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Neptune Crystals: Beneficial Healing Stones of Neptune

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Neptune Crystals are Turquoise, Celestite, and Lepidolite. Learn the meaning, names and benefits of Neptune Crystals Healing Stones associated with the planet Neptune to bring more wisdom.

Neptune Crystals

What are Neptune Crystals? 

Neptune Crystals are Turquoise, Celestite, and Lepidolite. Neptune Crystals provide a way for us to connect with the planet Neptune. By wearing these crystals and stones, we can implement the power of this planet and use it to our advantage. Neptune’s planetary powers involve spirituality, intuition, and dreams. So by wearing Neptune Crystals like Turquoise on our body, we can let our imagination run wild, but not to the point of clouding reality. As the ruler of our illusions, mysteries, and dreams, Neptune crystals help us by promoting spirituality and idealism.

Benefits of Using Neptune Crystals 

Neptune crystals help us intensify intuition, dreams, the subconscious, fantasies, illusions, and all things enchanting and magical. The energies of the planetary Neptune can be experienced through its corresponding gemstone.

What does Neptune Mean in Astrology? 

The Planet Neptune

Neptune’s meaning in astrology is the ruler of intuition, glamor, enchantment, and soulful artistry. Neptune is often associated with dreams and the subconscious mind. This planet strongly influences our intuitive abilities, prophecy, imagination, and creativity.

Neptune is also closely linked to mystical or spiritual experiences. Developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe may be an important part of our personal journey for those with aspects in their chart aligned with this energy.

What Zodiac Sign does Neptune Rule? 

Neptune rules the zodiac sign of Pisces. If you are a Pisces, your dreams, psychic and intuitive abilities will be matter-of-fact for you. Your powers of observation will be at the front position of your life experience.

Also, Neptune allows Pisces to help peace prevail by providing a lens on universal spiritual themes such as mercy, forgiveness, love, and accountability in a way that can help others progress and heal in astonishing ways.

What crystals are associated with Neptune?




What is Turquoise? 

Turquoise is an opaque, green blue crystal that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is a popular blue crystal that has long been prized in various cultures because of its presumed capabilities to bring peace, luck, and protection. The most valuable crystals have smoother, solid color and brown veins.

Turquoise Meaning Symbolically? 

Turquoise meaning symbolizes soul expression, loyalty, and purification.

Turquoise is a fascinating and deeply symbolic color, representing various ideals and values. Since ancient times, turquoise has been associated with loyalty and trust, signaling a deep commitment to relationships and interpersonal bonds.

With its striking blue hue, turquoise has long been linked to romantic love and passion, symbolizing pure, unwavering devotion. Moreover, this blue crystal is often seen as a representation of divine wisdom or self-knowledge – connecting us with the insights buried deep within our subconscious minds.

Additionally, many believe that a turquoise stone represents intuitive communication or the ability to communicate clearly on an intuitive level.

  • Zodiac Sign Scorpio Crystal Birthstone
  • Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Crystal Birthstone
  • Zodiac Sign Pisces Crystal Birthstone
  • Planets Neptune, Venus, Jupiter
  • Third Eye Chakra Stone
  • Throat Chakra Stone
  • Stone Colors Blue & Yellowish Green

Turquoise Healing Properties, Uses

Turquoise uses tranquility, wisdom, and protection. This blue-green crystal has a deep connection to the throat chakra and is also used to enhance expression and communication. It is also a stone that aligns all chakras and is often used for healing purposes.

Furthermore, blue crystals like turquoise can also be used by the wearer to become more open to forgiveness and love and release patterns of self-sabotage.

It balances emotions, thus helping one feel at ease and calmer. In addition, wearing turquoise brings good fortune to the wearer and helps maintain stability in married couples by creating a deep understanding between the couples.



What is Celestite? 

Celestite is a beautiful pale blue crystal also known as Celestine. The stone consists of strontium sulfate. Its name originated from the Latin word Caelestis, which means “celestial,” inspired by the stone’s signature shades of sky blue. This gemstone can occur in geodes as crystals.

Celestite Symbolic Meaning? 

Celestites are symbolic, meaning high vibration, divine energy, and divine wisdom. This is a high-vibration crystal and is considered a teacher for the New Age. It is known for inspiring divine energies, helping kick-start one’s spiritual development, and guiding one toward enlightenment.

This blue crystal is connected to divine power and celestite is believed to increase understanding, mindfulness, and higher consciousness when used in prayer and meditation.

  • Zodiac Sign Gemini Crystal Birthstone
  • Planet Venus & Neptune
  • Third Eye Chakra Stone
  • Crown Chakra Stone
  • Throat Chakra Stone
  • Crystal Color Blue
  • Crystal Colors Secondary white, colorless, orange, orange-brown, light brown, yellow, greenish-blue, grayish.

Celestite Healing Properties, Uses 

Celestite crystals are a focus point for prayer, mindfulness, or meditation. This crystal functions incredibly as a visual piece in spaces used for mindfulness practices.

Celestite is strongly connected to cosmic supernatural and divine energy forces and is commonly used to pursue spiritual strength. In addition, it promotes higher spiritual awareness or discernment. This makes it a good crystal for gaining knowledge and encouraging inner peace.

This baby blue crystal is also associated with the third eye chakra, which can be used for wisdom and understanding.

Balanced third eye chakra benefits include imagination, perception, intuition, improved visualization, good dream recall, the ability to see the big picture, and a bright open mind.

Combining its divine properties with meditation enables one to recognize better what they have control over. The properties of celestite encourage us to learn how to become at peace with what we don’t have power over.



What is Lepidolite? 

Lepidolite is a rich pastel pink-to-purple stone with vibrant hues and sparkle. A Phyllosilicate mineral of the mica group.

It consists of lithium, aluminum, and potassium. The Light Purple Crystal is used for healing purposes and decoration with jewelry.

Lepidolite Symbolic Meaning?  

Lepidolite symbolic meaning Akashic Records and cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite brings transformation to the user. Shamans and other spiritual seekers have long used this beautiful, shimmering mineral as a tool for access to the Akashic Records, or the energetic blueprint of all existence.

Known for its ability to facilitate soul retrieval and shamanic journeying, this purple crystal can guide us along our paths to enlightenment and inner peace.

  • Zodiac Libra Crystal Birthstone
  • Planet Neptune and Jupiter
  • All Chakras Stone
  • Crystal Colors Purple and Pink

Lepidolite Healing Properties, Uses

Lepidolite promotes independence and achieving personal goals to strengthen the immune system and activate all of the body’s chakras.

What’s more, lepidolite is also known for having properties that can enhance spiritual awareness and encourage enlightenment. Such a wonderful purple-silver crystal, with so many benefits.



What is Amethyst? 

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that appears in violet to a rich purple. The name originates from the Koine Greek word that references the belief that the crystal protected the wearer from drunkenness. People also wore this stone and carved drinking cups from it, believing it would curb intoxication. 

Amethyst Symbolic Meaning? 

Amethyst’s Symbolic meaning is selflessness, wisdom, and multidimensional awareness. In particular, amethyst gives an understanding of universal truths and higher-order concepts, allowing us to see beyond our mundane everyday lives into deeper realms of consciousness and insight.

Thus, this purple crystal can help to open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and being in the world, encouraging us to tap into our innate spiritual potential as we cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the universe around us.

Through its associations with these powerful insights and feelings, the amethyst stands as a powerful symbol of our ability to seek greater understanding through aspects of selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

  • Zodiac Aquarius and Pisces Crystal Birthstone
  • Planet Neptune and Jupiter
  • All Chakras Stone
  • Crystal Colors are Dark Purple, Lighter hues of Pink Crystals

Amethyst Healing Properties Uses 

Amethyst can purify the aura and clear away negative energy. This can be especially helpful for people struggling with addiction, as amethyst is believed to have an affinity for treating substance abuse.

Additionally, amethyst is traditionally thought to promote new ideas and stimulate spiritual evolution, helping individuals tap into their inner wisdom to achieve greater clarity and insight.

Whether you seek out amethyst’s healing benefits or appreciate this gorgeous gemstone for its beauty and symbolism, there is no doubt that it has many uses for those on a spiritual path.

How to Use Neptune Crystals 

  • Jewelry
  • Feng Shui
  • Carry in Pocket
  • Crystal Grids for Neptune
  • Meditations with Neptune Crystals
  • Place Stone on Chakras to Receive Power
  • Use Affirmations while holding Neptune Crystals

Neptune Planet Symbolic Meaning

Neptune Symbolic Meaning God of the Sea

Neptune symbolized the Roman god of the sea.

Neptune’s symbolism signifies the truth that reality is an illusion – the ultimate potential for creation, the ultimate creative force, and creativity in the solar system. Neptune is representative of divine potential, cosmic, and universal love. It shows one what is possible when we eliminate boundaries and seek the source.

The energy of the planetary Neptune settles around one in a dreamy, intuitive fashion and dances with our emotions. This energy, when used properly, can change our perceptions and provides a level of insight (especially psychic insight) that can be astounding.

Neptune’s meaning spiritually is imagination, metaphysics, and psychic powers. The planet connects us to everything unknown and unseen. Neptune is the most mystical and, from the soul level, a very spiritual influence in our life. Neptune’s province is the oceanic depth of the imagination, spiritual visions, and dreams.

Conclusion summary of Neptune Crystals 

Neptune crystals help us connect with the planet Neptune and its corresponding gemstone. By wearing these crystals, we can implement the power of this planet and use it to our advantage.

The planetary powers of Neptune involve spirituality, intuition, and dreams. These energies can be experienced through the gemstone by promoting creativity, imagination, and enchantment. 

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