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Light Purple Crystals and Stones-Meaning-Healing Properties-Names

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Learn the Meaning and Names of Light Purple Crystals and Stones Healing properties of Light Purple Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Light Purple Vera Cruz Amethyst, and Lilac Purple Kunzite.


What are Light Purple Crystals Crystals?

Light Purple Crystals and Gemstones

Light purple crystals are Lilac Kunzite, Light Purple Amethyst spirit quartz, and Light Purple Vera Cruz Amethyst. These light purple crystal colors are as enchanting and mystical. This lilac ethereal hue can be found in a variety of wisteria color crystals, each with its own unique shade and energy.

At its palest, light purple can almost appear pinkish, imbuing crystals with a delicate and feminine quality. As the color deepens, it takes on a more regal tone, evoking images of velvet robes and royal crowns.

No matter the shade, light purple crystals seem to radiate a sense of otherworldliness. Light Purple Gems are the color of twilight skies and the soft glow of light purple moonbeams, calling to mind the magic and mystery of the universe.

Light Purple Crystal Colors, What are they?

Light purple is a color that is created by combining blue and red light, with more blue than red. In scientific terms, light purple falls into the category of colors that are referred to as “violet” or “Light purple.”

When light passes through a prism, it splits into a range of colors, known as the visible spectrum. Purple light has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than red light, which gives it its distinctive hue.

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Light Purple Crystals Meaning

Light Purple Crystals Gemstones meaning symbolize multidimensional beings, visions, high vibes, and mastery

Light Purple Crystals symbolic meaning is multidimensional beings, visions, high vibes, and mastery. The spiritual meaning of Light Purple Crystals is symbolically significant to otherworldy pursuits.

These light purple gemstones resonate with the third eye chakra and the color purple, signifying spirituality, heightened consciousness, and personal empowerment. Light purple gems enhance clairvoyant abilities, connect individuals with other planes of existence, and empower them to access their inner wisdom.

Light Purple Crystals are an invaluable tool for spiritual expansion and self-discovery.

Light Purple Healing Properties and Benefits

Light Purple crystals have a rich history as a valuable tool in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). These crystals are renowned for their profound healing properties, which span various domains, including emotional, mental, physical, and metaphysical healing.

With the ability to promote emotional balance and stability, enhance cognitive abilities, alleviate physical pain and inflammation, and assist individuals in connecting with their spirituality, Light Purple crystals and gemstones are a versatile and indispensable addition to any crystal healing practice.

Emotional Healing Properties Benefits

Light Purple crystals possess a profound ability to imbue individuals with a serene and uplifting energy that seeks to alleviate emotional stress and anxiety.

By promoting emotional balance and stability, these light purple gems enable individuals to feel centered and grounded in their emotions, leading to powerful emotional healing results.

Mental Healing Properties Benefits

The mental healing properties of Light Purple crystals are both diverse and potent. They possess the exceptional ability to enhance the clarity of thought and mental focus, inspiring creativity, and improving imagination and problem-solving skills. As such, Light Purple gemstones are highly recommended for those seeking cognitive healing and mental growth.

Physical Healing Properties Benefits

Light Purple crystals are also known for their exceptional physical healing properties. They are used to relieve headaches and migraines, alleviate inflammation, and assist with pain relief, making them a remarkable natural remedy for those seeking physical healing.

Metaphysical Healing Properties Benefits

In addition to their emotional, mental, and physical healing benefits, Light Purple crystals have been revered as a spiritual tonic for centuries. By enhancing psychic abilities, facilitating communication with higher dimensions, and enabling individuals to tap into their innate wisdom and gain deep insights into their personal journey

Light Purple crystals are used as third-eye chakra crystals and crown chakra crystals.

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Light Purple Crystal and Gemstones List Names

Below are the best natural light purple crystals on our list are, Lilac Kunzite, Light Purple Amethyst Spirit Quartz, and Light Purple Vera Cruz Amethyst. We have pictures, and healing properties of the metaphysical powers of each healing crystal for your spiritual journey.

1. Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal Colors Description

Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal is a very transparent and light purple crystal with clear areas and light purple tips.

Additionally, the fact that it is only found in the Vera Cruz mountains, Mexico, makes it a rare and highly sought-after light purple crystal.

Vera Cruz Amethyst-Healing Properties Benefits

Synthesizes the heart, crown, higher crown, and third eye chakra creating a link of light, downloads information from universal intelligence, gives access to all that is unknown, and space-time travel into other dimensions. This light purple crystal is white light energy and a violet ray of protection from negative forces.

Vera Cruz Amethyst has Royal spiritual mastery of the highest order and connects you with the council of light telepathically. Vera Cruz amethyst supports brain waves of theta and high gamma for manifesting and bending reality. However, you must be trained or naturally be able to achieve these incredible states. Binaural beats and heavy meditations also help with this while holding your crystal. Theta is the state between sleep and waking, before bed and upon waking. Additionally, These angelic crystals have a voice and will speak to you.

Vera Cruz Amethyst-Metaphysical Properties

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a highly sought-after crystal due to its potent metaphysical properties. Vera Cruz’s chakra energy created a link of light between the third eye chakra, heart chakra, crown, and higher crown chakra for true spiritual enlightenment.

Associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and Pisces, and the planets Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus, it enhances their natural traits and has a high vibration for meditation and psychic abilities.

My experience with Vera Cruz Amethyst:

I have been to Veracruz mountains in Mexico recently and experienced firsthand these gorgeous light purple gems, they do speak to you, and I will be writing a full article on Vera Cruz Amethyst and my incredible experiences there.

This is an extremely high vibrational crystal, much higher than regular amethyst and I am surprised that there is very little information, so I had to add it to this article. More photos of vera cruz amethyst.

2. Light Purple Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Also Known as Cactus Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz Crystal Colors Description

Amethyst Spirit Quartz is a light purple crystal with a unique and striking appearance of cluster shapes. Its colors are predominantly shades of purple, ranging from light pale lilac to deep violet.

These light purple crystals are often so translucent or transparent, that they allow light to pass through and create a beautiful shimmering effect.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz Healing Properties Benefits

Amethyst Spirit Quartz is a crystal renowned for its impressive healing properties and benefits. It has the ability to induce altered states of consciousness, making it a valuable tool for deep meditations and astral travel. Additionally, this crystal can facilitate communication with spirit guides and enhance telepathic abilities, allowing for a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz is said to have the power to download information from higher realms, which can enhance intuition and metaphysical abilities.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst Spirit Quartz possesses powerful metaphysical properties that are associated with Aquarius, Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune, it enhances natural traits like intuition, creativity, and compassion.

This light purple crystal stimulates the Higher Crown, Crown, and Soma Chakras for spiritual growth and enlightenment, while promoting emotional balance and tranquility. Light purple gemstones like this have the ability to enhance psychic skills and balance the Third Eye Chakra.

3.Lilac Kunzite


Lilac Kunzite Crystal Colors Description

Lilac Kunzite crystals come in a variety of light purple hues, ranging from a soft pastel purple to an angelic very light lilac.

These lilac crystals are typically transparent and have a delicate, almost ethereal appearance.

Lilac Kunzite-Healing Properties Benefits

Lilac Kunzite is a light purple gemstone known for its exceptional benefits. With the power of Venus and Pluto conjunct,( brings the energy of both planets together) this light purple crystal can bring great wealth and power. It has the ability to uncover hidden messages and attract love and success.

Through intense meditations, using Lilac Kunzite can dissolve negative karmic patterns from this life and the lifetimes going on simultaneously, and yes there is no time. It is an illusion in this third-dimensional reality. More about that later in another post, right now just staying on the crystals. : )

Lilac Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Lilac Kunzite has metaphysical properties that connect it to the celestial forces of Venus and Pluto. It resonates with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio signs and has a strong connection to the Crown, Higher Crown, Third Eye, and Soma chakras.

How to use Light Purple Crystals

twining light purple crystals

Maximizing the Benefits of Light Purple Crystals

Light purple crystals are versatile gems of light, that can be used to enhance creativity, intuition, and spiritual growth.

By utilizing their unique properties, it is possible to tap into their potential in a variety of ways. Here’s how you can maximize the benefits of light purple crystals:

Wear Light Purple Crystal Jewelry

Wearing light purple crystal jewelry is an effective way to keep these gemstones close to your body to provide a constant source of positive energy.

It creates a soothing atmosphere that promotes inner peace and tranquility. Moreover, light purple crystals can enhance intuition and creativity, making them ideal for artists, writers, and anyone else looking to tap into their creative potential.

Incorporate Light Purple Crystals into Your Environment

Placing light purple crystals throughout your living or workspace can create a calming environment that’s conducive to productivity and overall well-being. These light purple crystals can be placed strategically to remove negative energy and promote positivity, allowing you to create a more positive and uplifting atmosphere.

Meditate with Light Purple Crystals

Meditating with light purple crystals and gemstones can help you clear negative emotions and promote balance and harmony within yourself. This practice can foster a deeper connection with the divine, thereby aiding in radical spiritual growth.

Doing the OM Mani Padme Om meditation chant is very good with these little gems before bedtime.

Utilize Light Purple Crystals for Healing

Light purple crystals can be used for crystal healing to alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. They can balance the crown chakra and the third eye chakra.

Create a Light Purple Crystal Grid

Creating a crystal grid with light purple crystals is a powerful way to amplify their energy and promote healing on a deeper level. This technique is used to manifest, creativity, and spiritual growth. Using clear quartz to amplify even further can also help.

Repeat Positive Affirmations with Light Purple Crystals

Repeating positive crystal affirmations while holding or meditating with light purple crystals can help to reinforce their energy and further enhance their benefits. This technique can be used in conjunction with any of the other methods mentioned to maximize the positive effects of these crystals.

One of the best crystal affirmations to do with light purple crystals is the” I Am That I Am”, which brings you into a state of infinity.

Light Purple Crystal Shapes Meaning

Light Purple Crystals

Here are the shapes you can use in your spiritual practice to invoke different types of energy in light purple crystals and gemstones.

Sacred geometry has been studied for thousands of years, even the ancient Egyptians used it in the pyramids using angles to harness the power.

Light Purple Crystal Tower

A tower-shaped crystal is said to amplify and focus energy, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual practices.

Light Purple Crystal Pyramid

Pyramids have healing properties and promote balance and harmony. The shape of a pyramid is said to help remove negative energy and improve physical and emotional well-being and have grounding effects on the environment.

Light Purple Crystal Spheres

Spheres promote harmony and balance by emitting energy equally in all directions. They are used in meditation, energy work, and healing practices to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Light Purple Crystal Hearts

The heart shape is associated with emotional well-being. Light purple crystal hearts increase spiritual love and healing.

Light Purple Worry Stones

Worry stones are smooth, polished crystals that are held between the thumb and forefinger as a tool for stress relief and relaxation. Light purple worry stones are said to obsessive anxiety.

Caring for Light Purple Crystals

Light Purple Crystal Cluster

Light purple crystals are not only beautiful but also have healing properties. It’s important to take care of them to ensure their energy remains strong and balanced.

Here are some ways to care for your light purple crystals:


Smudging is a process of burning herbs to purify and cleanse your crystals. You can use sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to smudge your light purple crystals.


Moonlight is another way to cleanse and charge your crystals. Leave your light purple crystals outside or on a windowsill during a full moon to absorb the powerful energy.

Bury in The Earth

Burying your light purple crystals in the earth is an ancient method of cleansing and charging crystals. Simply bury them in the ground for 24 hours and then wipe them off.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a natural purifier and can be used to cleanse your light purple crystals. You can place your crystals in a bowl of pink Himalayan salt or wrap them in a cloth and place them on top.

Essential Oils Lavender or Rose Oil

Lavender or rose essential oils can be used to enhance the energy of your light purple crystals. Place a drop of oil on your crystals and let them sit for a few hours before using them.

What other gemstones and crystals should I combine them with?

Here are the recommendations for combining different crystals with light purple gemstones and crystals.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Clear Quartz Crystal

The clear quartz crystal enhances the power of all other crystals, making it a great choice to use alongside light purple crystals. To combine them, place the clear quartz on top of or next to your chosen light purple gemstone and meditate with both crystals. This will amplify the energy and help you to focus on your intentions.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Selenite

Selenite is a cleansing crystal that can help to clear negative energy and promote inner peace. Combined with light purple crystal, place a piece of selenite under your light purple gemstone and let it sit for a few hours. This will help to cleanse and recharge the energy of the light purple gemstone.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Hematite

Hematite is a grounding crystal that helps to bring stability and balance. The combination with light purple gems, you can wear a hematite bracelet or necklace alongside your light purple gemstone jewelry. This will help to ground the energy and promote a sense of calm while going through spiritual transformations.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Aquamarine

Aquamarine combinations with light purple gems, you can wear an aquamarine pendant alongside your light purple gemstone earrings. This will greatly help to create harmonious energy and enhance your communication skills.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a love stone that helps to heal emotional wounds and promote self-love. To combine with light purple gems, you can place a rhodochrosite heart on top of your light purple gemstone and meditate with both crystals. This will help to open your heart chakra and promote feelings of love and compassion.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Pink Fluorite

The combination of light purple crystals and pink fluorite is soothing and promotes relaxation. To combine with light purple gems, you can place a pink fluorite tower next to your light purple crystals in the bedroom. This will help to create a calming energy and promote a sense of tranquility.

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a prosperity stone that helps to attract abundance and good luck. To combine with light purple gemstones, you can carry a green aventurine tumbled stone in your pocket alongside your light purple crystal. This will help to attract positive energy and promote success throughout the day, usually, I recommend it for women on the left ( female energy) hip and men on the right side ( male energy).

Light Purple Crystals Combination With Moonstone

Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings that promotes intuition and feminine energy. To combine moonstones with light purple gems, you can do a pranayam meditation or “moon breath” round mouth inhale and exhale with both crystals in hand using gyan mudra( index and thumb held together), eyes closed. Moon breath has a calming effect and also helps with anger and grief release and promotes emotional balance.

Moon breath is used to calm you down and dissolve the heat of intense anger.

Light Purple Crystals Take away

Light purple crystals like Light Purple Vera Cruz Amethyst, Lilac Kunzite, and Light Purple Spirit Quartz, these purple quartz crystals offer a myriad of benefits for those seeking a path to mental, emotional, and spiritual self-improvement.

These stunning light purple colored stones are renowned for creating inner peace and spiritual wisdom. By incorporating light purple crystals into your daily routine, you can experience a wealth of benefits that can help enhance your overall well-being and quality of life.

FAQ Light Purple Crystals

Q: Can light purple crystals be used in conjunction with aromatherapy?

A: Yes, light purple crystals can be used in conjunction with aromatherapy to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Essential oils like lavender or chamomile can amplify the effects of light purple crystals.

Q: Where can I buy light purple crystals?

A: Light purple crystals can be purchased at many health food stores, crystal shops, and online retailers. It’s important to purchase from a reputable source to ensure that you are getting authentic stones that are from the earth, not man-made the energy is different.

Q: How do I choose the right light purple crystal for me?

A: Choosing the right light purple crystal depends on your personal goals and intentions. Spend some time researching the different types of light purple crystals available, and choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Q: How do I know if my light purple crystal or gemstone is authentic?

A: Authentic light purple crystals will have unique and distinct patterns, as well as a natural feel. Be wary of crystals that are too perfect or uniform in shape, as they may be synthetic.

Q: Can light purple crystals be used for protection?

A: Light purple crystals are primarily used for calming and soothing energies, but some people believe that they can also be used for protection. Black tourmaline and obsidian are more commonly used for protective energy.

Q: Can I use light purple crystals for manifesting?

A: Yes, light purple crystals can be used for manifesting. Amethyst is known to enhance visualization and meditative states and can be used in combination with other crystals to amplify manifestation energy.

Q: How long should I use my light purple crystal before I see results?

A: The effects of light purple crystals can vary from person to person. Some individuals may feel the effects immediately, while others may need to use the crystal for several weeks or months before seeing results.

Q: Can light purple crystals help with spiritual awakening?

A: Yes, light purple crystals are often used to aid in spiritual awakening and enlightenment. They can help increase spiritual awareness and intuition, making them a valuable tool for those on a spiritual journey.

Q: How do I program my light purple crystal?

A: To program your light purple crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and focus your intentions on it. Visualize your desired outcome and ask the crystal to help manifest it.

Q: What should I do if my light purple crystal breaks?

A: If your light purple crystal breaks, it’s a sign that it has done its job and absorbed negative energy. You can bury it in the earth or dispose of it respectfully.

We hope this helps you on your journey : )

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