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Uranus Crystals: Beneficial Healing Stones of Uranus

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Uranus Crystals are Amazonite, Angelite, and Ruby Zoisite. Learn the meaning, names, and benefits of Uranus Crystals Healing Stones associated with the planet Uranus to harness this powerful energy.



What are Uranus Crystals? 

Uranus Crystals are Amazonite, Angelite, and Ruby Zoisite. These gemstones provide us with an opportunity to harness the energy of the planetary Uranus – the planet Uranus associated with technology, originality, individuality, and change. Therefore, these crystals promote breakthroughs and innovation, and one way to benefit from them is by wearing them on one’s body.

What are the Benefits of Using Uranus Crystals?

Uranus Crystals’ benefits are connecting the wearer to the higher consciousness and sharpening minds.

In addition, the planet’s crystal associations align the chakras, energizing our prefrontal cortex – the frontal lobe of our brains responsible for complex behavior – aiding in the decision-making process and helping in the daunting task of introspecting and journeying inwards towards one’s true self.

Uranus crystals are also known for bringing out-of-the-box thinking, bringing surprises, and providing chakra or aura cleansing.

Some of these crystals are stones of greatness, master healers, and master cleansers.

What Does the Uranus Mean in Astrology?

Planet Uranus

Uranus’s meaning in astrology is rebelliousness, revolution, and the aptitude to break with limitations and be reborn with a new sense of freedom. This planet is related to the good of all, global society, machinery, and technology. It suggests a new sense of the concept of “I.”

This concept encourages one to reinvent themselves, trace new paths, and remind one of the importance of authenticity.

Uranus is also the planet of revolution and unconventional ideas. Uranus In astrology, this planet represents change, challenging the status quo. It makes one want to exceed the borders and limits, opening new avenues.

What Zodiac Sign does Uranus Rule? 

Uranus rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. It rules over revolution, change, radicalism, and individuality. This planet is all about the shock factor and changing conventions, which is why

Aquarius is constantly pushing for a progressive and innovative society. But, on the other hand, Uranus’ energy encourages the ‘rebel without a cause kind of energy.

The Best Crystals associated with the planet Uranus 

Amazonite, Angelite,Ruby Zoisite



What is Amazonite? 

Amazonite is a beautiful Uranus gemstone with a distinctive green hue. This stone gets its color from the presence of small amounts of lead or copper in its chemical composition.

Many cultures have viewed this green blue crystal as possessing supernatural powers; some believe it can help promote spiritual growth and emotional balance.

Amazonite Meaning? 

Amazonite’s symbolic meaning is spirituality and the divine. Its stunning turquoise color has often been considered to represent the heavens and the heavens, while its smooth texture is thought to connect it with purity.

In addition, amazonite is said to have special healing powers, believed to be able to soothe physical and spiritual ailments. Because of this, many people see amazonite as a symbol of hope and guidance on their lifelong journey towards enlightenment.

Zodiac Sign Virgo Crystal Birthstone

Planet Uranus

Throat Chakra Stone

Heart Chakra Stone secondary

Solar Plexus Chakra Stone Secondary

Stone Colors Blue Green Purple

Birthstone Month March

Amazonite Healing Properties, Benefits 

Amazonite healing properties can soothe the nervous system and promote optimum mental health. In addition, because it is associated with the throat chakra, amazonite is also known for its ability to help ease oversensitivity by regulating overactive speech and emotions.

For this reason, it is often recommended for those suffering from stress and anxiety and those looking to enhance their creativity and intuition. This green crystal can be used for all physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments to promote overall health and well-being.



What is Angelite? 

Angelite color ranges from colorless to light pale blue or violet if transparent; white, mauve, or rose. 

 The largest deposits of this gemstone are found in Mexico and Peru as well as some parts of Libya, Egypt, and Europe. Angelite is a peaceful Uranus crystal. 

Angelite Meaning? 

Angelite meaning is a symphony of peace and joy and a gateway to heightened awareness. The crystal can help the wearer become more spiritually conscious.

It has a calming and peaceful energy and thus can help one get rid of worry, the feeling of dread, and rage. 

Angelite aligns with the third eye, crown, and throat chakras; It is an enchanting blue crystal for people seeking peace or calmness. 

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Crystal Birthstone

Planet Uranus

Third Eye Chakra Stone

Throat Chakra Stone

Crystal Color Light Blue

Birthstone Month March

Angelite Healing Properties, Benefits

Angelite stone improves spiritual awareness and sensitivity with a peaceful vibe that is soothing and calming. This crystal is also a lullaby of love and light and leaping to higher consciousness. 

Angelite is one of those light blue crystals that oozes healing and spirituality. It is also used in weight control and relates well to the arms and lungs. In addition, Angelite can be used for heat function, headaches, and the circulatory system. 

The wearer of Angelite can unlock the secrets of the spoken word and get the voice to their truth. You can also find color ranges from baby blue crystals to very light blue crystals almost completely transparent.

Ruby Zoisite

What is Ruby Zoisite? 

Ruby Zoisite is a translucent-opaque stone consisting of ruby crystals, black hornblende, and green zoisite. Making this stone, a green, and black crystal, with vibrant magenta-red spots. It is a unique stone that blends the power of two particular gemstones to create a force of positivity, abundance, and love. 

Ruby Zoisite Meaning? 

Ruby Zoisite’s meaning is the crown chakra spiritual development nd harness the power of Uranus in a very positive way. It has strong energies that offer happiness, appreciation, vitality, abundance, and growth, making it a very effective stone for healing. Whoever possesses this stone will have an abundance of positivity and happiness. 

Ruby zoisite’s meaning revolves around balance, which we all need in our lives. It is a stone of rejuvenation. 

Zodiac Aquarius Crystal Birthstone

Planet Uranus

Crown Chakra Stone

Crystal Color Mixed Dark Green, Black with Red Spots

Ruby Zoisite Uses? 

Ruby Zoisites uses for healing help release toxic emotions, stimulate the mind, and encourage the body to heal through an immune response. This crystal is among the most versatile healing crystals to use. Therefore, it is ideal for an individual going through different life situations. 

If you feel out of touch with yourself and hopeless about your life, wearing Ruby zoisite can help you get back on track. It combines two separate forces – interconnectedness and individuality – so that you can feel complete as an individual. 

Ruby Zoisite is also used to encourage the body to defend itself. The green energy heels and nurtures the injury, while the red energy fights off pain and harm.

How to Use Uranus Crystals 

  • Jewelry
  • Feng Shui
  • Carry in Pocket
  • Crystal Grids for Uranus
  • Meditations with Uranus Crystals
  • Place Stone on Chakras to Receive Uranus Power
  • Use Affirmations while holding Uranus Crystals


What is the Meaning of the Planet Uranus? 

The Planet Uranus meaning is the personification of Heaven and ruler of the world, son and husband of Gaia (Earth), and father of the Titans. He was castrated and dethroned by his youngest son, Cronus. It is the seventh planet from the sun.

Its name refers to the ancient Greek god of the sky, who, as per Greek mythology, was the great-grandfather of Ares, Mars, and the grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter).


What does the Planet Uranus mean Spiritually? 

The planet Uranus meaning is the sky and heavens. It is the planet that helps us understand sudden shifts or changes in our individual lives as well as in the world. Uranus breaks through structures and reality created by the planet Saturn.

Uranus is all about the right now and originality and can influence what we value as a society and within ourselves.

What does Uranus Symbolize? 

Uranus Symbolizes sudden extremes, revolution, and innovation. While planet Saturn is the planet of limitations, Uranus, on the other hand, is the planet that pushes past limitations – in some ways, it also symbolizes ‘mad scientist’ or the inventor of the solar system.

Conclusion summary of Uranus Crystals 

Uranus Crystals Amazonite, Angelite, and Ruby Zoisite can help one feel the energies of Uranus. They help the one align with the positive energies of the planet Uranus. To read another article on planet crystals, venus crystals is all about love and luxury.

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