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Yttrium Fluorite Chakra

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Learn about Yttrium Fluorite benefits and connection for the heart chakra and third eye chakra.

Yttrium Fluorite Chakra Third Eye Anja

What Chakra is Yttrium Fluroite?

Yttrium Fluorite is connected to the third eye chakra and heart chakra. Also known as lavender fluorite is a crystal known for balancing and harmonizing both chakras. It has a strong protective energy that can be used to protect the user from negative energies and outside influences.

The yttrium fluorite is associated with healing, awakening intuition, calming an anxious mind, and releasing blockages. Yttrium fluorite is great for connecting to higher realms and gaining spiritual insight. It also helps increase concentration when studying or working.

Yttrium fluorite also helps to open and activate the third eye chakra, allowing for access to inner wisdom and intuition. Overall, yttrium fluorite is an excellent crystal for meditation, spiritual growth, and healing. It can help ground us in our bodies while still accessing higher realms of spiritual energy.

This light violet crystal can help you restore the balance of your heart chakra by promoting both spiritual and mystical growth while allowing more love into your life.  

Yttrian Fluorite

What is Yttrium Fluorite Gemstone?

Yttrium fluorite gemstone is a fluorescent and phosphorescent mineral that is found naturally. It is used as an ore of yttrium and as a collector’s gemstone.

Therapeutic properties of this stone are believed to include improved tissue regeneration, reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity, and increased energy levels.

Yttrium fluorite is a powerful high-vibration crystal that helps both spiritual and mystical growth. It possesses a high level of gemstone energy that will promote and enhance your psychic gifts. It has great energy to help psychic growth.

This beautiful high-frequency crystal will help you unblock the third eye chakra as well s develop your intuition and promote the growth of an array of psychic abilities.

This beautiful light purple crystal has many extraordinary and unusual metaphysical properties across a range of different fields.

Yttrium Fluorite is ruled by the planet Mercury and is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces.  

Yttrium Fluorite Chakra

Yttrium Fluorite Crystal Chakra Benefits

This beautiful high-frequency crystal helps us develop intuition, with a mild, supporting energy that enhances the full spectrum of psychic abilities.

Other benefits of yttrium fluorite stone include:

·      Has grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy

·      Balancing to the third eye chakra

·      Promotes intuitive abilities

·      Links mind to universal consciousness

·      Enhances connection to spirit

·      Has a stabilizing energy

·      Increases self-confidence

·      Helps in decision making

·      High-frequency crystal that promotes intuition  

Heart Chakra Anahata
Heart Chakra Anahata

What is a Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is our fourth primary energy center, located at the center of our chest. It controls our ability to love ourselves and others. It helps us to forgive and accept our own limitations, as well as those of others. The association color is green and or pink.

Balanced Heart Chakra

When this chakra is in balance, we have divine feelings of self-love, joy, compassion, and gratitude. Our inner voice is strong and we are in tune with ourselves, as well as our heart’s desires. We feel confident in expressing our emotions, allowing us to connect deeply with others.

Symptoms of a blocked heart chakra

Feeling of isolations, disconnected, unable to forgive, feeling unloved, having difficulty expressing emotions, feeling judged or criticized for your feelings, and being fearful of intimacy.

Emotionally, you may feel a lack of joy and low self-esteem. You may also find yourself avoiding relationships or struggling to maintain meaningful connections with others due to the fear of being hurt. Fear of abandonment and insecurity are common if the heart chakra is blocked.  

Yttrium Fluorite Healing the Heart Chakra

Yttrium fluorite used as a heart chakra crystal can help restore the balance of your heart chakra by promoting both spiritual and mystical growth while allowing more love into your life. This crystal aids in understanding and developing a strong connection to our feelings, emotions, and intuition.  

Third Eye Chakra Ajna

What is Third Eye Chakra?

Also known as the Ajna chakra, the third eye is an invisible eye located on the forehead. This energy wheel has the power to boost the perception of things that our eyes can’t see. This mystical eye is part of the ‘subtle body’, meaning that while it cannot be seen, it is considered a very important force in governing how the energy moves within the body.

Ajna translates “to perceive” and “to command” in Sanskrit. It is thought to be beneficial for treating disorders related to perception. When the sixth chakra is aligned, it is believed that one can see things as they are without clouds of ego. But if it is imbalanced, the symptoms may be manifested in physical form as well as emotional and metaphysical.

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

When Ajna chakra is imbalanced, the increasing desire for worldly things disconnects us from our true self. We feel impatient and our vision is blocked by the burdens of past thoughts. This distance from spirituality distorts our intuition and imbalances the third eye chakra.

Balance Third Eye Chakra

When the third eye chakra is aligned, you are a true visionary with increased intuition, and heightened creativity and become capable of breaking away from the time-bound idea of consciousness. You experience clarity of vision and thought, you are imaginative and self-aware.

How Yttrium heals the Third Eye Chakra

Yttrium Fluorite is the perfect the third-eye chakra crystal to help restore balance in your third-eye chakra. It has a strong grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy that links the mind to universal consciousness. It helps you to be present and mindful of your vision for the future, awakening intuition and clarity of thought. This high-frequency crystal brings in a stabilizing energy to the third eye that helps you to stay grounded in reality and balance your logical thinking with spiritual understanding. Yttrium Fluorite can help open yourself up to greater mental abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy. It allows us to access higher levels of consciousness and knowledge so that we can move forward with clarity.  

Yttrium Fluorite Crystal Affirmations

Use yttrium fluorite crystal for these affirmations to unclog the third eye:

·      I am open to inner guidance

·      I recognize wisdom comes within

·      The knowledge of the universe is within me

·      I see all situations with clarity and objectivity    

Yttrium Fluorite Chakra Conclusion

Yttrium fluorite is a powerful crystal for spiritual growth and awakening intuition. When working with this stone, you may find that your concentration and focus increase. It also helps to open and activate the third eye chakra and heart chakra, allowing for access to inner wisdom, love, and intuition. This crystal is especially beneficial for meditation and exploring higher realms. If you are looking to connect with your spiritual side and heal your chakras, yttrium fluorite should be at the top of your list!

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