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Rhodochrosite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits

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Learn Rhodochrosite Meaning, healing properties, and ways to use this crystal to receive the benefits.


What is Rhodochrosite?


Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral that is typically a rose-red color. Other color varieties of Rhdochcrosite are red, orange, purple, yellow, green, gray, blue, and brown. It has a Mohs hardness between 3.5 and 4, making it relatively soft. Despite its softness, rhodochrosite is still a popular mineral for jewelry because of its beautiful color. Rhodochrosite is officially listed as one of the National symbols of Argentina. The Stone can also be found in Colorado.

It is believed to have several beneficial properties, including increasing creativity, helping with emotional healing, and protecting from negative energy.

 Rhodochrosite is a Greek name in origin derivative that translates into Greek “rhodon” for rose and “chrosis” for coloring. In English, meaning “Rose Color.” Rhodochrosite’s other names include “Inca Rose” or “Rosa Del Inca” This Crystal has many meanings and metaphysical properties.

Rhodochrosite Meaning

Rhodochrosite Meaning is symbolized by Love, Heart Wisdom, Heaven on Earth, Passion, Pleasure, Soul Mates, and Emotional Happiness.

Rhodochrosite Crystal assists in attracting love into your life, meaning these crystals benefit all types of healing for romantic, personal, and friendship properties.


  • Unconditional Love
  • Personal Power
  • Divine Feminine
  • Life Force
  • Inner Peace
  • Energetic Healing

Rhodochrosite Metaphysical Symbolism

 Rhodochrosite’s metaphysical symbolism transcends the lower realms of the base heart chakra from attachment, and insecurity, to higher chambers of the heart chakra energies. Pink Gemstones like Rhodochrosite’s spiritual energy facilitate the divine sacred heart connected to Mother Mary Archetype energy, a profound spiritual meaning.

Rhodochrosite Meaning
  • Mother Mary
  • Sacred Heart
  • Heart Chakra Higher Chambers
  • Divinity
  • Purity
  • Heavenly Glory
  • Devotional Love

History Origin

Rhodochrosite is a gemstone that has a long and rich history. According to legend, the Incas discovered the Rhodochrosite crystals. They believed they were the blood of their fallen ancestors, transformed into stone. The first mention of Rhodochrosite appeared in 1873 when writers named the Argentinian specimens Inca Rose.

Rhodochrosite Properties

Rhodochrosite’s properties are relief of asthma, inflammation, and blood pressure.

It is also said to be helpful in migraines.

Rhodochrosite crystals also assist with reproductive issues, the digestive system, and skin problems.

Rhodochrosite Properties are used as an elixir to be applied topically to external skin issues. 


Rhodochrosite Properties

Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite healing properties are for the mental, physical, and emotional body. Rhodochrosite crystal soothes emotional stress and nervous system imbalances. These healing properties promote a positive attitude, deep relaxation, and a peaceful, clear mind. Wearing a Rhodochrosite bracelet brings excellent benefits.

Healing Properties

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Positive Attitude
  • Soothes Emotional Stress
  • Balances Nervous System

More on Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite healing properties also give assistance with kidney and bladder infections, as well as imbalances in the thyroid and adrenals, which can be helped by Rhodochrosite.

It is also said to be helpful for mental and emotional disorders, stress, headaches, migraines, mental clarity, and deep-rooted self-worth issues.

Rhodochrosite is a stone that brings deep emotional healing and balances and heals the physical body. Rhodochrosite is also said to help balance the nervous system and treat mental fatigue.

Rhodochrosite helps us let go of old wounds and traumas holding us back from living our best lives. We can move forward into the future with hope and joy when we release the past.

Rhodochrosite Metaphysical Properties

Rhodochrosite’s metaphysical properties are associated with the moon, feminine energy, the heart, and intuition. The metaphysical and Physical properties of the Rhodochrosite crystal is balanced. This Crystal is excellent for releasing emotional blocks in the body that cause disease and attracting positive life-changing energies.


  • Feminine Energy
  • Both Yin Yang Energy
  • Release Body Blocks
  • Balances the Physical 
  • Moon and Sun Energy
  • Balances Metaphysical Energy

More Metaphysical Properties

The Rhodochrosite crystal has many other metaphysical properties that help astral travel and dream recall. It is known as an energy-throwing stone, correcting negative patterns, and as a stone of psychic protection. Rhodochrosite is also excellent for meditation, visualization, and spiritual attunement. It can open and balance the Third-Eye and Solar Plexus chakras.

Rhodochrosite gemstone meaning is also helpful for spiritual projection, out-of-body experiences, and journey work. Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone of spiritual awakening and transformation in your life. It is a stone that helps us to remember our soul’s purpose and to follow our heart’s path. Rhodochrosite’s metaphysical properties and spiritual meanings can help us to heal our spirit, mind, and body on all levels. Rhodochrosite’s meaning is also helpful for overcoming emotional traumas, abuse, and grief.

 Rhodochrosite Physical Healing Properties 

  • Lymphatic System
  • Detoxifies the Blood
  • Breathing Issues Related to Asthma
  • Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

Rhodochrosite’s physical healing properties for the physical body are that it helps to eliminate physical toxins and frees up energy blocks from the body. It also helps to bring balance and harmony to the whole body. With intense physical healing properties, Rhodochrosite can be used to help with issues relating to the heart, blood pressure, circulation, and lymphatic system.

It can also help boost the immune system and detoxify the body. Rhodochrosite is a physical healing crystal that helps improve circulation, respiratory system, and stabilized heartbeat. This healing crystal also prevents and helps with high blood pressure. Some of the other physical benefits are as follows. It boosts blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, and treats respiratory conditions such as asthma. Helps to reduce irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. It also can detoxify the blood and help to balance acid-base levels in body fluids.

Rhodochrosite Emotional Healing Properties

  • Self-Love and Acceptance
  • Heals Old Emotional Wounds
  • Forgiveness of Self and Others
  • Self-Confidence and Low Self Esteem

Rhodochrosite’s emotional healing properties support matters of the heart and self-confidence. Rhodochrosite is a pink-colored mineral used for its emotional healing properties of balancing feelings and promoting emotional well-being. Rhodochrosite is also said to help release old emotional patterns and wounds. It is believed to stimulate self-love and compassion and encourage forgiveness. Rhodochrosite is thought to be a heart stone, supporting the opening of the heart chakra and promoting emotional balance. 

Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer due to Crystal’s connection to the lower chakras that give support. This, in turn, soothes the energy of fear and anxiety and develops confidence and security. It encourages a calm and loving awareness, promoting self-forgiveness and self-love. Rhodochrosite’s energy helps to clear old emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

This stone is helpful for those who tend to bottle up their feelings or suppress their emotions. By opening your heart and boosting your self-love, Rhodochrosite can help you to release the pain of the past and move forward into a more positive future.

Rhodochrosite Mental Healing Properties

  • Relieves Anxiety in the Mind
  • Lift Mental Depression
  • Reduces Mental Stress- Obsessive Thoughts
  • Enhances Mental Creativity for Productivity

Rhodochrosite balances and harmonizes the mental energy and thought process. As a result, it increases concentration, improves mood, relieves anxiety, lifts depression, and reduces stress. 

Mental Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite also links to the higher mind and help with clarity when receiving and integrating new information. This is a helpful crystal when you are working to enhance your creativity or when you need assistance tapping into your higher mind for answers to questions you have.

Rhodochrosite can also benefit those who struggle with recurrent negative thoughts, as it encourages a more positive mental attitude. In addition to its mental healing properties, Rhodochrosite is also known for enhancing dream states and lifting a depressed mood, memory recall, and concentration with stress relief and PTSD.

If you are feeling down mentally, this is an excellent stone to work with in crystal healing therapy. Rhodochrosite can help you to see the light in life.

Rhodochrosite Varites


What Colors Does Rhodochrosite come in?

Rhodochrosite comes in the colors of light pink, Red, Deep Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Gray, Yellow, and Brown.

Each color that Rhodochrosite comes in is connected to a different chakra and energy healing system. This applies to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Pink Rhodochrosite

Pink Rhodochrosite’s meaning is connected to the Archetype Divine Mother Mary. The Incas believed that Rhodochrosite was the blood of their deceased royal rulers: Rhodochrosite, the Gemstone of Argentina. The benefits are selfless love, and the properties are healing, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Pink crystals are very gentle in matters of love and the heart.

Pink Rhodochrosite Meaning

  • Gentle Love
  • Divine Light and Love
  • Purity in Heart and Mind
  • Mother Mary Archetype Energy
  • Innocence in Actions and Behavior

Pink Rhodochrosite Properties

  • Heart
  •  Intuition
  • Heaven on Earth
  •  Moon, Feminine Energy

Pink Rhodochrosite Benefits

  • Self Love
  •  Emotional Clearing
  •  Mental Relaxation
  • Harmonized Energy Patterns

Pink Rhodochrosite Meaning is all about spiritual awakening and transformation. This stone has remarkable metaphysical properties that can help you to access the Akashic Records, connect with your higher self, and heal emotional wounds. Pink Rhodochrosite benefits you in releasing old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you and helps you create a new life that aligns with your highest good.

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink crystal that represents selfless love and compassion. It is excellent for the heart and relationships and can help heal self-abuse and self-doubt.

Rhodochrosite can attract a soulmate who harmonizes well with you for your higher good and supports the heart to assimilate negative feelings without closing down. This stone insists that you face emotional blocks head-on to heal them.

Rhodochrosite is also known for healing your soul’s disconnection from the divine realms and encouraging you to open your heart to universal love. This stone has been used to reprogram the emotional blueprint. All in all, Rhodochrosite is a delicate, pure crystal that can bring a lot of healing and love into your life.

 Red Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite meaning is love, passion, and vitality. It helps us to feel deeply connected to those around us. Crystal properties fill us with a sense of pleasure and joy. The benefits of Red Rhodochrosite are vitality and strength. Red Rhodochrosite can bring soul mate and twin flames unions together. Red crystals are very healing to the root chakra.


  • Passion
  • Love
  • Pleasure
  • Vitality


  • Fearless
  • Grounding
  • Courage
  • Manifesting Crystal


  • Stamina
  • Commitment
  • Deeper Connections
  • Soul Mate and Twin Flame Unions

Rhodochrosite meaning is also a powerful love stone, and its deep red color signifies the intensity of its love vibration. Rhodochrosite opens the heart chakra and encourages a state of love, self-love, and emotional healing.

It is also said to bring vitality, passion, and pleasure into one’s life. Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for the root chakra as it helps to ground and center the individual. It also promotes strength, courage, and fearlessness.

Rhodochrosite properties are said to be helpful for the sacral chakra and the planet Mars. They are also said to help energize and initiate action. These crystals are said to heighten intense love energy and stimulate creativity.

Rhodochrosite properties also help treat certain types of inflammation. Their effect is said to be highly stimulating and for short-term use.

The color of vitality and red crystals resonate with the lower chakras, root chakra, and sacral chakra. Excellent for stimulating creativity and assertiveness, they have a vibrant yet grounding energy that stays focused and manifests one’s heavenly dreams on the Earth plane-material world.

Orange Rhodochrosite

Orange Rhodochrosite is the Crystal of playfulness, bliss, humor, and creative earthly pursuits. The properties of Orange Rhodochrosite are Vibrant energy, Ancient Earth wisdom, access to DNA memory, and cellular healing. The Meaning of Rhodochrosite is playful relations, earthly pursuits, and humor. Orange crystals also heal the sacral chakra.


  • Bliss
  • Humor
  • Playfulness
  • Creativity in Earthly Pursuits


  • Playful Relations
  • Physical Vitality
  • DNA Memory
  • Ancient Earth Wisdom


  • Hips
  • Energy Boost
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Reproductive Organs

Rhodochrosite is a playful stone that helps us to enjoy life and have fun. It is associated with the sacral chakra, the energy center for pleasure and creativity. The orange color of Rhodochrosite reminds us of the childlike innocence within us all. When we connect to our inner child and have fun, we vibrate at a higher frequency. This attracts better situations into our lives.

The cheerful and carefree energy of the orange color in Orange Rhodochrosite encourages pleasurable pursuits and enjoying the moment. This stone also helps to instill a sense of playfulness, spontaneity, and humor. It is a

beautiful stone for those who need to lighten up and enjoy themselves more. Orange Rhodochrosite brings the gift of historical knowledge and ancient wisdom, helping us understand life’s cyclical nature. It can relieve feelings of loneliness, isolation, and abandonment. This stone helps us to see the beauty in all aspects of life and fills us with festive joy.

This orange crystal resonates with the sacral chakra and helps boost energy levels and motivation. Rhodochrosite benefits both males and females digestive systems, hips, and reproductive organs, giving a fresh start and new energy.

It helps us to let go of past hurts and move on with our lives. Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for a fresh start in life or a boost of energy and motivation.

Gem Rhodochrosite

Yellow Rhodochrosite

Yellow Rhodochrosite’s meaning is joy, fulfillment, and radiance. This is symbolized by the Sun; the benefits of Yellow Rhodochrosite bring a new outlook, clarity, and the courage to succeed.Properties include healing, re-vitalizing major organs, and clearing toxins while energizing the entire body. Yellow crystals bring joy and happiness.


  • Joy
  • Radiance
  • Fulfillment
  • Radiance


  • Healing
  • Clears Toxins
  • Vitalizes Major Organs
  • Energizes the Body


  • Drive
  • Courage
  • Success
  • Clarity

Yellow Rhodochrosite’s meaning is associated with its ability to bring happiness and to activate and open the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Yellow Rhodochrosite is a power crystal that can activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is associated with our personal power and will. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is open and in balance, we feel confident and secure in our ability to create our reality.

Rhodochrosite can help us to remember our true nature as Divine Beings and to claim our power. It is a happy stone that can help us to release old patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve us. Rhodochrosite is a stone that can assist in spiritual awakening. It is a stone of compassion and love.

 Purple Rhodochrosite

Purple Rhodochrosite, meaning is Divine Mind in The Third Eye Chakra. Properties are similar to Amethyst Quartz crystal due to the vibrational frequencies of the color of the Crystal. The benefits of Purple Rhodochrosite are the connection to the higher angelic realms and third eye chakra. 

Purple Rhodochrosite Meaning

  • Spiritual Awaking
  • Transformation
  • Universal Love
  • Enlightenment

Purple Rhodochrosite Properties

  • Intuition
  • Clairvoyance
  • Merge with Soul
  • Spiritual Attainment

Purple Rhodochrosite Benefits

  • Astral Travel
  • Past life Recall
  • The Creativity of The Universe
  • Connection to the “Violet Flame

Purple Rhodochrosite, meaning is associated with the purple flame of the universe. This is the energy of spiritual transformation. This purple crystal stone is highly beneficial for opening and balancing the third eye chakra. Meditating with Rhodochrosite is said to help one go deeper into understanding and wisdom.

This supports spiritual evolution and the understanding that we are never alone, even in this physical form. The Rhodochrosite meaning is also associated with creativity, as it is said to help us tap into the creative aspects of the universe for genius-like solutions, insights, and ideas. Finally, by connecting with the higher realms, Rhodochrosite can also help us to receive guidance and direction from our spiritual guides.

 Blue Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite’s meaning is associated with its ability to help us connect with the spiritual world. Blue shades of Rhodochrosite are also known for their ability to access our Akashic Records. It is a stone that can assist in astral travel and out-of-body experiences.


  • Excellence
  • Subtle Behavior
  • Balanced Yin Yang


  • Etheric Energies
  • Spiritual Communication
  • Gracefulness


Akashic Record Access

Dream Recall

Spiritual Transmutation of Disease

Rhodochrosite is a blue crystal used for meditation and prayer, as it can help balance the subtle energy in our bodies. Rhodochrosite is also said to help promote wisdom and understanding. It is known as the “akashic records” stone because it can help you to access the akashic records, which are the records of your soul’s journey through all of existence.

Rhodochrosite can also help you to recall your dreams and to transmute disease into health and wholeness. This is because Rhodochrosite vibrates at a high frequency, which helps to raise your consciousness and connect you with the higher mental planes.


Green Rhodochrosite 

Rhodochrosite Meaning is relationships on Earth and connection to nature, fairies, and plants. These Properties of Green Rhodochrosite are also known for their ability to help us connect with the natural world. Benefits to the lower chamber of the heart chakra support growth to journey to the divine.

Green Rhodochrosite Meaning

  • Earth
  • Plants
  • Nature
  • Faires

Green Rhodochrosite Properties

  • Connections
  • Natural Earth
  • Grounding
  • Empathy for Others

Green Rhodochrosite Benefits

  • Lower Heart Chakra
  • Growth Towards Divine
  • Service Towards Others
  • Teacher Like Qualities

Green Rhodochrosite resonates with the lower heart chakra, providing emotional grounding and healing. The properties of this Green Crystal are associated with nature and the green energy of the Earth. It helps us to connect with our emotions and provides a sense of caring and compassion. Rhodochrosite can help instill a deep connection with nature when working with the heart chakra.

It is a stone of emotional healing that can help us release old wounds. Green Rhodochrosite is a powerful crystal that can help us to connect with our compassion and caring nature. By opening up the heart chakra, this stone can help us to heal old emotional wounds and create a deeper connection with the natural world around us.

The color green also resonates with the emerald green ray of the divine heart. This color is associated with healing, growth, and transformation. The color energy of green Rhodochrosite can help us open our hearts and connect with our higher selves. Green energy is also money energy, helping bring more prosperity and the benefits of the planet Venus into our lives.

Brown Rhodochrosite

Brown Rhodochrosite is the Crystal of physical transformation and a strong foundation. This brown Crystal is grounding and works to create stability. Properties are influenced by the Earth’s energy, nutrients, and growth. Benefits of using brown Rhodochrosite include bone strength, which helps teeth, skin, blood, and heart.


  • Health
  • Foundations
  • Transformation
  • Physical Assistance


  • Yin Yang
  • Root Chakra
  • Stabilizing Energy
  • Grounding Crystal


  • Blood-Skin
  • Teeth-Bones
  • Strengthens the Aura
  • Brings Stability to Life

Brown Rhodochrosite is for those seeking to establish a stronger connection to the Earth. Its brown color grounds and anchors us, root chakra properties provide a sense of safety and security.

The Brown Rhodochrosite meaning is connected to growth. It reminds us that we are all connected and on a journey of personal growth and transformation. The brown color of this stone is associated with the Earth and our roots.

Rhodochrosite meaning reminds us that we must create our reality and assimilate nutrients of thought and food to sustain ourselves. We need to create a strong foundation for our physical body to continue to grow and transform. Brown Rhodochrosite is a beautiful stone for those working on creating a healthy physical body.

Gray Rhodochrosite

Gray Rhodochrosite is a crystal of Earth Ascension, protection from toxic influences, and the “Age of Aquarius.” The properties of Gray Rhodochrosite are global awareness and human unity. The Crystal benefits swelling in the body, joint pain, and connection to the light body and spirit world.


  • Earth Ascension
  • Global Awareness
  • Humanity Unity
  • “Age of Aquarius”


  • Protection
  • Access to Higher Self
  • Connection to Light Body
  • Communication with the Spirit World


  • Headaches
  • Feet, Ankle, and Joint Pain
  • Water Retention and Swelling
  • Physical Merge with Spirit

Rhodochrosite Meaning is connected to its ability to help us access our higher selves. Gray Rhodochrosite’s benefits are strengthing the connection to the spirit world. We are in the Age of Aquarius, called the gray period. The benefits of Gray Rhodochrosite include protection from negative energy and aiding in our ascension process.

This is an excellent stone for creating a stronger connection with your soul or spirit guide. It can also help clear toxic energy from our auric field. Gray Rhodochrosite is a beautiful stone that reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things.

It is a powerful reminder that we are all connected to one another and to the divine source of all life. When we embody the energies of Gray Rhodochrosite, we can tap into our higher wisdom and connect with our highest selves. We are reminded of our innate goodness. 

Gray Rhodochrosite also has many physical benefits. Gray Rhodochrosite helps with feet, ankle, and joint pain. Also used to help with headaches, water retention, and swelling. Gray Rhodochrosite is also said to help balance the body’s energy.

This is a time of global union, where all species come together in peace and harmony. The Gray Rhodochrosite crystal represents this shift and can help us to remember our true nature as loving and caring beings.

As we awaken to our light, we can create a world of peace and prosperity for all. The Gray Rhodochrosite Crystal is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and that we are all one.

Birthstones for Zodiac Signs Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is good for Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Libra. Scorpio is the primary zodiac sign for Rhodochrosite stone.

Following is Leo, with the third and fourth being Taurus and Libra.

Rhodochrosite does benefit all zodiac signs. The primary meaning is to balance negative aspects in their astrology chart.

  • Scorpio Primary Birthstone
  • Leo Secondary Birthstone
  • Taurus Third Birthstone
  • Libra Fourth Birthstone

 Rhodochrosite Chakra

Pink Rhodochrosite rules the heart chakra as a primary.

Secondary Chakra rulers, the Red Rhodochrosite for the Heart and Root Chakra.

Purple and Gray Rhodochrosite rule the Third Eye Chakra.

Yellow and Orange Rhodochrosite rule the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra

Secondary Colors of Rhodochrosite Benefits 

  • Throat Chakra -Blue Rhodochrosite
  • Heart Chakra Green Rhodochrosite 
  •  Root Chakra- Brown Rhodochrosite
  • Third Eye Chakra- Purple and Gray Rhodochrosite

Uses for Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink crystal that has many different uses. It is known as the “stone of love and compassion” because it helps to open up the heart chakra and promote self-love. Rhodochrosite can also be used for meditation, feng shui, and affirmations. In addition, Rhodochrosite is said to help attract a soulmate and relieve asthma and respiratory problems.

Attracting Love:

Rhodochrosite can help you attract your soulmate if you are single and want a loving relationship. It does this by opening up your heart chakra and promoting self-love.

When you love yourself, you are more likely to attract someone who loves you too. So carry a piece of Rhodochrosite with you, or keep it in your bedroom to help attract love into your life.


Relieving Asthma and Respiratory Problems:

If you have asthma or any other respiratory problem, Rhodochrosite may be able to help.

Carry a piece of the crystal with you, or place it under your pillow at night.

You may also want to put it in your car or office if you suffer from allergies or hay fever.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.

It is believed that placing particular objects in specific areas of your home or office can improve the flow of energy (chi). For example, many people believe that using crystals like Rhodochrosite in feng shui can help improve the energy in your space. So, place a piece of Rhodochrosite in the west area of your home or office to promote creativity and self-expression.’


Affirmations are repeatedly positive statements that can help change your mindset and create new beliefs about yourself.’I am worthy of love.’ ‘I am vibrant and healthy.’ ‘Positive people surround me.’ These are just some examples of affirmations that you can use with Rhodochrosite. Meditating with this crystal while repeating these affirmations will help embed these new beliefs into your subconscious mind.


Meditation is an excellent way to center yourself and connect with your higher self.’If you are new to meditation, start sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.’Hold a piece of Rhodochrosite in your non-dominant hand (the hand you don’t write with).’Focus on your breath and begin repeating one of the affirmations above (or another positive affirmation) in your mind.’Continue meditating for 5-10 minutes or longer if desired.’When you are finished meditating, open your eyes slowly and take a few deep breaths before getting up.”

Soulmate Attraction:

As we mentioned, Rhodochrosite is known as the “stone of love and compassion.” This makes it an excellent choice for attracting a soulmate into your life.’ So, if you are single and looking for love, carry a piece of Rhodochrosite with you or keep it near your bed.
Also, Hold the Rhodochrosite and write down some qualities you would like in a partner.
Then place the paper underneath a piece of Rhodochrosite.” picturing yourself being loved unconditionally by your soulmate.”Repeat this exercise daily until you attract the partner of your dreams.


Rhodochrosite Jewelry Uses

You can use Rhodochrosite as jewelry by wearing a bracelet or amulet. Rhodochrosite is also used during mediations or affirmations with intentions by invoking Crystal energy to facilitate energetic healing and cleansing. In addition, the Rhodochrosite Crystal has been used in feng shui space activation.

The Incans in South America used Rhodochrosite Jewelry. The Rhodochrosite Stone was made into jewelry as beads and amulets. The Incans believed that Rhodochrosite had magical properties. The meaning of the jewelry was that the blood was turned to stone by the deceased rulers.

Benefits of Wearing Rhodochrosite

Wearing Rhodochrosite Benefits are major organ detoxification, assistance with migraines and kidneys, support for those who have asthma, and attracting love and compassion into your life. The meaning of Rhodochrosite is Self Love, Divinity, and Purity. Most people wear Rhodochrosite as a bracelet or necklace.

Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Wearing Rhodochrosite as a bracelet will bring more love and compassion into your life. There are many different colors of Rhodochrosite to be set in a bracelet piece. Consider the healing properties of each color before deciding on wearing a bracelet made from Rhodochrosite daily.

Rhodochrosite Bracelet Benefits

Rhodochrosite bracelet benefits your life’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. These benefits include the significant organs, heart chakra, root chakra, and sacral chakra. In addition, it brings more joy, bliss, love, and compassion with mental clarity. Keeping or wearing the Rhodochrosite bracelet daily will significantly magnify these benefits.

How to Care For Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite Cleanse and Charge 

Rhodochrosite can be Cleansed and Charged using Brown Rice, Himalayan salt, or Smudging with Incense or Sage. To fully charge Rhodochrosite, you may also bury the Crystal in the Earth or charge by moonlight, full moon, or new moon for optimal charging powers.

Rhodochrosite Cleanse

  • Brown Rice
  • Salt Water Rinse
  • Distilled Water Rinse
  • Smudge With Sage
  • Smudge with Incense

Rhodochrosite Charge

  • Moonlight 
  • Bury in the Earth
  • Affirmations
  • Meditations

Rhodochrosite Affirmations

  • The light of my soul guides the way.
  • I am self-less in love serving the divine universe
  • My soul mate will find me in a perfect unexpected way.
  • Everything in my life turns into love now.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Conclusion

 Rhodochrosite is very popular and widely used in jewelry and crystal therapy work.

With so many uses and healing properties, the meaning of this Crystal is a beautiful addition to have in your collection to utilize all the benefits.

To learn more benefits on crystals and gemstones

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Rhodochrosite a Love Stone?

Rhodochrosite is a powerful love stone that can attract relationships, soul mates, and twin flames. Rhodochrosite benefits for love also include helping relationships to become more loving and healing old wounds of love that need to be cleared so new love can come into your life.

Rhodochrosite Benefits for Love?

Rhodochrosite is beneficial and powerful for love, attracting a soul mate, forgiveness, and self-love. Rhodochrosite is also said to be helpful for those going through times of change or transition.

Does Rhodochrosite Bring Love?

Rhodochrosite is known to bring love and loving relationships into one’s life. Therefore, Rhodochrosite is placed in the category of a powerful love stone, and the energies of the Rhodochrosite crystals are said to promote love, forgiveness, and self-love. In addition, Rhodochrosite is also said to be a powerful stone for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Can You Wear Rhodochrosite To Sleep?

Yes, you can sleep with Rhodochrosite; preferable, the pink-blue-green colors of Rhodochrosite can be beneficial for those who have trouble sleeping, as it is known to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams. Sitting a piece of raw or tumbled Rhodochrosite by your bed on a nightstand will also benefit sleep and a good night’s rest.

Is Rhodochrosite the Same as Rose Quartz?

No, Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz are two different stones. However, Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz are stones associated with love and compassion. Rhodochrosite is said to be very powerful for promoting self-love, while Rose Quartz is said to be more potent for promoting universal love.

What is the Black in Rhodochrosite?

The black in Rhodochrosite is usually due to inclusions of other minerals, such as Hematite. 

Can Rhodochrosite Go in the Water?

Yes, Rhodochrosite can go in the water. Distilled water and salt water. However, the stone is soft, so only use water for cleansing briefly. Do not soak in water.

What Goes Well With Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite goes well with other stones that promote love, forgiveness, and self-love. Some stones that pair well with Rhodochrosite are Rose Quartz, Morganite, and Rhodonite.

Why is Rhodochrosite so Expensive?

Rhodochrosite can be expensive because it is a rare stone. It is also difficult to find in large sizes. Rhodochrosite is mostly found in small pieces or crystals. It is only found in a few places in the world.

What’s the Difference Between Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite?

Rhodonite is a pink to red manganese iron oxide mineral. Rhodochrosite is a pink or red manganese carbonate mineral. Both minerals are similar in color and composition. Rhodonite is harder than rhodochrosite. Rhodonite has higher specific gravity than Rhodochrosite. Rhodonite is found in metamorphic rocks. Rhodochrosite is found in sedimentary rocks.

What Chakra is Rhodochrosite?

Pink Rhodochrosite is associated with the heart chakra. It is a stone of love and compassion. Rhodochrosite helps to heal emotional wounds. It balances the emotions and brings a sense of peace and calmness. Rhodochrosite is also a stone of spiritual awakening and transformation. It helps to connect with the higher self and the spiritual realm. Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone for healing and transformation.

Where is Rhodochrosite Stone Found?

Rhodochrosite is found in a few places in the world. It is primarily found in small pieces or crystals. Rhodochrosite is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Colorado.

Is Rhodochrosite an Agate?

No, Rhodochrosite is not an agate. Rhodochrosite is a pink or red manganese carbonate mineral. Agates are a variety of Quartz. They are usually translucent or opaque. Agates come in various ranges of colors.

Where Does the Best Rhodochrosite Come From?

The best Rhodochrosite typically comes from Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. Rhodochrosite from these countries often has a deep, rich red coloration. Rhodochrosite from other countries, such as the United States, typically has a deep pink coloration.

What Can Scratch Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite has a Mohs hardness of between three and four.

It can be scratched by knives and other similarly blunt objects.

For this reason, it’s essential to be careful when handling Rhodochrosite jewelry or gemstones.

What is the Hardness of Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite has a Mohs hardness of between three and four.

Where Do You Put Rhodochrosite?

For healing purposes, placing Rhodochrosite on the solar plexus or heart chakra is recommended.

Rhodochrosite can also be placed under the pillow at night to facilitate dream recall and promote healing dreams. In feng shui, Rhodochrosite is used in the wealth and prosperity area of the home.

It is also said to be helpful for students, as it is believed to promote concentration and memory retention.

Is Rhodochrosite a Precious Gem?

Rhodochrosite is not a precious gem, but it is still quite popular and highly valued by many.

Its unique pink color and interesting striations make it a beautiful and eye-catching stone.

Rhodochrosite Is Said To Pair Well With several Different Crystals, Including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine. 

Together, these stones promote love, healing, and self-awareness. They are also said to be helpful for those going through times of change or transition.

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