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Learn how to do Crystal Affirmations for healing benefits.

How to use crystal affirmations for healing

What are Crystal Affirmations?

Crystal affirmations are a Beautiful Way to use crystals. Using affirmations with crystals, you can increase the power of your affirmation and help manifest your desires. Crystals work by amplifying the energy of your intention. When you combine an affirmation with a crystal, you combine the power of your words with the power of the crystal for powerful manifestations.

Do Affirmations in a Positive State

When you work with crystals, it’s important to remember that they are amplifiers.

This means that they can take your energy and amplify it.

So, if you’re feeling negative, they can make that negativity stronger.

But, on the other hand, if you’re feeling positive and focused, they can also help amplify those qualities.

How Positive Affirmations Work

Affirmations, as a form of good self-talk, can aid in the change of subconscious beliefs.

Because hearing positive affirmations repeatedly makes it more likely to believe it, repeating a positive and encouraging statement strengthens it.

In turn, your belief makes it more likely that you’ll act in ways that make your affirmation a reality.

Crystals have been used for self-reflection and to amplify one’s thoughts for centuries because of their ability to hold and emit energy.

If we focus our intention on filling our crystals with positive self-talk, we can create powerful affirmations that can have a massive impact on our beliefs and actions.

By taking the time to regularly speak kindly and supportively to ourselves, we can make significant shifts in our lives that lead to greater happiness and success.

Types of Crystal Affirmations

There are many crystal affirmations, each with its purpose and power. For example, some crystals can be used to attract love, while others can help to manifest success or spiritual intentions. Additionally, some crystals are known for their clearing or health-promoting properties, while others can be used to amplify desire or draw in positive energy.

Finally, others can be used to manifest spiritual intentions or clear energetic blockages.

Ultimately, the type of crystal affirmation you use will depend on your specific needs and intentions.

When choosing a crystal affirmation, it is important first to identify your intention.

It is very important to be clear and focus on one intention at a time.

How to use crystal affirmations for healing

Once you have done this, you can select a crystal that resonates with your desired outcome.

For best results, cleaning and charging your crystal regularly is essential.

Doing so will ensure that it remains attuned to your intentions and continues to support your journey toward manifesting your desires.

However, no matter what type of affirmation you choose, the crystal’s power will help boost your intention and create positive change in your life.

 Healing Crystals and How They Can Help Amplify and Charge Your Affirmations.


Crystals can be powerful tools to help support your affirmations and manifest your desires. The power of crystals comes from their ability to hold and transmit energy.

When you set an intention and hold a crystal in your hand, you effectively use the crystal’s power to help create what you desire.

In this way, crystals can help to amplify the power of your affirmations and help you to manifest your desires more easily.

Crystals support you on an energetic level as you work to create your desired reality. By surrounding yourself with supportive, high vibrational energy, you can more easily maintain focus and stay aligned with your intentions.

Programming a crystal with an affirmation gives it a specific job or purpose. This also assists you in becoming more clear on what your desire is to manifest.

By doing so, you can utilize its energy and power to support you in achieving your desired results. In addition, using Clear Quartz crystal in conjunction with other crystals further supports empowerment.

Choose the Right Crystal for Your Affirmation


Selecting the right stone for your affirmation is key to reaping the benefits of crystal energy. First, get in touch with what you feel you’re missing.

This will help you figure out which affirmation you need. Let your intuition choose the stone for you; whether a crystal catches your eye or you feel a physical pull toward one, your inner subconscious will guide you to the stone that’s right for you.

Once it’s picked out, hold the stone in your hand and focus on your intention for it.

For example, if you need confidence, try kyanite; if you need focus, try rose quartz; if you want courage, try chrysocolla. With regular use and focus on your intention, the stone will help to align your chakras and provide the energy boost you need.

Sometimes you can just pick a stone and later find out that it is what you need to support you on the journey.

The higher self can guide you through this process if you allow yourself to be open to the power and positive changes to come into your life. This will support you in living in the present moment and fully realizing your true destiny.

This is true power, being you and finding your should purpose. Stay focused, do not let your mind wander or be distracted while selecting a crystal for your affirmation.

The wisdom of the universe balances use. Intuition is how the universe speaks to you.

Set Your Intention for Your Crystal

By setting your intention with a stone or crystal, you can activate the stone’s unique energy to support your goal manifestation.

The intention can be words like “courage” or “abundance.”The other way is to use intentions for the stone like “Thank you, the universe, for supporting me to find my dream job” after sending the energy into your crystal and seeing it radiating this energy as gold and silver all around you.

The stone can help to increase your clarity and focus and inspire you to take action. The stone can also help to balance your energy and create a sense of harmony.

When setting an intention with a stone or crystal, it is essential to be clear about your goal.

How to use crystal affirmations for healing

If you are not clear, and I mean crystal clear, the universe will not know what to give you.

If this is the case, then just use one-word affirmation intentions, for example, “wealth” and feel just wealthy, or “love” and feel love in your heart. This works very well too.

Focus on what you want to achieve, and let go of any attachments or expectations.

Visualize as already done. Be open to the possibilities, and trust that the stone and universe will support you on your journey.

 Select Your Crystal and Have Full Faith It is Perfect for the Needs of Your Current Situation.

This is very important not to worry about it. Have faith and know that it will come in the perfect time in the perfect way. Do not compare your manifestations and timing to other people. You are divine and blessed. This is worked out by the universe, not you. Let it go to be fulfilled divinely.

Find a Quiet Place to Do Your Affirmation.

How to use crystal affirmations for healing

Affirmations should be done alone and undisturbed.

This is between you and your highest self. You do not want to take away from the energy and dissipate it because the ego wants gratification to have someone else’s approval of whether your affirmation and manifestations are good enough.

You need the energy to build up like a bubble that explodes into your life. This will always happen in ways you could never dream up.

Just see the end result while you are affirming. It might feel untrue or uncomfortable. That is because your subconscious programming thinks differently.

Crystal affirmation and manifestation always work by the predominant feeling. This is for you and you alone. I have read a lot of books by Cathrine Ponders.

She is an excellent reference to speaking manifestations into existence. I have experienced some truly remarkable manifestations.

Be in a calm state of mind and a quiet place. A bathtub, a shower, in your bedroom, or go for a walk if you have noisy roommates and can’t be alone.

You need to be in your own space with your crystal and affirmation state of mind.

How to Use Crystal Affirmations

While doing the one-word Crystal affirmations, feel in your heart what it would feel like if it were true.

For example, “happiness” muster the feeling of happiness in your heart. How does happiness feel?

Does it feel like winning the lotto or a great meal? What does your body feel like feeling happy? Are you lighter?

Do you feel like you floating? Does it feel relaxing to feel happiness?

Describe happiness or any one-word crystal affirmations as body and heart sensations. Then let it sink in.


Let it sink in until it feels comfortable feeling this way. “Happiness just is.”

You do not need a reason for happiness; you can be a happy person without any causation.

As you’re doing this, the crystal can represent the physical manifestation of happiness.

So hold your crystal to be supported and embraced by this magical energy.

Crystal Affirmations for Beginners

The best crystal affirmations for beginners are one-word affirmations. This is because you first want to learn how to focus on your crystal affirmation and stay focused for the manifestation to work. Secondly, it is finding out through experience what works for you. Finally, as you get into the swing of things, you can start using longer visualization affirmations with your crystals.

Crystal Affirmations

Remember, you can meditate and focus by repeating one-word affirmations or using the full version. Ethier way will work to charge your crystals with Affirmations and Manifest.

Do what feels good to you only. The whole point is to feel good, not forced; I just intend to have fun and play with the energy and crystal.

Play like a child would play….enjoy your life.

You can use these in your daily life for spiritual transformation.

Let the Magic of Crystal affirmation express in your life now.

Affirmations Charge Your Crystals

Rose Quartz Crystal Affirmation


I am love; I give love, I receive love, I am worthy of love, and I radiate love. Love wraps me up like a blanket of protection and comforts my heart. Love carries me through life like a soft fuzzy cloud. Love flows around me like a circle of light. I am beloved by all. I am loved divinely. I experienced love in all my relationships. I love myself wholly and fully. I am love.

Jade Crystal Affirmation


I am beautiful, and I see beauty in others. I feel beautiful, I look beautiful, I am beautiful, and I experience beauty in all things everywhere I go. When I look in the mirror, I see the true beauty, the creation of god, beauty like no other. This beauty is mine. This beauty is a real beauty. I am beautiful.

Tiger’s Eye Crystal Affirmation


I dwell in the house of confidence. I was born confident. I speak with confidence. I am perceived as confident. I trust myself, and I trust life. I am confident.

Chrysocolla Crystal Affirmation


Peace surrounds me like a blanket of serenity. Peace is my home. I am protected, loved, and covered in peace. I am at peace.

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Quartz Crystal Cluster Affirmations


I am made from the powerful source of all. Life itself. Therefore this power runs through me. The power of the cosmos runs through my veins. Galaxies and stars infuse their mighty force in my spirit. The power of life itself is me, and I am powerful, I am mighty, I am strong. I am true power.


Pyrite Stone Affirmation


I hold all the prosperity in the world; I was born prosperous. I am divinely connected to the prosperity of the universe. I am prospered, I am sustained, and all is taken care of for me. I am a channel for prosperity to wash across my life and all my affairs.


I am connected to all the wealth of the universe. Wealth floods my life. Wealth floods my mind. I feel wealth running through my body. Wealth is now overtaking every aspect of my life. I am wealthy.

Black Obsidian Crystal Affirmation


Every day in every way, In every moment, I am becoming more and more focused. My mind is like a laser, focused solely on the task at hand. I enjoy having a steady, focused mind.

Sunstone Crystal Affirmation


How to use crystal affirmations for healing

The sun shines on everyone and everything. It doesn’t choose one tree over the other. It does not choose one bird or person over the other.

I do not need to prove that I deserve happiness to anyone or anything. I now let go of that false belief. I eradicate those thoughts immediately. I deserve happiness just like anyone else. I deserve to smile, and I deserve to laugh.

I am a child of the universe and was brought here to shine like a light. I know now that I do not need to dim my light or life.

I deserve happiness, and I deserve joy, and all for no reason and nothing to prove. I am happy, and I am a channel for happiness.

I am happy now as the smile runs across my face, lighting up the world. I am happy now.

Amethyst Crystal Affirmation


My mind is connected and made from the divine mind, the source of all. My third eye is open, and I now see everything that ever was and will be. I see all, and I know all I am all. I am the wisdom of the galaxies and all the universe’s energies. My wisdom has no bounds in time or space.

My wisdom is growing in all dimensions, time, and space. I am now using this wisdom wisely. I use this wisdom for positive for all. I use this for everything in my life. I am now a channel for wisdom, and I use it wisely.

Smoky Quartz Affirmations

I am the light of The Universe. I am Guided by my soul

I see through space and time.All is known to me now

There are no accidents.Only Miracles Show up in my life

I am protected by the light of my soul.

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Rhodochrosite Crystal Affirmation


There is balance in all, the day, the night, the sun, and the moon. There is no such thing as unbalance. Creation did not create that way. I am balanced. I am in harmony, and this shows up in my life. I now see the truth, the truth of life. It constantly balances itself. I align myself. I align my thoughts with true harmony. This is true life. I am harmony. I am now the frequency of harmony. I am a perfect balance.

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Charging Crystals by Light

Affirmations to Charge Crystals in the Sun

The sun’s rays cleanse my stones and charge them up again. The rays of light charge my crystal. Healing and mending can now occur within my life and crystal.

The sun’s light washes away all negative energy throughout myself and my crystal. Bring love, power, and happiness into my life.

The sun lights the way through my life. Whenever I go, this energy flows, and nothing can stop me. I am as successful as the sun, and my light is strong. I am charged with the power of the sun.


Affirmation to Charge Crystals in the Moonlight

Moonlight, moonbeams…Fill my soul, fill my crystal with renewed clarity and faith. Your gentle touch, like the tides of the ocean, brings joy, love, and peace into my life.

Every so gently, your divine light guides the way. Charge up and powers us so that we may become stronger every day.

The subtleness of the moon fills my heart; the little whisper of intuition guides the way. So let the moonlight be here to stay.

You can charge and cleanse your crystals with sunlight and moonlight. To read more in-depth, we have a wonderful article on the methods used.

What Other Crystals Help With Affirmations?

All crystals help with affirmations.However each crystals carries its own energy for the specific intention.

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