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Black Crystals and Stones-Meaning-Healing Properties-Names

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Learn the Meaning and Names of Black Crystals and Stones’ Healing properties including Black Onyx, Black Crystal Tourmaline, Black Pearl, Black Fluorite, Jet, Black Jasper, Black Diamonds, Black Kyanite, Onyx, Nuummite Crystal, Hypersthene, Ilvaite, Arfvedsonite.

The Best Black Crystals and Gemstones Ultimate Guide, 71 Stones

What are Black Crystals?

Black Crystal and Gemstones like Black Onyx, Black Crystal Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Jet, including many others. Black crystals possess a deep, mysterious black color that ranges from matte black to deep shades of jet black and smoky black. The color black in crystals is a powerful one, evoking feelings of mystery, grounding, and protection.

These powerful black gemstones are associated with the element of Earth and can be used for meditation and spiritual healing in order to uncover deeper truths about ourselves.

What Colors are in Black Crystals?

Black crystals look black because black is created when all visible colors in the spectrum of light are combined together. This means that it is made up of combinations of primary colors like red, blue, and yellow

There are many different variations of the color black which have their own distinct names. Here is the HEX code for the color black, so you can look at the variations.

These include jet black, charcoal, onyx, raven, asphalt, and soot. Soot is the darkest naturally occurring black color with just hints of other colors visible at certain angles.

The color black absorbs light, white the color white reflects light.

Black Crystals Meaning

Black Crystals Meaning

Black crystals meaning symbolize darkness, protection, grounding, and mystery. Black Crystals absorb negative energy and dispel darkness from your life. Black crystals and gemstones also represent the dark night of the soul which leads to transformation, death, and rebirth. Black crystals are mysterious and captivating, embodying the power of darkness and protection.

These black gemstones have a strong spiritual connection, offering protection from psychic attacks, absorbing negative energies, and promoting personal growth and transformation.

Black Crystal Healing Properties and Benefits

Black crystals healing properties and benefits when used in meditations help you reach a deeper level, unveil mysteries, and experience spiritual transformation.

These black gemstones offer protection and also act as a spiritual detox, helping to remove any negative energies that may be blocking your metaphysical progress. Black crystals also work to ground and stabilize energy, providing an anchor when things feel unstable or uncertain.

When used regularly in deep meditation sessions, the healing properties of these powerful stones can bring about rebirth and transformation on physical and spiritual levels.

What Chakra are Black Crystals linked to?

Black crystals are associated with the Earth chakra and the Base or Root chakra. Black Crystals can be used to connect deeply to the physical realm, promote grounding, and increase stability.

These black stones also have a strong connection with the Third Eye chakra, helping us to access our inner wisdom and intuit deeper truths. When black crystals are used they help clear any blockages and open up a new level of understanding.

Black Crystals Gemstones

Black Crystal and Stones List Names

These are natural black crystals with names like Black Onyx, Black Crystal Jasper and Black Diamonds are very grounding. This list has photos and healing properties to help you on your healing crystal journey and spiritual expansion.

Here is a black crystals and gemstones:

1. Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black Onyx, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Onyx has a smooth, glossy surface with a dark, opaque color ranging from jet black to dark brown.

Black Onyx, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Onyx actively grounds and calms the mind and body, making it an effective stone for those who experience anxiety or overwhelming fears. This black crystal aids in improving hearing and can alleviate grief and sorrow. Black crystals like Onyx enhance self-confidence and inner strength, empowering individuals to make wise decisions and remain steadfast in their pursuits.

Black Onyx, Metaphysical Properties

Black Onyx benefits Leo’s zodiac signs and is ruled by the planets Mars and Saturn.

2. Black Actinolite

Black Actinolite

Black Actinolite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Actinolite is a dark black crystal with an opaque glossy surface.

It has a deep black crystal color has a subtle green or brown crystal hue that adds depth and complexity to its appearance.

Black Actinolite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Actinolite is known to help remove old and stagnant energies, allowing new and positive energies to flow into your life. It is an excellent black stone for shielding oneself against negative thoughts and promoting a more positive and balanced outlook on life.

Black Actinolite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Actinolite activates the Base Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It is beneficial for Scorpio zodiac signs.

3. Black Agate

Black Agate

Black Agate, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Agate is a deep, opaque black crystal color with white banding patterns.

The color intensity may vary depending on the lighting conditions, but its dark black hue always remains striking and captivating.

Black Agate, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Agate is a powerful black crystal that can aid in dream interpretation and help you gain insight into your deepest fears and concerns. Its nocturne energy promotes self-reflection and encourages you to address limitations to rid yourself of them.

Black Agate, Metaphysical Properties

Black Agate is beneficial for those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

4. Black Arfvedsonite


Black Arfvedsonite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Arfvedsonite is a dark-colored black crystal with a lustrous and metallic appearance. Its hues vary from deep black to dark blue crystals, and it has striations that give it a layered look.

It is often found in prismatic or needle-like shapes and can have a sheen that gives it a mystical quality.

Black Arfvedsonite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Arfvedsonite healing properties turn one’s disposition towards the positive side, diminishing negative thoughts and emotions.

This black crystal stimulates the intuitive side of the brain, providing clarity and insight into one’s thought patterns. This makes it an excellent black crystal for those who struggle with being off balance.

Black Arfvedsonite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Arfvedsonite is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini and is highly beneficial for third-eye activation.

5. Black Augite


Black Augite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Augite is a beautiful crystal with a streaked black color with hints of brown and grey crystal colors. It has a rough and raw texture that adds to its unique beauty and charm.

Black Augite, Healing Properties Benefits

The healing properties of Black Augite are significant and diverse. It can assist in clearing muddy emotional and spiritual issues, helping the user to gain clarity and perspective.

This black crystal is also used for healing painful transformations, allowing one to remain grounded and centered in this reality. By providing stability and security, Black Augite can promote better decision-making and positive life changes.

Black Augite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Augite is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

6. Black Basalt

Black Basalt

Black Basalt, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Basalt is a black dark-colored volcanic rock, typically black or dark grey. This black stone has a smooth, polished surface, giving it a sleek and modern look.

The color of Black Basalt is rich and deep, with subtle variations that give it a sense of depth and texture.

Black Basalt, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Basalt is a powerful healing crystal for promoting stability and grounding. It can help dissipate anger and provide guidance during change and transition. Its black stone energy enables positive modifications of one’s behavior, making it an ideal stone for those seeking personal growth and development of their shadow self.

Black Basalt, Metaphysical Properties

Black Basalt is associated with the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. Black Basalt is linked to the zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer.

7. Black Biotite

Black Biotite

Black Biotite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Biotite is a black mineral species that typically appear as thin, shiny flakes or sheets with a dark, black color. It has a metallic luster and a smooth, reflective surface.

Black Biotite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Biotite is a black healing crystal that supports clarity and understanding. This black crystal assists in looking at issues intelligently while also taking input from a loving perspective. Black Biotite healing energy allows one to discard insignificant and irrelevant details, providing a clear picture of each case.

Black Biotite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Biotite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It can also be beneficial for those born under the sign of Scorpio.

8. Black Blizzard Stone

Blizzard Stone Gabrro

Black Blizzard Stone, Black Crystal Color Description

Blizzard Stone is a unique black and white stone that often has a speckled or mottled appearance. It has a sleek and polished surface that gives it a modern and stylish look.

The contrast of its black and white colors adds a sense of balance and harmony to its energy.

Black Blizzard Stone, Healing Properties Benefits

Blizzard Stone is a powerful black crystal for spiritual and psychic development. Its energy supports the opening of the third eye and crown chakras, allowing individuals to access higher states of consciousness and enhance their intuition and psychic abilities.

Blizzard Stone benefits those seeking clarity and guidance in their spiritual journey and those working in fields that require heightened intuition and psychic perception.

Black Blizzard Stone, Metaphysical Properties

Blizzard Stone is associated with both the third eye and crown chakras. The black crystal energy benefits all seven chakras, promoting balance and harmony throughout the body’s energy centers. Blizzard Stone can also help those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

9. Black Crystal, Smoky Quartz

Black Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz, Black Crystal Color Description

Black smoky quartz is a variant of the mineral quartz, usually black, to brown to dark brown crystals. The smoky quartz crystal always has a translucent to opaque appearance and often displays smoky patterns caused by natural irradiation from nearby minerals.

Smoky Quartz, Healing Properties Benefits

Black smoky quartz is a protection crystal, dispelling darkness and grounding your energy centers. You can always use smoky quartz to develop metaphysical abilities or astral travel.

Smoky Quartz, Metaphysical Properties

Black smoky quartz is associated with the Earth and root chakras. This black crystal also benefits Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn zodiac signs, and the planet Pluto.

10. Black Carborundum-Silicon Carbide


Black Carborundum, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Carborundum, or Silicon Carbide, is often a dark grey or black with a unique iridescence that can display flashes of other colors. This gives it a striking appearance that can catch the eye.

Black Carborundum, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Carborundum is known for its calming and gentle grounding effects, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. It can also shield and protect against electromagnetic stress, making it useful for those sensitive to electronic devices.

Black Carborundum, Metaphysical Properties

Black Carborundum is associated with the root chakra but can affect all chakras, balancing and aligning them. This black rainbow crystal brings out all the positive aspects of all zodiacs and is a crystal for all planets.

11. Black Cassiterite


Black Cassiterite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Cassiterite is a shiny, opaque black crystal with a very dark black color. It can be found in different shapes and sizes, from small pebbles to large black crystal chunks.

Black Cassiterite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Cassiterite is a powerful grounding crystal that can help one to connect with the Earth’s energy. It can provide stability and security, making it useful for those who feel disconnected or overwhelmed.

Additionally, Black Cassiterite can help to dissolve feelings of prejudice and separateness, promoting acceptance and unity. It can help reduce feelings of rejection and disapproval and encourage a more optimistic outlook.

Black Cassiterite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Cassiterite is associated with the root chakra. This crystal is also beneficial for those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

12. Black Scapolite


Black Scapolite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Scapolite is a dark, opaque mineral with a glossy, polished finish. It features shades of black, grey, and sometimes brown, with streaks of white and occasional flecks of gold.

Black Scapolite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Scapolite is known for its healing properties that help individuals tap into their inner selves to solve present and past problems.

This black crystal enhances independence and initiative, giving individuals the strength to take control of their lives and make positive changes. It also helps with physical healing, particularly in issues related to the digestive system and metabolism.

Black Scapolite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Scapolite is associated with the third eye chakra. It is especially useful for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

13. Black Dendrites on Stone Crystal


Black Dendrites Crystal, Black Crystal Color Description

Black dendrites on stones are unique and beautiful formations that feature black branching patterns on a light-colored stone.

The dendrites are usually black or dark brown, and the stone base can vary from white to beige or light gray.

Black Dendrites Crystal, Healing Properties Benefits

Black dendrites on stones are known for their gentle and calming energy.

These black stones can help individuals remain centered and focused during confusion or discord, promoting inner peace and tranquility. This healing stone also aids in physical healing by helping to strengthen the immune system and promote healthy circulation.

Black Dendrites Crystal, Metaphysical Properties

Black dendrites are associated with the root chakra at the spine’s base. Black dendrites on stones are also associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini.

14. Black Diamonds


Black Diamonds, Black Crystal Color Description

Black diamonds are rare and unique black gemstones that feature a dark black color with a subtle sheen that strikingly catches the light.

Black Diamonds, Healing Properties Benefits

Black diamonds have powerful healing properties, particularly when it comes to emotional healing.

These black gemstones help individuals release negative emotions and behavior patterns that may hold them back, promoting feelings of peace, harmony, and emotional balance. Black diamonds also draw wealth and protection in your love relationships.

Black Diamonds, Metaphysical Properties

Black diamonds are associated with the root chakra. Black diamonds are also associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Taurus. The ruling planet of black diamonds is the planet, Venus.

15. Black Fluorite

Black Fluorite

Black Fluorite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Fluorite is a powerful crystal with intense energy. Its deep black hue carries a sense of mystery and strength, while its unique hexagonal shape adds an element of modernity.

Black Fluorite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Fluorite is a powerful healing crystal that can help to eliminate nightmares, clear negative energy from your space, and unsettled ground feelings.

This black crystal offers its users a sense of mystery and strength, aiding them in their meditations and healing processes. Additionally, it can help bring clarity and focus to those who use it.

Black Fluorite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Fluorite Chakra energy is associated with the Root Chakra, signifying stability and grounding, healing, and getting your needs meets materially. It is associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Virgo, and Capricorn.

16. Black Coral

Black Coral

Black Coral, Black Crystal Color Description

The color of Black Coral is deep and dark, with stone shades ranging from black to dark brown or dark green.

This black stone exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, adding a touch of mystique to its appearance.

Black Coral, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Coral improves communicative abilities and facilitates understanding and application of relating to others through silent and verbal communication. It eliminates toxins and negative entities, so the ancient Mayans prized it highly.

Black Coral creates a subtle, all-encompassing protective shield around the subtle body, fostering gentle self-confidence and emotional healing. It is also useful in problem-solving, aiding in discovering creative solutions. Use this black stone during the full moon for release and the new moon when starting new projects.

Black Coral, Metaphysical Properties

Black Coral is associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius. It can activate and energize the throat chakra, aiding communication and self-expression. This black stone also acts as a clearing agent for the sacral chakra, promoting emotional balance and creative energy flow.

Black Coral has been known to illuminate the third eye, enhancing the psychic awareness and capabilities of the user and allowing for clearer intuition and perception.

17. Black Garnet


Black Garnet, Black Crystal Color Description

The Black Garnet crystal has a deep, rich black crystal color with subtle hints of red when held up to the light. Its opaque and velvety texture gives it a sophisticated and grounding presence.

Black Garnet, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Garnet is a powerful stone for dispelling negative emotions such as anger, envy, jealousy, and mistrust. Black Garnet strengthens resistance and promotes honesty, allowing individuals to speak their truth confidently.

This black gemstone can also help release blockages from the heart and throat chakras, allowing for clear communication and emotional healing. Black Garnet is a powerful stone for moving partnerships to the next stage of harmony and understanding.

Black Garnet, Metaphysical Properties

Black Garnet energy chakra base chakra, heart chakra, and throat chakra, purifying, healing and energizing all of them.

Black Garnet is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini, and Mars is the ruling planet of this black gemstone.

18. Snowflake Obsidian

snowflake obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian, Black Crystal Color Description

Snowflake Obsidian is a black crystal with a distinctive shiny black color and small, white snowflake-like patterns, giving it a unique and elegant appearance.

Snowflake Obsidian, Healing Properties Benefits

Snowflake Obsidian is known for releasing negative thought patterns, stress, and fear, promoting a sense of calm and balance in the mind and body. This black stone can also warm the extremities and promote compassion and strength.

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity, providing balance for the body, mind, and spirit. It can calm and soothe, making an individual more receptive to ingrained behavior patterns before gently releasing emotional blockages.

Snowflake Obsidian, Metaphysical Properties

Snowflake Obsidian chakra energy empowers the sacral chakra for increased creativity and emotional states. Virgo’s zodiac sign is associated with this black crystal, and Saturn is the ruling planet.

19. Black Hypersthene


Black Hypersthene, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Hypersthene is a beautiful dark black crystal with a metallic sheen, reflecting black, gray, and brown hues.

Its smooth texture and muted colors give it a sophisticated and elegant appearance for black healing crystal lovers.

Black Hypersthene, Healing Properties Benefits

The healing properties of Hypersthene stimulate contact with the “solution planes” of existence, providing quick answers to problems of all magnitudes. It combats irritability and criticalness, promoting discriminating judgment and helping one to stand up for what is right in their moral structure.

Hypersthene helps maintain business and personal relationships. This black gemstone facilitates clairaudience, allowing for discovering information from the spiritual and heavenly realms.

Black Hypersthene, Metaphysical Properties

Hypersthene chakra energy strongly affects several chakras, including the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, and Base chakras. This Black Crystal Hypersthene is associated with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Libra.

20. Mystic Merlinite, Indigo Gabbro, Opal Variety

Mystic Melinite

Mystic Merlinite, Black Crystal Color Description

Mystic Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro, has a dark, mottled appearance with shades of black, gray, and indigo crystal colors. This black crystal’s unique pattern resembles a mystical forest, making it a visually striking stone.

Its a smooth texture, and dark colors give it a mysterious and powerful appearance.

Mystic Merlinite, Healing Properties Benefits

Mystic Merlinite healing properties share many qualities with Dendritic Opal. It is an excellent stone for spiritual practices such as Sufi Dancing, promoting stability and clarity of intent and enhancing clairsentient ability.

It brings personal harmony during contemplative states and assists in physically seeing the aura. Mystic Merlinite can assist in spiritual counseling, stress management, furthering self-esteem, and accepting non-judgmental action to facilitate growth and self-love.

Mystic Merlinite, Metaphysical Properties

Mystic Merlinite is associated with the astrological signs of Gemini and Pisces.

21. Black Jade

Black Jade

Black Jade, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Jade is a dark and lustrous black gemstone with a smooth and silky texture.

Its deep black gemstone color symbolizes mystery and hidden strength, while its reflective surface adds an element of intrigue and allure.

Black Jade, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Jade healing properties are protective that shield against negative energies and entities. This black gemstone has regenerative properties that promote the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs.

In addition, Black Jade increases energy and vitality, helping individuals feel more energized and focused. Its protective and regenerative properties make it a popular choice for individuals seeking to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Black Jade, Metaphysical Properties

Black Jade chakra energy is healing for the Root Chakra and is associated with the Libra zodiac sign, the ruling planets of black jade are Venus and Pluto, drawing forth the vibrations of wealth, power, and luxuries if that is what you desire.

22. Black Jasper

Black Jasper

Black Jasper, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Jasper is a black crystal that ranges from deep black to dark brown, with subtle variations and patterns.

Black jasper is dark as the night with beautiful healing properties.

Black Jasper, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Jasper helps alleviate stress and promote relaxation, calming the mind, and soothing emotions, which makes it an ideal stone for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other stress-related conditions. Black Jasper has grounding and protective properties that help balance and protect the physical and energetic bodies.

Black Jasper, Metaphysical Properties

Black Jasper is associated with the Earth Chakra. Scorpio and Capricorn are zodiac signs linked with this black crystal, The ruling planets are Saturn and Pluto.

23. Jet

Jet Stone

Jet, Black Crystal Color Description

Jet is the darkest black crystal we have on our list. This black stone has a smooth finish.

It is so black you cannot see any other colors but black in this healing crystal. We love it!

Jet, Healing Properties Benefits

Jet is a powerful protective black stone with healing properties that transmute negative energy, making this dark black crystal highly protective and cleansing on your spiritual journey.

This black crystal also helps to alleviate unreasonable fears and guard against violence, making it a useful stone for individuals who feel threatened or unsafe. Jet’s grounding and protective properties are beneficial during spiritual journeying and can help individuals feel more connected to their inner selves.

Jet, Metaphysical Properties

Jet is associated with the Base and Heart chakras, helping to ground and balance energy in the physical and emotional bodies. Jet is associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

24. Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper, Black Crystal Color Description

Dalmatian Stone has a unique appearance with a white or cream-colored base, speckled with black crystal spots, resembling the coat of a Dalmatian dog.

Dalmatian Jasper, Healing Properties Benefits

Dalmatian Stone grounding and centering healing properties that assist individuals in physicalizing their souls and coming joyfully into incarnation.

It helps harmonize emotions and maintain composure, making it beneficial for mood elevation and nightmares. Its protective influence is said to warn individuals of danger and can aid in maintaining fidelity.

Dalmatian Jasper, Metaphysical Properties

Dalmatian Stone chakra energy is associated with the root chakra and linked with the zodiac sign Gemini.

25. Black Kyanite

Kyanite Black

Black Kyanite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Kyanite is a dark black crystal with a metallic sheen. This black crystal has long, blade-like formations that shoot out of the crystal, giving it a fan look.

Black Kyanite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Kyanite help with emotional issues such as frustration, anger, stress, and resignation. Black Kyanite also enhances metaphysical abilities and promotes logical and linear thought.

It can also balance the yin-yang energies within the body and improve communication by clearing blockages in the throat and larynx.

Black Kyanite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Kyanite chakra energy aligns and balances all seven major chakras, making it a versatile black stone for spiritual healing and growth. Black Kyanite is linked with Aries, Taurus, and Libra zodiac signs and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

26. Black Labradorite

Black Labradorite

Black Labradorite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Labradorite displays a dark, grey-black crystal base color with rainbow iridescent blue, green, gold, and violet flashes.

Black Labradorite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Labradorite is known for transforming intuition into intellectual thought, helping individuals implement inner messages in the physical domain with clarity and peace of mind.

It can also assist in navigating through changes, promoting strength, perseverance, and action refinement. Black Labradorite is believed to provide vitality and a sense of self during transitions and supports the reproductive system, digestion, and metabolism.

Black Labradorite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Labradorite chakra energy opens Third Eye and Crown Chakras, assisting with intuition, spiritual insight, and connecting to higher realms. It is associated with the astrological signs of Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Leo. Black Labradorite is also linked with the Moon and Sun, bringing the energies of other planetary beings to the Earth plane.

27. Black Lava Stone

Black Lava Stone

Black Lava Stone, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Lava Stone is typically grey to the black stone and has a porous surface due to its volcanic origin.

Black Lava Stone, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Lava Stone is a grounding stone that helps strengthen one’s connection with the Earth, providing stability during times of change.

This black stone can also be used for dream work, enhancing creativity, communication, and cleansing negativity. Lava stones have a calming effect that can help dissipate anger and promote positive changes in behavior.

Black Lava Stone, Metaphysical Properties

Black Lava Stone is associated with the Base Chakra and is linked to the Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs.

28. Melanite Dendritic Agate

Black- Dendrites-on-Opal

Dendritic Agate, Black Crystal Color Description

Melanite Dendritic Agate features a creamy white or clear base with unique brown or black crystal dendritic inclusions that create intricate patterns resembling trees, branches, or moss.

This black stone’s combination of colors and patterns creates a captivating natural landscape within the crystal.

Dendritic Agate, Healing Properties Benefits

Melanite Dendritic Agate black crystal healing properties promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This black crystal enhances stability, perseverance, and concentration, making it an excellent aid for those struggling with emotional trauma or lacking self-confidence.

Melanite Dendritic Agate, Metaphysical Properties

Melanite Dendritic Agate is associated with the Earth element and aligns all seven chakras. This healing crystal is also linked to the zodiac sign of Gemini and is a crystal for the planet Mercury.

29. Black Moissanite

Black Moissanite

Black Moissanite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Moissanite is a beautiful lab created, a sparkling black gemstone with a deep, rich black color with a high degree of brilliance and fire, giving it a mesmerizing and captivating appearance.

This black gemstone was created in a lab, to replicate the black diamond.

Black Moissanite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Moissanite is a gemstone for protection and grounding, helping to dispel negative energies and emotions while enhancing feelings of safety and security. This black gemstone brings love and strengthens relationships, helping deepen connections, harmony, and balance.

Black Moissanite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Moissanite chakra energy supports the root chakra and is ruled by the planet Venus, Pluto, and Saturn. Black Moissanite is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra.

30. Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Moonstone is a black crystal with a black or dark grey base color with a bluish or silver sheen. The black sheen is caused by the light reflecting off the inner layers of the stone.

Black Moonstone, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Moonstone is a stone of emotional balance and introspection. This black stone has calming and soothing energy making it useful for those experiencing anxiety or stress. It can also help with emotional healing by assisting in the release of negative emotions and patterns.

Black Moonstone, Metaphysical Properties

Black Moonstone chakra energy links to the Root and Crown Chakras. This black stone is associated with the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Libra.

31. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Obsidian is volcanic glass with a shiny, black surface and a smooth, glassy texture.

This black crystal is super shiny and an excellent grounding and protection crystal.

Black Obsidian, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Obsidian has many healing properties, including drawing off negativity and repelling curses. It can also help with emotional healing by magnifying negative energies so they can be fully experienced and released. Black Obsidian can ground spiritual forces into the physical plane, allowing individuals to face their true selves and address any power issues on all levels.

Black Obsidian, Metaphysical Properties

Black Obsidian chakra energy is beneficial for the root chakra. Black obsidian is associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

32. Black Opal


Black Opal, Black Crystal Color Description

The black opal exhibits a mesmerizing play of colors against a dark black gemstone background, showcasing yellow, green, and red crystal fire hues. This black gemstone has a unique and rainbow iridescent appearance making it a highly sought-after gemstone.

Black Opal, Healing Properties Benefits

Black opal gemstones have healing properties that increase self-worth, strengthen the will to live, enhance intuition, and alleviate fears, promoting a sense of loyalty and spontaneity. Wearing or placing black opal near the body can benefit from its healing energy.

Black Opal, Metaphysical Properties

Black opal gemstones have healing properties that increase self-worth, strengthen the will to live, enhance intuition, and alleviate fears, promoting a sense of loyalty and spontaneity. Wearing or placing black opal near the body can benefit from its healing energy.

33. Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Black Pearl, Black Crystal Color Description

The Black Pearls, black color, is a true masterpiece of nature. Its black shiny surface resembles the reflection of the night sky on a calm sea.

The black shiny colors of the Black Pearl make it a precious gemstone, coveted by many for its unique and beautiful appearance.

Black Pearl, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Pearls have many healing properties that stimulate the condition of purity in both the body and mind and enhance personal integrity. This black stone also brings truth to situations and loyalty to a cause while inhibiting boisterous behavior.

Black Pearls provide a clear channel for spiritual guidance and wisdom, making them ideal for meditation and spiritual practices.

Black Pearl, Metaphysical Properties

Black Pearls are associated with the astrological signs of Cancer and Gemini. The chakra energy of black pearls supports the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Black pearls are ruled by the moon.

34. Black Perovskite

Black Perovskite

Black Perovskite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Perovskite is a striking black stone with a deep, silver glare color that exudes strength and stability. Its dark hue is reminiscent of the night sky, providing a sense of grounding and protection.

Black Perovskite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Perovskite is a powerful black crystal with healing properties that support you in overcoming challenges and obstacles.

This black crystal provides the strength and courage to persevere, even in the face of adversity, and eliminates mental confusion, allowing for clear and focused decision-making. It is also known to help with grounding and protection, making it useful for those who feel unbalanced or vulnerable.

Black Perovskite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Perovskite chakra energy links to the root chakra and is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo.

35. Black Dolerite


Black Dolerite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Dolerite typically has a dark, almost black crystal color with a fine-grained texture. Its black crystal surface may have a slightly reflective or shiny appearance due to its composition.

Black Dolerite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Dolerite has healing and grounding properties that can help alleviate anxiety, stress, and fear. It is also beneficial for enhancing mental clarity, focus, and concentration.

Additionally, Black Dolerite has a stabilizing effect on emotions and can help to promote emotional balance and inner peace.

Black Dolerite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Dolerite chakra energy is associated with the Throat Chakra.

36. Black Rutile Quartz

Black Rutile Quartz

Black Rutile Quartz, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Rutile Quartz is a crystal with dark black rutile inclusions within a clear or translucent quartz matrix. The black rutile threads create unique and intricate patterns, making each piece of this crystal one-of-a-kind.

Black Rutile Quartz, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Rutile Quartz has incredible healing properties that help release negative energy and emotions that may be trapped within the body matrix.

This black crystal promotes emotional release and helps to confront darker aspects of the psyche, making it an ideal crystal for those looking to let go of the past and move forward with forgiveness.

Black Rutile Quartz, Metaphysical Properties

Black Quartz Rutile is beneficial for harmonizing all seven major chakras and aligning the aura. It is also helpful for all zodiac signs, and its planetary association is with the Sun.

37. Black Sapphires

Black Sapphires

Black Sapphire, Black Crystal Color Description

Black sapphires shine with a deep, rich black gemstone color that reflects light beautifully and has a smooth and shiny surface when faceted for jewelry placement.

Black Sapphire, Healing Properties Benefits

Black sapphires balance emotions and ground the wearer to the present, relieving anxiety and negativity while helping to stay calm in stressful situations. These black gemstone soothes the nervous system and aids in emotional balance. They also bring good fortune and wealth.

Black Sapphire, Metaphysical Properties

Black sapphire’s chakra energy activates the Root Chakra, the energy center that governs grounding and stability. This black gemstone is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini and is ruled by the planet Saturn, which represents discipline, responsibility, and structure.

38. Turritella Agate

turritella agate

Turritella Agate, Black Crystal Color Description

Turritella Agate has an earthy black, dark midnight brown color with white or cream-colored spiral-shaped fossils resembling a turret shell.

Turritella Agate, Healing Properties Benefits

Turritella Agate promotes emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity, helping you to maintain composure during tense or tricky situations. This black dark chocolate brown crystal enhances your sense of security and self-confidence, providing inner stability. Additionally, it has a grounding effect that helps to balance emotions and provides a sense of calm during stressful times.

Turritella Agate, Metaphysical Properties

Turritella Agate chakra energy supports the Root Chakra and is linked with the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius.

39. Black Shamanite Calcite

Black Shamanite Calcite

Black Shamanite Calcite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Shamanite Calcite is a unique black stone with white or gray banding. Its black crystal appearance resembles a mixture of Calcite and Obsidian, giving it a distinct look.

Black Shamanite Calcite Healing Properties Benefits

Black Shamanite Calcite healing properties are linked to being a record keeper stone that helps in regression and regaining memories, enabling one to confront and overcome past traumas.

Black Shamanite Calcite aids in returning the soul to the body after stress or trauma, relieves depression, and is a useful companion during a “dark night of the soul.”

Black Shamanite Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Black Shamanite Calcite chakra energy is associated with the Root Chakra.

40. Black Sphene

Black Titanite Sphene

Black Sphene, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Sphene, also known as Titanite, has a unique black crystal color and metallic luster. It can display flashes of green, yellow, and brown from different angles within the black crystal.

Black Sphene, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Sphene enhances cognitive abilities and critical thinking, making it an excellent stone for students, researchers, and intellectuals. This black crystal helps retain knowledge, supports communication, and helps in debates and theorizing.

Additionally, Black Sphene promotes spiritual enlightenment and encourages individuals to release their attachment to a craving for love.

Black Sphene, Metaphysical Properties

Black Sphene chakra energy is linked to Crown Chakra. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

41. Black Spiderweb Obsidian


Black Spiderweb Obsidian, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Spiderweb Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass with intricate web-like patterns of white, grey, or brown veins resembling spiderwebs within the black crystal.

Black Spiderweb Obsidian, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Spiderweb Obsidian grounding is a black crystal that is also a protective black stone that helps to absorb negative energy and emotions. This black crystal provides support in healing in any situation and pairs well with many stones and gems.

Black Spiderweb Obsidian, Metaphysical Properties

Black Spiderweb Obsidian chakra energy is linked to the Root Chakra and is known for its ability to assist in grounding and stabilizing one’s energy. It is also associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

42. Black Spinel

Spinel Black

Black Spinel, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Spinel is a mesmerizing stone that showcases a deep, dark black crystal color.

The intensity of its black crystal color is reminiscent of a starry night sky, making it a perfect stone for meditation and spiritual practices.

Black Spinel, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Spinel is a protective black stone that helps to ward off negative energies and shield the wearer from harm. Black Spinel protects and grounds energy, balancing rising kundalini and offering insights into material problems.

Black Spinel, Metaphysical Properties

Black Spinel chakra energy is linked to the base and earth chakras. Black Spinel is associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius. This black gem is ruled by the planet Saturn.

43. Black Diopside

Diopside Black

Black Diopside, Black Crystal Color Description

The black crystal color of Black Diopside is stunning to behold. Its deep, dark shade of green is as black as the darkest night sky, and full of life.

The black colors of Black Diopside have a luster and shine that gives it a distinctive and unique appearance with rich dark greens.

Black Diopside, Healing Properties Benefits

Black diopside is a powerful grounding stone that helps individuals to connect with the Earth and feel a sense of stability and security. This beautiful black crystal also increases compassion and humility, opening the heart and mind to the suffering of others and encouraging service to the planet.

The healing powers of Black diopside stimulate intellectual faculties and aid in academic study and creative pursuits. It teaches humility, assists in contacting and honoring one’s true feelings, and supports intuition.

Black Diopside, Metaphysical Properties

Black diopside is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo and works very well with the root, heart, and third eye chakras.

44. Black Star Diopside

Black Star Diopside

Black Star Diopside, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Star Diopside is a captivating gemstone with a dark, velvety black color. Its black crystal surface exhibits a mesmerizing asterism resembling a star-shaped pattern, giving the stone an otherworldly and enchanting appearance.

The black stone’s color and starry effect make it an ideal stone for those seeking to connect with the cosmos and enhance their spiritual growth.

Black Star Diopside, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Star Diopside is renowned for its black crystal healing properties by supporting emotional healing and helping to foster self-control and discipline. This black crystal enhances spiritual eyesight into another dimension, giving you control over your energy and reality through deep manifestation practices.

Black Star Diopside, Metaphysical Properties

Black Star Diopside is connected with the Root and third eye chakra, enhancing grounding and spiritual growth. It is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo.

45. Black Phantom Quartz

Black Phantom Quartz

Black Phantom Quartz, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Phantom Quartz is a captivating mysterious crystal with dark black crystal colors and unique and mesmerizing inclusions.

These inclusions appear like the ghostly image of another crystal within the primary crystal, creating an otherworldly and enchanting effect.

The black color symbolizes grounding, stability, and protection.

Black Phantom Quartz, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Phantom Quartz offers numerous black crystal healing properties that facilitate access to the Akashic Records, helping to recover repressed memories and promoting spiritual growth and higher awareness.

This black crystal also assists in making transitions, especially to the next life, providing comfort and support during times of change.

Black Phantom Quartz, Metaphysical Properties

Black Phantom Quartz chakra energy is connected with the root, Earth, and crown chakra, making it an excellent choice for grounding and spiritual growth.

Black Phantom Quartz is also associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio and is ruled by the planet Pluto.

46. Goethite


Goethite, Black Crystal Color Description

Goethite is a beautiful black mineral that usually appears in shades of brown, black, and red-brown crystal colors.

Its black-greyish color is reminiscent of the Earth and has a grounding and stabilizing energy.

Goethite, Healing Properties Benefits

Goethite healing properties help connect you to the natural world and the planet’s energy.

Meditating with Goethite is a deeply transformative experience, allowing you to access higher states of consciousness and tap into your inner wisdom.

Goethite, Metaphysical Properties

Goethite chakra energy is healing for root chakra at the spine’s base. Goethite is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries.

47. Black, Dark Blue Tigers Eye ( Hawks Eye Stone)

Hawks Eye Stone also known as Blue Tigers Eye and Sometimes Black

Hawks Eye Stone, Black Dark Blue Crystal Color Description

Black Tiger’s Eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye Stone, is a dark navy blue-grey to black stone with a striking iridescent effect that shimmers in the light.

This is called blue tigers eye, hawk eye stone, and also falcon eye stone.

Hawks Eye Stone, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Blue Tiger’s Eye support healing from mental or emotional trauma by gently surfacing locked-in emotions and promoting self-awareness. Hawks eye stone has protective energy that also gives you a vision into the unknown.

Hawks Eye Stone, Metaphysical Properties

Blue Black Tiger’s Eye is associated with the base and third eye chakras, promoting a balance between grounding and spiritual awareness. This dark stone benefits those born under the zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn and those with a strong connection to the Sun.

48. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Tourmaline is a strikingly beautiful black crystal known for its unique and captivating midnight jet-black color. Its black crystal colors are unlike other black stones, as they contain deep shades of gray and blue that create a stunning depth of color.

The colors of Black Tourmaline can range from a deep, rich black to a lighter, more silvery black crystal shade, with a gentle gloss that adds to its allure.

Black Tourmaline, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Tourmaline is a powerful healing black crystal that cleanses and purifies energy, removing energy blockages and promoting energy flow throughout the body. Connecting with the Earth chakra, this black crystal benefits by helping to ground and stabilize the energetic bodies while protecting against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation.

Black Tourmaline, Metaphysical Properties

Black Tourmaline chakra energy is associated with the Earth and root chakras. Black Tourmaline is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

49. Black Zircon

Black Zircon

Black Zircon, Black Crystal Color Description

Black zircon is a black gemstone that shines with an aura of mystery and depth.

Its rich black crystal color symbolizes power, strength, and resilience.

Black Zircon, Healing Properties Benefits

Black zircon gemstone healing powers enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it a popular gemstone for meditation and spiritual practices.

Its black crystal energy helps the user access deeper levels of consciousness and better understand their true nature and purpose in life on a spiritual level.

Black Zircon, Metaphysical Properties

Black zircon chakra energy is associated with the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and heart chakra. This powerful black gemstone is associated with the zodiac signs Virgo, Leo, and Sagittarius.

50. Black Coal

Black Coal

Black Coal, Black Crystal Color Description

Naturally-tumbled black coal has a matte black color with a rough and irregular texture, making each piece unique.

It represents the transformative power of change, as coal is formed through immense pressure and heat over time.

Black Coal, Healing Properties Benefits

Naturally-tumbled black coal has powerful healing properties that can assist in personal growth and change. It helps individuals to understand the reasons behind their challenges and provides insight into the potential outcomes of their choices.

Black Coal is also used as a base for incense and burning ambers to clear negative energy from spaces.

Black Coal, Metaphysical Properties

Black coal is associated with the zodiac Scorpio and the root chakra.

51.Ferberite (Variety of wolframite)

Ferberite Wolframite

Ferberite, Black Crystal Color Description

Ferberite is a black Ferberite is a remarkable black crystal prized for its intense black coloration. This stunning black mineral is very powerful for healing. The black crystal colors of Ferberite are incredibly rich and deep, with a velvety surface that seems to absorb all the light around it.

Ferberite, Healing Properties Benefits

Ferberite black stone has powerful healing properties that promote a sense of freedom and a carefree attitude. It encourages individuals to let go of their worries and fears and embrace a more optimistic outlook.

Ferberite, Metaphysical Properties

Ferberite chakra energy stimulates the root and crown chakras, creating a powerful energetic bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Ferberite is also associated with the Scorpio astrological sign.

52. Galena


Galena, Black Crystal Color Description

Galena typically has a black metallic silver-gray color with a bright, reflective surface.

Its unique crystal structure often creates interesting geometric patterns that shimmer in the light.

Galena, Healing Properties Benefits

Galena black stone healing properties are for detoxification, helping to rid the body of harmful toxins and impurities. As a “stone of harmony,” it can help balance all aspects of life, promoting emotional stability and mental clarity.

Galena, Metaphysical Properties

Galena is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and it is Ruled by the planet Saturn.

53. Graphite


Graphite, Black Crystal Color Description

Graphite is a dark black, metallic mineral that can appear in shades of gray, black, or dark silver crystal colors.

Graphite, Healing Properties Benefits

The healing properties of Graphite are focused on enhancing energy transfer during healing activities, aligning the chakras, and improving neurological connections between the ethereal and physical nervous systems.

Graphite, Metaphysical Properties

Graphite is used to align all seven chakras and it is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn.

54. iLmenite


iLmenite, Black Crystal Color Description

Ilmenite is a beautiful black crystal known for its dark and metallic appearance. The black crystal colors of Ilmenite are deeply captivating, with shades of black, grey, and brown crystal colors that come together to create a unique and stunning intense nocturne color profile.

The black coloration of Ilmenite is the most prominent feature of the gemstone.

iLmenite, Healing Properties Benefits

Ilmenite is a powerful mineral for dispelling illusions and clearing past traumas. It can help one to see through deceit and misrepresentation, allowing for greater clarity and truthfulness. Additionally, Ilmenite can guide ritualistic activities, making it an excellent tool for those interested in spiritual or metaphysical practices.

iLmenite, Metaphysical Properties

Ilmenite is associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Ilmenite chakra energy stimulates the third eye chakra.

55. ilvaite


ilvaite, Black Crystal Color Description

Ilvaite is a powerful black crystal known for its dark and intense black crystal colors. The color range of Ilvaite typically ranges from black to dark, intense dark brown crystals, resulting in a beautiful and captivating visual display.

The black crystal colors of Ilvaite are characterized by their richness and depth, with a powerful and commanding presence that is sure to make an impression.

ilvaite, Healing Properties Benefits

Ilvaite healing properties intensify one’s patience and perseverance, allowing one to build a solid foundation for success. It is also believed to enhance creativity and provide access to higher realms of knowledge and information. Ilvaite can ground and center the individual, helping them maintain balance and stability even during challenging times.

ilvaite, Metaphysical Properties

Ilvaitechakra energy restores the root chakra and is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer

56. Magnetite


Magnetite, Black Crystal Color Description

Magnetite is a stunning black stone that possesses midnight black crystal colors. Its black surface glistens with a metallic sheen, creating a beautiful and mysterious appearance.

The midnight black colors of Magnetite are intense, giving it an almost three-dimensional look.

Magnetite, Healing Properties Benefits

Magnetite healing properties are grounding and balance of emotions while promoting a sense of calm and stability. This lovely black stone attracts love and positive energy while removing negative emotions and promoting objectivity.

Magnetite can also help alleviate anxiety and stress, making it an excellent tool for those seeking greater emotional balance and resilience.

Magnetite, Metaphysical Properties

Magnetite chakra energy connects with the base chakra. It is associated with several zodiac signs, including Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius, and is ruled by the power planet Mars.

57. Neptunite


Neptunite, Black Crystal Color Description

Neptunite is a fascinating mineral known for its beautiful black crystal colors. The deep black coloration of Neptunite is both striking and captivating, with a lustrous surface that reflects light in a unique and mesmerizing way.

Its black coloration is intermixed with deep shades of red, creating a beautiful contrast that only adds to its dark mysterious healing properties.

Neptunite, Healing Properties Benefits

Neptunite healing properties stimulate vitality and personal power, promoting courage and prompt action in challenging situations.

This black crystal also enhances focus and concentration, particularly for scattered or unfocused people. Neptunite is sometimes used in crystal healing for respiratory and circulatory issues, as well as for grounding and centering.

Neptunite, Metaphysical Properties

Neptunite is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces.

58. Nuummite


Nuummite, Black Crystal Color Description

Nuummite has a dark, rich crystal color, typically black, with brown or yellow crystal flashes.

Nuummite, Healing Properties Benefits

Nuummite is a powerful black stone for healing past life trauma and releasing karmic patterns. It can help restore energy and power while promoting self-respect and healthy boundaries.

Nuummite can assist in removing mental implants and negative energies, allowing for greater mental clarity and spiritual alignment.

Nuummite, Metaphysical Properties

Nuummite is associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign and the planet Pluto. It benefits the past life chakra and the soma chakra, as it helps to open and integrate all chakras.

59. Shungite


Shungite, Black Crystal Color Description

Shungite is a black crystal that can range from a deep, dark black to a lighter, blackish grey crystal shade. Its surface is smooth and lustrous or can be matte depending on the quality of the black stone.

This black crystal has become increasingly popular among crystal enthusiasts due to its beauty, uniqueness, and healing properties.

Shungite, Healing Properties Benefits

Shungite shields and purifies with its unique formation, grounding spiritual energies into the body and linking it to the Earth. It restores ley lines and the Earth’s meridians and supports metaphysical work, enhancing prophecy.

Shungite’s powerful properties are used for grounding, shielding, and purifying. Some people use this black crystal for 5 G protection and purification water, we have not tried this before but this is the information we have found for uses.

Shungite, Metaphysical Properties

Shungite is beneficial for the Earth’s star, base, and solar plexus chakras, helping to ground and connect spiritual energies to the physical body. It is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto.

60. Black Stibnite


Black Stibnite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Stibnite is a shiny, black metallic crystal that appears in a black-to-lead-gray color.

It has a unique, needle-like structure giving it a distinct appearance and making it a very intriguing black crystal.

Black Stibnite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Stibnite healing properties help to bring structure to the body, supporting those who may feel lost or ungrounded.

Black Stibnite is also beneficial for those seeking to explore astral travel, as it helps to protect and shield the body during such experiences.

Black Stibnite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Stibnite is with zodiac signs of Scorpio and Capricorn and is ruled by the planet Saturn.

61. Black Specularite Hematite

Black Specularite Hematite

Specularite Hematite, Black Crystal Color Description

This Black crystal is also named Alaska Black Diamond which is another variety of Hematite that is a dark black crystal with a shiny, reflective surface.

It is typically black or dark gray and very shiny.

Specularite Hematite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Specularite Hematite healing benefits support grounding and alleviate anxiety and stress while balancing emotions and energy levels.

This black shiny crystal is particularly helpful for those struggling with past life traumas or karmic battles, as it releases negative energies and promotes healing. It also assists in accessing past life memories and spiritual awareness, making it a valuable tool for spiritual growth and development.

Specularite Hematite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Specularite Hematite chakra energy is associated with several chakras, including the Earth, base root, past life, and crown chakras. It is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Aries. Saturn is the ruling planet, providing additional grounding and stabilizing energies.

62. Hematite


Hematite, Black Crystal Color Description

Hematite is a very metallic crystal that appears in a dark, shiny black color with a silver-like shimmer. This beautiful crystal looks like metal that has been polished it’s so reflective and gorgeous!

Hematite, Healing Properties Benefits

Hematite has grounding and protective properties that alleviate anxiety and stress and balance emotions and energy levels.

This metallic black crystal releases negative energies and supports healing from the ground up throughout all your spiritual and physical energy centers. Hematite supports your third eye in accessing past life recall.

Hematite, Metaphysical Properties

Hematite chakra energy is linked with the Earth, base, and past life chakras and is associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Aries. The ruling planet of hematite is Saturn.

63. Black Aegirine


Aegirine, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Aegirine has captivating black crystal colors. The color of Black Aegirine is a deep and rich black, reminiscent of a moonless midnight sky.

The surface of Black Aegirine is glossy and lustrous, with a beautiful shine that adds depth and dimension to its already mesmerizing black crystal color.

Aegirine, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Aegirine has powerful healing properties that boost self-esteem and promote a strong sense of integrity.

This black crystal is especially beneficial for highly sensitive people and can help them stay focused on their goals without being overwhelmed by negative emotions. It can also be useful in healing emotional wounds and clearing out negative energy that may hold you back.

Aegirine, Metaphysical Properties

Black Aegirine chakra energy is linked with the higher heart chakra and is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign.

64. Black Amber Crystal

Amber Black

Black Amber, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Amber Crystal has a rich, dark black color with a glossy surface that reflects light beautifully.

It often has inclusions and patterns of golden, brown, or green hues, giving it a unique and intriguing appearance.

Black Amber, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Amber Crystal has a powerful cleansing and purifying effect on the throat chakra, which can help to release any blockages and enable better communication. This black crystal helps to improve memory and decision-making abilities while promoting wisdom and peacefulness. Amber crystals are connected to ancient energy.

Black Amber, Metaphysical Properties

Black Amber Crystal chakra energy is associated with the throat chakra. Black Amber Crystal is also linked with Leo and Aquarius zodiac signs and the planet Sun.

65. Black Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Apache Tears, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Apache Tears are volcanic glass with a deep black color and a smooth, polished surface. They are usually small and oval and have a unique translucent quality when held to a light.

Apache tears are small tiny black obsidian crystals and have the same healing properties.

Apache Tears, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Apache Tears possess strong, purifying, and protective properties that help to strengthen the aura and shield against negative energies and psychic attacks.

These tiny black crystals can alleviate fear, anxiety, and grief while promoting emotional balance and positivity. Helping individuals understand the valuable lessons in life’s challenges assist in maintaining a positive attitude even during difficult times.

Apache Tears, Metaphysical Properties

Black Apache Tears are linked with the root chakra, the foundation of our physical and energetic bodies. Additionally, it is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries.

66. Black Anthophyllite

Black Anthophyllite

Black Anthophyllite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Anthophyllite is a beautiful crystal that can vary in color from deep black to dark midnight brown.

Its black crystal coloration is often speckled or striped, giving it a unique and distinctive appearance.

Black Anthophyllite, Healing Properties Benefits

This black crystal Anthophyllite is particularly helpful in promoting inner peace, reducing stress, and enhancing creativity. Black Anthophyllite works by balancing and aligning the energy centers in the body, helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety and promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.

Black Anthophyllite can also enhance creativity and inspiration, helping individuals to tap into their innermost thoughts and ideas.

Black Anthophyllite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Anthophyllite chakra energy is linked with the root and solar plexus chakras, promoting grounding and personal power. This black crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus, encouraging strength and stability.

Venus is the ruling planet of Black Anthophyllite, which enhances its healing properties and provides a sense of beauty, luxury, and harmony.

67. Black Axinite


Black Axinite, Black Crystal Color Description

Black Axinite is a beautiful crystal ranging from dark black to a rich, deep brown.

This beautiful black gemstone is a clear transparent black crystal color when held up to the light like smoky quartz crystals.

Black Axinite, Healing Properties Benefits

Black Axinite crystal healing properties are particularly helpful in aiding change and promoting personal growth. It can provide a sense of grounding and stability while also stimulating the mind and improving memory.

Black Axinite is also known for its ability to aid in deep transcendental meditations, helping to stop intrusive thoughts and support tranquility in the mental sphere of life.

Black Axinite, Metaphysical Properties

Black Axinite chakra energy soothes the base root and third eye chakras, strengthening grounding, visions, and intuition. This black crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, encouraging courage and strength.

68. Chrysotile


Chrysotile, Black Crystal Color Description

Chrysotile is a black crystal that is dark blackish green with black and white bands running through this dark beauty of a crystal.

Its fibers are often arranged in a swirling pattern, giving it a unique and beautiful appearance that is almost animal-like.

Chrysotile, Healing Properties Benefits

Chrysotile is a powerful black crystal that has healing properties that help clear away the past’s debris and reveal your true self. It is especially useful for identifying areas where you may seek to control others and correcting imbalances and blockages in the etheric blueprint that could lead to physical disease.

Chrysotile, Metaphysical Properties

Chrysotile chakra energy is very beneficial for the third eye chakra, located in the center of the forehead, and associated with intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. In terms of zodiac signs, Chrysotile is associated with Taurus.

69. ilmenorutile


ilmenorutile, Black Crystal Color Description

Ilmenorutile is a black stone mineral, that almost looks like black obsidian, it is typically opaque and has a metallic black or dark gray color.

ilmenorutile, Healing Properties Benefits

Ilmenorutile healing powers amplify out-of-body journeying, provide metaphysical protection, and connect you to higher angelic guides telepathically. This black crystal cleanses and purifies the aura, bringing it into balance with the physical body so you can draw more pranic energy into your force field. Ilmenorutile also directly targets the Root of a problem, providing effective solutions for your spiritual growth.

It benefits those seeking to increase their spiritual awareness and connection with higher realms for the ascension process in the age of Aquarius where beings are becoming more light or dark in nature.

ilmenorutile, Metaphysical Properties

Ilmenorutile chakra energy opens the crown and higher chakras, making it particularly useful for those seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment. It is also associated with the zodiac signs Leo and Gemini.

70. Jaspilite


Jaspilite, Black Crystal Color Description

Jaspilite is a unique and beautiful stone that is predominantly red and black crystal colors.

The red color comes from the presence of jasper, while the black color comes from magnetite. This combination creates a striking appearance that is sure to catch the eye.

Jaspilite, Healing Properties Benefits

Jaspilite is a powerful protection stone that healing properties that benefit balance and stability in your life. Supporting a sense of stability and inner strength, Jaspilite helps you to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Jaspilite is also beneficial for those seeking to manifest their aspirations and goals. By keeping you focused, Jaspilite can help you stay on track and achieve your desired outcomes. What you focus on expands, so stay focused on your dreams. : )

Jaspilite, Metaphysical Properties

Jaspilite chakra energy calms and soothes the root chakra, which governs feelings of safety, security, and grounding. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio. The planet Mars rules Jaspilite.

71. Rhodonite


Rhodonite, Black Crystal Color Description

Rhodonite is a beautiful black crystal with shades of pink and red, The black color combination of this stone is a stunning sight to behold.

This Rhodonite in the picture here is mainly black with some pink.

Rhodonite, Healing Properties Benefits

Rhodonite is known for its healing properties, particularly for emotional healing. It helps release past traumas and emotional wounds, promoting forgiveness and self-love.

This black and pink crystal also aids in balancing emotions and calming the mind, making it an excellent choice for those struggling with anxiety and stress.

Rhodonite, Metaphysical Properties

Rhodonite chakra energy heals the heart and solar plexus chakras. It is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. Mars is the ruling planet of rhodonite, providing it with additional energies of strength and courage.

How to Choose Black Crystals and Stones

Choosing the right black crystals and stones depends on your intention. For example, hematite can be used for grounding and protection, while black tourmaline is known to be especially effective for banishing negative energy. Smoky quartz is ideal for purifying and cleansing energies in a space, while black onyx is great for absorbing negative energy. Obsidian is also known as a powerful stone of protection and can help to block psychic attacks.

When choosing which crystal to use, it’s important to feel the energy of each one and pay attention to any sensations that arise from touching them. You should also consider the size of the crystal in relation to what you plan to do with it – for example, larger crystals may be more suitable for placing in areas or wearing as jewelry.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek advice from an experienced crystal healer or crystal card deck. Using a pendulum can be helpful with our black crystal guide.

How to Use Black Crystals and Gemstones

Using Black crystals and gemstones for healing and wellness. They can be used for grounding, protection, space clearing, balancing the root chakra, and more. Here are ways to use black crystals and gemstones to assist you on your spiritual journey with crystals.

Grounding: To ground oneself, it’s important to use crystals that have grounding properties. Good examples of black crystals for grounding include hematite, black tourmaline, and smoky quartz. You can place them on the floor while you are meditating or wearing jewelry against your skin. You can also carry them in your pocket, purse, or bag to stay grounded while on the go.

Protection: Black crystals can be used to protect against negative energy, psychic attacks, and harmful energies. Black tourmaline, black onyx, and black obsidian are several great options that are known for their protective qualities. To use black crystals for protection, you can wear them as jewelry or carry them in your pocket or purse.

Balancing the Root Chakra: The root chakra is associated with the earth element and is located at the base of the spine. Using black crystals for root chakra balancing is a powerful way to stay grounded and connected to the earth. Hematite and obsidian are great crystals for balancing the root chakra.

To balance your root chakra, you can hold the crystal over the base of your spine and meditate with it or carry the crystal in your pocket or as jewelry.

Space Clearing of Home or Office: Black crystals can also be used for space clearing of your home or office. Placing black crystals and stones in the corners of your home or office can help to purify the energy and clear negative energy. You can also wear black crystals as jewelry or carry them in your pocket for a constant source of protection and grounding.

Wearing black crystal and gemstone jewelry is a simple and stylish way to keep the energy of the black stones near you, while placing them in specific areas of your home or office can aid in space clearing, i.e., placing them in corners of your home or office.

Black crystals and stones in the bedroom can enhance a good night’s sleep, and paired with prehnite for sleeping, it is even better.

Keeping black crystals in the kitchen can help with cleansing your food and promoting positive vibes in cooking.

You can also use black crystals to boost energy as they are connected to the root chakra which is a center of vitality.

Caring for Black Crystals

Black crystals are unique and require special care and maintenance to ensure that they keep their properties strong. Here is a guide on how to care for black crystals:

Storage: When storing black crystals, it’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight or heat. This is because exposure to high temperatures can cause these crystals to become brittle or crack. A cool, dry place like a velvet or silk bag is the perfect place to store them.

Cleansing: To cleanse black crystals, there are several methods you can use. One easy way is to hold the crystal under running water while visualizing the negative energy being washed away. Another method is to place the black crystals in a saltwater bath, allowing the salt to draw out negative energy from the crystal. Smudging with sage or palo santo can also be effective.

Charging: After cleaning black crystals, they need to be charged with positive energy. This can be done by placing them in the moonlight for several hours. You can also bury the black crystals and stones in the earth for a few hours or overnight so that they can absorb energy from the earth.

Programming: Crystal affirmations and Programming black crystals is the process of setting your intentions and purpose for using the black crystal. To do this, hold the crystal in your hands and focus on your intention.

Visualize the crystal absorbing your intention, and say a positive affirmation out loud. Repeat the affirmation as many times as you feel necessary to program your crystal.

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Black Crystals Conclusion

Black crystals like black onyx, black obsidian, and black diamonds are popular gemstones for those interested in alternative healing practices. Black crystals are believed to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy, making them powerful tools for protection and grounding. Some popular black crystals include black tourmaline, black onyx, obsidian, and black spinel.

Incorporating black crystals into your daily routine can help promote a sense of calm and balance.

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Black Crystals FAQ

What are the best black Crystals for protection?

Smoky Quartz and Black Obsidian are the best black crystals for protection. When black obsidian and smoky quartz are used together, their protective qualities are amplified, creating an even stronger shield against negative energies. The smoky quartz helps to ground and anchor the protective energy of the black obsidian, making it more effective.

What are the Best Black Crystals and Stones for Grounding?

Ihematite and galena are two of the best black crystals for grounding, with black tourmaline also being a good option.

What are the best Black Crystals for Love?

Black diamonds are amazing when used as a love crystal. Black Diamonds protect your love and ward off negative energies from your relationship.

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