down with too many accessories.

If you are to wear jewelry, remember Chrysocolla is a receptive yin stone and does best in white gold, silver, iron, or copper. The jewelry would also do best worn on the receptive side of the body, hand, or finger. Not the active side.


 What are the Affirmations for Each Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus Zodiac Sign When Using the Chrysocolla Stone? 

The affirmation for the zodiac sign of Virgo is “I am at peace, I see perfection in everything, including myself.” 

The affirmation for the Taurus zodiac sign is ” I am flexible in both mind and body. I am in the flow of my highest good.”

The affirmation for the zodiac sign Gemini is ” I can see clearly, I trust myself, I am guided by greatness.”

The Gemini Zodiac is associated with several different animal totems due to the complexity of this zodiac sign. 

One of the Animal totems for Gemini is the butterfly, the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch is royal and uses intuition to guide the butterfly’s migration path across the earth. 

Virgo Zodiac has frequently been associated with white dove purity. Since Virgo rules the Virgin. It does seem appropriate. The dove is also a bringer of peace and prosperity.

Taurus Zodiac is associated with the bull and cow animal totem.

The cow totem is a compassionate one. A great provider at that.With food, milk, and hide for clothes. The bull is protection, patience, and strength. Taurus zodiac signs often make great providers. 

Artwork and photography credits ( affirmations by JohnHain, Chakras by Peter Lomas, Zodiac Signs by Dark Moon Art, Stars in Universe by Geralt, Chrysocolla Stone by Golden Light Healing Crystals)

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