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Is it Okay to Buy Second Hand Crystals?

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Yes, it is perfectly okay to buy a second hand crystal that has been used. All crystals you do not mine personally have been touched by other humans and gathered energy along the way to you. There are ways that you can cleanse and charge your second hand crystal to clear any toxic energy debris.


How Do You Cleanse and Charge your Second Hand Crystals?

1. Sunlight

2. Moonlight Cleansing and Charging

3. Bury them in the earth

4. Use water

5. Lightly rub with cotton terry cloth and warm water

6. Use Himalayan salt

7. Smudge with Sage

8. Smudge with Palo Santo

9. Rose Essential oil mixed with water.

10. Affirmations.

Here is more on cleansing and charging methods for certain types of stones and directions.

How to Activate Second Hand Crystals

You can use affirmations, intentions, or elements to activate your crystals. For example, if you want to activate a crystal for healing, you might say, “I am open and receptive to healing energy.”

You could also use another crystal to activate yours – for example, a quartz crystal amplifies the energy of other gemstones and crystals.

Using sound bowls or other vibrational methods like tuning forks to activate their crystals with frequencies is a beautiful way. If you don’t have sound bowls or tuning forks, you can find a youtube channel that plays sound frequencies and lay your crystal next to the speaker to infuse it with the energy. Make sure the sound frequency is a high harmonizing one.

Connect With Your Second Hand Crystal


Crystals and stones have been used for their healing properties since the beginning. Each crystal or stone is alive, carrying a life force of the earth and universe.

Second hand crystals carry this beautiful energy. When you connect with your crystal, you open yourself up to higher forces and allow the crystal to work its healing magic.

Your connection with your crystal is vital because it allows you to receive guidance and support from the earth and your higher self.

Crystal companions are here to help us on our life journey, so it’s essential to take the time to connect with them. By doing so, we can receive the healing they offer and access the wisdom of the ages.

Now sit quietly and hold your crystal. Visualize the energy from your heart entering your stone. As you do this, mentally say or think, “I am now connecting with my crystal. I open myself up to receive its guidance and support.”

Feel the energy of your crystal entering your body and mind. Allow yourself to receive whatever comes through. You may see images, feel sensations, or hear words.

Trust whatever comes to you and let it flow. There is no wrong way to do this.

When you feel complete, thank your crystal for its guidance. You can also ask it to show you signs in the physical world to let you know it is with you.

Affirmations with Second Hand Crystals

Affirmations for the crystal are a beautiful way to be supported. Freedom, peace, love, support, wealth, and meditation affirmations can be said when holding or near your crystal.

Be still and repeat the affirmations out loud or in your mind several times. Listen to the gentle music or affirmations in the background if desired. You can also use these affirmations while journaling or anytime you need extra support.

The crystals will energetically support you in achieving your spiritual transformation and growth. Use them in your affirmations to receive the full benefits.


  1. Blessings abound throughout my life. I am encircled by the blessings above and the blessings below. I feel blessed, I am blessed, and my life is forever full of blessings.

2. Energize my mind and thoughts with peace and prosperity. Crystals from earth bless my thoughts so that I may become still and filled with the universe’s light in my body, mind, and spirit.

3. Calm my thoughts, calm my mind. Release the stress. I now let go and choose to live free from worry and strife. I am free. I am me. I am free.

4. Divine love light shines through my heart. Divine love lights engulf my life and clear away all that no longer serves me. I am a being of light. I am a being of love. I am blessed by the light. I am blessed by love.

5. Joy spreads its wings and clears all the darkness in my life. The happy bird sings its song to me. Happy moments, a happy life. I deserve this and all the good this world has to offer. I am the energy of joy. I am happy.

Here is an excellent reference with more affirmations to learn

Use Meditation

.According to yoga philosophy, everything in the universe is made up of energy, and crystals are thought to be powerful conduits of this energy. So when you wear or meditate with a crystal, it can help to raise your vibration and promote positive energy.

Crystals can also protect against negative energy and anxiety issues while healing emotional wounds. If you’re new to working with crystals, here are a few tips on how to get started.

Connecting with your crystal is important, as this will amplify its effects. Once your crystal is cleansed, hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Visualize white light surrounding the crystal and purifying your energy field.

Take several deep breaths and imagine the crystal infusing you with its positive energy.

When you’re ready, begin your meditation by focusing on your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, letting your mind become quiet and peaceful.

As you meditate, hold your crystal in your hand or place it close to you. You may feel the crystal’s energy entering your body and mind, promoting relaxation and peace.


Visualization is another way to connect with your crystal’s energy.

As you meditate, visualize the crystal glowing with white light. See this light entering your body and mind, filling you with peace, love, and healing.

You may also want to visualize the crystal sending its energy out into the world, bringing peace and healing to others.

After your meditation, you can carry your crystal with you or place it in a special place in your home.

It will remind you of the peaceful and loving energy of the universe whenever you see it.

Meditations with crystals can be done daily or as often as you feel called to do them.


click here For beginners meditations

Can You Buy Your Own Healing Crystals?

These beautiful stones have been used for centuries for their physical and spiritual properties. Today, many still use crystals for their intended purpose, whether to heal the body or to connect with the divine. However, some people are not sure where to start when it comes to buying their crystals.

The first step is to trust your intuition. You may be drawn to a particular crystal because it resonates with you energetically. If you feel called to work with a particular crystal, then go with your intuition. You can also ask for guidance from your higher self or a trusted source once you have chosen a few crystals.

Next, you can research and find out which ones will be most effective for your needs. Just as there are different types of gemstones, there are also different types of crystals.

Each one has its unique properties and uses. For example, some crystals are associated with the chakras, while others are associated with the zodiac signs. Choose the crystals that resonate with you and feel called to work with. Remember, you can always add more crystals to your collection as you grow and expand your consciousness.

When you are ready to purchase your crystals, you can find them in many places.

You can buy them online, at a local gem store, or a metaphysical shop. If you are buying them online, do your research and buy from a reputable source.

If you shopping at an outdoor market or yardsale and find second crystals, now you know that it is perfectly fine to purchase.Just make sure to cleanse, activate and connect with your new stone.For more on Healing Crystals

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