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Chrysocolla Meaning Healing Properties Uses


Chrysocolla meaning and crystal healing properties are Body-Mind-Spirit. This is based on spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional reasons. Crystal healers use the healing properties in zodiac support, chakra therapy, and color therapy. Chrysocolla stone is also used in sacred feng shui remedies, altars, and crystal grids. The gentle stone is beautiful in color with numerous uses.

Chrysocolla Meaning

Love, wisdom, communication, insight, soul communication, soul activation, yin energy, astral travel, grace, and astral ethers are the meaning of the chrysocolla crystal.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Chrysocolla healing properties include physical, mental, and soul work, emotional, communication, heart-related issues, and relationships.

Chrysocolla Spiritual Meaning

Chrysocolla Spiritual meaning is spiritual communication, from would to soul. Divine love and wisdom.Heart-based relationships and experiences in the astral and physical realm.Dreamtime, remote viewing, astral projection.

What Are the Spiritual Healing Properties of Chrysocolla?

Spiritually, energetic crystal healers use Chrysocolla to release toxic thought patterns and clear heart, throat, and 3rd eye chakras. Thus raising the energy vibrations of the being.

It connects with your heart’s energy in the lower and upper heart chakra and releases negativity, anxiety, grief, or anger. Spiritually, you can vibrate at higher frequencies after clearing spiritual energy channels through energy release pattern work. Balanced chakras allow energy to flow through the channels in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We have 10 bodies altogether, although, with our physical eyes, we can only see one. The Chrysocolla spiritual healing properties also increase energetic prosperity or prosperity consciousness. This is done by opening the 3rd eye chakra to see the opportunities and abundance around you. The stone’s link to the heart radiates out and attracts high vibrational experiences. It has excellent spiritual benefits for opening your third eye and expanding your psychic awareness, meaning you can see other beings, people, and energies with the eye of intuition. With your intuition open, you can navigate through the third-dimensional reality. The Chrysocolla has spiritual healing properties that calm down and balances the mind and body as a whole. It is one of the metaphysical tools used as a spiritual cleanser to facilitate downloading information on a universal level as well.

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone

Chrysocolla Uses for Dreamtime

 Chrysocolla Stone spiritually is used for dream time . The uses are astral travel or astral projection, soul travel, and remote viewing. You can meditate with the stone to open these centers for spiritual dream time. The stone has been placed under the pillow to start lucid dreaming work by the practitioner or student.

You may begin to practice and add more calming and relaxing stones but start with one stone. The more relaxed you feel you can enter and focus on the spiritual aspects of yourself when you are not in flight or fight mode. Some can feel this crystal physically calming them.

 Another spiritual healing property of Chrysocolla is that it can aid your body’s internal field and form a pathway for universal energy flow. This would be called chi or life force energy.

Chrysocolla is also known to have healing benefits for transformation and balance. The change spiritually is very gentle. These spiritual healing properties are comforting for one going through significant spiritual growth or the dark night of the soul before the light at the end of the tunnel. Chrysocolla is considered an excellent stone for healing the past and viewing existence on spiritual planes in previous lifetimes remotely.

Chrysocolla Properties: Heart Healer

Chrysocolla properties are grouped into spiritual heart healer stones that raise the heart’s vibrational frequency. The spiritual properties in the raising of your heart frequency will dispel anything not on the same vibrational frequency. Thus it is used as a heart-clearing stone. Chrysocolla healing crystal acts as a catalyst for Divine Love by healing all levels of love, including the Self Love and compassion that converts into wisdom and understanding. The properties of Chrysocolla are activation of heart’s wisdom is connecting it divine light of the universe. With genuine compassion for others, you must have heart wisdom to fully understand this world through the eyes and heart of the divine. You are freeing yourself when you let go of judgment and seek first compassion. This is true freedom.

Chrysocolla Properties for Emotional Benefits.

Chrysocolla properties have many emotional benefits. Crystal Healers and practitioners use the Chrysocolla stone for its dynamic properties to increase feelings of serenity and peace. In addition, it is believed that Chrysocolla can help form a closer bond with a partner, positively transform love relationships, and improve their concentration and focus within the relationship. 

Chrysocolla’s emotional benefits and soothing nature calms emotional turbulence. When one is overcome with emotions they cannot process with a clear mind or heart. Thus creating blockages. A grateful heart can attract many miracles into your life. You radiate from the heart and then magnetize back into your life.

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone

Chrysocolla Healing Properties for The Mind

Chrysocolla healing properties can be used for mental stability. The stone has a calming effect on the mind, which can help you to relax, sleep and stay calm. Other healing benefits include in helping to reduce stress by calming mood, and encouraging a more profound meditation and focus. The healing stone is used in meditation by staring at the blue to calm the mind and neutralize thoughts. To master their mental states. We live in a world full of distractions. Social media, work, stress anxiety. This is a way for people to take control and exercise their minds simply by staring at the stone. A thought comes in, and they bring it back to the Chrysocolla Crystal. This type of meditation can be a challenge initially, but with a committed decision, you will be rewarded with better clarity and mental discipline.

This can be done for 40 days straight to assist in rewiring your brain and creating new neuropathways.

This type of mental meditation has intense transformational effects on the mind. You can do it with any crystal, of course. However, the colors of the blue healing ray crystals do affect your mood peacefully. So if you desire to be calm, then staring at and meditating with a stone of blue, green, or turquoise in color is a beautiful way to achieve peace of mind. This has been studied in color therapy as well.

Physical Healing Benefits of Chrysocolla.

           The Chrysocolla stone is used for physical ailments in crystal healing therapy. There are many physical healing properties that people use Chrysocolla for. For example, People have used Chrysocolla to improve sleep patterns, thus strengthening the immune system. As a result, more sleep and less stress have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower cortisol levels in one’s body. In addition, Chrysocolla has been used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and colds. Restoring the natural balance of our body’s immune system by creating intentions and changing the vibratory frequency of the person the crystal healer is working with. In addition, Lightworkers use crystal healing to transmit thought and light frequency of health and harmony. The use of the stone is also said to assist with the physical lungs and heart. Healing bacterial infections and lowering inflammation in wounds.

Chrysocolla has been used in many healing arts for physical benefits, healthy circulation, reducing swelling, and increasing the body’s good-feeling hormones.

Chrysocolla Crystal Stone

Chrysocolla Crystal Benefits in Color Therapy

Chrysocolla color is highly beneficial, and the gentle color is blue, green to turquoise. The benefits of blues and green blues is very calming. This is because our brains register as blue to relax, just as red means going fast. The benefits of the healing stones are the serenity, peace, and calming of all chakras to harmonize. Healing stone color therapy can be practiced daily as a routine. The use of healing stones and crystals in color therapy and meditation has been practiced since ancient times. The healing properties for meditation and achieving more profound states of peace.

Focusing on one color for crystal therapy healing can bring the practitioner healing benefits in the body, mind, and spirit. Color varies depending on the region of the world and minerals mixed in the earth.

The Chrysocolla is a natural earth-made stone. The Chrysocolla can also help in chronic pain because of its ability to let go of negative energy and stress. 

It is a powerful aid to protect your physical well-being, both on a personal level and in your capacity as a light worker or crystal healer. The Chrysocolla calms and soothes the heart chakra, helping you release grief, agitation, and confusion from within. This affects you physically for the overall good of well-being. 

Which Planet Does the Chrysocolla Stone Relate to, and How Does This Benefit?

 Chrysocolla Healing Stone Relates to Two Planets. Mercury and Venus.

Mercury is the messenger and, in mythology, associated with communication as the power of words. In Greek mythology, Mercurius is connected to Hermes. Mercury rules the mind’s higher thinking, astral travel, mental travel, quick travel trips, close family, and commerce. Mercury is native to the third house of astrology which rules communication. Mercurial minds can be well-balanced in problem-solving, behavior corrections, and flexibility of mental state to all sides of any situation. When mercury is retrograde, the planet influences us to go back to previous issues and resolve them. It is not a time to start new projects. Better to release and let go. Clean up, throw out the unused items in your house or clean out your computer and inbox. You can also finish a project that you started but never finished. On the other hand, someone from your past may pop back into your life to settle some unfinished business.To read more on Mercury

Neither good, no bad, just tending to old business.

 Chrysocolla stone also rules Venus as the planet associated with the goddess Aphrodite of love, sex, romance, beauty, fertilityharmony, wealth, luxuries, victory, and compassion. The planet Venus is native to the eleventh house in astrology. The benefits of Venus are abundance, prosperity, romantic interest, friendships, the wisdom of the heart, insight, and higher intuition, which are bases for relationships and communication.To read more on the Planet Venus


Chrysocolla Crystal Uses

Uses and Benefits of Keeping Chrysocolla at Home?

Chrysocolla’s Benefits and uses in the home include purifying and strengthening the body with regular use. In addition, there are many healing properties of keeping Chrysocolla in your home. It is both balancing and subtle. Feng shui practitioners may use this stone to activate specific energy in a home to assist their clients. The stones are beautiful with serene energy. This subtle energy invites more peace into your house or living space. The serenity and color are not only for peace but as lovely decor. You can place them in a bowl in the middle of your house as a centerpiece with the intention of peace. A peaceful house allows one to regenerate. Our home can be a sanctuary after a long stressful day. This is where we sleep, eat, and cleanse ourselves.

Chrysocolla Stone Uses for Animals

Chrysocolla crystal uses with animals, including your pets. You can attach it to the dog collar during training to aid relaxation. There are many different styles of dog collars that have healing stones with other properties depending on the benefits needed for the animal. Do not let your animal consume crystals or stones. It would be best to wear or place them under the bed at night.

Chrysocolla Uses for Babies Nursery

           Chrysocolla Crystal has many uses, including in a baby nursery that can bring peace and relaxation. This would be great for the nursery. Do not put crystals or stones in your baby’s crib, but in the room where it is near, but they cannot grab or consume. Another use of Chrysocolla for women is to wear the stone during pregnancy and utilize the  healing properties to soothe the fetus inside the womb before giving birth. This can be done by placing it in your pocket or belly band up against the skin during the day. Or you can rest with the stone on your nightstand beside your bed. This will assist mommy as well. Calm, mommy, Calm baby.


Healing Properties of Wearing Chrysocolla?

 Healing properties of Chrysocolla daily with metals that are cooler in nature. The metals that go best are white gold and silver. If you are going through a stressful period, this assists with long periods of stress due to work break up or daily routine. The receptive side is best.

Healing properties with necklaces are best when placed near the throat or heart chakra, using the cooler spectrums of metals to hold the placement of the stones.

The Chrysocolla jewelry will make it easier to wear every day. This is for nervousness and highly stressful situations. If you are low on energy, then everyday use is not the best, just at night when you want to relax.

Chrysocolla Stone Uses in Ancient Times

Chrysocolla stone uses date back to ancient times. The healing stone was believed to have healing powers even in ancient times. In ancient Greece, it was known as a stone for all kinds of healing purposes. The ancient Greeks utilized Chrysocolla to treat inflammation, rheumatism, gout, and toothaches. It was also believed to be a promising treatment for eye problems. The ancient use of stones has been used globally. Today people use gemstones in crystal healing elixirs with water. There have been studies done with water and imagery that show how water is changed by human thought. This is very interesting. Crystals have their own frequency, so if we are connected, one would assume a stone’s frequency would affect water and other living beings.

How to Cleanse and Charge Chrysocolla

1. Sunlight

2. Moonlight Cleansing and Charging

3. Bury them in the earth

4. Use water

5. Lightly rub with cotton terry cloth and warm water

6. Use Himalayan salt

7. Smudge with Sage

8. Smudge with Palo Santo

9. Rose Essential oil mixed with water.

10. Affirmations.

You can visit are full article on cleansing and charging stones for a more in-depth reading

To read more on Chrysocolla Chakra and The Zodiac Sign For Chrysocolla Virgo Gemini and Taurus

Chrysocolla is a healing stone for crystal healing assistance, color gemstone therapy, and jewelry.

Invoking and cleansing the energy of a crystal or stone is best when first acquired, whether purchased or gift. Then, you set your intention with the magical healing properties of Chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla Frequently Asked Questions

What is chrysocolla crystal good for?

Chrysocolla is known as the stone of peace and tranquility. It encourages harmony between groups, soothing and calming the energies to bring about a sense of peace. Chrysocolla can also be used to promote communication, understanding and forgiveness. This crystal is said to help with public speaking and boost your confidence when speaking in front of others.

Is chrysocolla a rare stone?

No, chrysocolla is not a rare stone. It is found in many parts of the world, including Africa and North America, mainly in Arizona.. Chrysocolla is also sometimes called “green turquoise” because it has a similar appearance to that gemstone. However, chrysocolla is not as valuable as turquoise. Chrysocolla is typically used in jewelry and also has uses in the metaphysical healing arts.

Is chrysocolla expensive?

Chrysocolla is not particularly expensive, especially when compared to other gemstones. The stone is also often cut into cabochons or beads, which can further lower the price.

Is turquoise the same as chrysocolla?

Turquoise and chrysocolla are both blue-green in color, but they are not the same. Turquoise is a mineral, while chrysocolla is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate.

Where should chrysocolla be placed in the home?

Feng Shui practitioners believe that objects with a blue or green hue, like chrysocolla, can create a sense of calm and serenity in a space. As a result, it is often recommended to place chrysocolla in areas of the home where relaxation and introspection are encouraged, such as in a bedroom or bathroom. Additionally, some believe that chrysocolla can help promote communication and understanding, making it a good choice for home and family relationships.

Is chrysocolla a malachite?

Chrysocolla is not a malachite but can be a mixture depending on the location it is mined from.

Does chrysocolla break easily?

Chrysocolla is a relatively soft stone, so it can break easily if it’s not handled carefully. It has a Mohs hardness of 2.5-3.5, which means it can be scratched easily by things with a Mohs hardness more significant than that. So be careful when wearing chrysocolla jewelry or using it in crafts, and always store it safely to prevent damage.

Is chrysocolla a chalcedony?

Chrysocolla is a copper-containing mineral that can be found in the chalcedony family.

Does chrysocolla change color?

Chrysocolla can change color depending on the amount of light it is exposed to. For example, if chrysocolla is in a low light environment, it will appear bluer than if it is in a brighter environment. The stones are still vulnerable to cracking and fading after they have been finished.

What is the blue in chrysocolla?

The blue in chrysocolla results from the presence of copper in the stone.

What crystals go well with chrysocolla?

Some suggested crystals and stones that may go well with chrysocolla are:







-Lapis Lazuli













Is chrysocolla a mineral or rock?

Chrysocolla is a mineral containing copper.

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