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Ancient Meaning of Gemstones

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Learn the ancient meaning of gemstones used by civilizations including Clear Quartz, Hematite, Serpentine, and Zircon.

Ancient Gemstone Meanings

Ancient Meaning of Gemstones

The ancient meaning of gemstones is spirituality, healing, and good fortune.

Even with modern technology, it still seems that the ancient civilization knew a lot more than modern culture. There is a lot to be learned and unearthed about these early societies, especially since new discoveries from the past point to them being more advanced and developed than we can imagine.

The ancients made a lot of discoveries without the level of science we have today. So much of what we use in modern times traces its roots to ancient areas like astronomy and geometry or even pharmacology.

Spiritual, meditation and the use of rock gemstones for curing and ascension purposes all originate from ancient civilizations.

Crystals for the healing industry is particularly massive today, as it is an industry worth billions of dollars and continues to grow. Natural gemstones and crystals are in high demand, but many people don’t know their origins

Ancient Meanings of Gemstones and Civilizations

1. Ancient Egypt

The origins of gemstone healing and meanings can be tied to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. Egyptians mined crystals and used them for their metaphysical properties as well as to make jewelry.

The Egyptians’ love affair with precious stones and crystals is well documented. They buried their dead loved ones with quartz masks as they believed it would help the dead travel safely into the afterlife.

Moreover, pharaohs would always walk around with cylinders filled with fine quartz to help balance the Ba ad Ka as the ancient Egyptians believed that the soul consisted of three parts, the Ba, the Ka, and the Akh. The Ba was believed to be the part of the soul that follow the gods while the Ka was thought to be the double or life force of a person. These two had to be unified in order to fly together into the underworld and reach the ideal afterlife.

Clear Quartz Ancient Meaning

Clear Quartz

“Clear quartz ancient meaning, symbolizes master healer”, especially if it features the sacred geometric 6-sided shape, which intensifies its powers to magnify energetic vibrations. Ancient civilizations believed quartz was an internal ice sent from the heavens by gods. It is also sometimes known as universal crystal, crystal quartz, or clear quartz.

Quartz Points are also great when used with any form of healing or mediation energy work, like Reiki, dream work, sound healing, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, and others.

Whatever energy is involved, quartz will amplify it, whether it is muddled or confused, clear and concise, joyful and enlightened. Consider it a magnifying glass to your emotions and energy.

Because of its healing and balancing power, quartz is great for stabilizing and harmonizing one’s living space and is also helpful in romantic relationships.

Since it is a magnifying stone, quartz can be used to amplify the healing energy for chronic fatigue, bone injuries, arthritis, diabetes, depression, internal troubles, and fibromyalgia. It is also said to improve physical and mental energy, physical strength, and stamina.

This clear crystal also enhances spiritual growth, wisdom, and spirituality. And since it clarifies emotions and thought processes, it can also increase creativity and inspiration. It can also help focus, study, and retain what you learn.

Clear Quartz chakra and planet energy are connected to both the sun and moon, all seven chakras, and all zodiac signs.

2. Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks were known for being fearless warriors and would win many battles and conquered many kingdoms. However, their bravery was because they would rub crushed hematite on their bodies before going to war.

Hematite Ancient Meaning


Hematite’s Ancient symbolic meaning is  “grounding crystal” and Greek warriors would apply it on their entire bodies to create a red paint appearance they believed would keep them safe on the battlefield. They believed this stone would make them invincible and give them strength and courage.

The word crystal is believed to have come from the Greek word ‘krustullos’ meaning ‘ice’, and they believed that these gemstones were ice sent down from the heavens – ice that would never lose its polish.

Hematite is a Root Chakra gemstone, meaning it is an ideal choice for straightening and improving your chakra misalignment.

This sliver crystal has a rich history, having been used in ancient times, and helps one connect with your root chakra. Using or incorporating hematite into your daily life can help you bring balance to your life and leave you feeling quieter and more centered.

Hematite is a popular protective stone, and that is why ancient Greeks soldiers use it for protection in the battleground.

Its physical healing power comes from its rich iron content. Hematite can be used by someone suffering from menstrual pains, high blood pressure, and any blood-related problems since it helps enhance the body’s circulation through detoxification.

Hematite is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius, Aries, and the planet Saturn since ancient times.

As a strength stone, hematite has a lot of emotional and mental healing properties. Because of its connection to the Root Chakra, the stone can help remove negative energy and boost the sense of courage and self-confidence.

3. Ancient Sumerians

One of the first historical references to the use of healing stones comes from the Sumerians, who used precious stones in their magic formulas as well as for inlays in their artwork. Serpentine was one of their favorite gemstones and is known to provide a clearing of thought for better meditation.

Ancient Sumerians valued gemstones because of their healing properties. Inanna, their goddess of love, was depicted journeying into the underworld while carrying a crystal necklace and a rod for protection.

A Sumerian princess, Puabi, was buried with crystal beads covering her upper body to protect her soul and attract positive energies to protect her from the darkness.

Serpentine colors range from translucent green to yellow-green, pale green, dark green, grey-green, and yellow, and sometimes mixed with purple inclusions or brownish-black.

Serpentine Ancient Meaning

Red Serpentine

Serpentine ancient meaning is “Kundalini Energy”.An earthing crystal, serpentine usually opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy. It helps in meditation and boosts spiritual exploration as well as the retrieval of wisdom and regaining memory of past lives.

Serpentine also clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra, thus opening psychic abilities. The stone also helps the conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas. Moreover, this dark red crystal also corrects emotional and mental imbalances, therefore helping one feel more in control of their life.

The gemstone also treats hypoglycemia and diabetes. It eradicates parasites within the body and helps in the absorption of magnesium and calcium. Serpentine is also a detoxifying and cleansing crystal for the body and blood.

Serpentine is ruled by the planet Saturn and is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. This ancient red crystal clears all chakra and is also linked to the crown chakra, but like the kundalini serpent, it raises your energy up to the crown chakra.

4. Ancient England

Because ancient England is not talked about more than other ancient civilizations, there is very little known about their use of healing crystals. However, Blue John Fluorite is one of the earliest known crystals to be mined and used in England.

In fact, this crystal is only found in England.

It comes in numerous different colors and shapes including large raw pieces, cubic, and octahedrons. Their common colors are purples and green, but can sometimes come in blue, clear, and yellow.

Blue John Fluorite Ancient Meaning

Blue Fluorite

Blue John Fluorite Ancient Meaning is light and self-expression, and communication”  Fluorite is a wonderful stone for balancing, clearing energy blocks, keeping the aura clear, and organizing ideas and thoughts.

Rare varieties of crystal fluoresce in daylight. It is a soft stone, and was probably used for its metaphysical properties including a grounding stone, excellent for focus and studying, helps deal with complex issues, aiding psychic protection, and with spiritual awakening.

Thus, this blue crystal can also be used to ease the chaos and can be useful for individuals learning new things or embarking on big projects or creative endeavors – more so projects that involve a great amount of forward planning or grow as the project unfolds, making it harder to remember or see the structure within.

It also serves ‘psychic Teflon’ for healers as well as other practitioners, since it allows one to empathize and feel with others without holding on to their illnesses or problems.

Blue fluorite is a beautiful ancient stone, as all gemstones are ancient, most of which take millions of years to form.

The blue crystal is ruled by the planet Mercury and connected to the zodiac sign Gemini, Pisces, and linked to the throat chakra and third eye chakra.

5. Ancient India

Crystals have also been very valuable to Indian culture. Even today, you can see many of them wearing precious stones around their neck, legs, or wrists. Gemstones were very important in Ayurveda for curing spiritual and emotional imbalances in humans.

The Indian sacred texts known as Vedas included crystals as tools for essential healing practices and were used in cleansing, spiritual rituals, and Hindu medicine.

Ancient Indians also used gemstones to heal their emotional self and boost good mental health. The Hindu three of life, also known as the Kalpa Tree was believed to be made from gemstones including one called zircon.

Zircon Gemstone Ancient Meaning

Zircon Gemstone

Zircon ancient meaning is “balance “ Zircon is linked to all the chakras and is usually used by crystal healers to alleviate mental and physical ailments.

Its properties include soothing pains, reducing fevers, and relieving asthma symptoms, stomach cramps, menstrual pains, and lung problems.

This orange crystal is also thought to stimulate the liver and therefore can be helpful to someone embarking on detoxing from alcohol, nicotine, and other harmful substances.

Zircon is also believed to balance the adrenal glands when one is overtaxed or stressed at work. In the metaphysical realm, the stone is valued as a healer for both insomnia and night terrors as it encourages restful night sleep.

Mentally, the gemstone helps one handle loss and grief and enhances passion for work and life in general. It is also used to help with meditation as well as increasing psychic intuition. Moreover, zircon is also believed to help clear negative energy and provides a protective aura. It can also attract success, wisdom, wealth, and honor. The stone can also help an individual become more organized.

Zircon comes in three main colors, with each color believed to have unique properties. Colorless zircon is great for meditation and mental purification, blue zircon is believed to be good for building self-confidence and relationships, while pink zircon is believed to help attract new love, romance, and harmony.

This brown gold Zicron shown in the photo is linked to the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the star, the sun, and the root base chakra.

6. Ancient China

Just like the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese were way ahead of time and used gemstones in alternative medicine. These stones were used mainly for healing the Prana as well as balancing one’s life’s force.

Additionally, the ancient Chinese would use needles made from gemstones for acupuncture. One of the most popular crystals of ancient China was green jade, which was used to symbolize power.

Jade Gemstone  Ancient Meaning

Jade Green Gemstone

“Jade Gemstone Ancient Meaning is Good Fortune” The crystal is also often referred to as the happiness stone or lucky stone and has a long history of being used to attract good luck.

It was exceptionally precious to their culture and used to not only attract but also protect wealth. A lot of emperors would be buried with green jade and some even had their armor made from jade.

The ancient Chinese also used gemstones for urinary and digestive tract problems, particularly for the kidneys and gallbladder.

Jade is a crystal that doesn’t demand from you, but rather gives you all the courage and love you need to raise your own energies, tap into your desires, and welcome all the great things that want to come to you.

The healing properties of jade depend on the color of the stone. Although it is predominantly green, they also come in colors such as blue, white, red, black, lilac, and lemon among others.

Blue jade is a stone for peace and reflection, and it invites you to sit gently in your own soul and search for your dreams.

White jade is known for helping one filter their mind of distractions and keeping everything in perspective. It is also a great tool for individuals struggling with decision-making.

Red jade on the other hand provides a brilliant burst of chi to stir up your soul and help you alleviate any fears that have been holding you back.

This green crystal has tremendous healing and good fortune factors.

Green Jade is associated with the zodiac signs Libra, Taurus, and the planet venus. It also has a strong connection to the heart chakra and the third eye chakra.

What we can learn from ancient civilizations’ use of crystals

Ancient Gemstone Meanings

Ancient gemstones’ meanings and symbolism have evolved spiritually, using stones that bring good fortune, health wealth, and happiness. The ancients practiced healing arts and crystal therapy for thousands of years each with its own meaning in every culture.

A number of scientific discoveries in quantum theories have established that there is some science involved in crystal healing beyond just blind belief. Science says that all matter vibrates at a certain frequency, therefore the healing gemstones have the power to change and shift the frequencies of the bodies and objects they come in contact with, or simply occupy the same space.

Healing gemstones stones vibrate within one’s own energy field through the law of physics of resonance and develop a larger field of vibration that subsequently impacts the nervous system before relaying information to our brain.

These vibrations can harmonize and stimulate frequencies, thus impacting our health in a positive, healing manner.

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