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Green Spinel: Supreme Powers & Properties

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Learn Green Spinel Meanings, Spiritual Symbolism, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Green Spinel Gemstones.

What is Green Spinel?

Green Spinel Gemstone is a mineral belonging to the Spinel family, characterized by its lush green hues. This gemstone is composed of Magnesium aluminum oxide and its vibrant color results from trace elements within its crystal structure. Green Spinel is known for its pleasing green shades, ranging from soft pastel to intense emerald green.

Green Spinel

What is the Symbolic Meaning of Green Spinel?

Green Spinel symbolizes a profound connection to love, kindness, beauty, and wealth. Green Spinel gems symbolism extends to the heart chakra, fostering emotional balance, compassion, and healing. Additionally, Green Spinel holds the potential to attract prosperity and success, making it a symbol of abundance and positive Energy.

Green Spinel Spiritual Meaning

Green Spinel Spiritual Meaning symbolizes Heart Chakra, Kundalini Protection, and the subtle soul body. Green Spinel is a spiritual gemstone that aligns powerfully with the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love, compassion, and kindness.

It is believed to offer protective energies during Kundalini awakening, safeguarding the physical and spiritual well-being. Additionally, Green Spinel’s influence extends to the subtle soul body, encouraging spiritual growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection to one’s spiritual path.

Green Spinel Dream Meaning

Green Spinel Gem often symbolizes emotional healing, inner harmony, and personal growth in dreams. Dreaming of Green Spinel may suggest a need for self-care and self-love, encouraging the dreamer to explore and embrace their emotions with compassion and kindness. It can also indicate a desire for spiritual transformation and a deeper connection to one’s heart and soul.

Green Spinel Color Meaning

The color green in Spinel Gems signifies life, nature, and growth. It represents the lushness of the natural world, evoking a sense of tranquility and renewal. Green is associated with the heart chakra, symbolizing love, compassion, and healing. When adorned with Green Spinel, one can harness the color’s revitalizing Energy, inviting balance and harmony into their life.

Green Spinel Supreme Powers

Green Spinel possesses a remarkable array of supreme powers, making it a gemstone of profound significance in the metaphysical realm. With its heartwarming green hue and spiritual attributes, Green Spinel offers an abundance of transformative energies to those who seek its blessings.

Divine Restoration:

At the core of Green Spinel’s supreme powers lies its ability to initiate divine restoration. This gemstone brings a fresh sense of rejuvenation to any endeavor or aspect of life experiencing decay or decline. Its revitalizing Energy breathes new life into situations, encouraging growth and renewal.

Brings Beauty:

Energetically Green Spinel exudes an energetic beauty beyond its physical appearance. This gemstone resonates with the heart chakra, infusing the soul with love, compassion, and kindness. As it enhances the inner beauty of an individual, it also radiates an aura of positivity and charm to the world.

Heart Chakra Opener:

Green Spinel facilitates emotional healing as a potent heart chakra opener. It fosters a deep connection with one’s true feelings. It encourages the release of emotional blockages, paving the way for greater self-awareness and emotional harmony. This alignment with the heart chakra nurtures love, empathy, and understanding in relationships with oneself and others.

Protects Kundalini Energy and Physical Body:

Green Spinel protects the Kundalini energy during its awakening and movement through the body. This powerful safeguarding ability protects the transformative Kundalini journey, allowing individuals to experience spiritual growth.

With this green crystal’s divine restorative powers, energetic beauty, heart chakra connection, and Kundalini protection, Green Spinel are supreme gemstone, empowering individuals on their spiritual path and enhancing their overall well-being.

Green Spinel Properties

Green Spinel is a captivating gemstone with unique properties contributing to its allure and desirability. Let’s explore the key characteristics of this magnificent gem:

Mohs Hardness:

Green Spinel boasts an impressive hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. This exceptional hardness ensures its durability and makes it suitable for various jewelry applications.


Green Spinel belongs to the cubic crystal system, resulting in well-defined octahedral crystals with sharp edges and a symmetrical appearance.


One of the remarkable qualities of Green Spinel is its excellent transparency. The gemstone allows light to pass through easily, enabling it to radiate with brilliance and sparkle.


Chemically, Green Spinel comprises magnesium aluminum oxide (MgAl2O4). The precise combination of these elements is responsible for the gem’s stunning green color and remarkable physical properties.

Spinel Color Varieties

Spinel gemstones, valued for their remarkable range of hues, can add brilliant splashes of color to any jewelry collection. Let’s explore the many shades of Spinel.

Red Spinel

Imagine a deep cherry red, ablaze like a setting sun, or an ember in a roaring campfire. That’s the captivating color of red Spinel. This gem possesses a passionate intensity that can’t be ignored. It’s as if Mother Nature took the essence of a romantic evening and poured it straight into this fascinating stone. Red Spinel, often mistaken for ruby, is the personification of all things fiery and intense.

Pink Spinel

Soft and subtle, yet wonderfully radiant, pink spinel dances with a delicate ballet of color. It’s like the first blush of dawn, spreading rosy light across a tranquil sky or the soft hue of a cherry blossom. This spinel variety epitomizes feminine grace, a metaphor for youthful joy, and an image of the tender side of nature’s artistry.

Yellow Spinel

Bright as a canary, bold as a sunflower, the yellow Spinel stands out with its sunny disposition. It sparkles with a warm and joyful energy reminiscent of a golden sunrise on a summer morning. A touch of nature’s own optimism, it’s like wearing a drop of sunshine that refuses to fade, even on the cloudiest days.

Orange Spinel

A rush of vibrant Energy comes to mind when thinking of orange Spinel. It’s a splendid burst of autumn leaves, a cascade of marigold petals, and the very symbol of zest and enthusiasm. This Spinel radiates warmth and passion, carrying the essence of lively bonfires and spicy pumpkin pies at your fingertips.

Green Spinel

Green Spinel paints an evocative picture of serene forests and verdant meadows. It’s as cool and refreshing as a dip in a moss-covered creek or the rustle of a fresh mint leaf. With its spectrum of shades, the green Spinel is a calming presence that breathes life into the canvas of our existence.

Blue Spinel

Like sapphire skies and deep oceans, blue Spinel encapsulates the tranquility and wisdom of nature’s blues. It shines with mystery and depth, a starry night captured within its heart. From pastel cornflower hues to deep indigo, blue Spinel is a tableau of the celestial sphere in mineral form.

Purple Spinel

Riding the edge between a royal blue and a rosy pink, purple spinel emerges with a majestic hue. It’s like a twilight sky, where day meets night in an exquisite blend. This gem, vibrant as a lavender field and enigmatic as a vial of vintage ink, captures the allure of purple in all its magical, whimsical glory.

Black Spinel

Powerful and bold, black Spinel holds the night sky in its depths. It’s as enigmatic as a moonless night yet carries an inherent elegance that’s undeniably captivating. This Spinel, with its intense hue, is an ode to the mystery and allure of the universe, wrapped in the heart of darkness.

Violet Spinel

A lilac dream, the violet Spinel is poetry in motion. With its soft and enchanting hues, it sings a gentle lullaby of spring meadows and quiet morning dew. With its tranquil Energy, Violet spinel is a beautiful bridge between the enthusiasm of red and the calm of blue, making it a unique jewel in the spinel spectrum.

Brown Spinel

Humble yet appealing, brown Spinel carries the color of the earth, a testament to stability and reliability. Imagine autumn leaves, rich mocha, and the solid trunks of ancient trees. This gem, with its comforting hues, is a homage to the timeless beauty of nature, a metaphor for the cycles of life that move like a graceful waltz.

White Colorless Spinel

White Spinel, often called “clear” Spinel, is a fascinating variety of the Spinel gemstone family. This color variety has a diamond-like clarity and sparkle, making it a popular alternative to traditional diamonds in jewelry.

Spinel History

The history of Green Spinel is intertwined with the larger narrative of Spinel gemstones. Ancient civilizations prized Spinel for its captivating colors and believed it possessed mystical powers.

It was often mistaken for other precious gems like Ruby and Sapphire due to its vibrant hues. In ancient times, some of the most renowned spinel gems, including the “Black Prince’s Ruby” in the British Imperial State Crown, were later identified as Spinel.

Modern Uses

In modern times, Green Spinel continues to be highly valued for its unique and captivating green colors. It has become a popular choice for various types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Jewelry designers and collectors appreciate the gemstone’s versatility, durability, and ability to complement various styles.

Major Sources of Green Spinel Worldwide

Green Spinel is found in various locations worldwide, with some regions known for producing exceptional gem-quality stones. Major sources of Green Spinel include countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.

These regions have yielded some of the finest Green Spinels, highly sought after for their rich color and brilliance. Additionally, new deposits continue to be discovered, adding to the availability and popularity of this alluring gemstone.

Green Spinal

Benefits And Healing Properties of Green Spinel

With its vibrant and soothing green hues, Green Spinel holds a special place in the world of gemstones. Beyond its captivating beauty, this gemstone is believed to possess a range of beneficial properties that can positively impact various aspects of our well-being.

From emotional healing to spiritual enlightenment, Green Spinel is revered for its potential to bring balance and harmony into our lives. Let’s delve into its unique healing properties and explore the transformative effects it may offer.


In the realm of emotions, Green Spinel is thought to be a potent facilitator of love, compassion, and kindness. Its energetic resonance with the heart chakra enables it to open and nurture one’s emotional core, promoting healing and understanding. Green Spinel may offer a gentle yet powerful support system for those seeking emotional solace and relationship harmony.


Green Spinel resonates with the heart chakra and remarkably impacts the mind. This green gemstone fosters a deep sense of compassion, devotion, kindness, and love by aligning and stimulating the heart chakra.

This emotional harmony extends to the mental realm, where Green Spinel encourages mental clarity and a profound release of negative thought patterns. As it opens and aligns the heart chakra, this green crystal paves a transformative journey toward greater mental freedom and understanding.

Through its stimulating properties, Green Spinel empowers individuals to overcome mental blockages and gain a fresh perspective, calming the mind and letting you be at peace mentally.


From a physical perspective, Green Spinel is associated with rejuvenation and renewal. It is believed to have revitalizing properties that can help boost energy levels and support the body’s natural healing processes. Wearing or carrying Green Spinel may offer relief from muscular and nerve-related conditions.

Spiritual Metaphysical

Spiritually, Green Spinel is thought to be a gemstone that resonates with spiritual growth and awareness. It is believed to offer protection during the awakening of Kundalini energy, safeguarding the individual’s physical and spiritual well-being throughout this transformative process. Additionally, Green Spinel is said to have a connection with the subtle soul body, facilitating profound spiritual insights and awareness.

Green Spinel Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

With its mesmerizing beauty and profound metaphysical properties, Let’s delve into the metaphysical aspects of Green Spinel and explore its fascinating properties that have captivated the hearts of gemstone and crystal healers for centuries.

Green Spinel Color Energy

Green Spinel exudes magnificent color energy that symbolizes vitality, growth, and renewal. The vibrant green hue is reminiscent of lush forests and vibrant meadows, evoking feelings of harmony and serenity. This color energy infuses the gemstone with freshness and rejuvenation, inviting positivity and a deep connection with nature.

Chakra Properties of Green Spinel

Green Spinel’s energies are intricately linked to the heart chakra, which serves as the center of love, compassion, and emotional balance. This gemstone facilitates the expression of unconditional love by aligning and stimulating the heart chakra.

It fosters a sense of deep connection with oneself and others. Green Spinel’s impact on the heart chakra encourages emotional healing and harmony, promoting a sense of empathy and compassion towards all living beings.

Zodiac Sign associated with Green Spinel

Green Spinel’s astrological significance is attributed to Libra, a zodiac sign known for its sense of justice, balance, and harmony. The gemstone’s energies resonate harmoniously with Libra individuals, fostering a deeper connection with their inherent traits and amplifying their ability to find balance and equilibrium in all aspects of life.

Month & Birth Stone of Green Spinel

Spinel is the birthstone for August along with Peridot.

Planet Association of Green Spinel

Green Spinel is deeply connected to the celestial body Pluto, which symbolizes wealth, power, regeneration, and spiritual growth. This association as a Pluto Crystal infuses the gemstone with potent energies that catalyze profound inner changes and awaken one’s spiritual potential.

Number Vibration of Green Spinel

Green Spinel resonates with the mystical number 7, imbuing it with mystical energies and a deep connection to the spiritual realm. 7 represents intuition, introspection, and divine wisdom, enhancing the gemstone’s metaphysical properties and spiritual significance.

Element of Green Spinel (Air)

Green Spinel is intrinsically linked to the element of Air, which rules the heart chakra and embodies love, compassion, communication, and freedom. The gemstone’s connection to this elemental Energy encourages mental clarity, effective communication, and a sense of liberation from emotional constraints.

Green Spinel fosters a harmonious balance between emotions by resonating with the element of Air. It promotes emotional well-being, facilitating open and honest communication from the heart.

Yin Yang Perfect Balance

Green Spinel embodies the harmonious balance of Yin and Yang energies, representing the perfect equilibrium between the feminine and masculine forces of the universe. This perfect balance infuses the gemstone with a sense of wholeness and completeness, promoting harmony and serenity in all aspects of life.

What finger to wear Green Spinel on?

Wearing Green Spinel on the Ring Finger or Pinkie Finger is highly beneficial, as it allows the gemstone’s energies to directly influence the heart chakra and enhance emotional well-being.

When worn on the Ring Finger, it symbolizes a commitment to love. It opens the heart to deeper connections in romantic relationships. On the Pinkie Finger, Green Spinel brings forth its energies of self-love, inner strength, and empowerment, encouraging the wearer to embrace their individuality and stand confidently in their truth.

How to Use Green Spinel

Green Spinel offers a wealth of metaphysical properties that can be harnessed and integrated into various aspects of life. From adorning oneself with beautiful jewelry to creating harmonious Energy in living and working spaces, this gemstone can enhance well-being and spiritual growth.

Here’s a guide on how to make the most of Green Spinel’s powerful energies:


Wearing Green Spinel jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets, allows you to carry the gemstone’s vibrations throughout the day. The jewelry can be a constant reminder of its calming and loving energies, providing emotional support and promoting compassion.

Using Green Spinel in Spaces:

Green Spinel can be strategically placed in different areas of your living or working space to create a harmonious and nurturing environment. The gemstone can infuse the space with its calming and loving essence, whether you have tumbled stones, spheres, or raw crystals.


Consider placing Green Spinel in the living room or common areas to promote loving and compassionate interactions among family members and guests. It can also be placed in bedrooms to encourage restful sleep and emotional healing.


Keep Green Spinel on your desk or office to foster harmonious relationships with colleagues and enhance communication. Its soothing Energy can help alleviate stress and promote mental clarity during decision-making.

Feng Shui:

In Feng Shui practice, Green Spinel is associated with the Wood element, representing growth, abundance, and new beginnings. Placing the gemstone in the Eastern or Southeastern areas of your home or workspace can amplify its positive energies and attract prosperity.

Green Spinel Chakra Healing:

To work with Green Spinel for chakra healing, focus on its connection to the heart chakra. You can place the gemstone on your heart chakra during meditation or wear it as a pendant close to your heart to enhance feelings of love and compassion.

Green Spinel Meditations:

Hold Green Spinel or place it on your heart chakra to deepen your connection to its loving and healing energies during meditation sessions. Visualize its green light enveloping you with a sense of serenity and balance.

Green Spinel Crystal Grids:

Create crystal grids with Green Spinel as the center stone to amplify its energies and combine it with other complementary crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Green Aventurine to enhance feelings of love and emotional healing.

Affirmations with Green Spinel:

Pair affirmations with Green Spinel to strengthen their intention and bring positive changes into your life. For example, “I am filled with love and compassion” or “I attract abundance and harmony into my life.”

By incorporating Green Spinel into your daily life and spiritual practices, you can harness its powerful energies to promote emotional healing, loving relationships, and balanced well-being. Whether you wear it as jewelry, place it in your living space, or work with it during meditation, Green Spinel can be a valuable tool for fostering love, compassion, and growth in various aspects of life.

How to Care, Cleanse & Charge Green Spinel

Caring for your Green Spinel gemstone is essential to maintain its beauty and Energy. Regular cleansing and charging practices help keep its vibrations clear and potent.

Here are some methods to care for, cleanse, and charge your Green Spinel:


You can use the ancient practice of smudging to cleanse your Green Spinel. Light a smudge stick of sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs, and pass the gemstone through the smoke while setting your intention to purify and release any negative energies.


Another effective cleansing method is to place your Green Spinel under the full moon’s light. The moon’s Energy will cleanse and recharge the gemstone, restoring its natural vibrancy.

Himalayan Salt:

You can also cleanse Green Spinel by burying it in a salt bowl. Leave the gemstone submerged in the salt for a few hours or overnight, allowing the salt’s purifying properties to absorb any unwanted energies.

Bury In The Earth:

For a deeper cleanse, you can bury your Green Spinel in the earth, either directly in the soil or in a container filled with natural earth. This method connects the gemstone with the grounding energies of the earth, promoting purification.

Sound Baths:

Using sound vibrations can also cleanse and charge Green Spinel. Place the gemstone near singing bowls, tuning forks, or other sound-healing instruments, and let the harmonious vibrations work.

How to Program Green Spinel

Programming Green Spinel is a powerful way to amplify and align its energies with your intentions. To program your Green Spinel, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Quiet Space: Choose a peaceful and serene space where you can focus without distractions. This will allow you to establish a strong connection with the gemstone.
  2. Clear Your Mind: Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind of cluttering thoughts. Center yourself and enter a state of calmness and receptivity.
  3. Hold the Green Spinel: Take it in your hands and feel its Energy. Allow yourself to connect with the gemstone and feel its vibrations.
  4. Set Your Intention: Clearly define your intention to infuse into the Green Spinel. Be specific about what you want to manifest for love, healing, protection, or any other purpose.
  5. Use Affirmations: State your intention aloud or in your mind as a positive affirmation. Repeat it several times to reinforce its power and focus your Energy on the desired outcome.
  6. Visualize Your Intention: Close your eyes and visualize your intention coming to life. See yourself surrounded by the Energy of the intention and feel its positive effects.
  7. Send Energy to the Gemstone: Direct your focused Energy and intention towards the Green Spinel. Imagine the gemstone absorbing and magnifying the Energy, becoming a powerful tool for manifestation.
  8. Express Gratitude: Thank the Green Spinel for its cooperation and its willingness to assist you in manifesting your desires.
  9. Keep it Close: Place the Green Spinel where you can see it or carry it regularly. The closer it is to you, the stronger its energetic connection will be.

Green Spinel Pairing & Crystal Combinations

When it comes to harnessing the energies of Green Spinel, combining it with other crystals can create a beautiful symphony of vibrations that resonate with your intentions and aspirations.

Let’s delve into crystal pairings and explore how each gem enhances and complements the properties of Green Spinel:

Green Zircon:

Pairing Green Spinel with Green Zircon infuses abundant growth and renewal energies. Both gems resonate with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and personal growth. This combination is particularly potent for those seeking positive transformation and a fresh outlook on life.

Green Aventurine:

The gentle and nurturing energies of Green Aventurine harmonize with the loving qualities of Green Spinel. Together, they create a powerful aura of compassion and kindness, attracting abundance and prosperity. This pairing fosters a sense of gratitude and openness to receiving blessings.


Known for its transformative properties, Malachite pairs wonderfully with Green Spinel to amplify inner healing and protection. They create a powerful shield against negativity while encouraging personal growth and self-awareness.

Green Quartz:

Combining Green Spinel with Green Quartz enhances the heart-centered properties of both crystals. This combination fosters emotional balance, deepens self-love, and promotes peace and harmony within the soul.


When paired with Green Spinel, Obsidian offers grounding and protection. This powerful duo creates a balanced and protective energy field, shielding the spirit from negative influences while promoting clarity and insight.


Labradorite’s mystical allure and spiritual wisdom complement Green Spinel’s clarity and truth-seeking nature. This pairing stimulates intuition and enhances spiritual awareness, making it an ideal combination for those on a journey of self-discovery.

Rose Quartz:

By pairing Rose Quartz with Green Spinel, you invoke a profound sense of unconditional love and healing of the heart. This combination fosters emotional well-being, self-acceptance, and the capacity to give and receive love.


The vibrant energies of Chrysocolla align beautifully with Green Spinel’s qualities of communication and truth. This powerful duo encourages authentic self-expression while also soothing and calming the mind.

Green Sapphires:

Green Spinel and Green Sapphires create a dynamic pairing of wisdom and intuition. This combination stimulates intellectual clarity and spiritual insight, making it ideal for those seeking higher knowledge and understanding.

Experimenting with these crystal combinations allows you to harness the unique energies of each gem and create a potent energy grid that aligns with your intentions.

Green Spinel Clarity

The clarity of Green Spinel is a crucial factor determining the gemstone’s visual appeal and overall value. Let’s explore the different clarity grades and cutting styles to understand the beauty that lies within each variation:

Raw Green Spinel:

Green Spinel exhibits a raw and untouched allure in its natural, uncut form. While raw gemstones may possess inclusions and irregularities, they reveal the untouched beauty of nature’s creations.

Polished Green Spinel:

When Green Spinel is expertly polished, its brilliance and color shine through. Polishing enhances the gem’s luster and transparency, revealing its captivating beauty.

Round Brilliant Cut:

The classic and popular round brilliant cut enhances the brilliance and sparkle of Green Spinel. This cutting style maximizes the gemstone’s light reflection, creating a dazzling display of colors.

Princess Cut:

The princess cut features a square or rectangular shape with brilliant facets that showcase the gem’s color and clarity. This cut adds a touch of elegance and modernity to Green Spinel jewelry.

Emerald Cut:

The elegant emerald cut showcases long, linear facets that enhance the gem’s transparency. This cut style emphasizes the gem’s color and clarity, making it an exquisite choice for Green Spinel.

Cushion Cut:

The cushion cut features a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, offering a blend of timeless elegance and modern flair. This cut highlights Green Spinel’s unique color and radiance.


The elongated oval cut accentuates the gem’s color and clarity, creating an alluring and graceful appearance. This cut style is a versatile choice for Green Spinel jewelry.

Green Spinel Conclusion Take Away

In conclusion, Green Spinel is a gemstone that exudes a mesmerizing blend of power, beauty, and symbolism. With its association with compassion, love, and the heart chakra, Green Spinel is a powerful aid in fostering emotional healing and balance. Its deep connection to the element of Air enhances mental clarity and effective communication.

As you embark on your path of discovery with Green Spinel, remember that the gem’s true value lies not only in its rarity and beauty but also in the transformative energies it brings into your life. Embrace the loving and healing vibrations of Green Spinel as you delve deeper into the wonders of this enchanting gemstone.

Green Spinel FAQ

1. How rare is green Spinel?

Green Spinel is relatively rare compared to other gemstones. While Spinel, in general, is less common than other precious gemstones, such as sapphire or ruby, green Spinel, specifically, is sought after for its vibrant and alluring color, adding to its desirability among gemstone collectors and enthusiasts.

2. What does green Spinel mean spiritually?

Spiritually, Green Spinel is associated with qualities of love, compassion, and kindness. It resonates strongly with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and harmony. It is believed to stimulate feelings of devotion and protect the Kundalini energy during awakening, providing a sense of spiritual well-being and insight.

3. What is the rarest color of Spinel?

The rarest color of Spinel is a vibrant and intense red, often referred to as “hot pink” or “flame red.” Red Spinel is highly prized for its resemblance to rubies. It has been historically mistaken for other red gemstones due to its exceptional brilliance.

4. Where does green Spinel come from?

Green Spinel is found in various locations worldwide, including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and Madagascar. Each region may yield unique shades of green, from light pastels to deep forest greens, offering various options for gemstone connoisseurs.

5. What is green Spinel called?

Green Spinel is called “Green Spinel,” reflecting its enchanting color. Unlike other gemstones that may have specific trade names, such as “emerald” for green beryl or “peridot” for green olivine, Green Spinel retains its name, which highlights its distinct identity in the world of gemstones.

6. How to tell if Green Spinel is Fake?

To determine if Green Spinel is genuine, it is advisable to consult a professional gemologist or visit a reputable jeweler. Authentic Green Spinel uniquely combines color, brilliance, and transparency. Also, gemological tests and certifications can verify a gemstone’s authenticity.

7. Can you shower with Green Spinel?

Green Spinel is relatively durable, with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8. However, it is advisable to avoid wearing gemstone jewelry, including Green Spinel, while showering or engaging in rigorous activities to prevent potential damage or exposure to chemicals in soaps and personal care products.

8. Is emerald and green Spinel the same?

Emerald and Green Spinel are distinct gemstones with unique chemical compositions. While both display beautiful green hues, they are different minerals. Emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl, while Green Spinel belongs to the spinel group of minerals. Each gemstone has its own set of properties and characteristics.

9. Is green Spinel a gem or crystal?

Green Spinel is classified as a gemstone, prized for its beauty, rarity, and use in jewelry. It belongs to the spinel group of minerals and is a sought-after gem by collectors, designers, and gemstone enthusiasts.

10. Are green spinels worth anything?

Green Spinel holds value as a precious gemstone, and its worth depends on several factors, including color, clarity, size, and overall quality. Fine specimens of Green Spinel, especially those with vibrant colors and excellent clarity, can be valuable and highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.

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