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Green and Orange, Crystals and Stones-Meaning-Healing Properties-Names

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Learn the Meaning and Names of Green and Orange Crystals and Stones’ Healing properties including Unakite, Mimetite, Green Orange Tourmaline, Green and Orange Fluorite, Green Orange Opal, and Ammolite.


What are Green and Orange Crystals?

Green and orange crystals are Unakite, Mimetite, Green Orange Tourmaline, Green and Orange Fluorite, Green Orange Opal, and Ammolite. Green and orange crystals, stones, and minerals are made up of a variety of elements.

Some crystals have unique color combinations that include shades of green and orange crystal colors. These unique color combinations can be used to create powerful crystal healing energies for the heart and sacral chakras.


Green and Orange Crystals Meaning

The meaning of green and orange crystals is the heart of creativity. The green color represents the heart chakra and the orange represents the sacral chakra when the two combine you express yourself creatively in your life.

This is ideal to have a labor of love, as in doing what you love to do. Green is very healing, and orange is very creative, so having one of these crystals in your life can do wonders to uplift the expression of your spirit.

Spiritual Meaning Green and Orange Crystals

Green and orange Crystals’ spiritual meaning is soul creativity. The combination of the two colors represents our ability to tap into the creativity within us and manifest it in our lives. It helps with manifesting your desires as you put effort into making something that may be lasting and ultimately serves a higher purpose.

unakite crystals heart-shaped

Healing Properties /Benefits of Green and Orange Crystals

Green orange crystal healing properties are that these crystals bring an abundance of beneficial loving energy into your life which is highly beneficial. This means the power of love and creativity will be brought forth when using these stones.

These green and orange stones act as a spiritual detox that helps to clear the mind, body, and soul of any negative or stagnant energies so you can receive the love you deserve. It helps to open blocked pathways, allowing energy to flow freely through the body so that it can heal naturally.

It can also be used to bring in more creative inspiration. With its many healing benefits, green orange crystal can help to bring balance and harmony into both physical and emotional well-being.

What Chakra is associated with Green and Orange Crystals?

There are two major chakras associated with green and orange crystals, the heart chakra and the sacral chakra. The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion, understanding, and peace. The sacral chakra is associated with creativity . When both of these are in balance it leads to a more harmonious life filled with joy and abundance.

Green and Orange Crystal and Stones List Names

1. Unakite

Unakite Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Unakite is an interesting gemstone that features a combination of two beautiful colors green and orangish pink, formed from a mix of two minerals: Feldspar and epidote. Depending on the stone’s orientation, the ratio between green and orange can vary greatly.

The greens found in Unakite usually range from olive greens to vibrant emeralds; while orange shades can vary from rust shades to pinkish oranges. Together, these colors create a stunning piece that is both eye-catching and elegant.

Unakite Uses/Benefits

Unakite benefits are that this crystal balances the emotional body and brings vital energy to it, creating harmony in all chakras. Unakite is believed to have healing benefits and assists with releasing negative energy so that positive energy can enter.

It also helps us to keep emotions in balance, which leads to better physical health. Unakite can be used for meditation or kept close by to infuse your surroundings with its calming and soothing energy.

Unakite Metaphysical Properties

Unakite metaphysical properties are that it is connected to the Zodiac sign Scorpio making it a very powerful Stone This intriguing Crystal is also linked to the third eye making Unakite even more powerful for Vision, intuition, and seeing through the unknown. The meaning of Unakite is head and heart coherence making this a spectacular healing crystal.

2. Mimetite Green and Orange

Green Mimetite with Orange Wulfenite
Mimetite Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Mimetite, Green, and Orange are one of the most beautiful and intriguing combinations of crystals. The green color of Mimetite stands out against the vibrant orange of Wulfenite in this stunning pairing. This orange-green crystal duo is said to bring healing and creativity together as one.

Its emerald hues are said to help encourage joy, while its fiery orange tints encourage motivation and a sense of balance when faced with difficult tasks.

When these two colors are combined they create an alluring piece that will sparkle in any environment. This is the perfect heart and sacral combo.

Mimetite Uses/Benefits

Mimetite is highly beneficial for channeling and provides clarity it actually puts you in receiver mode can you do so you can receive messages when doing channeling it also has a protective quality.

This green and orange crystal protects you while you’re doing spiritual work, and allows for more wisdom to be brought into your life. This stone can give you more energy if you’re feeling sluggish.

Mimetite Metaphysical Properties

Mimetite’s metaphysical properties are that it vibrates to the number four and is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn which is really great for entrepreneurs or people starting businesses.

3.Green Orange Tourmaline

Tourmaline Green and Orange
Tourmaline Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Green orange tourmaline is a coveted gemstone, prized for its vibrant and multi-hued beauty. It is found in a variety of shades and hues, ranging from bright lime to deep emeralds and oranges.

The most spectacular stone often displays a combination of these colors, creating the impression of looking at a Brillant sunset across the green oceans.

Tourmalines are not only prized for their looks, but also for their unique energy properties that help to promote healing and peace.

Its dazzling array of colors offers something special and eye-catching to any jewelry piece or rock collection.

Tourmaline Uses/Benefits

Tourmaline benefits are incredible the green color in the tourmaline connects you to the heart chakra and it also supports your visualizations and connects the heart and the third eye chakra together.

While giving you compassion, the orange in tourmaline is incredibly rare and it stimulates the sacral chakra increasing your creativity in the 3-dimensional physical world it also balances out your emotions so you’re more effective and manifesting in this world Without feeling like you’re caught in a whirlwind all the time, you need to be in a  calm state for manifesting.

Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Green and orange tourmaline’s metaphysical properties are that the green tourmaline is associated with the star sign Capricorn and the orange tourmaline is associated with the zodiac signs Leo and Scorpio.

4. Green and Orange Fluorite

Close-up of Fluorite with Green and Orange
Fluorite Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Green-orange fluorite is an incredibly eye-catching stone, a combination of the brilliant lime green of quartz with the rich orange of carnelian.

The colors blend into each other seamlessly, creating a beautiful spectrum of hues that make it look almost so soothing.

It has been used for centuries in jewelry and art, and its unique energy properties have long been treasured by crystal healers.


Fluorite is a beautiful and unique green and orange crystal that supports the release of mental and emotional blockages while promoting peace and clarity within the mind.

Fluorite has been used for centuries by spiritual practitioners for its ability to absorb negative energy from an environment or from oneself. Its healing properties help nurture physical and mental strength, helping one stay on a positive path in life.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

Fluorite’s metaphysical properties are that it is ruled by the planet Mercury and connects to the zodiac signs Pisces and Capricorn This green and orange crystal is also connected to the heart chakra which is really good for emotional healing and since it is ruled by Mercury it’s easier to retain head and heart coherence during meditations when using this Crystal 

5. Green Orange Fire Opal

Opal with Fire orange green colors
Opal Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Opal is a beloved green and firey orange gemstone known for its mesmerizing array of colors, ranging from subtle pastels to intense hues.

It is often described as ‘shimmering,’ due to the way it sparkles when light reflects off its surface.

The green-orange opal in particular is a stunning gem with vibrant green shades that shimmer like sunlight against the ocean and make it appear alive.

Opal Uses/Benefits

Green and orange opals benefits are many I’m going to start with the creative aspect of the stone seeing as it is linked to the sacral chakra, which does give you an incredible surge of energy and because of the different colors that flash through the stone stimulate the other chakras.

So if you would like to create a business, a child, success, or wealth then this is definitely a stone for doing that. Opals are also connected to visions and dream work they a highly metaphysical s

tones, so if you’re on a spiritual path and you’re committed to your soul ascension having an opal brings forth powers of telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and kinesis into your life.

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opal’s metaphysical properties are it is definitely linked to the sacral chakra, especially Opals that have orange in them. This gorgeous gemstone is associated with the Zodiac signs Cancer Leo Libra, and Sagittarius definitely making this a powerful stone for those zodiac signs

6. Ammolite Green and Orange

Ammolite Green Orange Crystal Colors/Description

Ammolite is a remarkable fossil that exhibits the most vivid and vibrant rainbow of green and orange colors.

It has an iridescent quality that comes from its mix of green, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

This special blend of hues gives it a striking visual impact, making it look almost like a rainbow in the stone form! The unique combination of colors makes it truly a one-of-a-kind gemstone.

Ammolite Uses/Benefits

Ammolite benefits are that it charges the physical body with etheric energy, this rare green, and orange gemstone also have powerful energetic properties associated with healing metaphysically and cretion of wealth. Many people appreciate ammolite for its beauty as well as its purported ability to bring luck and prosperity in life.

Ammolite Metaphysical Properties

Ammolite’s Metaphysical Properties are that it is linked to the third eye chakra calling forth more intuition, clarity, and manifestation into your life. The fossil stone is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius.

How to use Green and Orange Stones

unakite necklace

Green orange stones and jewelry can be used to enhance one’s well-being, reduce stress, promote relaxation, balance energy, and even manifest dreams. To get the most out of them, meditation is key.

Firstly, clear your space of any clutter or negative energy. Then hold the stone in your hands while focusing on its color and texture.

Visualize a calming light green or vibrant orange aura surrounding you as you meditate for about 5 minutes whilst breathing deeply.

Once complete, you can wear or carry the stone to provide ongoing benefits. The combination of colors opens up your heart chakra and brings harmony between mind and body.

tourmaline orange-green colors

Caring for Green and Orange Crystals

To care for green and orange crystals, ensure they are regularly cleansed and charged. Start by soaking them in a bowl of salt water for no more than 3 minutes.

Then, place the crystal outdoors in direct sun or moonlight — preferably with natural elements such as sand, soil, and stones — for no more than 8 hours to absorb the energy of nature.

Finally, you can use smudging or sage incense to clear any lingering negative energies.

Make sure to regularly cleanse and charge your crystals to keep their energies balanced and ensure they stay vibrant and powerful.

Note: However note, look up the MOHS hardness before using any water on your stone and check if they can go into sunlight, if unsure just use sage or rosemary smudging. You can always bury any stone in dry soil and get your crystal back in touch with mother Earth from where they came. If you would like to learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals, then we have an article on this topic.

Green and Orange Crystals Take away

Green and orange crystals like Unakite, Mimetite, Green Orange Tourmaline, Green and Orange Fluorite, Green Orange Opal, and Ammolite can be used to bring balance, harmony, and healing into one’s life. They have the power to open up the heart chakra and allow for a better connection between mind and body.

Furthermore, they can be used as a form of protection against any negative energies in your environment. With proper care and regular cleansing to clear out any negativity, green and orange crystals are powerful tools on the journey of personal growth.

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