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Green Quartz: Supreme Powers & Properties

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Learn Green Quartz Spiritual Meanings, Symbolism, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and much more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Green Quartz Crystals.

What are Green Quartz?

Green Quartz are (Prasiolite or Green Quartz Amethyst), Green Aventurine, and Chrysoprase.

The green color of quartz is caused by inclusions of trace elements like chromium, iron, chlorite or actinolite minerals. These tint quartz shades of green from pale green to deep forest green.

Like all quartz, green varieties crystallize in the hexagonal crystal system and have a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Sources include Brazil, India, Australia and the USA.

Energetically, green quartz is associated with the heart chakra and promotes healing, empathy and emotional balance. Prasiolite is a well-known green quartz.

With its verdant tones, green quartz is popular for jewelry and ornamental objects. Irradiation can enhance the greenish color.

refers to quartz crystals that exhibit a green coloration. The main types of natural green quartz are:

Green Quartz (Prasiolite)

Green quartz, also known as prasiolite or green amethyst, displays a light to medium green color from natural irradiation of the quartz. Natural prasiolite is rare, with quality samples found in Brazil and Poland. Green quartz imparts spiritual growth, connection to nature, and healing of the heart chakra.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is colored by inclusions of green mica or chlorite that give it a rich forest green color. It ranges from a light minty green to a deep shamrock tone. Green aventurine boosts prosperity, attracting luck, abundance, and success in one’s life.


Chrysoprase is a translucent and vivid apple-green variety of chalcedony colored by trace amounts of nickel. High quality chrysoprase is mined in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, and Russia. Chrysoprase strengthens the heart chakra, bringing compassion, personal insight, emotional balance, and inner peace.


What is the Meaning of Green Quartz?

Green Quartz Color Meaning

Green Quartz meaning represents renewal, growth, balance and heart-centered love. Green quartz embraces these healing metaphysical qualities.

The soothing energy of green quartz revitalizes mental, emotional and physical well-being. It also inspires compassion, nurturing and peaceful communication from the heart.

Green is the color of nature’s rebirth each spring. Working with green crystals allows one to start fresh with optimism and an open heart. It cultivates harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Green Quartz


The nourishing energy of green quartz dispels negative emotions like anger, jealousy and grief. It replaces them with rejuvenation, emotional resilience and peaceful feelings.

These green crystals promotes self-forgiveness, release of judgments and seeing situations from a place of empathy. It carries a gentle “letting go” energy that clears past hurts.


Mentally, green quartz improves concentration, restores optimism when overwhelmed and enhances decision making skills.

It also increases awareness of how your patterns of thinking either help or limit you. Green quartz stimulates mental flexibility, creativity and being receptive to new ideas.


Green quartz is known to benefit heart health, fertility, the lungs and nervous system. Its verdant light purifies, detoxifies and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

This crystal also has soothing properties that help relax muscle tension, headaches and aid sleep issues. The vibrant energy raises vitality.

Spiritual & Metaphysical

The spiritual resonance of green quartz attunes one to the essence of growth and change. It renews faith in the abundance and interconnectedness of the Universe.

Green crystals accelerates spiritual development through releasing stagnation and welcoming flow. It also heightens intuition and stimulates creativity for manifesting goals.

Overall green quartz crystals provides the metaphysical energy of revitalization on all levels by opening your heart to new beginnings and prosperity.

Where to Buy Green Quartz Online

Some of the best places to buy genuine green quartz online include:

  • Etsy – Many independent crystal shops on Etsy sell raw and tumbled green quartz like prasiolite and green aventurine.
  • Crystal Shops – Online stores specializing in crystals offer green quartz like chrysoprase points, spheres and more. Verify item photos.
  • eBay – Green quartz can be found from crystal sellers on eBay. Look through product pictures to ensure they match the stones.
  • Gem Shows – Green quartz stones and geodes are available from crystal vendors at new age expos and gem shows where you can inspect them.

When buying green quartz online, be sure to vet seller photos, policies and descriptions to guarantee you will receive authentic natural green quartz to harness its healing metaphysical properties.

Green Aventurine

Green Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Green Quartz Color Energy

The verdant green rays in these quartz formations attune them to the revitalizing energies of nature, renewal and the heart chakra.

In crystal healing, green is the color of balance, growth, generosity and peaceful communication from an open heart.

Working with the physical property of green in crystals like these green quartzes fosters emotional healing, compassion towards others, receptivity and restoring depleted energy.

Chakra Properties of Green Quartz (Heart Chakra)

Due to its nourishing energy, green quartz powerfully resonates with the heart chakra. Located near the center of the chest, this chakra governs love, harmony, connection and emotional health.

Green quartz stones rejuvenate and align the heart chakra through their restorative green light. Place green quartz over this area to activate more open, compassionate states.

Element of Green Quartz: Earth

In keeping with its natural connection, green quartz corresponds with the element of Earth in crystal healing lore.

The Earth represents nourishment, grounding, abundance and cycles of change. When working with green quartz, incorporate symbols of Earth to magnify its powers.

Yin or Yang Energy of Green Quartz: Yin

In Chinese philosophy, green quartz aligns with yin energy due to its more passive nourishing and intuitive properties.

Yin represents the feminine, moon, receptivity and inner world. Green quartz enhances these qualities, inviting you to open to growth and renewal guided by the heart’s wisdom.

What Finger To Wear Green Quartz On?

Wearing green quartz jewelry keeps its revitalizing energy close throughout your day. For enhancing specific intentions, wear green quartz on:

  • Ring finger – Strengthens bonds in relationships with more empathy, compassion and heart-centered communication.
  • Pinkie finger – Inspires artistic creativity, emotional openness, receptivity and gentle healing.

Green Quartz Uses

Jewelry Uses

The verdant beauty of green quartz translates seamlessly into meaningful jewelry pieces. Green quartz pendants, bracelets, rings and more reflect its soothing natural essence.

Wearing green quartz jewelry such as a prasiolite necklace or chrysoprase ring nurtures heart-centered energies of renewal, communication, intuition and emotional resilience during your day. These crystals also make thoughtful gifts.

Using Green Quartz in Spaces

Introducing green quartz into rooms and environments nurtures revitalizing energy:

  • Home – Placing green quartz like green aventurine in living rooms or studios inspires calm, heart-centered interactions and creativity. Use it in bedrooms for restful sleep.
  • Office – Keeping chrysoprase on desks enhances concentration, composure and compassionate communication in the workplace.

Feng Shui

In feng shui, green quartz attracts nourishing energy in key bagua areas:

  • Love & Marriage – The southwest Love & Marriage area governing relationships. Green quartz here strengthens compassion and intimacy through open hearts.
  • Knowledge – Placing green quartz in this section enhances wisdom via creative thinking, flexibility and being open to new perspectives.

Green Quartz Chakra Healing

Green quartz powerfully activates and aligns the heart chakra through its verdant light.

During meditation, place green quartz like prasiolite at the center of the chest over the heart chakra. Visualize its green rays radiating through your chest, filling you with loving kindness towards yourself and others.

Repeat regularly to keep your heart chakra energy flowing freely.

Green Quartz Meditations

Holding a smoothed green quartz stone provides a calming focal point for meditation while welcoming its illuminating energy.

Allow green quartz to enhance spiritual insights regarding ways you can nurture your own growth through self-love and following your heart’s wisdom more each day. Its green rays wash clean the mind and spirit.

Green Quartz Crystal Grids

Arranging green quartz in a special grid configuration fills an environment with nourishing energy.

For example, make a simple four stone grid with green aventurine, emerald, chrysoprase and jade representing the cardinal directions. Empower it in morning light to set intentions.

Keep near workspace to maintain motivation, compassionate communication, and harmony between logic and intuition when handling projects and challenges.

Affirmations with Green Quartz

Reciting positive affirmations while holding or wearing green quartz boosts its manifesting potential. Some examples include:

“I release the old and welcome new blessings into my life.” “My heart guides me to make wise, loving choices.” “I am open, flexible and think creatively.”


How to Care for, Cleanse & Charge Green Quartz


Gently smudging green quartz stones with white sage, cedar or palo santo regularly cleanses away built up energetic debris.


Allowing green quartz to soak up the light of the Full Moon deeply recharges it with soft lunar energy while removing stagnant vibrations.

Himalayan Salt

Letting green quartz stones soak for 20-30 minutes in salt water made with Himalayan salt leaches out accumulated energies. Rinse afterwards.

Bury in the Earth

Placing green quartz in the earth’s nourishing energies for a few hours re-activates its regenerative nature.

Sound Baths

Exposing green quartz to the resonance of crystal bowls, chimes or gongs realigns its harmony through vibrational sound waves.

How to Program Green Quartz

There are several methods for programming green quartz:

  • Hold the crystal during meditation, visualizing your intention and seeing the quartz radiate with the energy needed to achieve your goal.
  • Chant a word related to your purpose out loud or silently like “love”, “peace” or “harmony” while projecting the energy into the crystal.
  • Write your desire on paper and place it under a green quartz cluster overnight or longer to magnify the programming.

Green Quartz Pairing & Crystal Combinations

Some suitable crystals to pair with green quartz include:

Rose Quartz

Blends loving heart chakra energies of rose quartz with the revitalizing properties of green quartz for emotional healing.


Both green quartz and aventurine resonate with heart chakra energy for enhanced compassion, empathy and emotional balance.

Moss Agate

This pairing unites the earthy regenerative energies of moss agate and green quartz to refresh the soul.


Combining the luck and prosperity attributes of jade with soothing green quartz brings fortune guided by wisdom.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz amplifies the energetic properties of green quartz and brings heightened clarity.


Lepidolite infused with green quartz releases attachment to old ways and accelerates growth.

Green Quartz Conclusion & Take Away

With its soothing verdant light, green quartz provides the metaphysical energies of renewal, emotional healing, compassionate communication, and accessing the Divine guidance of the heart. By releasing stagnation and cultivating self-love, green quartz offers the gift of growth.

Remember that green quartz rejuvenates that which becomes depleted over time. Allow its nourishing essence to renew your spirit so you can blossom fully into your highest self.

Green Quartz FAQ

What are the benefits of green quartz?

Green quartz benefits include emotional healing, stimulating heart-centered communication, enhancing creativity and inspiration, cultivating self-love, restoring energy, purifying mind/body, and supporting manifestation through opening to Divine guidance.

What chakra does green quartz activate?

Green quartz most powerfully activates and aligns the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion, relationships, and centering peace. It rejuvenates this energy center.

How do I cleanse green quartz?

Cleanse green quartz by placing it out under full moonlight, using sound baths, smudging with sage or cedar, burying in the earth temporarily or soaking in a Himalayan salt water solution.

What is green aventurine good for?

Green aventurine is excellent for emotional healing and bringing more compassion, empathy and receptivity into your life. It stimulates the heart chakra and eases troubles of the heart.

Where should I place green quartz in my home?

Place green quartz like chrysoprase in living areas and bedrooms to inspire compassionate communication between loved ones. Use it in creative spaces to boost artistic inspiration guided by the heart.

How do I charge green quartz?

Charge green quartz by putting it in direct sunlight or under the Full Moon for 4-24 hours. Also you can charge it with the sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls or chimes, or burying it in the earth for a few hours.

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