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Indigo Crystals: Meaning, Supreme Powers and Properties

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Learn Indigo Crystals Meanings, Symbolism, Spiritual, Healing Properties, Benefits, Uses, History & Origin, and much more in this article covering the Supreme Powers of Indigo Crystals.

Are you seeking spiritual growth and desire to tap into your intuition? Indigo crystals, a blend of blue and purple hues, symbolize introspection and quiet contemplation.

This article aims to provide comprehensive insight on the mystical meanings, supreme powers, and healing properties of these gemstones.

Read along to discover how indigo stones can transform your life by promoting clarity in judgment, balancing emotions, bolstering physical wellness and paving the path towards higher consciousness.

Key Takeaways

  • Indigo crystals symbolize introspection, wisdom, and spiritual realization.
  • They are associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.
  • Indigo gemstones like Azurite and Sodalite have healing properties that promote physical healing and balance the throat chakra.
  • Working with indigo crystals can enhance communication skills, intuition, and overall well – being.

What Are Indigo Crystals?

The image showcases a levitating indigo crystal surrounded by misty abstract wisps.

Indigo Crystals are a type of gemstone that is characterized by their deep blue color and have various meanings, spiritual properties, and healing benefits.

What color is Indigo?

Indigo sits on the color spectrum between blue and violet, embodying the calm stability of blue and the mystical qualities of purple. It’s a deep, rich color often described as electric or bright blue with a hint of purple.

To better visualize indigo, think about twilight skies or tropical seawaters – those instances portray this extraordinary shade best. This striking hue symbolizes introspection, spiritual realization and wisdom.

The color’s intensity can vary; light indigo gems represent pure emotions while darker stones stand for honesty and spiritual mastery.

Meanings of Indigo Crystals

A mystical forest scene featuring Indigo Crystal amidst a bustling atmosphere, showcasing different styles and outfits.

Indigo Crystals hold symbolic, spiritual, and dream meanings that can provide insight into your higher sense of being. Discover the profound meanings behind these powerful gemstones and unlock their supreme powers.

Read more to delve into the world of Indigo Crystals.

Indigo Crystals Symbolic Meaning

Indigo crystals carry a profound symbolic meaning, deeply related to introspection and a higher sense of being. These gemstones offer an intriguing mix of blue and purple rays, with each shade holding its unique significance.

Light indigo gems represent purity and humility, symbolizing feelings of gratitude. On the contrary, dark indigo stones signify illumination and honesty tied closely to spiritual mastery.

They stimulate the throat chakra for honest communication and activate the third eye for intuitive knowledge and awareness.

Providing far more than aesthetic beauty, these healing crystals serve as tools that can shape our journey towards self-awareness and virtuous living.

Indigo Crystals Spiritual Meaning

A mystical forest scene featuring an indigo crystal resting on a moss-covered tree stump.

Indigo crystals serve as a bridge to the spiritual realm, enlightening our consciousness and guiding us towards higher wisdom.

These unique gemstones, resonating with the third eye chakra, become powerful tools for self-discovery, introspection, and intuition enhancement.

The deep blue hue of indigo stones signifies an undying quest for spiritual mastery and personal illumination. By fostering a strong connection between our mortal existence and divine energy, they enable us to glimpse into realms beyond ordinary perception.

Whether we seek answers from within or messages from higher dimensions, indigo crystals pave the path for enlightened exploration of the soul’s mysteries.

Indigo Crystals Dream Meaning

A vibrant cluster of indigo crystals on a mossy forest floor, captured in high resolution and photorealistic detail.

Indigo crystals frequently appear in dreams, symbolizing introspection and a higher sense of awareness. These powerful stones trigger a period of quiet contemplation, leading to profound self-discovery.

Their unique color spectrum combines the calm stability of blue and the strong energy of purple. The symbolic dream presence of indigo crystals may indicate budding spiritual mastery or an unfolding journey towards illuminating truths.

Lighter shades often express humble emotions such as gratitude, while darker tones are linked with honesty and illumination. Dreams involving indigo crystals suggest guidance for effective communication strategies that foster tranquility over confrontation and anger.

Embracing these meaningful gemstone dreams can lead to significant breakthroughs in self-awareness and personal growth.

What Chakra are Indigo Crystals?

A tranquil woodland scene featuring indigo crystals on a moss-covered rock, captured in stunning detail.

Indigo crystals are associated with two chakras: the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. These powerful energy centers govern communication, intuition, and spiritual awareness.

When indigo crystals are used in healing practices, they work to balance and activate these chakras, allowing for a deeper sense of inner knowing and wisdom.

By working with indigo crystals on these specific chakras, individuals can enhance their ability to express themselves authentically, tap into their intuitive abilities, and connect more deeply with their higher self.

Additionally, indigo crystals can help alleviate physical ailments related to the throat and mouth by promoting energetic flow and healing in these areas of the body.

Indigo Gemstones and Their Healing Properties

A close-up photo of a cluster of indigo gemstones against a backdrop of a calm ocean.

Indigo gemstones like Azurite, Sodalite, Iolite, Charoite, Covellite, Tanzanite, Labradorite, Dumortierite, Indigo Sapphire, Indigo Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Spinel have healing properties that promote physical healing and balance the throat chakra.



Azurite is one of the indigo gemstones known for its powerful healing properties. It is closely connected to the throat and third eye chakras, enabling effective communication and enhancing intuition.

This stone can provide relief for physical ailments related to the throat and mouth, while also balancing the nervous system and offering protection for the brain and eyes. Azurite is highly regarded for its ability to support decision-making by providing clarity and confidence.

Its deep blue hue resonates with spiritual awareness, making it a valuable addition to any crystal collection.


The photo showcases a close-up of vibrant sodalite crystals with a blurred natural background.

Sodalite is one of the indigo gemstones known for its healing properties. It is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, promoting communication and intuition.

This stone can alleviate physical ailments in the throat and mouth, such as sore throats or tonsillitis.

Sodalite also balances the nervous system, protects the brain and eyes, and works directly with the pituitary and pineal glands. By clearing blockages in the throat chakra and opening the third eye chakra, sodalite raises awareness and consciousness.


A stunning iolite crystal gemstone displayed on a bed of purple flowers, captured with high-quality photography equipment.

Iolite is one of the indigo gemstones that possesses powerful healing properties. Associated with the throat and third eye chakras, iolite enhances communication and intuition.

It has the ability to ease physical ailments related to the throat and mouth, making it beneficial for those suffering from sore throats or speech impediments.

Additionally, iolite balances the nervous system and offers protection to the brain and eyes. With its soothing energy, iolite is a valuable stone for promoting clear communication, enhancing intuition, and supporting overall well-being.


A close-up photo capturing the vibrant purple charoite gemstone against a backdrop of swirling indigo colors.

Charoite is a gemstone associated with the healing properties of indigo crystals. It connects to the throat and third eye chakras, aiding in communication and intuition. This beautiful stone balances the nervous system and provides protection for the brain and eyes.

Charoite also raises awareness and consciousness, clearing blockages in the throat chakra while opening up the third eye chakra. Its energy promotes clarity of thought, enhances communication skills, improves memory, and supports financial success.

Additionally, Charoite is known as a stone of friendship, truth, inner calmness, peace, creativity, and mental clarity.



Covellite is one of the indigo gemstones that holds significant meaning and properties. It is associated with introspection, awareness, and contemplation.

This powerful stone is linked to the throat and third eye chakras, making it ideal for enhancing communication and intuition.

Covellite not only aids in finding one’s voice but also helps alleviate physical ailments related to the throat and mouth. Additionally, this stone balances the nervous system, works with the pituitary and pineal glands, and provides protection for the brain and eyes.

Overall, covellite brings a sense of balance to both the physical body and spiritual realm.


A stunning tanzanite crystal is captured in a captivating nature photograph with a celestial-inspired backdrop.

Tanzanite is an indigo gemstone that holds significant associations with indigo crystals and their healing properties. It has a strong connection to the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra.

Known for its ability to enhance intuition and creativity, tanzanite promotes love, joy, and peace in individuals. Additionally, it helps with effective communication by assisting in avoiding confrontation and anger.

With its psychic connections and grounding qualities, tanzanite also aids in spiritual ascension.


Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite is one of the indigo gemstones known for its powerful healing properties. This stone is associated with the throat and third eye chakras, making it an excellent aid for communication and intuition.

Labradorite can assist with physical ailments related to the throat and mouth, helping to alleviate issues such as sore throats or dental problems. It also balances the nervous system and provides protection for the brain and eyes.

Labradorite raises awareness and consciousness, clearing blockages in the throat chakra and opening the third eye chakra, allowing for deeper insights and understanding. Harnessing the energy of labradorite can bring about a higher sense of being and promote spiritual mastery within oneself.



Dumortierite, a gemstone associated with indigo crystals, offers a range of healing properties. When connected to the third eye chakra, it enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

This stone brings calmness and clarity to the mind, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving. Additionally, Dumortierite promotes effective communication skills and encourages self-expression.

Its association with patience, discipline, and focus makes it particularly beneficial for students or anyone needing mental clarity.

Indigo Sapphire

Violet Indigo Sapphire

Indigo Sapphire is a powerful stone associated with indigo gemstones and their healing properties. Believed to possess supreme powers, this stone is highly valued for its ability to promote intuition and spiritual connection.

It specifically resonates with the third eye chakra, stimulating psychic abilities and offering clarity and insight. If you are seeking support and healing in your current situation, Indigo Sapphire may be the perfect stone for you.

Embrace its energy and tap into its transformative qualities as you navigate your spiritual journey.

Indigo Agate

Indigo Agate

Indigo Agate is a type of gemstone that belongs to the indigo color family, just like Lapis Lazuli and Tanzanite. It is closely connected to the throat and third eye chakras, which are responsible for our communication and intuition.

This powerful crystal has amazing properties that can aid in physical healing by targeting ailments related to the throat and mouth. Moreover, it helps bring balance to the nervous system, promoting overall well-being.

Known for its association with wisdom, expression, and emotional balance, Indigo Agate enhances awareness and clears blockages in the throat chakra while also opening up the third eye chakra.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a captivating indigo gemstone that is known for its associations with wisdom, expression, and inner knowledge. This stone has a strong connection to the throat and third eye chakras, making it an excellent tool for enhancing communication and intuition.

Lapis Lazuli is often used to promote honesty, illumination, and spiritual mastery. Additionally, this beautiful crystal has been used for centuries to alleviate physical ailments such as sore throats and tonsillitis.

Its deep blue color and powerful properties make Lapis Lazuli a must-have gemstone for anyone seeking emotional balance and spiritual growth.

Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel is an indigo gemstone that holds significant healing properties. It is closely associated with the throat and third eye chakras, making it a powerful crystal for communication and intuition.

This beautiful stone promotes introspection, awareness, and quiet contemplation, allowing one to delve deep into their thoughts and emotions. Whether in its lighter or darker form, Blue Spinel encourages honesty, illumination, and spiritual mastery.

Its energy facilitates clear self-expression and enhances mental clarity. With Blue Spinel by your side, you can tap into your intuition, communicate effectively, and deepen your spiritual journey.

Combining Indigo Crystals with Other Gemstones for Enhanced Effects

A visually stunning arrangement of Indigo crystals and gemstones, captured in high resolution and showcasing their natural beauty.

Combining Indigo Crystals with other gemstones enhances their effects. Here are some popular gemstones that can be combined with Indigo Crystals for enhanced benefits:.

– Shungite

– Black Tourmaline

– Obsidian

– Onyx

Indigo gemstones, when combined with other gemstones, foster healthy relationships and promote a mature approach to love. They also help individuals avoid confrontation and anger. Additionally, combining Indigo Crystals with other gemstones can guide effective communication.

How to Use Indigo Crystals for Healing and Wellness

A photo of an indigo crystal on a crystal grid surrounded by candles and plants.

Use indigo crystals for healing and wellness by incorporating them into various practices such as feng shui, meditation, crystal grids, jewelry, and placing them in your home or office.

Feng Shui

Indigo crystals are highly valued in Feng Shui for their ability to bring positive energy and balance to a space.

When used in the home or office, indigo crystals can promote a sense of calmness and serenity, creating an environment that is conducive to concentration and focus.

Additionally, these crystals are believed to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, making them ideal for meditation spaces or areas dedicated to self-reflection.

With their deep blue color, indigo crystals are also associated with the brow chakra, which governs perception and insight.

By placing these crystals strategically throughout a space, individuals can invite a higher sense of consciousness and understanding into their lives without having to make any major changes.


Meditation is a powerful practice that can be combined with indigo crystals for healing and wellness. When used together, meditation and indigo crystals have the ability to enhance awareness and consciousness.

By targeting the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition and spiritual awareness, meditation helps to clear any blockages in this energy center.

Additionally, indigo gemstones can assist in promoting effective communication during meditation, helping to avoid confrontation and anger.

This makes meditation an ideal technique to incorporate when working with indigo crystals for self-reflection and personal growth.


Indigo gemstones can bring positive energy and balance to your home or office space. Placing these stones in strategic locations can promote healthy relationships, as well as a mature and understanding approach to love.

They can also enhance decision-making skills and strengthen judgment, making them beneficial for any workplace setting. By incorporating indigo gemstones into your surroundings, you can raise awareness and consciousness, creating an atmosphere of introspection and higher sense of being.

Lapis Lazuli, a type of indigo gemstone associated with wisdom, is particularly valuable to have in the home or office. Additionally, Tanzanite, another indigo gemstone, can help facilitate psychic connections and spiritual ascension when placed within your living or working environment.

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a popular and effective way to harness the healing energy of indigo crystals. These grids involve arranging multiple crystals in a specific pattern to amplify their individual energies and create a powerful energetic field.

By placing indigo crystals on a crystal grid, you can enhance their ability to promote introspection, spiritual awareness, and intuition. Crystal grids can be used in various meditative practices such as morning pages, yoga, reiki, tarot, and vision work.

They provide a focused and concentrated energy that supports manifestation, healing, and overall well-being.


Indigo gemstones can be transformed into stunning pieces of jewelry that not only add elegance to your attire but also offer a range of benefits. Wearing indigo gemstone jewelry, such as Lapis Lazuli and Tanzanite, promotes communication and intuition.

These beautiful stones can assist in expressing oneself more effectively while also enhancing the ability to trust one’s instincts. Additionally, indigo gemstone jewelry has physical healing properties, particularly related to the throat and mouth.

It can alleviate ailments in these areas and promote overall well-being. Wearing indigo gemstone jewelry is also beneficial for the nervous system as it helps balance and protect the brain and eyes.

Creating jewelry with indigo gemstones provides a convenient way to enjoy their positive energy throughout the day. Whether you choose an elegant necklace or a dainty bracelet, adorning yourself with indigo gemstone jewelry allows their powerful properties to align with your body’s energy field effortlessly.

This connection enhances both your physical and spiritual well-being by promoting self-expression, protection against negative energies, improved communication skills, mental clarity, memory enhancement, creativity development, stress relief, and anxiety reduction.

Care and Maintenance of Indigo Crystals

A captivating photo of Indigo crystals submerged in a clear stream surrounded by lush green foliage.

Cleanse indigo crystals regularly by placing them under running water or in direct sunlight, and program them with your intentions by holding them in your hands and setting clear goals for their use.

How to Cleanse Indigo Crystals

To keep your indigo crystals energetically pure and effective, follow these simple steps to cleanse them regularly:

  1. Place the crystals under running water or soak them in a bowl of water with salt.
  2. Cleanse the crystals by using sound vibrations, such as ringing a bell or using a singing bowl.
  3. Use sage or palo santo to smudge the indigo crystals and remove any negative energy they may have absorbed.
  4. Take advantage of natural energies by charging the crystals in moonlight or sunlight to enhance their energy.
  5. Utilize intention and visualization to cleanse and purify the indigo crystals, focusing on removing any unwanted energies.

How to Program Indigo Crystals

To program indigo crystals for their desired effects, follow these steps:

  1. Set your intention: Clearly define what you want to achieve or manifest with the help of the indigo crystal.
  2. Cleanse the crystal: Use a preferred cleansing method such as smudging, sunlight, moonlight, or saltwater to clear any negative energies from the crystal.
  3. Find a quiet space: Choose a peaceful environment where you can focus and connect with the crystal’s energy.
  4. Hold the crystal: Gently hold the indigo crystal in your dominant hand, allowing its energy to flow into your body.
  5. State your programming statement: In a confident and positive tone, clearly state your programming statement aloud. For example, “I program this indigo crystal to enhance my intuition and strengthen my spiritual awareness.”
  6. Visualize your intention: Close your eyes and visualize yourself already experiencing the desired outcome or feeling associated with your programming statement. Imagine how it would look, feel, and sound.
  7. Channel your energy: Focus on sending waves of positive and vibrant energy from within yourself into the indigo crystal. Feel this energy merging with the crystal’s own energetic properties.
  8. Express gratitude: Express gratitude to the universe or any higher power you believe in for supporting you in this programming process.
  9. Seal the programming: To seal the programming of the indigo crystal, gently tap it three times with your fingertips while saying, “It is done” or a similar affirmation that signifies completion.
  10. Use as needed: Carry or wear the programmed indigo crystal throughout the day or during specific activities related to your intention. You can also place it near your bedside while sleeping or incorporate it into meditation practices.

How To Choose Indigo Crystals

A collection of indigo crystals arranged in a natural, organic setting without any human presence.

To choose the right indigo crystals for your needs, consider the following:

  1. Look for stones with deep blue color: Indigo crystals are characterized by their deep blue hue, which signifies their connection to the third eye chakra and spiritual awareness.
  2. Pay attention to the size and shape: Choose a crystal that feels comfortable in your hand and resonates with you energetically. It can be rough or polished, tumbled or raw, depending on your personal preference.
  3. Consider the properties of different indigo gemstones: Explore the various types of indigo stones, such as lapis lazuli, tanzanite, iolite, sodalite, blue obsidian, kyanite, grape agate, labradorite, blue tourmaline, azurite, and amethyst. Each stone has its own unique energy and healing properties.
  4. Trust your intuition: Allow yourself to be drawn to a particular crystal intuitively. If a stone catches your eye or you feel a strong connection to it, it may be the perfect choice for you.
  5. Seek guidance if needed: If you’re unsure which indigo crystal is best for you or need more information about their properties and uses, consult with a knowledgeable crystal practitioner or do thorough research from reputable sources.


A close-up photo of a vibrant indigo crystal against a backdrop of starry skies, capturing natural beauty.

Indigo crystals hold tremendous meaning and possess supreme powers that can enhance our lives. These gemstones, with their deep blue and purple hues, symbolize introspection, awareness, and a higher sense of being.

By working with indigo crystals such as Lapis Lazuli and Tanzanite, we can tap into their healing properties to promote physical well-being, improve communication skills, and achieve spiritual growth.

Whether worn as jewelry or used in meditation or feng shui practices, indigo crystals offer a powerful tool for self-expression, emotional healing, and overall wellness.


1. What is the meaning and significance of Indigo Crystals?

Indigo Crystals, also known as Purple-meets-Blue or Blue Ray, are stones of clarity and intuition, often used for mental healing and spiritual growth enhancement.

2. How does an Indigo Crystal influence you emotionally?

Indigo Crystals promote emotional healing by activating heart chakra opening to release negative emotions while promoting love, joy and a sense of positivity.

3. Can Indigo Crystals boost psychic abilities?

Yes! These vibrant stones enhance psychic abilities while promoting rational thinking and intuitive connection with oneself.

4. In terms of wealth & abundance, how can indigo crystals be beneficial?

These unique ‘Stone of Heaven’ radiates energies that amplify optimism leading to manifestations like attracting abundance, wealth and long life.

5. Do indigo crystals aid in overcoming fears or insecurities?

The calming energies imbued within Indigo Crystals help banish fears and insecurities inspiring faith in self alongside trust in universe bringing aura balance at all levels.

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