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Third Eye Chakra Crystals, 33 Stones for healing the Ajna

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Learn the meanings, names, and healing properties of Third Eye Chakra Crystals. These Chakra Crystals are Purple Amethyst, Purple Calcite, Purple Tourmaline, Sodalite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, and Angelite, Azurite. These Anja Chakra stones will clear spiritual vision blockages in your Third Chakra. Third-eye chakra crystals are usually purple.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals Anja Stones

What are The Third Eye Chakra Crystals?

third eye chakra crystals

Third Eye Chakra Crystals are Sodalite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Iolite, Tanzanite, Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Purple Fluorite, Ajoite, Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Ametrine, Howlite, Angelite, Azurite, Blue Calcite,
Celestite, Blue Halite, Danburite Pink, Golden Beryl Yellow/Heliodor, Green Fluorite, Idocrase/Vesuvianite, Kunzite, Purple/Violet Tourmaline, Shattuckite, Sugilite,
Turquoise, Unakite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Citrine.

Third Eye gemstones help you heal your chakra connection to the universal mind and clear blockages in your Ajna Chakra. Purple chakra crystals like amethyst, purple calcite, and purple fluorite open and protect your third eye so you can transcend and see universal truth.

Purple chakra crystals enhance our ability to absorb prana more easily. Ajna Chakra Crystals help us be more aware of our surroundings and the people around us, making it easier for us to recognize if we are in a negative space spiritual space.

Third-eye chakra crystals help us to see beyond the physical and to connect with our higher self and spiritual guide. At the same time, giving us powerful protection for our third eye. This is helpful in transcendental meditation techniques.

Benefits of Third Eye Chakra Crystals

The third eye chakra is associated with psychic perception, intuition, and wisdom. Using crystals to heal this chakra can help bring greater spiritual clarity and insight into your life. You can transcend the darkness and lift the veil of illusion within your mind.

Utilizing Third Eye Chakra crystals can help to open our minds and expand our awareness, leading to enlightenment. This opens up the potential to access metaphysical powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences. By tapping into and utilizing these higher realms of consciousness, we can observe chakras and auras, allowing us to understand more deeply the energy that flows through the universe.

With greater spiritual awareness and understanding, Third Eye Chakra crystals give us knowledge that may remain hidden.

Crystals such as lapis lazuli, amethyst, kyanite, selenite, and quartz can balance this energy center. You can benefit greatly from their vibration and calming energy by placing them over the third eye area or meditating with them in your hands.

Working with these crystals can also help open up your intuition and psychic abilities, allowing you to better understand the world around you.  

What is The Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Ajna

The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows. The color of the Ajna Chakra is purple to violet lavender and represents spiritual visions and clairvoyance. An opened brow chakra connects to universal consciousness and higher dimensions of perceived reality.

Poets, artists, and healers can benefit from the third eye chakra by using it to tap into their creative visionary powers and receive ideas from the universe.

In addition, the third eye chakra helps you see things from an elevated perspective, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

The Third Eye Chakra Meaning

Ajna chakra meaning is visionary, artistic, faith, spiritual, the seat of the soul, clairvoyance, astral travel, and soul light body. In Sanskrit, Third Eye Chakra is also called “the seat of intuition.

“This is because it helps you to interpret what you see spiritually. This Chakra is connected directly to our mind’s eye of intuition, which is why it’s often referred to as the “third eye.” It can help us see things from the metaphysical soul’s eyes. The spiritual eye can also help us understand ourselves better and look beyond the physical into past or future lives and remote viewing.

Here is a list of the Third Eye Chakra’s balanced and unbalanced meanings:

Blocked Third Eye Chakra






Fear of Change

Lack of intuition

Unable to Focus

Lives in the Past

Fear of the Future

Anxious and Isolated

Indecisive and Scattered

Holding onto Limiting Beliefs

Negative Thoughts and Criticism

Mentally and Spiritually Depressed

Repeats Old Toxic Patterns and Relationships

Abuse or Addictions towards Self and Others

Balanced Third Eye Chakra







Dream Recall Mentally strong

Creative Mindset

Sense of Clarity and Vision

Trust in One’s Self

Possess Inner wisdom

Knows How to Grow Oneself

Connected to Inner Knowing

Spiritually Aligned and Evolved

Knows the Nature of Reality on a Cosmic Level

Able to See the sequence of events before making a decision  

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

33 of the best and most powerful crystals and stones for the Third Eye Chakra. Whether your Anja chakra is overactive or underactive, you can use them to unblock, open and heal your third eye chakra. 

1. Sodalite


Sodalite is an excellent crystal for healing and unblocking the third eye chakra. Its deep blue color helps to bring a sense of calm and peace, while its vibration encourages spiritual understanding and enlightenment. Sodalite can help unlock negative thinking patterns blocking your path toward growth and ascension.

By placing the dark blue crystal on your forehead or wearing it around your neck as jewelry, you can benefit from the soothing energy this stone offers, allowing you to experience greater clarity and balance within your life.

Sodalite is also linked to the throat chakra and ruled by the planet venus. This Beautiful third-eye chakra crystal is deeply associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. 

2. Labradorite


Labradorite chakra crystal is known for its power to amplify intuition and psychic abilities in the third eye chakra.

Its rainbow-hued flashes of color can help you access higher states of consciousness and connect with your spiritual self.

By opening up the Third Eye Chakra, Labradorite allows you to experience deeper understanding, clarity, and peace within yourself.

Labradorite is associated with the zodiac signs Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Other Chakra Labradorite benefits the crown chakra, higher crown chakra, and soma chakra.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli chakra crystal is a powerful stone that can open, balance, and activate the Anja chakra. Its deep blue color connects to the divine energy within and helps to bring clarity of thought and spiritual understanding.

It can also aid in self-expression, allowing us to speak our truth with confidence and courage.

When using Lapis Lazuli for healing the third eye chakra, it can help to release any negative thoughts or ideas that may be blocking your path towards growth and ascension.

This is an ancient pharaoh’s gemstone used in Egypt.

Lapis Lazuli is connected to two other chakras the throat chakra and the crown chakra. The zodiac sign associated with Lapis Lazuli is Sagittarius, and the gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus, making it a very powerful wealth and love bringer. 

4. Amethyst


Amethyst is a powerhouse third eye chakra crystal. This purple crystal radiates energy associated with spiritual connection, opening us up to divine inspiration and guidance.It draws on cosmic energy from the universe, allowing us to receive insights from our subconscious. This purple crystal can also help enhance mental clarity and focus while calming emotions and reducing stress.

When used as jewelry or placed over the third eye during meditation, Amethyst can bring about a sense of peace and inner harmony, helping us reach spiritual enlightenment on our metaphysical paths.

Amethyst is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune and is associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces. Other chakras linked to Amethyst are the crown chakra, soma chakra, and higher crown chakra. 

5. Iolite


Iolite is a deep blue-violet stone that resonates with the Third eye chakra’s energy. This powerful crystal aids in activating the pituitary gland, helping to enhance our intuition and spiritual insight. It encourages us to let go of fear, opening our hearts and minds to new possibilities.

Iolite can help us deepen our meditation practice, providing clear visualization during introspection and allowing us to receive divine guidance from our higher self.

Known as “the vision stone”,Iolite helps us clarify the path toward inner realization and spiritual connection. This third eye chakra crystal can help open up our channels for unlimited access to knowledge from beyond.

This purple Anja Crystal is associated with Zodiac Signs Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius and can be used to align all chakras. 

6. Tanzanite


Tanzanite third eye chakra crystal is a beautiful violet gemstone that harmonizes well with the Anja chakra’s energy. It helps to awaken our higher consciousness and expand our awareness while increasing our capacity to download information from beyond.

This third eye chakra crystal also assists in clearing any energetic blocks or resistance around the Anja chakra, allowing us to better connect with our spiritual selves and access divine guidance. On an energetic level, it can help us heal emotionally and spiritually by helping us identify patterns that need to be released, making way for new perspectives and insights.

Tanzanite links to All chakras, making it a powerhouse gemstone. The beautiful chakra crystal, Tanzanite, is associated with the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces. 

7. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz third eye chakra crystal, is an extremely versatile crystal known for its powerful capabilities that help balance and align the anja chakra. Spiritual practitioners often use it as a shamanic tool and energy amplifier, enhancing inner wisdom and spiritual clarity within the third eye chakra.

Clear quartz helps to open up the third eye chakra, allowing one to connect to higher realms of consciousness and gain insight from realms beyond this physical world. Its energizing properties stimulate personal growth, amplify intention, and increase self-awareness.

Additionally, it helps to clear away blockages in the crown chakra that prevent enlightenment, making it an ideal crystal for those seeking spiritual growth.

Clear Quartz is ruled by the Sun and Moon and is associated with all the zodiac signs. Clear quartz aligns all the chakras, magnifies the radiant body, and clears the aura. 

8. Blue Kyanite

Kyanite Blue

Blue kyanite is an incredible crystal that is known for its ability to activate and balance the third eye chakra. It helps to open up one’s intuitive abilities, allowing one to tap into attunement and meditation with greater ease.

Blue kyanite increases higher states of consciousness and stimulates metaphysical abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, and prophetic dreaming. Its unique properties can amplify spiritual energy, allowing it to become an amplifier of high-frequency energies, enabling one to gain insight from realms beyond this physical plane while charging your chakras.

This Third Eye Chakra Crystal also connects one to their inner wisdom and truth, helping them see reality for what it is. This third eye chakra crystal does not need cleansing; it cleanses and dissolves negative energy.

This light blue crystal is associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, and Libra, opens the throat chakra, and aligns all chakras with the aura. 

9. Lepidolite


Lepidolite is a beautiful third-eye chakra crystal, a purple violet-colored crystal . Lepidolite supports the third eye chakra while healing occurs. Its energy helps to dissipate any negative emotions from within and induces a sense of peace and calm. This makes it a powerful tool for transitioning into higher states of consciousness and ascension.

This Third eye chakra crystal can also heal emotional trauma, encourage more optimistic thoughts, and allow one to open up to divine guidance. Additionally, Lepidolite can help connect one to inner strength and clarity from the third eye to move forward in life with confidence and grace.

Lepidolite Chakra crystal is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune and is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. Lepidolite is beneficial for ALL chakras for healing and unblocking.  

10. Moonstone


When it comes to healing the third eye chakra with Moonstone is an exceptional third eye chakra crystal, it is great for releasing spiritual and emotional blocks that prevent us from tapping into our full potential of the third eye chakra.

This white Anja crystal also helps us focus and meditate more deeply. Moonstone third eye crystal also helps clear away negative energy fields that may hinder our intuition or psychic abilities. Moonstone white crystal energies will bring forth truth and understanding, allowing us to see things from a clearer perspective. Moonstone chakra crystal to use for healing and has been known to heighten psychic power and perception by activating the pineal gland linked directly to the third eye chakra. When this occurs, our connection to the spiritual realm is opened further, allowing us access to greater inner knowledge and understanding in the Anja chakra. It can also protect negative energy by increasing lucid dreaming while opening up clairvoyance abilities in the third eye chakra.

Moonstone is ruled by the moon and associated with three zodiac signs Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio. Other chakra moonstones are linked to the soma chakra, crown chakra, and solar plexus chakra. 

11. Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite is a third-eye chakra crystal known for its ability to activate the Anja point (or third eye) and enhance intuitive abilities and mental focus. This dark purple crystal can help protect against any negative energies blocking spiritual clarity and increase access to higher vibrations. It helps awaken the Third Eye, allowing one to gain insight beyond this physical plane.

Additionally, this Anja crystal can clear away any negative energy from the arc line, all while providing energetic protection during your spiritual journey.

Purple fluorite is connected to the third eye and the heart chakra. Zodiac association is Pisces, and secondary can be used with Aquarius. The planet that rules Purple fluorite is Mercury. 

12. Ajoite


Ajoite is a very gentle third-eye chakra crystal. Its beautiful light blue color brings a gentle but powerful vibration to this area, making it easier to access the Anja chakra energies and its associated intuition. With its extremely high vibration, Ajoite can bring light and love into the Third Eye chakra that can help one channel divine insights and understanding with clarity.

This light blue crystal nurtures to ease tension and confusion while unlocking ancient spiritual wisdom. Additionally, this third eye chakra crystal helps bring forth unconditional love and compassion while allowing one to look within themselves with greater depth and care.

This light blue chakra crystal, Ajoite, is incredible for the third eye and crown chakra and links the heart and throat chakra. Ajoite is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. 

13. Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz third eye chakra crystal, is an incredibly powerful crystal for activating the Third Eye chakra. With its highest vibration of love and light, this crystal can help dissolve old karma and emotional blockages affecting one’s spiritual journey. It facilitates profound spiritual transformation by allowing one to access higher realms of understanding and consciousness within the third eye chakra.

This Third eye crystal helps reach a deeper level of intuition and provides clarity to gain insights during meditation. Its energies can also ease confusion while unlocking divine knowledge within oneself and bringing forth unconditional love and compassion within all the chakras.

This chakra crystal is also linked to the higher crown, the soma and crown chakra. The lavender violet crystals are associated with the zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces and are ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. 

14. Ametrine


Ametrine Third Eye chakra crystal is a unique combination of Amethyst and Citrine energies that bring vitality to this area, helping dissolve negative emotional programming.

This crystal is an energizer for the third eye chakra, giving one the necessary strength to delve deep into their spiritual journey. It can also act as an aura cleanser, purifying unwanted energies or blockages while encouraging one to gain clarity and insight into their life patterns that were before hidden.

Ametrine’s energy works on all layers of the aura, from physical to mental, allowing one to be more open and connected and see their spiritual journey.

Ametrine crystal is associated with the zodiac sign Libra and is connected to two major chakras, the Third eye, and solar plexus chakra. This gorgeous crystal is ruled by four powerful planets Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun. 

15. Howlite


Howlite third eye chakra crystal is a beautiful, milky-white stone that helps one reach deeper levels of meditation and opens one’s awareness to receive Higher Wisdom though the third eye chakra. Howlite encourages greater self-reflection, offering insights into the subconscious mind.

The color of Howlite resonates strongly with the energies of the Third Eye chakra, helping to integrate physical and spiritual understanding.

Howlite also has calming properties and can help reduce stress and insomnia connected to the third eye while allowing one to remain open to new ideas and inspirations from spiritual realms.

Howlite third eye chakra crystal is also used as a Gemini zodiac Crystal.  

16. Angelite


Angelite is another gentle third-eye chakra crystal and is a very beautiful light blue stone that resonates strongly with the Third Eye and Throat chakra. Its energy helps foster compassion and gentle telepathic communication, providing peace and calming vibrations for rebirthing and understanding. Its color corresponds to the Third Eye chakra, helping unblock energetic pathways in the body and promoting relaxation. When you are relaxed and at peace, you can receive visual messages through your Anja chakra for visual guidance.

Angelite also encourages gentleness and a sense of peace, helping one remain balanced in challenging times. This baby blue third eye crystal helps access deeper states of meditation. Angelite connects one with spiritual Meridians, where messages of Higher Wisdom can be received from metaphysical realms and states of consciousness.

Angelite is connected to both the Third eye and the Throat chakra. The zodiac association is Aquarius.  

17. Azurite


Azurite is a strengthening third eye chakra crystal. It is a deep blue gemstone with strong ethereal energy. It helps to stimulate the mind and mental processes within the third eye chakra, encouraging a better understanding of how our brains structure reality.

This third eye chakra crystal works to increase metaphysical powers and spiritual unfoldment, aiding in the third eye-opening and connecting us to the Higher Realms.

Its color corresponds to the Third Eye chakra, helping unblock energetic pathways in the body, promote relaxation, and open one up to deeper states of meditation.

Azurite is ruled by Venus and is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

This beautiful blue and white crystal is linked to the third eye, higher crown, soma, and crown chakra.  

18. Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite third eye chakra crystal is a powerful stone for healing and purification of the third eye, clearing away toxic thoughts and negative mental loops.

This beautiful Anja crystal hues evoke a connection to the wisdom of the Universe, opening us up to deep spiritual insight.

Blue Calcite has been known to be beneficial in clearing emotional blockages which inhibit the clear communication of thoughts and feelings. This third eye crystal can bring increased peace and harmonious energy into one’s life, allowing for greater mental clarity and emotional balance.

Blue calcite is ruled by the planet Venus and links to the Third eye and throat chakra. The zodiac sign associated with this light blue crystal is Cancer. 

19. Celestite


Celestite third eye chakra crystal is a beautiful crystal with an etheric blue hue that resonates strongly with the third eye chakra. It can promote mental clarity and alignment by restoring harmony to chaotic mental patterns within the third eye chakra.

This baby blue crystal stimulates spiritual development, invoking divine energy which can bring about metaphysical abilities and enhanced intuition. Celestite is believed to be a powerful facilitator of inner peace and connection to one’s higher self, assisting in spiritual awakening and a greater connection to the third eye chakra gently.

This light blue crystal is linked to the Throat, Third eye, higher crown, and crown chakra. Ruled by Venus and Neptune and is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini.  

20. Blue Halite

Blue Halite

Blue Halite third eye chakra crystal is simply divine. Its azure blue color is a reminder of its deep spiritual and metaphysical properties linked to this Anja chakra.

This dark blue crystal helps to detoxify and clear away mental patterns, which can block our connection to the divine in our third eye chakra, allowing for higher spiritual insights.

Blue Halite chakra crystal works to open up the metaphysical gates, increasing intuition and allowing us to tap into our inner knowing.

It also helps to cleanse mental patterns from the third eye chakra, inspiring clarity, and understanding on a deeper level. The Third eye chakra is connected to addiction, and this Anja crystal can support you through detox.

Blue Halite is a third-eye chakra crystal deeply associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. 

21. Danburite Pink

Danburite Light Pink

Pink Danburite third eye chakra crystal is a divine pink crystal that nurtures the third eye chakra. This third eye chakra crystal is characterized by its soft, rosy pink crystal color that inspires unconditional love and compassion for oneself and others.

With love in the eye of the beholder, you will have a more positive and compassionate outlook on life and others.

Pink Danburite is a powerful healer of the third eye chakra, helping bring mental clarity, understanding, and connection to enlightenment.

This light pink Anja crystal assists in cleansing and clearing away negative mental patterns which can block us from our higher selves. Pink Danburite encourages spiritual awakenings and connecting with our inner wisdom.

This light pink crystal is associated with the zodiac star sign Leo and is linked to five total chakras, Heart chakra, higher heart chakra, crown chakra, higher crown, and third eye chakra. Making Pink Danburite a gentle yet very powerful chakra crystal healer.  

22. Golden Beryl Yellow/ Heliodor

Yellow Beryl Heliodor

Golden Beryl is a third-eye chakra crystal used for the courage to take action on your innermost thoughts and inner wisdom.

This yellow crystal symbolizes purity of being and clarity of thought. This crystal helps to open the mind and clear away mental clutter, promoting clear thinking and understanding.

Golden Beryl encourages courage, insight, creativity, and wisdom from within the third eye chakra. It also purifies our connection to the divine, supporting higher spiritual awareness and awakening.

Working with golden beryl as a third eye chakra crystal helps us to access deeper levels of understanding about ourselves and gives us the strength to take action.

This amazing crystal is linked to the third eye, crown, and solar plexus chakra. It is associated with the zodiac sign Leo.

Let this golden crystal shine light rays in your life, third eye, and guide the way.  

23. Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite chakra stone, is a beautiful green crystal that works very well with the third eye chakra. It has a dark green color that inspires inner strength, clarity, and concentration within the third eye chakra. This Anja crystal assists in opening the third eye and awakening wisdom within. Working with Green Fluorite as a chakra crystal can help guide us on our spiritual journey, allowing us to see and comprehend the bigger picture of life.

It also helps to ground excess energy so that we can better focus our attention and mental clarity on what matters in life. Green Fluorite third eye energy connects one’s higher consciousness with grounded earthly matters, connecting heaven and earth in one amazing stone.

Green fluorite is an amazing chakra healer stone. It is connected to the Heart, the Third eye chakra, and is also used for the Earth and solar plexus chakra. This Chakra stone cleanses all chakras and is associated with the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign Capricorn. 

24.  Vesuvianite (Idocrase)


Idocrase, known as Vesuvianite, is an amazing third-eye chakra crystal. It has a light green crystal color that stimulates our psychic energy and intuition in our Anja Chakra. This green crystal assists in opening the third eye and helps us better sense the subtle energy fields surrounding us – both from past life experiences and present-day situations.

This third eye chakra crystal encourages the healing of karmic energies, helping us to let go of old patterns and learn from our past experiences.

Vesuvianite is associated with two zodiac star signs, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Chakra connections are the third eye and heart chakra.  

25. Kunzite( pink lilac)


Pink Kunzite third eye chakra crystal is a beautiful pink crystal that heals and strongly connects with the Anja Chakra.

It has a refreshing pink hue that invites us to open up and express ourselves in more creative ways. This high-vibration stone assists in healing the Anja Chakra, allowing a deeper understanding of sharing our unique gifts with the world.

Pink Kunzite helps to connect one’s higher consciousness with the physical plane, making it easier to work on multidimensional levels. This third eye chakra crystal can help to enhance self-expression, open us up to new ideas and help us to unleash our creativity.

Pink Kunzite vibrates a loving frequency that helps us to feel comfortable in our energy and opens up our third eye.

The planets rule this gentle yet highly regarded crystal are Venus and Pluto. The Zodiac signs connected to pink kunzite are Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. This pink Anja crystal is linked to the higher crown, third eye, soma, and crown chakra.  

26. Purple/Violet Tourmaline

Tourmaline Violet Purple

Purple Tourmaline’s third eye chakra crystal, rich purple color helps awaken the third eye chakra energy center and invites greater psychic awareness and intuition. As a Third Eye Chakra crystal, This Violet crystal assists in banishing obsessive thoughts, allowing for greater clarity of mind.

Purple Tourmaline energy also helps to unblock any stagnant energies, thus allowing for an improved flow of energy throughout the body. By connecting us with higher consciousness, this crystal facilitates spiritual healing and encourages us to open our hearts to love and acceptance. Tourmaline, used for the third eye chakra, vibrates a healing frequency that helps us to trust in the divine plan and accept our life circumstances with grace and love. This stunning violet crystal is very useful for the third eye, the root chakra, and the heart chakra. The zodiac association is the star sign Libra. 

27. Shattuckite


Shattuckite Third Eye Chakra crystal has a vibrant, unique blue shade with mixed colors. This blue chakra crystal helps to induce third-eye visions and amplify our thoughts, making them more powerful for manifesting. This highly spiritual stone is known for its ability to open us up to profound metaphysical visions, allowing us to gain insights into the universe beyond our physical realm.

As a Third Eye Chakra crystal, Shattuckite facilitates mental clarity and helps us understand ourselves deeper. It also enhances the intuitive senses, such as telepathy and clairvoyance, enabling us to experience a greater connection with all life forms. Shattuckite vibrates a mystical frequency that aids in unlocking viewpoints we have yet to explore and expanding our minds in amazing ways.

Open and Aligns the third eye, throat chakra, crown, higher crown, and higher heart chakra. This chakra crystal is associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Libra, and Venus. 

28. Sugilite/Luvulite


Sugilite third eye chakra crystal has a deep, royal purple crystal color that stimulates and opens the Third Eye Chakra. As a Third Eye Chakra gemstone, Sugilite helps to open us up to higher spiritual energies, enabling us to heal and transform on all levels. This gemstone radiates a deep vibration of unconditional love that helps us to overcome brain dysfunction and dyslexia, allowing our thoughts to be filled with clarity while harmonizing the third eye chakra.

As the Healer’s Stone, Sugilite can clear away all negativity and replace it with loving energy. It is also useful for those on spiritual quests, as it assists in releasing emotional turmoil that may hinder progress. Sugilite vibrates a frequency of compassion and understanding that helps guide us toward the peace and tranquility we seek.

Sugilite is associated with the zodiac star sign Virgo.

Sugilite is also connected to the heart chakra as well. Sugilite clears energy from the crown to the root chakra, thus opening and unblocking all of the chakras.

This incredible crystal supports the raising of kundalini energy through our chakra system.  

29. Turquoise


Turquoise is an exquisite third eye chakra crystal with a vivid blue and green hue that soothes the Third Eye Chakra and Throat chakra.

Used as a Third Eye Chakra stone, Turquoise can instantly clear away energetic blocks, enhancing intuitive insights and mental clarity. This blue-green crystal also helps us to develop our spiritual abilities, protecting shamanic or meditative journeys.

With its calming energy and calming vibrations, Turquoise offers comfort and solace during times of hardship and stress. It can strengthen our perception of reality while balancing the body, mind, and spirit. When using Turquoise in meditation, its aura of serenity helps us discover our inner power and gives us the courage to pursue our highest potential.

Turquoise has a strong metaphysical connection with the zodiac star signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. As we discussed, other crystal chakra connections are with Throat and Third Eye Chakra. It can tap into these three planets’ energy, Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune. 

30. Unakite/Epidote


Unakite third eye chakra crystal is a powerful stone for the Third Eye Chakra that can assist in spiritual growth and development.

This Anja crystal has an energy that helps to open our minds and access intuition while providing clarity and insight when making decisions. With its unique green, pink, and orange crystal colors, Unakite can bring peace and balance to mind, body, and spirit.

The third eye chakra crystal encourages us to explore our spiritual connection with the universe to manifest our dreams confidently. This stone opens the third eye and is only used on the Anja Chakra.

Unakite’s grounding energy helps us to connect with divine guidance during meditation or ritual work, allowing us to access inner wisdom and clarity.

This third eye chakra crystal also amplifies visualization techniques, aiding in manifesting goals of wholeness and well-being. Unakite is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. 

31. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian intense third eye chakra crystal, is a deep black crystal known as the “shamanic stone of power”. It’s associated with the Third Eye Chakra and supports detoxifying and cleansing negative energies. Due to its powerful properties, Black Obsidian is perfect for healing blockages and power issues and protecting against toxic vibes.

This third eye chakra crystal resonates with protection, purification, and grounding energy that helps to alleviate stress and brings balance to the third eye chakra.

This black crystal has strong spiritual vibrations that can assist in developing intuition and shamanic journeying to explore hidden areas within our consciousness.

In addition to creating inner strength and self-confidence, it can help us eliminate all forms of negativity, such as fear, anger, or resentment that we carry in chakras.

Black obsidian is ruled by Saturn and associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius.  

32. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline third eye chakra crystal, is a dark black gemstone that helps to open and stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. This gemstone has strong protective properties and helps block negative energies and repel unwanted vibrations.

By grounding us in reality, Black Tourmaline chakra energy opens and regulates the third eye chakra while providing clarity and increasing our overall focus and concentration while helping to bring a sense of balance to mind, body, and spirit. It’s an excellent crystal for spiritual development, encourages open-mindedness, enhances intuition, and aids in releasing fear-based thoughts that may be blocking personal power within the third eye chakra.

Black Tourmaline is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn and protects all the chakras from negative forces and influences. This stone can be used as an earth chakra stone as well.  

33. Citrine


Citrine is a powerful Third Eye Chakra gemstone. This chakra crystal has a golden-yellow color. Citrine also has strong intuitive and inspirational qualities that help to enhance focus and expand our awareness.

It can cleanse and reenergize all chakras, providing balance and harmony. By connecting us to our intuition, Citrine promotes insight into our spiritual purpose and can help us manifest our dreams into reality.

In addition, this crystal helps to clear any blockages in our energy field and brings joy, fortune, success, and abundance into our lives. This very ancient gemstone has been used for healing for centuries.

Citrine is ruled by the sun and is associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra. Citrine chakra crystal can be used on all chakras. 

How to Choose a Third Eye Chakra Crystal

When choosing an Anja crystal or stone to help open, activate, and balance your third eye chakra, consider the color vibrations of each one. Factors such as size, shape, and texture should also be considered.

Choose a crystal that best resonates with you and feels most comfortable when held in your hand or placed o brow chakra. Spend time meditating with the crystal or stone and allow its energy to flow through you. It’s also important to cleanse each stone before using them for healing. 

How to use Third Eye Chakra Crystals?

Danburite Clear

You can use third eye chakra crystals by placing them on your chakra, meditations, and jewelry. Below we will go into detail. 

Third Eye Meditation:

Place the crystal on your forehead or your hands, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, allowing yourself to relax as you take deep breaths.

Visualize a bright white light from the third eye chakra, connecting you to higher realms of consciousness. As you meditate, try to open up the dormant energies within this chakra and allow them to flow freely.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals Grids

Crystal Grids:

Crystal grids for the third eye are a powerful way to activate your third eye chakra energies using crystals, stones, and sacred geometry. Place the center stone in the middle of the grid and then place other stones around it in a circular or star pattern. Focus on breathing deeply while focusing on activating your third eye chakra. Spend time visualizing the power of your crystal grid to bring healing, balance, and peace to your life. 

Placement of crystals on the Third Eye Chakra

Once you have selected your crystal and placed it on the third eye chakra, recite positive affirmations while focusing on the energy of the stones. Affirmations help to open up your subconscious and promote healing within this chakra.

Here are some crystal affirmation examples you can use:

Affirmations for Imagination

I can see and create what I want

I have a clear vision

I trust my intuition

I am open to new ideas

My imagination is powerful

I am creative

I am inspired

Affirmations to open third eye chakra

My third eye is open, and I see clearly.

I am connected to my intuition and inner wisdom.

I trust my intuition and follow my heart.

I am open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

Affirmations to see the Future

I am open to receiving guidance about the future.

I trust that the universe will help me achieve my highest good.

I am confident about the path that I am on.

Affirmations to Let go of Negative Thoughts

I have a clear mind and open heart

My mind is crystal clear

I am enlightened and pure love

My mind is my superpower

I can do anything I put my mind too

I am grateful for everything in my life

I attract positive people and experiences into my life.

Affirmations for Intuition

I can know what to do with divine guidance

I have perfect trust in my intuition

I am always connected to my inner guidance

I easily and naturally make decisions from my intuition

My intuition is always accurate

I am confident in following my intuition

My intuition knows what is best for me

I listen to my intuition every day

My intuition is always guiding me to my highest good. 

Wearing Third Eye Chakra Jewelry

sodalite necklace

Wearing jewelry made with third-eye chakra crystals and stones can help bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. It also helps keep the energy of the stones close to you so that you can benefit from their healing properties.

Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces are available with many different types of crystals and stones.  

Third Chakra Healing


Healing your third eye chakra using crystals is a catalyst for the energetic frequency of the gemstone’s power to assist and activate.

Royal Families and Ancient civilizations have used healing with Crystals and Gemstones as the stone was placed on crowns or rings to harness the desired energy. They were not just decorative.

Gemstones also connect to the energy of a planet that assists in chakra healing. For example, Blue Tigers or Hawks Eye Stone would benefit the user if you would like to activate and protect your third eye.

The Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra that connects us to our intuition and awareness. You need intuition to decide, pick a divine partner, or make business decisions. Some call this a hunch or gut feeling as well. Others can see the picture in their spiritual eye, called clairvoyance.

Manifestation with the chakras

The Third Eye Chakra is a gateway to other worlds and dimensions, and it’s where we can see things in their most profound form. This Chakra is associated with all psychic abilities, dreams, manifestations, and visions.

You can manifest through different chakras, and this is one of them, but it is best to use the heart chakra and the Third Eye together, so you do not end up in a polarity situation. Meaning if you use your third eye to project to the outer, there should be the heart that magnetizes it back to you. If you use your throat Chakra, speaking things into manifestation, you would want to feel by using the heart chakra and see yourself in the image or situation you desire.  

Otherway ways to heal the third eye

clear quartz

Daydream, ponder life, unplug and connect to yourself

Journaling, write the life you desire Eat purple foods such as grapes, raisins, prunes

Drink Grape juice, pure organic

Wear indigo, purple or white Clothing for 11 days to see how you feel after

Put a Third Eye Chakra Crystal on your Chakra and meditate on silence daily

Draw pictures for yourself using your imagination

Use Purple and Indigo Decor by Feng Shui Space Activation

Sun Gaze at Sunrise or Sunset with the forehead exposed for 3 minutes daily.

Sit or meditate under the moonlight and let the moonlight bathe your Ajna Chakra. Yoga Poses for the Chakra

Sit in silence for 3 to 11 Minutes a day upon waking up

Make a circle of Purples Chakra Crystals around you and lay in the center in a corpse pose

Eat Lighter foods if possible  

Caring For Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Purple Fluorite with white

Third, Eye Chakra crystals should be taken care of and cleansed often. Cleansing the stones regularly is important to refresh their energy and clear any negativity or debris that can accumulate over time.

You can cleanse your stones by running them under cool water, burning sage near them, placing them in moonlight/sunlight, or placing them on a clear quartz, amethyst cluster or selenite plate.

When working with Third Eye Chakra crystals, it is important to trust your intuition and remember that the crystal you choose can be a powerful ally for transformation and healing. Each crystal carries its unique frequency, so take time to determine which stone is best for you.  

Third Chakra Crystals Conclusion

Third Eye Chakra Crystals Anja Stones

Using Third Eye Chakra Crystals like Sodalite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Iolite, Tanzanite, Clear Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Purple Fluorite, are powerful tools that can be used to activate and heal your Third Eye Chakra

These Anja crystals come in various forms, including tumbled stones, wrist malas, necklaces, pendants, and other jewelry pieces. When working with Third Eye Chakra crystals, trust your intuition and remember that your chosen crystal can be a powerful ally for transformation and healing. Lastly, cleanse your crystals regularly to refresh their energy and clear any negativity or debris that can accumulate over time. 

Third Eye Chakra Crystals Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best third-eye chakra crystals?

The best third-eye chakra crystals are amethyst, lapis lazuli, fluorite, and sodalite.

Each of these crystals carries its unique frequency, so take time to determine which stone is best for you. 

How do I use third-eye chakra crystals?

Third-eye chakra crystals can be used in a variety of ways. You can wear them as jewelry, place them on the third eye chakra area, or meditate with them to help activate and heal your third eye. Additionally, you can put a circle of crystals around you, lay in the center in a corpse pose, or place them on a clear quartz, amethyst cluster, or selenite plate. 

What color is the third-eye chakra?

The third-eye chakra is associated with the color indigo, and its symbol is a lotus flower with two petals. 

What are the benefits of activating the third-eye chakra?

Activating the third-eye chakra can help enhance your intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual connection. It can also lead to greater wisdom, clarity of thought, improved concentration, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it can give you deeper insight into yourself, the world around you, and your place within it. 

Are there any risks associated with activating the third-eye chakra?

If you over-activate the third-eye chakra, it can lead to feelings of confusion and disorientation. It is important to practice moderation when using third eye chakra crystals and be mindful not to overwhelm yourself with too much energy. Additionally, if you experience any of these symptoms, taking time to ground yourself and cycle in more positive energy is important. 

What crystal should I avoid with the third-eye chakra?

It is best to avoid using hematite with the third-eye chakra as it can block the flow of energy as it is a grounding crystal used mainly for the root chakra.. Additionally, some crystals that contain lead, such as pyromorphite, are not recommended for children, so they should be avoided if you have young ones around. 

Do I need to cleanse my third-eye chakra crystals?

Cleanse and charging your third-eye chakra crystals before and after use is always a good idea. You can do this with sage, palo santo smoke, or by placing them under the light of a full moon. Additionally, you should take time to cleanse them if they have been exposed to negative energy in any way. This will help protect your crystals from absorbing any unwanted energies. 

What is a third eye charm?

A third eye charm is an ornamental object usually worn as jewelry to help activate and balance the third eye chakra. It can be made from various materials such as gold, silver, bronze, or copper and adorned with a symbol of your choice, such as a lotus flower or other spiritual symbols. Additionally, some charms may be embedded with third-eye chakra crystals to enhance their energy. 

I am new to using third-eye chakra crystals. Where should I start?

The best way to begin is by researching and understanding each crystal’s properties. Additionally, you can include a simple meditation practice with your crystals and focus on sending love and healing energy to your third eye chakra area. You may also want to join a local crystal group or ask an experienced practitioner for guidance. Lastly, experiment with different stones and practice mindfulness to determine which one works best for you. 

Are there any rituals I can perform with third-eye chakra stones?

Yes, you can use your crystals for various rituals. For example, you could set an intention and meditate with a specific crystal to work on opening up the third eye. Additionally, some people may create a crystal grid in their homes to activate the third eye and improve their intuition.

Whatever ritual you choose, remember that the most important part is having a clear intention and allowing yourself to be open to the experience. 

What does the third eye do to you?

The third eye is associated with spiritual insight, intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities. It is believed to be the source of our inner wisdom and can help us connect to higher planes of consciousness. Activating the third eye can bring clarity, focus, improved decision-making skills, awareness, and creativity. Additionally, it helps us see things from a different perspective that may have gone unnoticed. Ultimately, working with your third eye chakra will give you greater insight into yourself and the world around you. 

How do I know if my 3rd eye is open?

When your third eye is open, you may experience a variety of physical and mental sensations. Some signs that your third eye is open include feeling pressure between the eyebrows, seeing colors and shapes when meditating or during moments of clarity, enhanced intuition and creativity, improved concentration, more vivid dreams, and lucid dreaming. Additionally, you may also feel a sensation of warmth and tingling, as well as a heightened sense of awareness. If you experience any of these signs, your third eye is likely to open, and you are ready to explore this area of the spiritual world further.

Do I need to be careful with my third-eye chakra practice?

It is best to take a cautious approach when working with your third eye chakra. This is because the energy of this chakra can be intense and may even cause fatigue, headaches, or visual disturbances. Therefore, taking breaks and giving yourself time to adjust to any changes in energy is important. Additionally, if you ever experience uncomfortable reactions, it is best to stop and take a break. Additionally, some stones associated with the third eye chakra, such as lapis lazuli or kyanite, can be very powerful and should be used cautiously. It is always best to start slow and build slowly up over time. With this in mind, take time and ensure you are comfortable exploring the spiritual world. 

How long does it take to activate 3rd eye?

The time it takes to activate the third eye depends on your progress and level of experience. Some people may find that their third eye opens quickly, while others may take more time to gain insight and clarity. As with any spiritual practice, patience is key. Consistent meditation and self-reflection are important parts of activating the third eye and should be done regularly to ensure progress. Researching and experimenting with different crystals should help you get in touch with using third-eye chakra crystals. 

How do I protect my third eye?

There are a few simple ways to protect your third eye. For instance, you can wear amethyst or black tourmaline jewelry that will help keep negative energies away. Additionally, you can smudge yourself or your home with sage and other herbs to rid it of any lower-vibrational energy. You could also practice grounding techniques such as deep breathing or visualizing roots growing from your feet into the ground. Finally, you can focus on connecting with positive and high-vibrational energy to keep your life balanced. These techniques will help protect your third eye and ensure that it remains open and clear. 

What should I do once my 3rd eye is open?

Once your third eye is open, staying grounded and focused on positive intentions is important. This will help ensure that new insights foster clarity and growth rather than confusion or overwhelm. Regular self-reflection can help you gain deeper insights and understanding of the spiritual realm. Additionally, journaling your experiences is a great way to document progress and provide insight into areas needing further attention. Lastly, meditating with crystals specifically associated with the third eye chakra, such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, and kyanite, can help to open this channel further. You will reap the full benefits of activating your third eye chakra by taking the time to explore and experience the spiritual realm slowly and with intention. 

What organs does the third eye chakra rule?

The third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland and pituitary glands, which produce hormones such as melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine. It is also connected to the eyes, ears, and brain. Therefore, when this chakra is balanced and open, these organs can be regulated healthily. By ensuring that your third eye chakra is open and balanced, you can experience an enhanced sense of insight and clarity. This awareness can also help regulate hormones and ensure overall physical health. 

How does the third eye affect mental health?

The third eye chakra is closely connected to mental health as it can help regulate hormones and ensure a healthy mind-body connection. When this chakra is balanced, the insights gained through meditation can lead to better decision-making and improved focus and concentration. Additionally, since the third eye is associated with visions and dreams, connecting with this energy can help bring clarity and understanding of mental blocks or traumas, aiding overall mental well-being. Furthermore, since this chakra is associated with the pineal gland, it can help regulate hormones related to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. By taking the time to open and balance your third eye chakra. 

What chants can I do for the third eye?

Chanting is a powerful way to open and balance the third eye chakra. The Sanskrit mantra for this chakra, “Om Shri Maha Prasadaya Namaha” can be used to open and activate the third eye. Additionally, repeating affirmations such as “I am connected to my intuition” or “I am open to the insight of my higher self” can help stimulate this chakra and create a sense of clarity. Other chants that can be used for this purpose include “Om Ah Hum”, “Sat Nam” and “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Chanting these mantras and affirmations daily can help open and balance the third eye chakra, allowing you to gain insight and clarity into your spiritual journey. 

Should I do Sungazing for the third eye chakra?

Sungazing is a practice that involves looking directly into the sun with intention, allowing its light and energy to enter your being. This practice can be used to open and stimulate the third eye chakra. It is important to note that sungazing should only be done in short intervals in the late afternoon or early more at dawn, as it can cause damage to the eyes if performed for too long. When sungazing, start by gazing for about two minutes and then closing your eyes to let the light enter your third eye. You can also chant mantras or affirmations about third-eye opening as you look into the sun. Sungazing can be a powerful practice to help open and activate the third eye chakra. As with any healing modality, it is important to use caution when using third-eye chakra crystals. Make sure you know your energy levels, practice moderation, and trust your intuition. You can reap the benefits of opening up your third eye chakra with patience and practice. 

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