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Hawks Eye Stone Meaning| Healing Properties| Benefits Uses

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

Hawks Eye Stone Meaning Healing Properties Benefits Uses

Learn Hawks Eye Stone’s Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits, and ways to use this healing stone.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

Hawks Eye Stone Meaning

Hawks Eye’s Stone’s meaning is Crystal Clear Vision, Soaring to Great Heights, Protection, and an increase of success in the material and spiritual world. In addition, Other Hawks Eye Stone meanings are Health, Mobility, Royal Courage, Flight, and Travel. The Hawks Eye is a very powerful stone.

Blue Tigers Eye Meaning Behind the Name Hawks Eye Stone

Hawks Eye Stone originates from the Old English word hafoc, which is related to the modern English word “hawk.” Hawks Eye is a type of crystal that is usually blue or green in color. It is named for its resemblance to the eye of a hawk.

What is Hawks Eye Stone?

 Hawks Eye stone is the blue version of Tigers Eye, which also goes by Falcons Eye. The name “hawk’s eye” is derived from the appearance of the chatoyancy in the stone, which resembles the Eye of a Hawk. It is also known as the Falcon’s eye crystal. 

Hawk Eye Stone Benefits

The benefits of Hawks Eye Stone are spiritual healing, emotional grief clearing, and mental visualization. Peoples use them for all those purposes. Crystal Therapy healers also benefit from using the stone in a crystal grid surrounding the person in a healing session.

To read more on Hawks, Eyes Stone Spiritual Meanings, read here.

Hawks Eye Stone Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of the Hawks Eye stone used in crystal therapy are boosting the immune system and aiding in healing the respiratory and digestive systems. Other Physical healing properties of Hawks Eye are said to help with migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression. Hawks Eye healing stone is also said to help with addictions, eating disorders, and OCD. This crystal gives you will power to give up harmful and toxic habits. It’s also helpful for joint pain, headaches, and other bone and muscle conditions.

Hawks Eye Stone Healing Properties

Hawks Eye stone healing properties some believe it helps to boost the immune system. It is also said to help dissolve negative energy. Additionally, it is said that stone can help to reveal past lives and give insight into one’s spiritual journey. 

More on Hawks Eye Stone Focus, Strength, Clarity, Success, and Power

Hawk’s eye is a healing crystal with several other beneficial properties. It is known to help promote focus and mental clarity while also increasing strength and stamina. In addition, Hawk’s Eye Stone is believed to provide courage and power during difficult times. The stone’s power is also said to help manifest success in all areas of life.

Hawk’s eye is known for healing the mind, body, and spirit. It is also thought to be a protective crystal, boost intuition, and increase confidence. Crystal therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses crystals and gemstones to promote balance and harmony within the body. Hawk’s eye is a popular crystal used in crystal gemstone therapy due to its purported healing properties. Additionally, this stone will activate and charge other stones as a supporter companion stone.

Hawks Eye Stone Healing Properties of Emotions

Hawks Eye Stone has been used in stabilizing emotions. It is best for short periods during the grief process. Other emotional healing properties are raising an individual out of lethargic grief and apathy by giving more strength and power to the individual.

 Metaphysical Properties

The stone’s metaphysical properties of emotional balance but not just for anxiety. More like direct focus, opening up communication, and is used to help with grief. Hawks Eye Stone is associated with the throat chakra and is said to help express hurt feelings more easily. It’s also used when one needs to let go of old grievances. The Hawks ‘ stones vibration will give you insight into the truth of a situation and enable you to see both sides. This helps you to communicate more effectively. 

Scientific Properties of Hawks Eye Stone

The Hawk’s eye is a chatoyant gemstone, usually a metamorphic rock with a blue to golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. Mohs Hardness is 6.5 -7. The Hawk’s Eye Stone belongs to the Chalcedony mineral class family. Chalcedony comes in many colors, including blue tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye, and golden tiger’s eye. The Hawk’s eye stone is unique because of its chatoyancy. “Chatoyancy,” also known as the “cat’s eye effect,” is when light reflects off the gemstone’s surface in a band of light that looks like a cat’s eye. The Hawk’s eye stone gets its name from this optical phenomenon. Hawk’s eyes are found worldwide but are most commonly found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and the United States.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

Metaphysical Properties

Hawks’ Eye Stone metaphysically aids in the gift of insight and knowledge. It is said to help one become more aware of their surroundings and to see things more clearly. Hawks’ Eye Stone is also a stone of clairvoyance and astral travel.

Hawks’ Eye Stone is also said to be a stone of remote viewing and the power of manifestation. It is said to help one see things more clearly, both spiritually and physically, and to help one manifest their desires. Hawks’ Eye Stone is a powerful stone that can help one focus and stay spiritually disciplined. Hawks’ eye can help one to awaken their spiritual focus and drive and to stay disciplined on their spiritual path. Giving one the courage to walk the path of the unknown.

  • Awakens Power and Courage
  • Intense hyper focus and drive
  • Clairvoyance, inner vision to see all from your third eye opening
  • Bestows the gift of speaking manifestations into existence
  • Protection stone for traveling far distances, especially on an airplane. This stone rules flight and Air travel
  • Supernatural powers of astral travel or soul travel
  • Remote Viewing
  • Giver of great wealth, including money
  • Empowers other stones and activation stone of pluto power

How to Use Hawks Eye Stone

Hawk’s Eye Stone is used in Affirmation meditations for its Spiritual Properties. A powerful stone that helps you with clarity and confidence. By holding Hawk’s Eye Stone during affirmations and Meditation, you can program your subconscious mind for success in any area of your life. 

Chakra healing is another popular use for Hawk’s eye. This stone helps to balance and align all of the chakras. By holding the Hawk’s eye stone during chakra healing, you can ensure that all of your chakras work together harmoniously. 

Pranayam is another popular use for Hawk’s eye stone. This stone helps to improve breathing and increase energy levels. By holding Hawk’s eye stone during pranayam, you can improve your overall health and well-being.

  • Affirmation
  • Meditation
  • Eye Sight
  • Chakras
  • Crystal Grids

You can use hawks eye stone in affirmations, meditations, and visualizations. A simple way is to hold it in your hand while you set your intention for the crystal. For example, if you want to improve your vision, you would hold the crystal and say something like, “I am open and receptive to clearer vision.” Then, you would focus on the crystal and allow yourself to be taken to a place of clarity and peace. Another way is to carry the stone with you throughout the day or keep it in your space. This way, you can be reminded of your intention and be open to receiving the crystal’s healing energies.

You can carry the stone in your pocket or place it in your purse or on your desk. If you have several stones, you can create a crystal grid around your space using the stone to magnify the healing power and energies. This powerful crystal can also be placed on your third eye or crown chakra during Meditation to encourage spiritual insights and clarity. Or on your heart chakra to open up to more love and communication expansion through the heart area. The throat chakra can also benefit from the placement of Hawks Eye crystal to help with public speaking or confidence in sharing your voice.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

Affirmation for Hawks Eye Stone

Affirmation visualization is another spiritual use for Hawk’s Eye Stone. This stone helps you to see your goals and manifest them into reality. By holding the Hawk’s eye stone during affirmation and visualization, you can increase your chances of achieving your goals.

  • I am light. I see clearly everything in my life
  • I have laser focus and achieve all my goals
  • Every day is a new day to start again; I let go and start new
  • The spiritual universe fills my life with wealth and success daily
  • I now have the courage and vision to make a change in my life 

Affirmation Long Form

As the light transforms my life, my spirit rises up to the light. Every aspect of myself in every dimension of time and space has become one with all power sources. I am power, I am a success, and my life is now transformed.

How to Meditate with Hawks Eye Stone

Meditate with the Hawks Eye Stone by holding it in your hand. Stay still, and observe your thoughts passing by like clouds. Begin to breathe long, deep breaths. Now Squeeze the Hawks Eye Stone on Each Inhale and release it on the Exhale. Continue for a few minutes.

Another meditation for Hawks Eye Stone is a Kundalini Yoga meditation called “Har Meditation” This Meditation brings wealth and money. It also rewires your brain, and it is said that there is no way you will not create wealth.

How to do the Hawks Eye Stone ‘Meditation with Har”

Sit your Hawks Eyes Stone in your lap or next to you.

Time 3-11 minutes a day

Eyes are only open 1/10th of the way while staring at the tip of your nose.

Then chant the words Har hitting the tongue on your upper palate(the roof of your mouth)

While doing this, you are hitting the sides of the pinkie( Mercury and Moon finger) together and then the pointy finger, known as the Jupiter finger.

The brain rewires itself and grows new gray matter after 40 days, among many other amazing things. This one is magic. Watch the miracles happen overnight!

Please read more about this amazing Meditation and see examples for yoga teachers.

Here is a link to the” Har Meditation” as taught by 3HO

Do a Visualization for Hawks Eyes Stone

Doing a creative visualization for manifesting with Hawks Eye Stone is a great way to clarify your goals and opportunities. You have to be clear before creating any goal in your mind. Hawks Eyes Stone is said to give one clarity and insight. 

To use the powers of the Hawk’s eye stone for creative visualization.


Sit down with your legs crossed.

Your spine must be straight up.

Breath- Pranayam

Take a long deep breath in for the count of 5 seconds.

Then hold your breath in for 5 seconds.

Now release the breath for 5 seconds.

Repeat this five times.

This will be done for 3 minutes. So it is best to put a timer, and your phone on do not disturb.

Think about for a moment what you would like to manifest.

You will be using this visualization to create with your Hawks Eyes Stone.

Make sure your Hawks Eyes Stone is touching your body so you can have the support of the Stones energy while you are doing the crystal meditation.

Now you are ready to use creative visualization to manifest

In your mind’s eye, see yourself showered with crystal water. This water sparkles with silver then turns to gold, and now back to silver. Watch as this crystal sparkling water changes and sparkles all around you. The sparkles hit your legs and hand forehead. It’s a beautiful shimmer of silver and gold. Keep this visualization going for 2 minutes straight. Now for the last minute, gather all the energy of the gold and silver water and send this energy into what you would like to manifest. Keep this going for one minute. Stay focused while sending the light to your manifestation. Stay in your peace vibe fully and completely relaxed.

Now release it and let go. Just trust it will come to pass. Do not talk about your manifestation to anyone. Let the energy build up until you have the actual experience.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

What Chakra is Hawks Eye Stone?

Hawks Eye Stone is Root Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra. Throat Chakra is expression , Third Eye Chakra is vision and intuition, and the Root Chakar is grounding earth energy. This stone guides you to express your truth and to see through your spiritual eye of wisdom.

Throat Chakra Third Eye Chakra Root Chakra

Hawks eye crystal is blue in color, and it aligns with the throat chakra. The throat chakra is about communication and expression. It’s about speaking your truth and being authentic. Hawks Eye crystal can help you to balance and align your throat chakra. Helping you to communicate more effectively and express yourself more authentically. The Hawks Eye crystal is also related to the 3rd eye chakra and Root Chakra. This can help to improve your vision and intuition while keeping you grounded. When your chakras are balanced, you feel more in harmony with yourself and the world around you. You have more energy, and you’re able to see things more clearly. Hawks Eye stone can help you to achieve this balance by clearing away any blockages in these chakras.

What Zodiac Sign is Hawks Eye Stone?

Hawks Eye Stone is deeply connected to the Zodiac sign Scorpio. The secondary Zodiac Sign is Capricorn only because of the blue color that gives this connection which represents Saturn. Hawks Eye stone is used for all Zodiacs but is connected to these Astrology Signs.

Every zodiac sign can use this power stone to call upon the strength of the Hawks Crystal to transform your life. However, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and is known for its intense, strong energy and power. This sign is often associated with transformation and regeneration, making Hawks Eye Stone a perfect choice for those looking to make positive changes in their lives. When combined with other stones and crystals, Hawks Eye can help to amplify the effects of astrology and create powerful synergies. Whether you are a Scorpio or not, if you are drawn to Hawks Eye crystal, this stone can likely help you tap into your personal power and make positive changes in your life.

I want to explain more in detail; I have studied Scorpio Zodiac Influences, being that it is both my Sun and rising sign. There are three stages of a Scorpio Zodiac sign. The first one is the gray lizard, which is depressive, cynical, or melancholy. The sad, dark aspects of Scorpio are not coming into their full strength and power. The wounded warrior, so to speak.

The second is represented by the scorpion, which can be vindictive and untrustworthy, very powerful, and even a great leader at times but still hasn’t used the power for only good and light work on the planet. The third archetype is the eagle, signified by the archetype of a phoenix rising from the ashes. If you are a Scorpio, transform yourself into a phoenix in this lifetime. You can use crystal meditations and other forms to clear yourself and get into your true power. You can rise above anything and have pluto power to transform and regenerate every aspect of yourself. This will take work and dedication. You can do this. If you haven’t already.

I am serious. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is most common among world leaders. As a leader, you must always use your powers for good and the light. Be a channel for the light the best to your understanding and spiritual evolution. Transform the world, but start with yourself.

You can research this for yourself, it’s. Here is a link regarding the world leaders I referenced for this article. The publisher is called Huffington post.

A great book is Linda Goodman’s Star signs. One of my first books on everything, not just astrology, planet, and zodiac signs.Truly Remarkable Read.

Now for our friend, the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, which I genuinely love the drive. They are known as the CEO and make excellent leaders as well. Saturn gives them the power to organize and structure. They are very disciplined and have great endurance. They make for excellent business people, managers, and politicians.

This crystal is good for Capricorn to wear or carry with them when they want to be more grounded. It can also help them get in touch with their emotions and feelings. As most people don’t know, Capricorns are sensitive in some ways. I have personally experienced this in interactions. The stone amplifies Capricorns’ drive.

You can still use Hawks Eye if you are not a Capricorn or a Scorpio. This crystal is suitable for people who want to be more grounded and create big things, and big businesses and have the focus and drive to do so. It can also help them get in touch with their emotions and feelings. Hawks Eye stone can help you tap into your personal power and make positive changes in your life. Transforming your life sometimes starts with minor changes. If you feel drawn to Blue Tigers Eye, it might be because this crystal can help you make those changes. Trust your intuition and follow your heart. Hawks Eye crystal is a powerful crystal that can help you no matter what Zodiac sign you are. Use this crystal to help you access your hidden powers and make the changes you need to make in your life.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

What Planet Rules Hawks Eye Stone?

Pluto is the First Planet That Rules Hawks Eyes Stone Bringing power and wealth. Saturn is the second due to its blue color. The planet Saturn helps to promote saturnine qualities such as structure and discipline. It also aids in creating large companies.

Pluto, the Power, and Giver of Wealth Planet

The planet Pluto symbolizes power and courage and is the giver of wealth to other planets of the solar system. Represents rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. Pluto is the ruling planet of intense energy and leadership qualities. It also has the power to transform people and situations. Pluto can bring great wealth, power, and success when in a good position. Pluto is an extremely powerful planet, and its energy is very intense. Pluto is often said to be Mars’s “dark side.” The giver of wealth, the Hawks Eyes stone is a powerful crystal to have in your crystal collection for many reasons.

Planet Saturn 2nd Ruler of Hawks Eyes Stone for the Blue Saturnian Color

Saturn is a planet often associated with mastery, self-discipline, and wisdom. Hawks Eyes stone can bestow these qualities of a Saturiuan. Saturn is known as the “master teacher” in astrology and is said to rule over time and discipline. Saturn is also considered a creation planet, as it is said to be responsible for creating order out of chaos. According to some beliefs, Saturn is the most intelligent planet in our solar system, and its influence can be seen in how it governs our lives. For example, Saturn is said to be responsible for our need to learn lessons through experience and our ability to persevere in facing difficulties. Furthermore, Saturn is believed to bestow a deep understanding of the cyclical nature of time. Finally, Saturn is often seen as a planet that can teach us much about ourselves and the world around us.

How to Cleanse and Charge Hawks Eye Stone

  • Rinse in running water
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Incense
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Indirect Sunlight
  • Moonlight or Full Moon
  • Bury in the Earth
  • Sound Bowls or High-Frequency Music
  • Selenite to cleanse and assist in raising the vibe
  • Quartz Crystal to add charging power to power!

Hawks Eye Stone can be cleansed and charged in several ways. One method is to expose the stone to the light of the moon and the Sun. This can be done by placing the stone outside overnight or holding it in your hands during Meditation. Another way to cleanse and charge Hawks Eye is to bury it in the Earth or place it in running water. You can also cleanse the stone with sage smoke or incense. Once you have cleansed the stone, it is important to set an intention for it. This will help activate the stone’s energy and clear any negativity attached to it. Finally, remember to cleanse and charge your Hawks Eye regularly, as this will help to renew its energy.

This stone is truly magnificent and can help cleanse and charge other stones and amplify the effects of any intention set when working with it. You can also clear and renew the energy of Hawks Eye Stone by soaking it overnight in water boiled with rose petals after the water cools down to room temperature. No matter how you work with Hawks Eye Stone, this powerful stone will surely bring you strength and courage when you need it most.

The stone can be in the water because it has a Mohs Scale rating of 6 or 7 and will not break apart.

Here is a link to learn about cleansing and charging crystals and stones.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

What Crystals and Stones Go With Hawks Eye?

The Best Crystals and Stones that I have found currently are:

  • Chrysocolla
  • Howlite
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Selenite
  • Celestite
  • Tigers Eye
  • Ox Eye

Here are the reasons why each stone has been carefully curated and paired with Hawks Eyes Stone.

The Bluestone Chrysocolla is a semi-precious gemstone known for its calm, yin energy. When used with the hawk eye stone, it brings even more clarity of consciousness. The blue stone is also known for balancing the chakras and promoting calmness and serenity. When used with the Hawks Eye Stone, it brings about a deeper understanding and awareness. Together, these two stones provide calm, clarity, and balance.

To Read More on Chrysocolla’s Meaning and Healing.

Howlite Stone Goes very well in Pairing with Hawks Eye Stone. Howlite is a white-colored stone that can help smooth out thoughts to become pure and relax the mind. It is often used with Hawk Eye stone for crystal healing therapy. Howlite stone can help calm and center the mind when used with other forms of therapy and stones. It can also bring a sense of peace and relaxation. When paired with Hawk Eye Stone, it can also help to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and energy. Therefore, Howlite can be an effective tool for helping to achieve a more pure state of mind in a stone pairing with energy work.

Blue Tigers eye pairs well with Quartz Crystal. Quartz Crystal is a clear-colored crystal and a powerful tool that can charge, activate, and amplify other stones. When quartz is paired with another stone, the quartz will help to conjure up a more powerful energy field. For example, when a Hawk’s Eye stone is paired with quartz, the Hawk’s Eye stone will be more effective in activating the third eye chakra. Similarly, when rose quartz is paired with quartz, the rose quartz will be more effective in amplifying the love frequency. In addition to amplifying and activating other stones, quartz crystal can also be used on its own as a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

Selenite Stone is a white-colored crystal known for its ability to cleanse and purify other crystals; it goes very well with Blue Tigers Eye. It is also said to help clear negative energies from the human aura. Selenite can be used with other stones, such as Hawks Eye stone, to help cleanse and raise the space’s vibe. This stone will aid Hawks Eye in clearing out any toxic energies the stone may have picked up from doing crystal healing work. Selenite is also a great stone to use when you are feeling low or negative, as it can help bring in positive energy and raise your vibration and the energy of those around you.

Tigers Eye Stone is a protective stone that helps you to achieve your financial goals.

 This stone is usually the color of honey brown and looks like it has dark stripes that resemble a tiger’s eye. It is considered the stone of bravery and is said to bring money, valor, and power. It’s a root and sacral chakra stone, which means it aids in the strengthening of one’s foundation while also finding one’s motivation. When paired with the Blue Tigers Eye, these two stones will amplify the power contained in each one. Hawks’ Eyes and Brown Tigers Eye are the perfect pair. They are related and in the same family of stones, like brothers. Therefore, the stones will work in perfect harmony, bringing conjunction and complete transformation.

To read more on Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye Stone

Ox Eye Stone, Red in Color Known as Red Tigers Eye.

The Earth’s energies and the Sun’s vibrational frequencies are combined in Red Tiger’s Eye. This stone is a powerful accelerator closely connected to the energies of the Sun, Mars, and Earth. The red color of this stone is associated with the root chakra, which is the chakra of grounding and manifestation. When used in Meditation, the Red Tiger’s Eye can help to intensify the connection to the planets and the Sun. This stone can also help to speed up the manifesting process. When using all Three Tiger Eyes stones in conjunction, get ready for an intense and speedy transformation. 

Hawks Eye Crystal Conclusion

The Hawks Eye Crystal is a blue-gray stone that is said to bring all the wealth, vision, and chakra healing. This shiny stone is said to protect against negative energy too. Now that you learned a little more try out a Hawks Eye Crystal and see how it fits with your crystal therapy.

Hawks-Eye-Stone-Meaning-Healing Properties-Benefits-Uses

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Not Wear Hawks Eye Stone?

You should not wear a Hawks Eye Stone if you are going through severe depression or anxiety. Blue Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone, but you would want to wear something more gentle and soothing like a Rose Quartz or Chrysocolla. 

Hawks Eye crystal has very yang energy even though the Crystal is blue. Therefore, it can be overwhelming for someone who is already feeling out of balance. It is a healing crystal, but its energy is quite powerful and should be used with caution by who those feel vulnerable. If you are looking for a calm and supportive stone, I recommend Rose Quartz or Chrysocolla. These are more yin energy-based and help to soothe and balance emotions.

Another excellent calming yin stone is Moonstone, a healing crystal that can promote serenity, calm, and balance in one’s life. Its gentle, supportive energy is perfect for those who are vulnerable or feeling out of sorts.

Is Hawk Eye Stone a Blue Tigers Eye?

Hawk’s Eye and Blue Tiger’s Eye are the same stone. Hawks Eye, Falcon’s Eye, and the Blue Tiger’s Eye are all the same stone, just different names. The Hawks eye is related to the Tigers Eye and Ox Eye stones.

Is Hawks Eye Stone a naturally occurring blue color?

Yes, the stone comes in a natural blue color. The color is Blue and Green Gray. The Blue Tiger Eye is a Natural color occurring in Nature.

The Blue Tigers Eye is natural, also known as the Hawks Eye, and is a naturally occurring gemstone. Blue Tiger Eye is a naturally occurring stone that is beautiful in its own right. The blue color is naturally occurring and not dyed. You can buy naturally occurring Blue Tiger Eye gemstones on the market. Some people believe that the blue color of the Blue Tiger Eye has mystical powers. The Blue Tiger Eye is a semi-precious stone. The stone is believed to have formed millions of years ago. It gets its name from the chatoyancy effect that produces a Tiger Eye-like appearance. The blue color of the Blue Tiger Eye is caused by the traces of iron in the stone. The streaks of blue color are what give the stone its unique beauty.

Where is Hawks Eye Stone, Blue Tigers Eye Found?

Blue Tigers Eye is a type of blue quartz found in a few different places worldwide, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, and the United States. The stone was first discovered in the late 18th century and was mined in large quantities in the 19th century. Today, it is still used as a gemstone and is prized for its deep blue color. Hawks eye has a long history of use by the ancient Egyptians, who used it to make beads and other jewelry. The stone is also mentioned in the biblical book of Exodus, where it is said to have been used to make the breastplate of Aaron. Hawks Eye is believed to have powers of healing and protection, and it is often worn as a talisman or amulet. The stone is commonly cut into cabochons or beads and can also be carved into figurines.

Hawks Eye Versus Other Tigers Eye Stones, What is the Difference?

The difference between Blue Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Ox Eye is the noticeable color. Blue Tiger’s Eyes are blue, while Tiger’s Eyes are brown with stripes. All stones have similar chatoyancy.

Ox Eye Stone, The Red Tigers Eye

They are all powerful stones that are related to the Ox Eye stone. Ox Eye, also known as Red Tiger’s Eye, is a stimulating stone that activates a more active second chakra. Ox Eye balances the Root Chakra, supporting manifestation into reality. This stone is more closely related to Mars, while Blue Tigers’ eyes relate to Pluto and Saturn. Gold Tiger’s Eyes are closely related to the Sun’s power.

Each color is associated with different planets and energies. For example, blue is associated with Pluto and Saturn, gold is associated with the Sun, and red is associated with Mars. These stones are all powerful and can be used for different purposes depending on their color association, ruling planet, and zodiac sign.

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