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Mars Crystals: Beneficial Healing Stones of Mars

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Mars Crystals are Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, and Red Jasper. Learn the meaning, names, and benefits of Mars Crystals Healing Stones associated with the planet Mars to bring strength and vitality into your life.

Mars Crystals Healing Stones

What are Mars Crystals? 

Mars Crystals are Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, and Red Jasper. Mars Crystals are a way to connect with the planet of fiery energy and passion. These crystals are usually associated with the color red, and you can wear them to harness the power of this energizing planet. Mars energy has the attributes like passion, determination, and drive, which support you in going after your desires.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mars Crystals? 

The benefits of using Mars Crystals are more energy, vitality, and ambition while helping one overcome adversaries and enemies.

While giving one a strong will and assertion, Mars Crystals can also be associated with physical vitality and strategy.

In addition, Mars is great for taking action on new ideas and plans.

Mars crystals are also known for imparting courage and helping the wearer overcome nervousness and fear.

As a result, the crystals can be used to boost self-esteem.

These are Powerful Mars Crystals  Rhodochrosite Rhodonite and Red Jasper.

What Does the Mars Mean in Astrology? 

Planet Mars

In astrology, the planet Mars is associated with energy, passion, and drive. Its position in our life powerfully influences how we engage with the world, our physical health, and our emotional state. Mars can reflect one’s relationship with work and ambition. In general, those with a strong Mars placement tend to be extremely resourceful and driven, focused on achieving their goals at all costs.

What Zodiac Sign does Mars Rule? 

Mars Rules Zodiac sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Mars gives Aries its signature zealousness, powerful leadership skills, and high energy levels.

Aries are warriors, and according to ancient Roman mythology.

 This zodiac knows they will get the job done, are very compassionate, and protect the underdog. This also makes them a very sensitive sign for those in need. They are great supporters and protectors.



What is Rhodochrosite? 

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate crystal. It appears in rose-red when in pure form but can have shades of pink or pale brown in impure form. It is uniquely softer and officially the National symbol of Argentina.

Rhodochrosite is found in Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Montana, China, Gabon, Russia, Japan, and Mexico. 

Rhodochrosite Symbolic Meaning? 

Rhodochrosite meaning is a rose color. Rhodochrosite is a crystal that integrates spiritual and physical energies, stimulating love and passion and energizing the soul.

It also means selfless and unconditional love, which explains why it was nicknamed the “stone of the compassionate heart.” Instilled with healing properties, these pink crystals can work best at alleviating heart troubles and bringing down the walls which have been built over the years.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Crystal Birthstone

 Zodiac Sign Leo Crystal Birthstone  

Planet Venus

 Planet Mars

Root Chakra Stone

Sacral Chakra Stone

 Solar Plexus Chakra Stone

Heart Chakra Stone

Stone Color Pink Red

Birthstone Month October November

Affirmation For Rhodochrosite: Every day, in every way, I Unleash my power and wealth tenfold in my life.

Rhodochrosite Healing Uses, Benefits 

Rhodochrosite healing brings repressed and painful feelings to the surface and vibrates to the tones of self-love and strength.

It works on our heart, circulatory system, and energy field. It is also used to help one face the truth about themselves and other people.

These dark pink crystals are also great for spiritual captivation and attuning to an individual’s inner consciousness.

It expands one’s consciousness by transferring spiritual awareness into the physical body to be realized.



What is Rhodonite? 

Rhodonite is a beautiful deep red stone. It is opaque transparency and tends to have different shades from deep red to pale pink.

A manganese inosilicate and a member of the pyroxenoid family of minerals, crystallizing in the triclinic system.

Rhodonite Meaning? 

Rhodonite meaning is a stone of compassion and emotional strength. This pink crystal cleanses away emotional scars and wounds from the past. It is the stone that stimulates, activates, and clears the heart.

It grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and helps achieve one’s highest potential.

This crystal is deeply associated with the heart chakra, thus for people who feel like they need help in overcoming the life troubles of fear, forgiving compassion, true open-hearted authentic, and healthy love.

Zodiac Sign Taurus Crystal Birthstone

Planet Mars

Solar Plexus Chakra Stone

Heart Chakra Stone

Crystal Color Red Pink

Birthstone Month Sept October

Affirmation for Rhodonite: I have the gift of courage and love in my life

Rhodonite Healing Properties, Uses 

Rhodonite stones uses are for healing emotional wounds.

It also clears and stimulates the heart chakra. Therefore, it grounds energy and balances the Yin-Yang elements. It is used to guide one through meditation. Wearing Rhodonite triggers the pineal gland, removes blockages to clear chakra energy flow, and aligns the chakras.

Rhodonite also clears emotional scars and wounds from self-destruction and abuse. It brings to the surface rooted feelings you do not need, like abandonment, betrayal, anger, fear, terror, and resentment from present and past issues, and helps one remove them.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

What is Red Jasper? 

Red Jasper is a stone from the chalcedony family of minerals. It is opaque quartz that gets its color from iron inclusions. Red Jasper also has a vitreous luster and comes in colors yellow, green, orange, black, brown, and blue.

This red crystal has a deep red coloring ranging from brownish to bright red. The red jasper stone can be found worldwide in Germany, Brazil, India, France, the United States, and Russia. They are also common in veins and cracks of volcanic rocks.

Red Jasper Symbolic Meaning? 

Red Jasper Meaning is grounding, protection, and passion. This crystal is a very supportive gemstone to solve difficult situations.

Mars Crystal red Jasper invites one to keep their focus and strength no matter the task, particularly during hard times.

Zodiac Aries Crystal Birthstone

Zodiac Scorpio Crystal Birthstone

Planet Mars

Root Base Chakra Stone

Sacral Chakra Stone

Crystal Color Red

Birthstone Month March

Affirmation for Red Jasper: I am strong and blessed in every way

Red Jasper Healing Uses? 

Red Jasper is known for its healing properties, which can be attributed to its grounding and energizing effects on the body.

This stone is often associated with the root chakra, which helps to regulate energy levels and promote healthy circulation throughout the body.

Its gentle energy has a calming effect on emotions, helping to soothe feelings of anxiety and stress.

Additionally, red jasper is thought to have protective properties, making it an ideal grounding stone for those embarking on new and potentially intimidating journeys in life.

How to Use Mars Crystals


Feng Shui

Carry Pocket

Crystal Grids for Mars

Meditations with Mars Crystals

Place Stone on Chakras to Receive Power

Use Affirmations while holding Mars Crystals

What is the Symbolic Meaning of the planet Mars? 

Mars Symbolic Meaning

Mars’s symbolic meaning is the God of War and the planet of energy, desire, and action. It is the survival instinct and is believed to be man’s “leftover” animal nature.

Because of this, the planet Mars rules our animal instincts for passion, courage, strength, survival, and aggression.

It is the planet of action and denotes that things need to change, that you will recognize what needs to change and do it.

When Mars is active in your life spiritually, it will release you from the primal side and give you the strength to grow into more profound states in your life.

Conclusion summary of Mars Crystals 

The planet Mars is associated with our determination, drive, and action. Thus, it supports us to go after all our desires. And while it can give us strong assertion, which is why using Mars Crystals can help one align to the positive energies of this planet.

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