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Bicolor Quartz: Supreme Powers & Properties

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Learn Bi-Color Quartz Spiritual Meanings, Symbolism, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and much more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Bi-Color Quartz.

What is Bicolor Quartz?

Bicolor quartz refers to Ametrine quartz crystals that exhibit two different colors in the same stone. This is most famous type of bicolor quartz, the beautiful ametrine.


Ametrine displays a unique blend of purple amethyst and golden citrine quartz together in the same crystal. This creates a striking bi-colored quartz that embodies the metaphysical properties of both amethyst and citrine.

Other varieties of bicolor quartz can also naturally occur, though less common. These include combinations of pink and green, yellow and orange, grey and black, clear and smokey, or other multi-colored quartz crystals.

So in summary, bicolor quartz describes quartz that naturally exhibits two distinct color zones in a single stone. Ametrine quartz is the most well known and widely available type.


What is the Meaning of Bicolor Quartz?

The meaning of bi-color quartz is success and spirituality.

The mix of colors provides bicolor quartz stones with a unique energetic blend and symbolism.

For example, purple amethyst brings intuition, peace and spiritual growth. While golden citrine carries optimism, creativity and manifestation powers.

In ametrine, the amethyst calms the excess energy of the citrine. And the citrine activates and amplifies the high vibration energy in the amethyst.

Generally, bicolor quartz combines the meaning and metaphysical properties of each constituent color. This makes them exceptional crystals for spiritual development, intuition, creativity, healing and more.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Bicolor Quartz


Bicolor quartz provides a soothing, harmonizing energy that promotes emotional balance and inner peace. The fusion of two colored vibrations stabilizes mood and increases contentment.

For ametrine specifically, amethyst soothes anxieties while citrine lifts depression. This allows ametrine quartz to bring emotional equilibrium no matter the circumstances.


The dual colors in bicolor quartz enhance concentration while also stimulating creativity and intuition. Ametrine also boosts motivation and decisiveness.

Bicolor quartz helps integrate the logical left brain with the intuitive right brain. This brings clarity in thinking and decision-making.


Bicolor quartz is known to stimulate proper function of the endocrine system and regulate hormones. This effect is especially pronounced in ametrine quartz.

Many also find bicolor quartz helpful for releasing addictions and curbing cravings. The harmony between dual colors restores balance and health to the body.

Spiritual & Metaphysical

Bicolor quartz like ametrine provide a bridge between physical and spiritual realms. Ametrine especially assists in practicing psychism and strengthening intuition.

The combined energy also enhances meditation, astral travel, lucid dreaming and communicating with spirit guides. Overall, bicolor quartz accelerates spiritual evolution.

Where to Buy Bicolor Quartz Online

Some of the best places to buy authentic bicolor quartz crystals online include:

  • Etsy – Many independent crystal shops on Etsy sell unique ametrine and bicolor quartz samples. Listings will provide images of the actual stones.
  • Crystal Shops – Online crystal and gemstone stores offer ametrine points, tumbled stones and jewelry. See examples of the quartz before purchasing.
  • eBay – Bicolor quartz like ametrine can be found on eBay auctions and crystal shops. Verify images match the stones.
  • Gem Shows – Ametrine and other bicolor quartz are available from vendors at new age expos and gem shows. This allows you to inspect stones in person.

When buying bicolor quartz like ametrine online, be sure to purchase from trusted sellers that display images of the actual quartz you’ll receive. This ensures you get high quality bicolor quartz to harness the metaphysical powers.

Bicolor Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Bicolor Quartz Color Energy

The mix of two colors, like purple and gold in ametrine, creates a dynamic quartz that carries layered energetic influences.

For ametrine specifically, the amethyst brings spiritual gifts like psychic ability, inner peace and Divine intuition. While the citrine carries joy, creativity, success and manifestation powers.

Together these complementary colored rays create an uplifting crystal that activates the imagination and higher consciousness. It’s ideal for spiritual work, crystal grids, healing and achieving goals through positive thought.

Chakra Properties of Bicolor Quartz

Due to its dual colored rays, bicolor quartz can activate multiple chakras depending on the shades present.

For example, ametrine energizes the third eye chakra, crown chakra and solar plexus chakra simultaneously. This provides harmony between intuition, spirituality and personal power.

Other bicolor quartz combinations will also influence relevant chakras together. Place the quartz over the chakra area to feel its balancing effects during meditation.

Element of Bicolor Quartz: Varies Based on Colors

The elemental association of bicolor quartz depends on its composite colors:

  • Ametrine connects with Air (citrine) and Spirit (amethyst)
  • Pink/Green bicolor quartz links to Water and Earth
  • Clear/Grey relates to Air and Water

Match bicolor quartz with its relevant elemental symbols and energies during spiritual rituals and meditation visualizations.

Yin or Yang Energy of Bicolor Quartz: Varies Based on Colors

Similarly, the yin or yang orientation of bicolor quartz depends on its individual colors:

  • Ametrine is somewhat balanced between yin amethyst and yang citrine
  • Pink (yin) and black (yang) bicolor quartz contains polarity
  • Clear (yang) and grey (yin) offers equilibrium

Harmonizing yin and yang is part of bicolor quartz’s spiritual gifts. Work with the crystal’s yin-yang balance for centered energy.

What Finger To Wear Bicolor Quartz On?

Bicolor quartz rings or jewelry are great for keeping the crystal’s energy close throughout your day. Wear bicolor quartz on these fingers for unique benefits:

  • Pointer finger – Enhances leadership skills, ambition and decisiveness guided by intuition. Especially helpful for ametrine jewelry.
  • Pinky finger – Activates artistic inspiration, emotions and receptivity. Bicolor quartz worn here boosts creative gifts.
  • Middle finger – Improves focus, concentration and sense of self-identity. Bicolor quartz supports personal empowerment here.

Bicolor Quartz Uses

Jewelry Uses

Due to their eye-catching dual colors, bicolor quartz like ametrine make exceptional jewelry stones. Beautiful wire wrapped pendants, rings, earrings and more display their natural color combinations.

Wearing bicolor quartz jewelry allows you to access their healing and spiritual guidance throughout the day. These vibrant crystals impart a joyful confidence ideal for meaningful gifts.

Using Bicolor Quartz in Spaces

Placing bicolor quartz in a home or office provides harmonizing, uplifting energy:

  • Home – Bicolor quartz in a living room elevates the mood and inspires creativity. Ametrine by the front door welcomes positive opportunities.
  • Office – Keep bicolor quartz like ametrine on your desk to enhance concentration, decisiveness and imagination for projects. It helps manifest a rewarding career.

Feng Shui

In feng shui, use bicolor quartz attract revitalizing energy in specific bagua areas:

  • Fame – The Fame area governs reputation and creativity. Bicolor quartz here inspires an imaginative career path.
  • Knowledge – For enhanced wisdom and concentration, place bicolor quartz in the Knowledge bagua section. Ametrine is ideal.

Bicolor Quartz Chakra Healing

Bicolor quartz powerfully harmonizes and aligns the chakras related to its colors. For ametrine, place points over the third eye, crown and solar plexus during meditation.

Feel its energetic rays radiating through your aura, elevating intuition, personal power and spiritual awareness. Repeat with other bicolor quartz formations over relevant chakras.

Bicolor Quartz Meditations

Holding bicolor quartz like ametrine provides a focal point for meditation while amplifying its metaphysical gifts.

During meditation, ametrine stimulates psychic abilities, creative visualization and accessing your energetic highest self. The dual colors bring tranquility and focus to your practice.

Bicolor Quartz Crystal Grids

Bicolor quartz uplifts crystal grids with its power to bridge physical and spiritual realms. For example, make a grid using ametrine and clear quartz crystals for manifestation of your dreams through focused intent.

Empower it in sunlight to energize your goals. Place an amethyst cluster in the center for spiritual connectivity. Keep this grid active as you visualize desires and cultivate gratitude.

Affirmations with Bicolor Quartz

Reciting positive affirmations while holding bicolor quartz like ametrine magnifies the intentions. Some affirmations to use include:

“I am deeply intuitive, creative and inspired.” “My imagination guides me to fulfilling goals.” “I am balanced, centered and peaceful.”

How to Care for, Cleanse & Charge Bicolor Quartz


Gently cleansing bicolor quartz with white sage or palo santo smoke every few weeks purifies and replenishes its energy.


Placing bicolor quartz out under the light of the Full Moon infuses it with calming lunar energy while clearing negativity.

Himalayan Salt

An energizing Himalayan salt bath works well for cleaning bicolor quartz. Mix 1 cup salt in 4 cups water and soak stones 20-30 minutes. Rinse after.

Bury in the Earth

Allowing bicolor quartz to make direct contact with the earth’s vibrations for a few hours recharges its natural harmonic energy.

Sound Baths

The sound waves emitted from crystal bowls, chimes or drums restores vibrancy to bicolor quartz. The tones clear stagnation.

How to Program Bicolor Quartz

There are a few methods for programming bicolor quartz:

  • Meditate with the crystal, visualizing your intention for it. See the quartz radiating the energy needed to manifest your goal.
  • Chant a word related to your focus out loud or silently like “wisdom”, “peace” or “creativity” as you hold the bicolor quartz.
  • Create an altar with the bicolor quartz as the centerpiece along with symbols of your goal. Keep the altar intact during the cycle of the moon to amplify the programming.

Bicolor Quartz Pairing & Crystal Combinations

Some suitable crystals to pair with bicolor quartz like ametrine include:

Clear Quartz

Enhances and amplifies the metaphysical properties of bicolor quartz. Clear quartz brings clarity.


With shared yellow citrine energy, this amplifies positive thinking, imagination and manifestation powers.


The complementary energy between dumortierite and bicolor quartz heightens psychic gifts, especially ametrine.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine paired with bi color crystal activates creativity, opportunity, and healing through the heart chakra energy infused in bicolor quartz and green aventurine.


Lepidolite with ametrine, lepidolite provides strong cosmic alignment and spiritual intuition amplification. Stress relief results.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz harmonizes especially well with bicolor quartz, uniting spiritual and earth plane energies.

Bicolor Quartz Conclusion & Take Away

Bicolor quartz like ametrine provide an enlightening bridge between crystal color rays and realms. Their combined energy inspires creativity, restores balance, activates intuition and manifests goals. Through uplifting harmony, bicolor quartz accelerates spiritual growth and healing.

Remember that bicolor quartz integrate duality into wholeness. Allow their fusion of complementary colors to fill your life with joy, imagination and new possibilities.

Bicolor Quartz FAQ

What are the benefits of bicolor quartz?

Bicolor quartz benefits include stimulating creativity, imagination and intuition, emotional balance, decisiveness, psychic ability development, chakra healing, addiction release, and goal manifestation.

How do I use bicolor quartz like ametrine?

Wear ametrine jewelry over the third eye chakra or solar plexus for creativity and confidence. Use ametrine in crystal grids for spiritual focus and manifestation. Meditate with ametrine to enhance visualization and intuition skills.

What chakras does ametrine activate?

Ametrine activates and aligns the third eye chakra for intuition, crown chakra for spirituality, and solar plexus chakra for personal power and manifestation.

Can you wear ametrine everyday?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to wear ametrine jewelry everyday. Its uplifting energy will permeate your aura with creativity, spirituality and emotional harmony throughout the day. Cleanse the ametrine regularly.

What finger should I wear ametrine on?

For its metaphysical effects, wear ametrine rings or jewelry on the pointer finger to enhance leadership and decisiveness guided by intuition. The pinky finger activates creative inspiration.

How do I cleanse ametrine quartz?

Cleanse ametrine by placing it in sunlight or under the Full Moon, using sound from chimes or bowls, bathing in Himalayan salt water, smudging with palo santo or sage, or burying in the earth for a few hours.

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