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Sodalite Chakra

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Learn the Sodalite chakra connection to the throat chakra and third eye chakra, including how to heal the chakras using sodalite crystal.

sodalite chakra

What Chakra is Sodalite?

Sodalite chakra assoition is to the throat chakra and third eye chakra. However, the primary chakra is the throat chakra, and as secondary can be used for the third eye as a chakra crystal. Therefore, sodalite is considered both a throat chakra crystal and a third eye crystal.

In the case of using sodalite to heal your chakras, the blue crystal gives you gentle healing to both chakras as you can speak what is on your mind without feeling blocked or unbalanced. The pathway is cleared using sodalite chakra crystal.


What is Sodalite Crystal?

Sodalite chakra crystal is a tectosilicate mineral is a group of minerals found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks worldwide. It is named for its sodium content, as Sodalite usually has 12-16 % sodium oxide.

This aluminum silicate has colors that range from white and grey to dark blue crystals, yellow crystals, or green and with streaks of white, making it quite showy and beautiful.

Usually, the crystals are blue and white.

Sodalite is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, and the ruling planets are Venus and secondary the Moon. Sodalite helps those associated with this zodiac sign to gain wisdom and clear-headedness.    

Throat Chakra Crystals Vishuddha

What is a Throat Chakra?

The fifth is the throat chakra, our gateway for expression and communication. It is generally blue but can range from dark blue to turquoise depending on the vibration of the energy center, and the Sanskrit name is Vishuddha.

The throat chakra is important to achieving a balanced, spiritual lifestyle. Lying at the center of the neck, this subtle energy point is represented by blue and allows us to express ourselves honestly and openly. Said to be the gateway for our true self, its recognition can give us access to greater confidence in our daily lives.

Symptoms of a Blocked Throat Chakra  

Many people with an obstructed or unbalanced throat chakra have difficulties finding their voice in various situations, from expressing themselves verbally to putting their ideas on paper or conveying basic emotions.

There are many other symptoms; however, most are related to self-expression and communication.

In severe cases, When the throat chakra is blocked or imbalanced, it can manifest through physical aches and pains such as a sore throat, neck tension, headaches, or sinus congestion. 

Balanced Throat Chakra

When this Throat chakra is healthy and balanced, it enables us to express ourselves freely and honestly. We can also trust intuition and speak our truth rather than being constrained by fear or insecurity.

In a situation where Vishuddha is well-balanced, there will be an honest exchange of ideas and information that serves the highest good for all involved. This can be an incredibly liberating experience for everyone involved and helps create a space of open positive communication.  

sodalite raw

How Does Sodalite heal the Throat Chakra?

Sodalite, a deep blue-to-violet crystal, is an incredible chakra stone for the throat chakra. It helps to balance communication and expression within the body, restoring harmony with one’s environment. For those that struggle to express themselves, sodalite gently supports communication and encourages one to speak up. Sodalite has a very deep connection to the throat chakra, making this an excellent throat chakra crystal.

Like a gentle wind brushing leaves, it soothes anxiety associated with communication while providing overall healing benefits. In addition, this crystal enables us to trust our communication from the heart, fosters greater self-expression, and gives us the courage to speak our truth.

Where to Place Sodalite to heal the Throat Chakra

You can place sodalite on the front of the neck, or the back of the throat chakra.Mid center of the neck is best. Another alternative is if you want to keep sodalite chakra crystal with you, try wearing a necklace to support your communication and expression throughout the day.    

Third Eye Chakra Ajna

What is a Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra, located in the center of your forehead, is responsible for intuition and insight. It is associated with the color indigo or purple, and its Sanskrit name is Ajna. This energy point helps connect us to our inner wisdom and understanding of reality, as well as a source of deeper spiritual awareness.

The third eye chakra represents our ability to access higher levels of consciousness and can be incredibly beneficial for our physical and mental well-being.

in addition, the third eye also helps us access our intuition and be guided by it in everyday life. This energy point can provide clarity of thought, helping us confidently make decisions.

Symptoms of Blocked Third Eye Chakra

When this energy point is blocked or unbalanced, it can manifest through physical aches such as headaches, fatigue, depression, and confusion.

Other symptoms include difficulty focusing, lack of intuition, an over-active imagination, and feeling lost or disconnected from the world.

Signs of Healthy Open Third Eye Chakra

When your Third Eye chakra is healthy and open, you will be blessed with clarity of thought and vision. You can access greater intuition and understanding, allowing you to take the right direction in life more easily.

In addition, an open Third Eye chakra encourages creative thinking, wisdom, and a heightened spiritual awareness that can empower us to manifest our highest potential.  


How Does Sodalite heal the Third Chakra?

Sodalite helps to open the third eye chakra and brings wisdom and clarity to the user. It helps to clear away the mental fog and allows us to gain insight and clarity into our lives. Another way sodalite heals the third eye chakra is by bringing greater intuition and psychic awareness.

Sodalite, a third-eye crystal, can open your third eye and stabilize your thoughts. Sodalite chakra connection to the third eye supports you during your spiritual transformation.

Where to Place Sodalite for Healing the Third Eye Chakra

You can place Sodalite in your bedroom while sleeping or on your third eye chakra during meditation on your chakra. Another way for chakra healing is to wear a sodalite necklace or bracelet. This will help you keep the third eye chakra open and balanced throughout your day.   

Sodalite Chakra Crystal Healing Uses:

Yoga with Chakra Crystals

Using Affirmations with Chakra Crystals

Chakra Crystal Meditation

Chakra Crystal Color Therapy

Chakra Crystal Grids in Home or Office  

How to Use Sodalite to heal the Chakras?

How to use Sodalite The Third Eye Chakra

Using Sodalite Crystal affirmations is a great way to heal your third eye chakra, by affirming and holding your chakra crystal will nurture your chakra healing process. Make sure to find a quiet place before starting.

Even a few minutes daily can greatly empower you on your chakra healing journey.

Crystal Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra with Sodalite are:

I see clearly and understand the information

I am open to all that the universe has to offer me.

I trust my intuition and inner guidance.

I am attuned to the energies of the cosmos.

I am connected with my higher self and the divine intelligence of the universe.


How to use Sodalite to heal the Throat Chakra

To get started, find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight, close your eyes and place the sodalite stone in front of you or lay down and put the sodalite crystal on the front of your neck. Ensure all distractions are removed from your space, which will help nourish continual focus.

Next, take a few deep breaths and become aware of your body to release any tension or blockages that may have built up within the day. In this moment of awareness, feel the energy behind the element blue – noticing how it can bring calm or stillness.

With each breath repetition, try imagining the color blue emanating from the crystal and embracing your throat chakra – thus helping further intensify its flow of healing energy into your body.  

sodalite chakra

Sodalite Chakra Conclusion:

Sodalite chakra for the third eye and throat chakra is a gentle chakra crystal that helps to support communication within the body, restoring harmony with one’s environment.

Sodalite can help balance communication and expression within the throat chakra if you struggle to express yourself. It is also useful for healing the third eye chakra.

Use sodalite to heal your throat and third eye chakras and achieve balance.

There is Carnelian Chakra for the root and Sacral Chakra. Giving you more foundation for your higher chakras.

To learn more about Chakras Crystals.

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