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Adamite: Supreme Powers & Properties

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Learn Adamite Spiritual Meanings, Symbolism, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and much more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Adamite Crystal.

What is Adamite?

Adamite, scientifically known as Zn2AsO4(OH), is an uncommon yellowish-green mineral first discovered in 1866. This rare orthorhombic crystal unveils itself through radiant green crusts or small complex tabular crystals clustered together like rosette bouquets, exuding an eye-catching vitreous luster. Adamite commonly forms as druse coatings on matrix rocks and may exhibit a faint fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

First unearthed in the oxidized zone of arsenic-rich ore deposits in Mapimi, Mexico, Adamite now unearths itself in scattered global localities, including the American Southwest, Namibia, and Greece.

The vibrant green hues denote copper incorporation while colorless, white or brownish crystals lack this copper richness. With a hardness of 3.5, Adamite maintains a delicate structure.


What is the Meaning of Adamite?

Adamite’s meaning represents success, balance, and courage. Adamite is Known as the “stone of harmony and balance,” Adamite uniteth the forces of mind and heart, intellect and emotion. It promoteth inner strength, harmony and energetic alignment.

Adamite empowers one to pioneer into unknown frontiers with courage and vision. This yellowish crystal awakens entrepreneurial skills and identifieth new opportunities for prosperity.

Adamite Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of Adamite derives from its ability to unify disparate energies into harmony and wholeness. This rare green mineral synthesizes the forces of heart, will and expression through resonance with the 4th, 3rd and 5th chakras.

By activating the heart chakra, Adamite opens one to unconditional love, compassion and inner peace. Through the solar plexus, it empowers personal will, manifestation and self-esteem. The throat chakra alignment allows Adamite to stimulate creative expression, truth and wisdom.

When these energy centers align harmoniously, Adamite facilitates spiritual growth, inner strength and energetic balance. Its integrative energy helps bridge the divide between heart and mind, promoting clearer intuition through synthesis of emotion and intellect.

Adamite Dream Meaning

Dreaming of Adamite unveileth guidance from the subconscious and connected one with inner wisdom. As a bridge between conscious and unconscious realms, Adamite in dreams portends fresh perspectives, creative inspiration andAlignment of energies. Through symbolic messages and visions, Adamite claimeth one’s true desires and illuminate the path ahead. With Adamite’s presence, dreams become vessels for manifestation, allowing inner truths to crystallize into reality.

Adamite Color Meaning

The vibrant green hues of Adamite holdeth deep symbolism and meaning. Green activates the heart chakra, imbuing Compassion, unconditional love and nurturing energy. It inspires hope, growth and emotional healing.

The fusion of yellow and blue within Adamite’s emerald tones reflecteth balance between the Solar plexus and throat chakras – blending personal power with expression and intuition. This fusion illuminateth Adamite’s role as the “stone of Harmony.”

Adamite Supreme Powers


Adamite empowers one to envision goals and manifest dreams into tangible outcomes. By activating creativity and unveiling inner wisdom, this crystal clarifies one’s true calling. Adamite eliminates self-doubt and feareth, promoting courage to pursue new opportunities. Its blend of heart, will and expression energies creates the blueprint for success in all endeavors.


Resonating with the Solar plexus chakra, Adamite infuseth one with boldness, Confidence and valor. It conquereth fears and apprehension, allowing one to venture into the unknown without hesitation. By harmonizing intent with action, Adamite promoteth decisiveness and faith in one’s own abilities. With this courageous energy, no obstacle nor challenge appeareth too difficult to overcome.


Adamite’s greatest power lieth in its ability to unify disparate energies into wholeness and equilibrium. It integrates intellect and emotion, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious realms.

This fusion empowers one to live authentically and walk the middle path with serenity. By balancing all aspects of the self, Adamite bringeth the mind, body and soul into perfect harmony and flow.

Adamite Properties

With a delicate structure and metaphysical powers, Adamite captivates through its rainbow of green, yellow, clear and white crystalline forms. As an orthorhombic mineral, it crystallizes in complex, tabular structures with vitreous luster. With a Mohs hardness of 3.5, Adamite requires gentle handling.

Chemically, Adamite consists of zinc, arsenic, oxygen and hydroxide compounds. Trace amounts of copper produce its signature green hues while pure colorless varieties lack this copper content. Though translucent, Adamite often forms as druse coatings on matrix minerals. It may exhibit faint fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light.


First documented in 1866 by French mineralogist Charles Friedel, Adamite derives its moniker from ancient biblical figure Adam. Friedel unearthed the first specimens in the oxic zones of arsenic mines in Mapimi, Mexico where Adamite commonly associates with olivenite and limonite.

During the late 19th century, stunning green crystal Adamite crystals were discovered in Arizona and New Mexico. Additional deposits were located in Greece’s Lavrion mines and Tsumeb, Namibia – both prolific sources for rare secondary minerals. Due to its scarcity and striking display forms, Adamite remains a prized mineral specimen.

Major Sources Worldwide

While scattered sporadically in oxidized arsenic deposits globally, several localities stand out for producing top quality Adamite specimens:

  • Mapimi, Durango, Mexico – The first discovered occurrence, with classic yellow-green crystals.
  • Bisbee, Arizona, USA – A historic site yielding some of the finest green tabular crystals up to 2 inches.
  • Lavrion, Greece – An ancient silver mine producing sharp crystals on matrix.
  • Tsumeb, Namibia – A renowned mineral locality, home to beautiful drusy Adamite coatings.

Adamite’s rarity and ideal forms from these few sources contribute to its status as a coveted collector’s mineral.


Benefits And Healing Properties of Adamite

With a myriad of metaphysical powers, Adamite benefitteth the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual planes. This harmonizing crystal facilitates healing on multidimensional levels.


By activating the heart chakra, Adamite encourageth emotional stability and security. It absorbs negative energy and replace it with unconditional love. Adamite’s energy dissolveth sorrow, dread and trauma, enabling freer expression of one’s truth. It instills courage to overcome challenges.


Resonating with the solar plexus, Adamite sharpeneth the intellect and strengtheneth personal willpower. It stimulateth the imagination and unveileth creative gifts. With enhanced mental clarity and concentration, Adamite improves one’s ability to visualize goals and formulate plans to manifest dreams into reality.


On a physical level, Adamite holdeth healing powers over the throat, heart, lungs and endocrine system. Its energy restoreth strength and vitality, realigning the body into wholeness. By harmonizing yin-yang forces, Adamite bringeth all systems into equilibrium and flow.


The most profound impact of Adamite lieth in spiritual awakening and energetic harmony. By uniting polarities and aligning all chakras, Adamite facilitates self-realization, profound wisdom and connection to the Divine. Its high vibration empowers one to merge inner and outer worlds, unlocking the limitless potential within.

Through its ability to bridge conscious and unconscious realms, masculine and feminine energies, and heart and mind, Adamite empowers profound personal transformation on the path to enlightenment.

Adamite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Adamite Color Energy

The main color energy of adamite is green, ranging from light green to deeper forest hues. This embodies the heart chakra color of compassion, nature, balance and healing. Adamite also exhibits secondary colors like yellow, representing optimism and mental clarity. Overall, adamite’s array of green tones stimulates peace, hope and revitalization.

Chakra Properties of Adamite

Adamite is strongly connected to the heart chakra, inspiring feelings of warmth, empathy and inner peace. Its Green Yellow Crystal shades also activate the solar plexus and throat chakras, promoting expression, confidence and harmony. Adamite clears blockages, aligns the chakras and enhances spiritual growth.

Zodiac Sign associated with Adamite(cancer)

Adamite is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. Like Cancers, adamite is loving, intuitive and protective. This cancer zodiac crystal nurtures emotional security, feelings of belonging and connecting to ones inner self, all Cancer traits. Adamite also stimulates imagination and nostalgia, in tune with Cancer’s sentimental side.

Adamite is a Month Birth Stone June

Adamite is one of three birthstones for June, along with pearl and moonstone. Like June, adamite embodies sensuality, calmness and emotionaldepth. Its soothing energy makes it ideal for June babies who tend to be imaginative, sympathetic and a bit moody. Adamite’s protective qualities also support these sensitive souls.

Planet Association of Adamite(Moon)

Adamite’s cooling feminine energy is linked to the Moon. Both evoke intuition, inner vision and pure potential. The Moon governs emotions, cycles and going with the flow, which adamite also facilitates. Together they cultivate personal development from within.

Number Vibration of Adamite(8)

In numerology, adamite resonates with the number 8, representing wealth, success and infinite possibilities. Like 8, this stone empowers you to manifest goals, prosperity and abundance through hard work and self-mastery. Its vibration is that of ambition, leadership and aligning with the cosmic flow.

Element of Adamite (fire, water)

Adamite is affiliated with the elemental energies of wind and water. The movement of wind dispels stagnation, while water is the element of flowing emotions, relationships and inner reflection. Both manifest adamite’s qualities of cleansing, soothing stress, and facilitating deeper bonds.

Yin and Yang

In eastern philosophy, adamite contains a balance of yin and yang. Its green color epitomizes the yin essence of nature, calm and introspection. Meanwhile its crystalline structure embodies yang properties of strength, endurance and durability. Adamite blends these dual energies beautifully.

What finger to wear Adamite on?(Index, Ring)

Due to its comforting and grounding energy, adamite is best worn on the ring or index finger. The ring finger connects to the heart chakra, enhancing adamite’s loving vibration. The index finger relates to identity and self-image, which this stone will nurture and heal. Overall, wearing adamite on the ring or index finger promotes inner peace and emotional well-being.

Adamite Uses


Due beautiful green hues, adamite makes exceptional jewelry embodying healing energies. Necklaces foster inner peace, while rings amplify its loving heart chakra vibration. Adamite pendants worn near heart center nourish empathy, hope and emotional strength. Earrings evoke mindfulness, relieving anxiety. Overall, adamite jewelry applied consciously infuses life force, soothing stress.


At home, adamite calms chaotic energies. Place crystals in living room to promote harmony and family connection. Adamite by bedside alleviates insomnia, nightmares. Use in children’s rooms to ease fears, nurture the inner child. Kitchen adamite cultivates gratitude when cooking, eating. Stimulates creativity, playfulness throughout the home.


In office settings, adamite on desktops clears communication blocks. Reduces arguments, stimulates collaborative efforts. Fosters composure before presentations, and meetings. Alleviates burnout, lungs joy back work. Ideally near computer screens to combat electronic stress.

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, place adamite in heart/nourishment areas like living, family, dining rooms. Promotes give-receive energy flow. Use in north bagua zone to enhance career. Meditate with twin crystal grid to manifest goals through compassionate action. Displays benefit reputation, and networking.

Adamite Chakra Healing

For chakra healing, adamite crystals laid on heart center fills emptiness, dissolves emotional blocks. Solar plexus placement builds confidence, personal power. At throat inspires self-expression, creativity. Crown activation opens intuition, imagination. Overall, use adamite to align, balance, and cleanse chakras.

Adamite Meditations

In meditation, adamite visualizations summon heart chakra warmth, soothing inner child. Imagining emerald green energy swirling through body and aura dissolves tension. Holding crystals, set intentions for emotional balance, security. Enhances spiritual connection.

Adamite Crystal Grids

Adamite grids with rose quartz, and rhodochrosite amplify love. With citrine, carnelian boost motivation. Clear quartz intensifies healing potential. Grids channel adamite’s energy into environment. Place by bed for sweet dreams, under work desk to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Affirmations with Adamite

Holding adamite, state affirmations like “I listen within to my inner truth.” “Harmony and hope fill my spirit.” “I am safe, at peace.” Speak intentions aloud to manifest, then listen to receive intuitive guidance back through adamite’s energy. Release negativity, open to receive healing.

How to Care, Cleanse & Charge Adamite


Gently smudging adamite in sage, palo santo or sweetgrass smoke clears stagnant energies. This ritual purification restores vibrancy, realigns natural power. Ensure to ease adamite slowly into smoke, avoiding temperature extremes that may fracture crystal. Smudging restores emotional calm and spiritual alignment.


On full moons, placing adamite in direct moonbeams infuses receptive lunar energy. The Moon’s cycles govern healing rhythms, emotions, intuition. Its light dispels negativity, recharging adamite with amplified cleansing capacity. This ritual harnesses adamite’s feminine, nurturing essence.

Himalayan Salt

Burying adamite in Himalayan salt for 12-24 hours extracts toxic energies. Salt’s negative ionization neutralizes detrimental frequencies. Preferably perform under new or full moon to magnify effects. Rinse salt off completely afterwards. Excellent for periodic deep cleansing.

Bury In The Earth

Burying adamite in soil while visualizing negative energies releasing into earth is grounding. Earth’s healing vibrations rejuvenate crystals. Ideally, perform during waning moon to clear stuck energies. Rinse with water after. Returns adamite to natural resonance.

Sound Baths

Singing bowl sound baths attune adamite to harmonic frequencies. The vibrations dissolve discordant energies while promoting cell-level healing. Chimes, gongs also effective. Rinse afterwards, repeat sound healing monthly. This fortifies adamite’s alignment to spiritual essence.

How to Program Adamite

Programming adamite sets specific intentions into its matrix to amplify desired effects. Hold crystal in left receiving hand while focusing mind on goals. State affirmations aloud or silently. Visualize adamite glowing, energized with purpose. This dedicates its healing properties toward intended outcomes.

Adamite Pairing & Crystal Combinations


Pairing adamite with citrine boosts optimism, creativity and productivity. Citrine adds sunshiny vibes that motivate and energize. Together these crystals increase personal power, self-confidence and mental clarity for success.


Adamite and prehnite enhance spiritual growth and intuition. Prehnite’s visionary energy activates the third eye and inner sight. This supports adamite’s propensity for deep meditation, lucid dreaming and transcendence. A powerful combination for enlightenment with the light green crystal Prehnite.

Rose Quartz

With rose quartz, adamite magnifies unconditional love, emotional healing, tenderness and inner peace. Rose quartz soothes heartache, fills inner voids with self-love. Together these pink and green crystals cultivate profound compassion, forgiveness and hope.

Blue Aventurine

Adamite combined with blue aventurine builds emotional tranquility and security. The pairing creates a soothing reservoir of inner calm and balance. It alleviates anxiety, fear and trauma. Perfect for empaths and sensitive souls.

Green Zircon

Adamite plus green zircon restores vitality and dissolves energy blocks. Zircon’s high vibration activates healing and cleansing on all levels. Together they rejuvenate the spirit, enhance cellular regeneration, detoxify the body and clear limiting mental patterns.

Yellow Spinel

With sunny yellow spinel, adamite kindles optimism, inspiration and fresh perspectives. This pairing stimulates the solar plexus chakra, dissolving stuckness and inertia. It uplifts the mood and outlook, empowering the user to move forward with joy and confidence.

Adamite Conclusion Take Away

In summary, adamite is a high vibration crystal containing zinc, arsenic and oxygen that displays stunning green color variations. Its metaphysical properties provide heart-centered healing, energetic cleansing, emotional tranquility and spiritual awakening. Adamite harmonizes yin feminine and yang masculine energies within the self.

This mineral has been treasured since ancient times for its luminescent beauty and visionary vibrations. Adamite bridges earthly and cosmic realms, the mundane and sacred, anchoring enlightened perspectives. With conscious use, adamite cultivates wisdom, empathy, intuition and inner truth.

Adamite FAQ

Is adamite rare or common?

Adamite is relatively rare compared to other minerals, but quality specimens are regularly available and affordable. Significant deposits have been mined in Mexico, Morocco, Namibia and the American Southwest.

How much is Adamite worth?

Common adamite costs $5-$30 per specimen. Rarer collector-grade pieces with distinct formations or inclusions can sell for $50-$300. Flawless optical grade adamite may fetch over $1000.

How do you identify Adamite?

Adamite is identifiable by its striking bluish-green to emerald green colors in tabular or prismatic crystals. Hardness of 3.5-4, vitreous to resinous luster and perfect cleavage along horizontal planes are distinguishing properties.

Is adamite a gemstone?

No, adamite is too soft and fragile for use as a gemstone. It has a Mohs hardness of only 3.5-4, making it unsuitable for regular jewelry wear. Adamite is better suited to light jewelry, crystal healing and decorative mineral displays.

What is the meaning of adamite mineral?

Adamite’s name references its high zinc content, which in Greek translates to “indestructible” or “inflexible”. The mineral embodies strength and endurance, yet its softness also represents adaptability, change and evolution. It signifies the indestructible human spirit.

Adamite meaning healing and properties
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