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Pink Spinel : Supreme Powers & Properties

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Learn Pink Spinel Spiritual Meanings, Symbolism, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and much more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Pink Spinel Gemstones.

What is Pink Spinel?

Pink Spinel, a mesmerizing gemstone, captivates with its exquisite hue and dazzling brilliance. It is a variety of spinel known for its stunning pink shades, ranging from delicate pastels to deep, vibrant pinks. Pink Spinel has gained popularity in the world of gemstones for its unique beauty and allure.

Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel Symbolic Meaning

Pink Spinel’s symbolic meanings are beauty, immortality, and wealth. As a symbol of beauty, this gemstone enhances the physical appearance of its wearer and brings forth an aura of grace and charm.

Its association with immortality stems from the belief that wearing Pink Spinel bestows a sense of eternal youthfulness and vitality. Pink Spinel is often associated with attracting wealth and abundance into one’s life, making it a lovely gemstone of financial prosperity.

Pink Spinel Spiritual Meaning

Pink Spinel’s spiritual meaning symbolizes Kundalini and Venus-Pluto’s energy. When Pluto and Venus’s energy come together, it brings great wealth, and with The Kundalini energy, this little pink gem is very powerful.

Pink Spinel Dream Meaning

Pink Spinel in Dreams is believed to signify new beginnings, love, and emotional growth. Dreaming of Pink Spinel may symbolize a time of positive changes and opportunities, particularly in matters of the heart and relationships.

Pink Spinel Color Meaning

The color of Pink Spinel holds a rich and varied spectrum of meanings. Its soft, delicate pink shades are often associated with love, romance, and tenderness. The deeper and more vibrant pink tones evoke passionate love, energy, and dynamism.

Pink Spinel Supreme Powers

Pink Spinel possesses an array of supreme powers that can enrich the lives of those who wear it. Its energies are aligned with the following attributes:


Pink Spinel is believed to attract financial abundance and prosperity, making it a favored gemstone for business ventures and investments.

Bringing Venus-Pluto Energy:

The Venus-Pluto energy of Pink Spinel bestows transformative power, as Pluto is the wealth giver and Venus rules luxuries. I wrote another article on Pluto crystals, discussing Pluto’s wealth-giving energy.


Pink Spinel’s association with immortality is thought to bring a sense of timelessness and eternal youthfulness to its wearer.


As a symbol of beauty, Pink Spinel enhances the physical appearance of youthfulness, physical harmony, and beauty in all aspects. Some people use rose quartz, but if you can use pink spinel and make an elixir to spray on your skin and aura, that would work too.


Pink Spinel stimulates kundalini energy, the dormant spiritual energy with the potential for enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Pink Spinel Properties

Pink Spinel possesses a mesmerizing allure with its distinct properties, making it a beloved gemstone in the world of jewelry and gemology.

Mohs Hardness:

Pink Spinel boasts an impressive hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, indicating its exceptional durability and scratch resistance. This hardness is second only to diamonds, making Pink Spinel an ideal choice for everyday wear and lasting beauty.


The crystalline structure of Pink Spinel is octahedral, characterized by its eight-sided formation. This unique structure contributes to its captivating brilliance and light dispersion, creating an enchanting play of colors.


Pink Spinel exhibits excellent transparency, allowing light to pass through it with remarkable clarity. This transparency accentuates the gem’s color and brilliance, creating a captivating and lustrous appearance.


Pink Spinel is composed of magnesium aluminum oxide, with the chemical formula MgAl2O4. It belongs to the spinel group of minerals and is renowned for its vibrant pink hues, influenced by trace elements present during its formation.

Spinel Color Varieties

The diverse and enchanting world of Spinel gemstones encompasses an array of captivating colors, each with its unique allure and symbolism. Among the captivating color varieties of Spinel are:

Red Spinel:

Radiating the vibrant energy of passion and vitality, Red Spinel is known for its intense crimson hues.

Pink Spinel:

Exuding grace and charm, Pink Spinel dazzles with its delicate and alluring shades of pink.

Yellow Spinel:

Symbolizing joy and optimism, Yellow Spinel showcases sunny and cheerful tones.

Orange Spinel:

A gemstone of enthusiasm and creativity, Orange Spinel captivates with its warm and inviting hues.

Green Spinel:

Green Spinel displays verdant and refreshing green shades reflecting the lush beauty of nature.

Blue Spinel:

Emanating tranquility and serenity, Blue Spinel enchants with its calming and serene blues.

Purple Spinel:

Exuding a sense of royalty and mystique, Purple Spinel captivates with its regal purple hues.

Black Spinel:

Embodying elegance and sophistication, Black Spinel dazzles with its deep and mysterious black tones.

Violet Spinel:

Resonating with spiritual growth and enlightenment, Violet Spinel mesmerizes with its enchanting violet shades.

Brown Spinel:

Showcasing earthy and warm tones, Brown Spinel exudes a sense of grounding and stability.

White Colorless Spinel:

This beautiful gem is crystal clear, with no color except for inclusions, bringing the energy of the crown chakra and enlightenment.

Pink Spinel Gemstone History

Throughout history, Pink Spinel has been revered for its captivating beauty and is esteemed as a symbol of wealth and power.

The gemstone’s journey can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it adorned the jewelry of royalty and dignitaries. Over the centuries, Pink Spinel has continued to fascinate gem enthusiasts, earning its place as a beloved and sought-after gemstone.

Modern Uses of Pink Spinel Gems

In modern times, Pink Spinel’s allure has not diminished, and its uses have expanded beyond adornment. Besides gracing exquisite jewelry pieces, Pink Spinel is now embraced for its metaphysical properties, making it a popular choice for spiritual and healing purposes. Its versatility and stunning color have also led to its incorporation into various artistic creations.

Major Sources of Pink Spinel Gems Worldwide

Pink Spinel can be found in various locations around the globe. Notable sources of this enchanting gemstone include Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Afghanistan. Each source contributes unique characteristics and charm to the Pink Spinel found within its depths.

Pink Spinel

Benefits And Healing Properties of Pink Spinel Gemstones


Pink Spinel’s gentle and soothing energy nurtures emotional well-being. It encourages feelings of love, compassion, and emotional stability, providing a sense of comfort during challenging times. The gemstone’s radiant pink hues evoke joy, enhancing positive emotions and fostering harmonious relationships.


In the realm of mental wellness, Pink Spinel promotes mental clarity and focus. Its calming influence helps alleviate needles stresses, mental chatter, and anxiety, allowing for better concentration and decision-making. Pink Spinel’s energies also inspire creativity and innovation, making it a gemstone of choice for those seeking to unlock their artistic potential.


On a physical level, Pink Spinel is believed to aid in promoting overall vitality, beauty, and well-being. It is thought to boost the immune system by making you stronger, support proper breathing through the energy system, and alleviate physical ailments related to the heart and blood circulation.

Spiritual Metaphysical

Pink Spinel is a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Its connection to the heart chakra enhances love, compassion, and spiritual awareness. The gemstone’s association with the kundalini energy fosters spiritual awakening, guiding individuals toward higher levels of consciousness.

Where to Buy Pink Spinel Online

For those looking to acquire Pink Spinel gemstones of exceptional quality and beauty, Etsy offers a diverse selection from reputable sellers and artisans. The platform provides a convenient and reliable way to explore a wide range of Pink Spinel creations and discover the perfect piece that resonates with one’s desires and intentions.

Pink Spinel Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Pink Spinel’s metaphysical properties extend beyond its captivating appearance, delving into its energy alignment with various spiritual and cosmic significance aspects.

Pink Spinel Color Energy

The radiant pink hues of Pink Spinel exude an energy of love, tenderness, and compassion. This color energy invites positivity and emotional balance, fostering feelings of harmony and connection.

Chakra Properties of Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel’s energies are closely aligned with the upper heart chakra, the center of universal divine love and the great “I AM of light.” It encourages love and emotional healing, allowing individuals to open their hearts to self-love and affection for others.

Zodiac Sign Associated with Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel’s association with Scorpio and Libra zodiac signs aligns with its themes of transformation, power, beauty, and the arts. These signs find affinity with the gemstone’s charismatic and magnetic qualities.

Month & Birth Stone of Pink Spinel

Spinel is the birthstone for the Month of August along with Peridot.

Planet Association of Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel’s planetary alignment is with Venus and Pluto, which enhances love, beauty, wealth, and extremely powerful energies.

Number Vibration of Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel vibrates with the number 6, symbolizing harmony, love, and nurturing. This number’s influence enhances Pink Spinel’s ability to foster emotional well-being and compassion.

Element of Pink Spinel (Air)

Pink Spinel’s elemental connection with air represents freedom, communication, and the power of thought. It encourages clarity of mind and facilitates the expression of emotions and ideas.

Yin/Yang Balance

Pink Spinel embodies a harmonious balance of yin and yang energies. It merges the gentle and nurturing qualities of yin with the dynamic and assertive attributes of yang, creating a perfect equilibrium.

What Finger To Wear Pink Spinel On?

To harness the full potential of Pink Spinel’s energies, wear the gemstone on the ring finger, left index finger, or pinkie finger. The pinkie finger rules the moon and mercury, and the ring finger rules the sun. However, you can also wear it on your thumb for personal power and wealth.

Pink Spinel Uses

Pink Spinel’s versatile properties make it a gemstone suitable for various uses, whether as an adornment or a tool for spiritual practices.


Pink Spinel’s exquisite beauty and metaphysical significance make it a popular choice for jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Wearing Pink Spinel jewelry allows individuals to carry its energies with them and experience its emotional and spiritual benefits.

Using Pink Spinel in Spaces

In-home and office spaces, Pink Spinel, can be incorporated into decor elements to evoke love, harmony, and positive energy. Placing Pink Spinel crystals strategically in a space can infuse it with a gentle and uplifting atmosphere.

Pink Spinel Chakra Healing

Pink Spinel’s affinity with the heart chakra makes it a powerful tool for chakra healing. Its energies help to balance and cleanse the heart chakra, allowing for emotional healing and an enhanced sense of love and compassion.

Pink Spinel Meditations

During meditation practices, Pink Spinel can aid in accessing a state of calm and inner peace. Its soothing energies create a conducive environment for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

Pink Spinel Crystal Grids

Creating crystal grids with Pink Spinel can amplify its energy and intentions. Combining it with other gemstones enhances its power, making it a potent tool for manifestation and healing.

Affirmations with Pink Spinel

Integrating affirmations while working with Pink Spinel reinforces its transformative energies. Affirmations include “I am worthy of love, power, and riches” Or “I am Beautiful and Blissful.”

How to Care, Cleanse & Charge Pink Spinel

To maintain Pink Spinel’s brilliance and energy, proper care, cleansing, and charging practices are essential.


To cleanse Pink Spinel, smudging it with sage or palo santo can clear any negative energies absorbed.


Placing Pink Spinel under the moonlight during the full moon rejuvenates its energy and restores its vitality.

Himalayan Salt

Burying Pink Spinel in Himalayan salt for several hours effectively cleanses its energy.

Bury In The Earth

Another cleansing method involves burying Pink Spinel in the earth daily to reconnect with natural energies.

Sound Baths

Subjecting Pink Spinel to the healing vibrations of sound baths can recharge its energy.

How to Program Pink Spinel

Programming Pink Spinel involves setting clear intentions for its use, which can be accomplished through meditation and focused thoughts.

Pink Spinel Pairing & Crystal Combinations

Combining Pink Spinel with other gemstones magnifies its energies and augments specific intentions.

Rose Quartz

Combining Pink Spinel with Rose Quartz enhances feelings of love and compassion, creating a harmonious and nurturing energy field and bringing even more Venus energy and beauty.

White Diamonds

Pairing Pink Spinel with White Diamonds amplifies beauty, luxury, and diamonds. White diamonds are ruled by Venus as well.

Pink Tourmaline

Pairing Pink Spinel with Pink Tourmaline boosts feelings of love and affection, making it a potent combination for enhancing relationships.

Gem Rhodochrosite

The combination of Pink Spinel with Gem Rhodochrosite promotes emotional healing, power, and self-love, fostering inner growth and acceptance.

Pink Fluorite

Pairing Pink Spinel with Pink Fluorite enhances clarity of thought and emotional balance, promoting a sense of tranquility.

Pink Diamonds

Pairing Pink Spinel with Pink Diamonds creates a dazzling and enchanting synergy of true power, luxury, and love.

Peach and Pink Sapphires

Combining Pink Spinel with Peach and Pink Sapphires enhances beauty and attracts energies of abundance and prosperity.

Pink Zircon

Pairing Pink Spinel with Pink Zircon strengthens emotional healing and nurtures feelings of joy and happiness.

Pink Spinel Gemstone Shapes


Raw Pink Spinel crystals exude natural beauty, showcasing the gemstone in its pure and unprocessed form.


Polished Pink Spinel gemstones display a smooth and lustrous surface, highlighting their brilliance.

Round Brilliant Cut

Pink Spinel gemstones cut in a round brilliant shape dazzle with their radiant beauty and light dispersion.

Princess Cut

The princess cut presents Pink Spinel with a sophisticated and elegant square shape, making it a timeless choice for jewelry.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut showcases Pink Spinel’s beauty with its step-cut facets, accentuating its clarity and color.

Cushion Cut

Pink Spinel in a cushion shape exudes elegance and charm, creating a soft and romantic aura.

Oval Cut

The oval cut emphasizes Pink Spinel’s elongated shape, radiating a sense of grace and allure.

Pink Spinel Conclusion Take Away:

Pink Spinel’s symbolic meanings are beauty, immortality, and wealth. Making Pink Spinel a cherished gemstone for intense spiritual transformation and venus pluto energy. Embrace this pink crystal’s supreme powers and properties and experience its transformative influence in your life.

Pink Spinel FAQ

Is pink spinel rare?

Pink Spinel is relatively rare compared to other gemstones, and its scarcity adds to its desirability and value in the market.

Is pink spinel natural?

Yes, pink spinel is a natural gemstone that forms deep within the Earth’s crust through geological processes over millions of years.

What does pink spinel symbolize?

Pink Spinel symbolizes beauty, love, and emotional healing. It is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to foster feelings of compassion and harmony.

Is Spinel a fake ruby?

No, spinel is not a fake ruby. Historically, some red spinels were mistaken for rubies due to their similar color, leading to famous gemstones in royal collections being later identified as spinels. However, spinel and ruby are distinct gemstones with different chemical compositions.

How can you tell if a pink spinel is real?

You can look for certain characteristics to determine if a pink spinel is genuine. A real pink spinel will have natural inclusions, as synthetic spinels are often flawless. You can also consult a reputable gemologist or jeweler for a professional assessment.

Is a spinel as valuable as a ruby?

Spinel is valued for its rarity, beauty, and excellent hardness (8 on the Mohs scale), but historically, it has been undervalued compared to rubies. However, certain exceptional spinels can be equally or even more valuable than rubies, especially when they exhibit exceptional qualities.

What are the spiritual properties of spinel?

Spiritually, spinel is believed to aid in raising kundalini energy, promoting spiritual development, and enhancing intuition. It is also associated with feelings of calmness and emotional stability.

Is pink spinel rare?

As mentioned earlier, pink spinel is considered relatively rare in the gemstone world, making it a highly desirable and sought-after gem by collectors and enthusiasts.

What is the rarest color of spinel?

The rarest color of spinel is a vivid, intense red, often referred to as “pigeon’s blood” red. These vibrant red spinels are highly prized and command top prices in the gem market.

How can you tell if a pink spinel is real?

To verify the authenticity of a pink spinel, you can have it examined by a qualified gemologist or expert. They will analyze its physical properties, including color, refractive index, and internal features, to determine if it is a genuine pink spinel.

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