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Chrysocolla: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

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Learn about the crystal Chrysocolla and the meaning , healing properties and benefits this stone has to offer when used.


What is Chrysocolla?


Chrysocolla is a blue green stone with some brown and white streaks. This crystal is very high in copper.

The Crystal is Phyllosilicate mineral often found in rounded masses, vein fillings or crusts. Chrysocolla also has Malachite, Cuprite, Quartz, Azurite, and Limonite in this gemstone.

Chrysocolla Meaning

Chrysocolla’s meaning is symbolized by communication and love. Chrysocolla’s meaning and symbolic associations with communication and love stem from its soothing blue-green color and its metaphysical properties.

The cool, serene color of chrysocolla reflects the throat chakra, the energy center associated with communication and self-expression. The blue hue exemplifies open, honest communication from the heart. Chrysocolla encourages us to speak our inner truths with clarity, wisdom, and compassion. Its energy gives confidence to voice thoughts and feelings skillfully without blame or judgment.

The green tones in chrysocolla connect it to the heart chakra and the energy of love, balance, and connection. This crystal teaches the lesson of loving communication, empathy, and peace. Its calm and gentle vibration promotes patience, acceptance and unconditional love of self and others.

As a stone of communication, it aids emotional expression, spiritual discernment and enhances intuition. As a stone of love, it soothes, heals, and brings the mind and emotions into harmony.

Chrysocolla also symbolizes the feminine energies of Goddess. Its energy aligns one with the sacredness of Mother Earth. Communicating with love, care and respect for all living beings brings us into balance with the Divine Feminine.

When used together, the blue and green hues create the beautiful colors in chrysocolla which represents our spiritual ascension–the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Chrysocolla takes one on a soul journey from the physical to the ethereal.

Its loving energy opens the channels between body and spirit, heart and mind, self and Divine. With its quiet power, it attunes one to higher states of inner knowing, creative expression, and conscious loving connection.

Chrysocolla Metaphysical Meaning

 Chrysocolla metaphysical meaning is spiritual communication, from would to soul. Divine love and wisdom.

Heart-based relationships and experiences in the astral and physical realm.Dreamtime, remote viewing, astral projection.

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Chrysocolla Healing Properties and Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits of the crystal chrysocolla:

Emotional Benefits:

  • Encourages communication and expression of emotions. Chrysocolla helps give you the confidence to speak your truth.
  • Eases anxiety, fear, and panic attacks. The calming energy of this stone brings inner peace.
  • Promotes feelings of patience, tranquility, and unconditional love. It has a gentle, soothing energy.

Chrysocolla has a number of beneficial emotional properties. It is a gentle, yet powerful stone that encourages inner peace, patience, unconditional love, and compassion. Holding chrysocolla helps ease anxiety, inner turmoil, anger, and fear by promoting a sense of tranquility and calm.

It brings balance to your emotions and enhances your capacity for patience, tolerance, and empathy. Many describe the emotional qualities of this stone as soothing, stabilizing and peaceful.

Having chrysocolla nearby is also said to help ease grief, heartache and pain by opening your heart chakra to the vibrations of Divine love and healing. Overall, this stone has a harmonizing and healing effect on the emotions, allowing you to communicate what you feel, release what no longer serves you, and embrace positive energies of joy, hope and inner peace.

Mental Benefits:

  • Enhances mental clarity and focus. It’s a good stone for improved concentration.
  • Improves psychic abilities and inner vision. Chrysocolla boosts intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Helps you see the big picture and provides a sense of perspective. It’s useful for decision-making.

Chrysocolla has numerous mental and intellectual benefits. It is known to enhance concentration, focus and memory recall. The high copper content in this stone stimulates the mind and brings mental clarity. Chrysocolla also improves psychic abilities, inner vision and intuition.

It helps you trust your instincts, access inner wisdom and see the big picture. Having chrysocolla nearby is said to aid decision making by providing a clear sense of perspective and direction.

It also inspires creativity and original thinking. Many describe this crystal as helping them mentally de-clutter, organize their thoughts and focus their mental energies. Chrysocolla is also used to relieve mental anxiety and fear, promote inner calm and enhance communication. It stimulates the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to express yourself.

Physical Benefits:

  • Strengthens the physical body and boosts immune health. It has a cleansing effect.
  • Alleviates pain, cramps, and muscle spasms. The calming energy can help with recovery.
  • Supports the lungs, throat, and breathing. It’s helpful for lung conditions like asthma.

The physical healing properties of chrysocolla are quite extensive. It is known to strengthen and energize the physical body in many ways. Chrysocolla has a cleansing effect that helps purge toxins and release body tension. It alleviates pain, cramps and muscle spasms and can aid recovery from injuries or physical trauma.

This stone supports the lungs and respiratory system, making it beneficial for lung conditions like asthma. Chrysocolla also promotes oxygenation of the blood and is supportive for the heart. It balances and regulates hormones, relieves PMS and menstrual cramps, and helps ease labor pains.

Chrysocolla is also used to aid digestion, relieve stomach pain and ulcers, steady vertigo and balance the metabolism. Overall, it brings vitality, increased physical stamina, speedy healing, and regeneration of cells.

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Deepens meditation and spiritual understanding. It’s a stone of harmony and peace.
  • Connects you to the Divine Feminine energies. Chrysocolla balances male/female energies.
  • Facilitates inner growth and inspires creativity. It’s excellent for artists, musicians, and writers.

Chrysocolla has a number of beneficial spiritual properties. It is a stone of empowerment that connects you to the Divine Feminine energies of the planet. Holding or wearing chrysocolla opens your heart to unconditional love, intuition and inner wisdom from the Goddess. It enhances meditation, clearing the mind and allowing you to reach higher states of consciousness.

This stone increases your capacity for compassion, patience and spiritual understanding. Chrysocolla helps you attain inner harmony and peace, see the unity in all things and release judgments. It inspires creativity, harmony and joyful expression.

Having chrysocolla nearby deepens your connection with the spiritual realms and makes you more open to the magic around you. It invites happiness, prosperity and fulfillment into your life. Overall, this is an uplifting stone that awakens your spirit to its highest purpose.

Benefits of Blue Color therapy 

Chrysocolla blue color is highly beneficial, and the gentle color is blue, green to turquoise. The benefits of blues and green blues are very calming. This is because our brains register as blue to relax, just as red means going fast. 

The benefits of the healing stones are the serenity, peace, and calming of all chakras to harmonize. Healing stone color therapy can be practiced daily as a routine. 

Focusing on one color for crystal therapy healing can bring the practitioner healing benefits in the body, mind, and spirit. Chrysocolla Color varies depending on the region of the world and minerals mixed in the earth.

The Chrysocolla is a natural earth-made stone. The Chrysocolla can also help in chronic pain because it lets go of negative energy and stress. 

It is a powerful aid to protect your physical well-being, both on a personal level and in your capacity as a light worker or crystal healer. The Chrysocolla calms and soothes the heart chakra, helping you release grief, agitation, and confusion from within. This affects you physically for the overall good of your well-being.

Chrysocolla Stone Crystal Gemstone

Chrysocolla Uses

  • Jewelry – Chrysocolla makes beautiful jewelry pieces including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. It’s an ideal crystal for everyday wear.
  • Meditation – Holding chrysocolla helps promote inner peace and calm during meditation. It also enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Communication – Having chrysocolla nearby supports clear communication and expression. It’s a helpful crystal for public speaking.
  • Emotional Healing – Chrysocolla helps heal emotional wounds, trauma, grief, heartache. It encourages releasing what no longer serves you.
  • Physical Healing – Place chrysocolla over areas of pain, cramps, or muscle tension to promote healing. It’s supportive for lung issues.
  • Mental Focus – Keep chrysocolla on your desk or hold it in your hand to improve concentration and mental clarity.
  • Psychic Development – Working with chrysocolla boosts psychic abilities, inner vision, and intuitive guidance.
  • Creativity – This stone stimulates original thinking and creative expression, especially for writers, musicians and artists.
  • Spiritual Growth – Use chrysocolla during meditation, energy work or spiritual rituals to deepen your practice.
  • Chakra Healing – Position chrysocolla at the heart or throat chakra to bring soothing, calming energy to realign and balance these energy centers.
  • Feng Shui – Place chrysocolla in the center of a home or room to promote open communication, harmony and balance of feminine and masculine energies.
  • Prosperity – Some carry or wear chrysocolla to invite prosperity and abundance. It has a hopeful, joyful energy.


Chrysocolla’s Benefits and uses in the home include purifying and strengthening the body with regular use. In addition, there are many healing properties of keeping Chrysocolla in your home. It is both balancing and subtle.

 Feng shui practitioners may use this stone to activate specific energy in a home to assist their clients. The stones are beautiful with serene energy.

This subtle energy invites more peace into your house or living space. The serenity and color are not only for peace but as lovely decor.

 You can place them in a bowl in the middle of your house as a centerpiece with the intention of peace. A peaceful house allows one to regenerate. Our home can be a sanctuary after a long stressful day. This is where we sleep, eat, and cleanse ourselves.


Chrysocolla crystal uses with animals, including your pets. For example, you can attach it to the dog collar during training to aid relaxation. There are many different styles of dog collars that have healing stones with other properties depending on the benefits needed for the animal.

 Do not let your animal consume crystals or stones. It would be best to wear or place them under the bed at night.


      Chrysocolla Crystal has many uses, including in a child’s nursery, that can bring peace and relaxation. This would be great for the nursery. Do not put crystals or stones in your baby’s crib, but in the room where it is near, but they cannot grab or consume.

 Another use of Chrysocolla for women is to wear the stone during pregnancy and utilize the healing properties to soothe the fetus inside the womb before giving birth. For example, you can place a tumbled or raw Chrysocolla in your pocket or belly band up against the skin during the day.

Or you can rest with the stone on your nightstand beside your bed. 

Chrysocolla Uses in Ancient Times 

Chrysocolla stone uses dates back to ancient times. The healing stone was believed to have healing powers even in ancient times. In ancient Greece, it was known as a stone for all kinds of healing purposes. For example, the ancient Greeks utilized Chrysocolla to treat inflammation, rheumatism, gout, and toothaches. 

It was also believed to be a promising treatment for eye problems. The ancient use of stones has been used globally. Today people use gemstones in crystal healing elixirs with water.

There have been studies done with water and imagery that show how water is changed by human thought. This is very interesting. Crystals have a frequency, so if we are connected, one would assume a stone’s frequency would affect water and other living beings.

What Planets Rule Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla is associated with the planets Mercury and Venus.

In mythology, Mercury is the messenger and is associated with communication as the power of words. In Greek mythology, Mercurius is connected to Hermes. Mercury rules the mind’s higher thinking, astral travel, mental travel, quick travel trips, close family, and commerce. 

Mercury is native to the third house of astrology which rules communication. Therefore, mercurial minds can be well-balanced in problem-solving, behavior corrections, and flexibility of mental state to all sides of any situation.

Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury is retrograde, the planet influences us to go back to previous issues and resolve them. 

It is not a time to start new projects. Better to release and let go. Clean up, throw out unused items in your house, or clean your computer and inbox. 

You can also finish a project that you started but never finished. On the other hand, someone from your past may pop back into your life to settle unfinished business. To read more on Mercury.

Neither good, no bad, just tending to old business.

Chrysocolla stone also rules Venus as the planet associated with the goddess Aphrodite of Love,  beauty, fertilityharmony, wealth, luxuries, victory, and compassion.  

The planet Venus is native to the eleventh house in astrology. The benefits of Venus are abundance, prosperity, romantic interest, friendships, the wisdom of the heart, insight, and higher intuition, which are bases for relationships and communication. Read more on the Planet Venus.  

How to Cleanse and Charge Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla -Cleanse-Charge

1. Sunlight

2. Moonlight Cleansing and Charging

3. Bury them in the earth

4. Use water

5. Lightly rub with cotton terry cloth and warm water

6. Use Himalayan salt

7. Smudge with Sage

8. Smudge with Palo Santo

9. Rose Essential oil mixed with water.

10. Affirmations.    

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Crystal combinations using Chrysocolla:

  • Chrysocolla + Blue Lace Agate – Excellent for enhancing communication and speaking your emotional truths. This pair also promotes calm and tranquility.
  • Chrysocolla + Larimar – Brings gentle healing to the heart, throat and mind. Works well for releasing stress, anxiety or fears.
  • Chrysocolla + Malachite – For mental clarity and focus. Aids in releasing stagnant energies and past traumas.
  • Chrysocolla + Turquoise – Stimulates spiritual attunement, inner wisdom and intuition. Helps balance the heart and throat chakras.
  • Chrysocolla + Azurite – For awakening psychic abilities, inner vision and prophetic dreams. Creates a stronger intuition.
  • Chrysocolla + Labradorite – Adds protection and strengthens the auric field. Enhances inner knowing and mysticism.
  • Chrysocolla + Citrine – Boosts creativity, positivity and prosperity-consciousness. Good for writers, artists and musicians.
  • Chrysocolla + Rose Quartz – Opens the heart to unconditional love, forgiveness and self-love. Brings emotional balance.
  • Chrysocolla + Fluorite – Improves mental focus, concentration and comprehension. Helps organize thoughts.
  • Chrysocolla + Amethyst – Promotes spiritual awareness and connection to one’s higher self. Deepens meditation.

The soothing energy of chrysocolla combines well with many heart and throat chakra stones for inner healing and communication. Let your intuition guide you when pairing this crystal with others.

Chrysocolla Crystal Conclusion


If you’re drawn to the gentle energy of Chrysocolla, consider using it in meditation practices focused on Throat Chakra work or Heart Chakra work.

You can also keep a piece of this stone near you throughout the day as a reminder to stay true to yourself and speak your truth with kindness and compassion.

Chrysocolla Meaning Healing Properties Uses

Chrysocolla Frequently Asked Questions

What is chrysocolla crystal good for?

Chrysocolla is known as the stone of peace and tranquility. It encourages harmony between groups, soothing and calming the energies to create a sense of peace. Chrysocolla can also be used to promote communication, understanding, and forgiveness. This crystal is said to help with public speaking and boost your confidence when speaking in front of others.

Is Chrysocolla a rare stone?

No, Chrysocolla is not a rare stone. It is found in many parts of the world, including Africa and North America, mainly in Arizona. Chrysocolla is also sometimes called “green turquoise” because it has a similar appearance to that gemstone. However, Chrysocolla is not as valuable as turquoise. Chrysocolla is typically used in jewelry and metaphysical crystal healing.

Is Chrysocolla expensive?

Chrysocolla is not particularly expensive, especially when compared to other gemstones. The stone is also often cut into cabochons or beads, which can further lower the price.

Is Turquoise the same as Chrysocolla?

Turquoise and Chrysocolla are both blue-green, but they are not the same. Turquoise is a mineral, while Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate.

Where should Chrysocolla be placed in the home?

Feng Shui practitioners believe that objects with a blue or green hue, like Chrysocolla, can create a sense of calm and serenity in a space. As a result, it is often recommended to place Chrysocolla in areas of the home where relaxation and introspection are encouraged, such as in a bedroom or bathroom.

Additionally, some believe that Chrysocolla can help promote communication and understanding, making it a good choice for home and family relationships.

Is Chrysocolla a Malachite?

Chrysocolla is not a malachite but can be a mixture depending on the location it is mined from.

Does Chrysocolla break easily?

Chrysocolla is a relatively soft stone, so it can break easily if it’s not handled carefully. In addition, it has a Mohs hardness of 2.5-3.5, which means it can be scratched easily by things with a Mohs hardness more significant than that. So be careful when wearing chrysocolla jewelry or using it in crafts, and always store it safely to prevent damage.

Is Chrysocolla a chalcedony?

Chrysocolla is a copper-containing mineral that can be found in the chalcedony family.

Does Chrysocolla Change Color?

Chrysocolla can change color depending on the light it is exposed to. For example, if Chrysocolla is in a low light environment, it will appear bluer than in a brighter environment. The stones are still vulnerable to cracking and fading after they have been finished.

What is the Blue in Chrysocolla?

The blue in Chrysocolla results from the presence of copper in the stone.

Is Chrysocolla a mineral or rock?

Chrysocolla is a mineral containing copper.

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