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Sun Crystals: Beneficial Healing Stones of the Sun

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Sun Crystals are Red Tigers Eye, Carnelian, and Sunstone. Learn the meaning, names, and benefits of Sun Crystal Healing Stones associated with the Sun and how to use this bright light energy.


What are Sun Crystals? 

Sun Crystals are Red Tigers Eye, Carnelian, and Sunstone. Sun Crystals are gemstones associated with the Sun. These crystals can be used for healing, success, protection, physical energy, and illumination. Sun Crystals will help you align with the energy of the Sun and are often associated with the colors orange, gold, and yellow

What are the Benefits of Using Sun Crystals?

The benefits of using Sun Crystals are to clear and energize all the chakras, instill good nature, heighten intuition and let the real self shine through happily.

They dissipate fear, eliminate stress, and promote vitality. Sun crystals can help with personal empowerment, brightness, brilliance, regales, and royalty.

Wearing Sun crystals benefit a sense of self-empowerment and help eliminate negative energy.

Crystals of the Sun also benefit the wearer by restoring happiness and fulfillment within one’s being and bringing about a sense of fun and pleasure in their life.

What does the Sun mean in Astrology? 


The Sun symbolizes our success, expression, and ego drive. The Sun is our identity, the essence that we shine into the world. It represents the key force that drives us to seek the highest expression of our true selves.

It represents our conscious mind, our will to live, and our creative force. We derive our purpose from this object, just like the planets that revolve around the Sun in the solar system.

What Zodiac Sign does the Sun Rule? 

The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo. This Zodiac sign is associated with strength, passion, and courage. These individuals are ambitious, driven, and confident in their abilities.

They thrive in leadership roles and take pleasure in being at the center of attention. Leos are passionate and dynamic. These individuals have a magnetic personality that draws others in.

Leos have a way of leaving a lasting impression on those around them. Though they may sometimes be seen as prideful and demanding, there is no doubt that Leo has much to offer to the world.

 Crystals associated with the planet of the Sun

Red Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Sunstone



What is Sunstone? 

The Sunstone is a crystal belonging to the class of semi-precious stones. It is usually found in red, pink, orange, or brown and is characterized by sparkling spots across its gleaming surface when polished.

This makes Sunstone a visually attractive crystal.

Famous Sunstone crystals are found in Oregon, USA.

Sunstone Symbolic Meaning?

Sunstone meaning is luck and good fortune. It clears and energizes all the chakras, instills good nature, increases intuition, and enables the real self to shine happily.

It dispels fearfulness, heightens stress, and alleviates vitality. This beautiful bright orange crystal brings sunshine into your life.

  •  Sunstone Zodiac Sign Libra and Leo Crystal Birthstone
  •  Solar Plexus and Root Base Chakra
  • Healing Cleanses All Chakras
  •  Stone Colors Yellow Pink Orange
  •  Sunstone Affirmation: I am radiant; I am Light
  • Birthstone Month July, August,

Sunstone Healing Uses? 

Sunstone’s uses give you power and strength during darker times as it fills one with positive light. It is a healing crystal that works across the emotional, spiritual, and physical plains and can be used to remove blockages from the sacral chakra. It also encourages originality and independence.

It is an Orange yellow crystal of leadership, encouraging the possessor to be benevolent, open, and willing to bestow consecrations upon others.

People also use sunstone crystals to help boost leadership qualities, overcome depression, explore new ways of thinking, uplift mood and make the wearer active, bring emotional stability, and so on.

Red Tigers Eye 

Red Tigers Eye also known as Ox Eye

What is Red Tiger Eye? 

Red Tiger’s Eye is Tiger Eye with red shades and hues. It can be formed naturally because of natural oxidation, although very rare. It shares the same properties and energies as a normal Tiger Eye. Red Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic red crystal with a golden to red-brown hue and a silky luster.

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning? 

Red Tiger is symbolic, meaning is protection and grounded balance. It alleviates peace and calmness while revitalizing courage, assertiveness, and strength.

Red Tiger overcomes lethargy and supplies the motivation, determination, and laser-sharp focus to get things done.

Zodiac Sign Leo Crystal Birthstone

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Crystal Birth Stone

Root Base Chakra Stone

Crystal Color Red with Stripes

Birthstone Month July August

Affirmation Red Tigers Eye: I walk with clarity and strength in my life

Red Tiger’s Eye Healing Benefits, Properties

Red Tiger’s Eye stone uses protection against negative forces and grounding the physical body. In addition, the dark red crystal energy enhances willpower, confidence, and positivity. It is also used to clear the mind and help mental clarity and strategic problem-solving.

Red Tiger’s Eye attracts prosperity and good luck and increases physical vitality and stamina.

Known for its ability to help balance emotions and bring about mental clarity, those dealing with chronic stress and anxiety frequently use the red tiger’s eye. In addition, this stone has been shown to help promote a slow and steady metabolic rate, which can be particularly useful for those struggling with weight issues or food cravings. Furthermore, the red tiger’s eye is believed to possess strong protective qualities that make it ideal for warding off negative energies and thought patterns.



What is Carnelian? 

Carnelian is a vibrant red-orange crystal. Carnelian gemstone is a valuable translucent stone that has been used for thousands of years in various cultural traditions. The red stone takes on a deep reddish-orange color when perfectly polished.

What is carnelian’s symbolic meaning? 

Carnelian’s symbolic meaning is abundance, success, protection, and energy. The energy of carnelian brings great fortune and vitality. She was shining like the qualities of the crystal’s planetary ruler, the Sun.

Zodiac Taurus Crystal Birthstone

Zodiac Cancer Crystal Birthstone

Zodiac Leo Crystal Birthstone

Zodiac Scorpio Crystal Birthstone

 Planet Sun

Root Chakra Stone Sacral Chakra Stone

 Crystal Color Red Orange

Carnelian Affirmation: I shine like the Sun everywhere I go

Birthstone Month August

Carnelian Healing Properties, Benefits

Carnelian is a super stone that has long been revered for its many spiritual and energetic properties. First and foremost, carnelian is believed to assist in making positive life choices by helping us to see the path ahead and empowering us to take action accordingly. This makes carnelian an ideal choice for those looking to achieve success or abundance in their professional or personal lives.

Additionally, carnelian can restore vitality to the physical body and rejuvenate cells, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to boost their overall energy levels. Finally, carnelian is renowned for its ability to promote blood purification and general body detoxification.

How to Use Sun Crystals 


Feng Shui

Carry in pocket

 Crystal Grids for the Sun

Mediations with Sun Crystals

Place Stone on Chakras to Receive Power

Use Affirmations while holding Sun Crystals


What is the Sun’s Symbolic Meaning? 

The Sun’s meaning is life, illumination, and success.

It is an enduring symbol that always forms an important part of our lives. It is the radiant energy emitted by the Sun, particularly visible light and heat. It is the star around which the rest of the planets orbit.

In ancient times, the Sun was among the most popular worshipped planets and was often used as a symbol of divine power.

What does the Sun mean Spiritually? 

Sun’s meaning spiritually is life force. The Sun represents all life but is also known for power, clarity, and positivity. It is a universal symbol that, for centuries, formed a majority part of human lives.

The sun is a star, a beacon of light to us all!

Conclusion summary of Sun Crystals  Sun crystals can channel the positive Sun’s energy and can use sun crystals to attract the Sun’s astrological energies for achieving leadership, success, vitality, energy, and courage. And the best way to achieve this is by working with your favorite Sun crystal at all times.

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