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How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals and Stones


How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals and Stones


Mother Earth is the best way to Cleanse and Charge Crystals. All crystals and stones are from Mother Earth. Other methods include using sunlight, moonlight, or rinsing in water. Incense and intentions are for stones that cannot get wet or left in the Sun due to fading.

Should You Charge Your Stones?

Absolutely charge and power them up! Many people working with stones and crystals believe it is important to charge them regularly. The idea is that stones absorb and store energy, and over time this energy can become depleted. By charging the stones, you are replenishing their power source and ensuring they can continue supporting you effectively. There are several different ways to charge stones. If you are short on time, you can charge your stones quickly by holding them in your hands and visualizing light or energy flowing into them. The practice of charging stones is common. By charging a stone, you can infuse it with your energy intention, which can then be used to facilitate healing. Alternatively, you can place the stone on a piece of Selenite or another amplifying crystal overnight. Once the stone is charged, it is ready to be used again.

Charge and Cleanse Crystals and Gemstones?

Crystals and stones are beautiful and powerful tools that you can use to improve your spiritual life. Stone’s energy can help you attract positive energy, release negative energy, increase your spiritual growth, and achieve your dreams. However, crystals and stones must first be cleansed and charged to be effective. Unless you have personally mined them from the earth and no one else has ever touched them. It would be best to eliminate unwanted energy the healing crystals have picked up along the way to you. This article will teach you how to cleanse and charge your crystals and stones using simple techniques that beginners or seasoned crystal healers can do. This is an activation, charging, and cleansing process that is individual to each stone. Crystal healing is amplified using crystal cleansing and charging techniques. This supports physical healing, energetic activation, raising positive vibrations, dissolving negative energies, using protective stones, truth stones, aura healing stones, clearing stones, tumbled stones, soft stones, gemstones, soft crystals, and hard crystals. Crystal healing work on an energetic level can be done on humans, plants, and pets. Or you may also use it for feng shui and space clearing.


Mother Earth is the Best Way to Charge and Clear Your Stones and Crystals.

Mother earth has Ancient wisdom and strength that can cleanse, charge, and amplify your stones. The earth made the stone and crystals. What better way. When you connect your stones to earth, they soak up their energy and become cleansed of any negative or stuck energies they may have picked up from you or anyone else. Stones and crystals that live in major cities need more Cleansing. There is mental and emotional pollution living in cities, and crystals are very sensitive to all this.

Additionally, earth has been used for centuries to cleanse and charge stones. When you place your stone on the earth, it will absorb negative energy and impurities. At the same time, it will absorb the earth’s natural energy, which can help cleanse and purify your stone. Additionally, this process can amplify the energies of your stone, making it even more potent after a cleanse charge with the earth.

Healing Properties of Mother earth with charging and cleansing stones

To cleanse and charge your stones, you’ll need to bury them in the ground overnight. This opens up the healing properties of the stone or crystal. Make sure to bury them in a safe place where they won’t be disturbed. In the morning, dig them up and brush off any dirt or debris. Your stones are now cleansed and charged! Bring along some of your favorite crystals and stones the next time you go on a hike or camping trip. Spend some time sitting or walking barefoot on the earth, and allow your stones and you to soak up its energy. According to some studies, interacting with nature can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

There is a reason why nature heals. Suppose you do not live in an area or have a yard to bury your crystals and stones. Go to a park and sit with your stones for an hour. I understand if you cannot bury them. However, having them sitting on the earth will do magic as well. Place the stones on the grass or dirt next to you. Cover stones that cannot be in the sunlight due to fading with a towel or fabric. This will be good for you too. Take your shoes off and ground yourself out next to your stones. While working on my laptop, I did this in Beverly Hills at a park. About an hour between meetings. It worked wonders. I felt relaxed in the middle of LA. An excellent earth meditation is to imagine a long cord running from your feet to the earth’s center. Then imagine the energy of the earth is charging you. This does not have to be red, either. I personally like pure white light or violet energy. Red can be a bit much for me most of the time.

Some people imagine pink. Think about what energy you need to support your grounding, then just let it appear. If you don’t see anything, just let the earth’s love run through you as a feeling. Some people feel what others visualize. We are all different, and not one way is better than the other.No biggie.

The body we are in was made for life on this planet. Think about it. Our crystals and stones were made from the earth, and so are our bodies. That’s why I truly know this is the best way to charge, cleanse and amplify. Mother earth has ancient wisdom. Mother nature knows how to build crystals, stones, human bodies, and fish. Every being is made from her materials. Whether it be vitamins, minerals, or plants, she will know how to heal, charge and cleanse her stones and crystals without our interference. This wisdom is divine and unparalleled.


Natural Sunlight Healing Properties are used to Cleanse and Charge Crystals.

When using natural sunlight to cleanse and charge your crystals, it’s essential to ensure they’re not in direct sunlight for too long. Sunlight is a powerful energy source that can help cleanse your crystals of any negative energy they have absorbed. However, this can cause the crystal to overheat and crack. Place your crystals on a windowsill or outside for an hour, then bring them back inside. If you live in an area without much natural light, use full-spectrum LED lights. These lights emit a type of light that is closest to natural sunlight. However, not all crystals and gemstones can go into the sunlight as they will fade or turn a different color because they are light-sensitive. If you do not know whether your crystals are light-sensitive or not, then I would use earth cleansing and charge as the method.


Moonlight is used in cleansing crystals.

Moonlight is another excellent way to cleanse and charge your crystals. Like the Sun, moonlight is a powerful source of energy that can help remove any negative energy from your crystals. Place your crystals outside overnight or for at least six hours so that they can absorb the moon’s powerful energy. If you live in a city or an area with many people, you can place your crystals on a windowsill where they will still be exposed to moonlight. Consider using a full moon with prolonged exposure if you want to charge your crystals with extra power.

Cleansing and charging stones with the power of the full moon energy

The energy of a full moon is said to be incredibly potent, so this is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals. The energy is a releasing, amplifying energy, which has been used for crystal charging with Wicca, Celtics, and ancient Egyptians. Modern-day crystal healers use this cleansing energy for stones to harness the crystal’s energy. Just ensure that you don’t leave your crystals outside for too long, as the intense energy of the full moon can sometimes be too much for them. Third eye energy work can be done on a full moon with your crystals as everything will shine brighter with the full moon light surrounding you increasing the energy of certain crystals. Even tides rise in the ocean, we are made from a large percentage of water, so this total moon energy affects not only crystals but humans and other beings.

Women’s Moon Cycles cleaning the charging with crystals.

 Women’s moon cycles are affected. You can go under a full moon and ensure your chin is exposed if you’re a woman. The chin of a woman is a moon point. Women have them all over their bodies. Men too. Now hold your favorite crystal. A grounding one preferred to set your moon cycle back on track to normalcy. Pearls, moonstones, and white opals are great for women and moon bathing. I have not used it yet, but I will next time I do this. I usually take my rose quartz. This helps when you are traveling a lot, have hormonal issues, are getting off birth control, are stressed about weight loss, baby, or have weight gain. Or you would like to balance your yin energy. Experiment and see how this affects your menstrual cycle. Mine usually resets itself after about 11 days of this for 10-15 minutes an eve. It is called moon bathing. This is a fun way to bring women back to their natural state.

New Moon cleansing and charging crystals are very subtle yin energy.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, so this is an ideal time to set your intention for what you want to achieve with your crystals. Hold your crystals in your hand and state your intention in a whisper, then place them outside to absorb the powerful energy of the new moon. The new moon is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to set intentions and start afresh. It is also a time to cleanse and recharge your crystals. The new moon is the perfect time to cleanse your crystals because the energy is subtle and gentle. The new moon is ruled by the yin and feminine energy and starts everything new and fresh.

Negative energy is cleared away by yin energy.

Yin energy is very gentle and nurturing. So, when you cleanse your crystals during the new moon, you are cleansing them with very gentle and subtle energy. 

Companion Crystals that cleanse stones

Specific energy from other crystals can clear away negativity and cleanse your crystals. Companion crystals, I call them.

Yes, you can use cleansing stones to cleanse crystals. Some crystals act as cleansing crystals. For example, clear quartz amplifies other crystals’ and stones’ energy. Other stones purify and cleanse crystals. I have always thought this is amazing how some stones assist other stones in purging negative energy while amplifying the crystal’s healing powers. Crystals have long been used for energetic counterparts. Many different crystals can be used for Cleansing and charging, but some of the most popular choices include quartz, amethyst, and Selenite. To cleanse a crystal or stone, hold it in your hand with the other crystal that needs to be cleansed and visualize White Light surrounding and infusing it. You can place the crystal with the cleaning energy of the Cleansing and charging crystals by leaving them overnight with the cleaning crystal. It is good to keep cleansing stones in your crystal healing kit. Use a larger stone’s vibrations for clearing and charging. For example, if you have a substantial piece of Selenite, about 12 to 24 inches, you can place the smaller stones on the larger incorporating crystals for quick charge and cleanse. 

Water method for cleansing crystals and stones

Water is another effective method. You can use fresh saltwater, distilled water, moon water, or sun water to charge your stones and crystals with new energy. To use moon water, leave crystal under full or new moon overnight for no longer than 8 hours and bring it back inside. With sun water, you can charge the water in direct sunlight with the crystal or do a sunlight charge and then place the stone inside the water after it has been Sun charged for 12 hours straight. First, make sure your stone will not crack. Some crystals and stones will crack in heat exposure or the Sun. Others will fade. Ocean water is also a great option, but it’s essential to know that some stones and crystals can dissolve in salt water. For example, calcite has a Mohs hardness of 3, which means it’s relatively soft and prone to dissolving. Other stones with high Mohs hardness can be left overnight in water. So, if you’re going to use salt water or any watering method, check their Mohs hardness first.


Himalayan Salt Purifies

Salt is a purifying agent used for centuries to cleanse and charge crystals. Himalayan pink salt or sea salt is the best salt for this purpose. Simply add one tablespoon salt to one cup of water in a glass container. Chemical table salt, iodized salt, should not be used for this purpose. Allow the crystals to soak in the solution for at least 2 hours and -24 hours maximum. After this time, rinse the crystals off with cool water and allow them to air dry. Your crystals will be cleansed and ready to use. You’ll notice that they feel lighter and more powerful after being cleaned using water. Most tumbled stones and clear quartz can be used in any water cleansing method. You can also use salt as a spray mister for cleaning if you do not want to soak them overnight.

Incense and Sage or Palo santo is an excellent cleanser for stones and crystals.

Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique used on stones and crystals. Sage, thyme, rosemary, and palo santo are excellent for clearing negative energy. Incense is also an excellent tool for Cleansing. The smoke from the incense helps to disperse negative energy and cleanse the area. When smudging, it is essential to use intention. Focus on your intention to cleanse the stones and crystals and release any negative energy. Sage is known for its cleansing properties, and when used as part of a smudging ritual, it can help remove negative energy and restore balance not only to your crystals and stones but to the space as well. Palo santo has a pleasant wood smell. I like to use this one for quick cleanses. Herbal smudging using thyme and rosemary are also excellent herbs and can be used with sage or alone. Make sure you won’t be interrupted, and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Then light your smudge or incense stick and allow the smoke to go over your stones and crystals. As you do so, visualize the smoke cleansing away any unwanted energy or impurities. When you’re finished, extinguish safely and give thanks.


Essential oil method for Crystal and Stone activation.

 Numerous studies have shown that these high frequencies assist in raising the frequency of the human body. Therefore, selecting an essential oil with a high or harmonious frequency is vital to obtain the maximum benefit for your stones and crystals. Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating at a frequency. 

Crystals vibrate at frequencies. Everything is. The average frequency of the human body is between 62-72 MHz. Different things we come in contact with can raise or lower this frequency. For example, essential oils have high frequencies ranging from 52 MHz to 320 MHz. Some have even claimed that essential oils currently have the highest frequency of any organic substance known. Dried herbs have very high frequencies as well. Each essential oil has a different frequency for each person. Frankincense has a frequency of 147 MHz, Lavender has a frequency of 118 MHz, Myrrh is at 105 MHz, Sandalwood has a frequency of 98 MHz, Peppermint has a frequency of 78 MHz, and Rose oil has one of the highest frequencies of all essential oils, registering at 320 MHz. When humans or crystals come in contact with high frequencies, it can raise vibrational frequencies and promote desired effects.

Keep your stones and vibe high with rose oil and Rosewater.

My favorite elixer oil is rose water mixed with a couple of drops of rose oil. Also, I mix them with pure distilled water. The mix is easy to remember but generally, for every 6 ounces of water, 6 drops rose water and 6 drops of essential oil. It’s easier for me to remember that way. You can make a mix that works for you. I love using Rosewater with rose oil. The reason being is rose oil is one of the highest frequencies in the entire essential oil healing pack. I also like to wear rose water with some rose oil just in general. If I am going through something personal, it keeps my vibe high while working with crystals. You can always put hard stones that cleanse or raise vibes. Please ensure they are small stones with a high Mohs hardness scale inside your essential oil cleansing mix to spray yourself and your stones. Clear quartz or rose quartz is an excellent option if you want an all-around stone for the elixir. Rose quartz, with rose water and rose oil. Super high vibe crystal spray!

Intentions for charging crystals and stones using the stone’s energy and our thoughts are powerful things.

Our thoughts are powerful things. Thoughts become things. They can shape our reality and influence the universe around us. Quantum science has shown us that our mind affects matter – our thoughts affect the world around us and what we experience. When we charge crystals and stones with high-frequency thoughts and emotions, we project our energy into the universe and attract what we desire. This is how manifestation works. We attract what we think about, what we focus on, and what we feel strongly about. So if you want to magnetize something positive into your life, fill your thoughts and heart with high-frequency energy. Focus on what you desire, project your intention into the universe while holding your crystal or gemstone of abundance or manifestation, and trust that it will come to you.

You also must feel it as already done and natural. I am serious. It has to feel natural to you. Then give thanks that you already have it. Do not talk about this to anyone. Not under any circumstances unless you are manifesting with someone. This is between you and god, divine power, the universe, Jesus, Buddha, whoever, or whatever. The power of your thoughts and feelings has an immense impact – use this gift consciously. This means not indulging in thoughts of things that you don’t want. You are always creating something in your mind, so use it wisely and create scenarios in your head you would like to experience. Play and have fun. Let the other ones go away, back to dust where they belong.

Crystals support manifestation, intention, and creation. I have a fantastic greek selenite I recently acquired, and when I meditate with this crystal, I start laughing. I didn’t know the healing properties when I purchased this stone. I just thought it was pretty and would figure that out later. Well, I found out it raises the joy vibe! That is so cool. I now use it when doing yoga or meditation and want a dose of happiness before my set. I sometimes tend to be on the serious work side with work and travel life. We all go through things, that’s just life, but sometimes I don’t feel like meditating or doing my yoga practice. I still do it, but I would like to be less serious about it and just enjoy that I know how to self-regulate through my practice. While I am traveling, it is super helpful. I am sensitive to outside energy and have to do a lot of meetings in major cities. I have had to explain why I carry bags of stones, usually with customs entering other countries or back home to the united states. They are interested in the healing aspects and write you off as a new ager, which is good by me.

You see, our thoughts affect the universe around us. This is basic, and I know if you are reading about crystals, you probably already know this. Quantum science has made this mainstream. There would be plenty of books on this topic if you are interested in reading more in-depth. 

  When we charge our crystals with our intention, we are supported.

It all starts with us; everything does. Crystals and stones support us:

  1. We must be clear about what we want and put that intention out there.
  2. We must project those high-frequency thoughts and emotional states into the stone and feel them within ourselves.
  3. We have to let go.

It would be best if you let it go. Let the divine work it out. Just keep in alignment with it as already done. It’s so simple it’s hard for us to understand the how. But we don’t have to for it to work. Charging our crystals with the energy of intentions is one way we can manifest desires. I feel like my crystals are beacons of energy sometimes. Just like they use them for radio signals, mine are energy signals to the universe calling forth what I intend to experience.


Crystal sound bowl healing for activation and Cleansing of frequencies of crystals

Crystal sound bowl healing is a powerful way to cleanse the frequencies of crystals and stones. There are a few different ways to use sound singing bowls for cleaning and a charging method. 

The sound of the bowls cleanses the energy field around and in the stones, resetting them to their natural high vibratory state. This process can also be used to activate and charge new stones. Sound bowls are made of different materials, each with its unique frequency. When these frequencies are combined, they create a powerful healing effect. The music of the bowls helps to clear blockages and restore balance. It is also beneficial for releasing stress and promoting harmony. Crystal sound bowl healing is a simple and effective way to cleanse and activate the energies of crystals and stones.

Sound Cleansing with tuning forks

A-Tuning fork can also be used, but you will want to use it harmoniously with the octave of your stone. Use the same vibration as your stone. Each tuning fork is used for different chakra and frequencies. The same goes for stones. Find out what your stone naturally vibrates at. Then pair them that way.

Think of Cleansing As a Purification and Charging as an Activation of Energy.

Harmonics and sound frequencies have been used for activation, brain wave therapy, and binaural beats. The name of the home we live in is called the universe. Our planet resides in this 3rd-dimensional reality and 12 other dimensions. You see, the universe is not a place. It is a state of consciousness. Meaning our consciousness is the universe. We are the mind as the universe. We are talking about cleansing stones, but all this is connected. I can explain in more detail in another article at some point. This entire experience is a frequency of the universe. Frequency of consciousness. Sounds and octaves can clear, heal and activate higher forces within us and our planet. Sounds and word frequencies can also break hearts and glass if you know what I mean.

The earth has gifted us. Hopefully, we can repay her for this life by being kind and loving to her and all her beings on this planet, including one another.

Whether you charge rose quartz or black tourmaline, this is manual Cleansing. In a sense, it starts with you. Releasing negative vibes, most crystals will help you with this. They assist you so you can do the transformation. Soul Transformation and healing are indeed a journey. A personal soul journey cannot be compared to anyone else’s journey. Make it a goal for a few hours a month, then weekly, to connect with your soul. Visualize your soul. A bright, beautiful, radiant light. Encompassing your physical body. Take time to self-evaluate, cleanse yourself, and release negativity in your stones, thoughts, and anything else you want to level up. Your stones and crystal deserve love, but you deserve this love and commitment to yourself. This is the vibration of love. This vibration is the flow of all that is good. It will give you a sense of self for clarity. On what matters, and that is you. Your soul. Once this is realized, you can have your wonderful world. Your life is your personal activation grid for you and you alone.


 Peace and Prosperity


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