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Green Fluorite Chakra

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Learn about Green Fluorite Chakra and the crystals uses for the heart chakra and third eye chakra.

Green Fluorite Chakra

What Chakra is Green Fluorite?

Green fluorite is associated with the heart chakra and the third eye chakra. The heart chakra is the fourth of the seven chakras and serves as the center of love of oneself and others, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion.

It is also known as the Anahata chakra and is associated with unconditional love, joy, and compassion. So, the condition of our relationships reveals a great deal about the state of the Anahata chakra.

On the other hand, the third eye chakra or Ajna – located at the center of the head and parallel to the middle of the eyebrows – is linked to awareness, perception, as well as spiritual communication.  

Green Fluorite

What is Green Fluorite Crystal?

Green fluorite contains powerful healing properties because it is such a balanced gemstone. It helps in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing, thus making it a very well-rounded stone to keep within reach.

In terms of mental healing, this green crystal can bring order into your life. It can help one find stability as well as smooth anxiety, remove any environmental stressors, and clear channels of mental confusion. This stone can also help create order and design, thus making thoughts and situations transparent and easier to interpret. Additionally, it can help you release mental fixations.

Spiritually, green fluorite help unlock repressed feelings and memories so you can effectively heal from them.

Moreover, this green crystal also has the power to restore spiritual balance. If you feel like you are not spiritually connected as before or if you feel your spiritual channels are blocked, this crystal can help you unblock the channels and create better contact with your spiritual guides.

Physically, green fluorite is used to heal immune disorders, dental pain, and bone issues. Since it is such a strong gemstone with a heave and detectable gravity, it is an ideal stone for easing bone and joint pain. It has the power to align with the skeletal system and offer support for your bones.

Green Fluorite makes an excellent Heart chakra and third eye chakra crystal. Green fluorite not only supports this chakra but is also ruled as a planet mercury crystal and associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn. Making this a very powerful Capricorn crystal.

The colors of green fluorite can range from light green crystals to dark green crystals. Fluorite Chakra Crystal is very beneficial for energy healing.

Green Fluorite Can Balance Heart and Third Eye Chakras

Different forms of fluorite align with a specific chakra because of their vibration. In the case of green fluorite, the crystal aligns perfectly with Anahata or heart chakra, keeping it open and balanced.  

Heart Chakra Anahata
Heart Chakra Anahata

What is a Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is located around the heart, upper back, and middle chest. Its element is air and the color green and pink. The fourth chakra, Anahata or heart chakra is at the center of the 7 chakras and plays an important role in the chakra system by connecting the upper and lower chakras. With that essential role, a balanced and open heart chakra can support your harmony and ease via their deific experience.  

Lifeforce energy stays dormant at the base of your spine until it is activated through wellness practices such as chakra meditation, pranayama, asanas, and prayer.

You will feel heightened joy, self-love, and self-esteem when your heart energy flows through the heart chakra. This, in turn, will help you feel motivated all the time and have a profound understanding of your life purpose.

A blocked heart chakra can negatively affect health in the mental state and physical body.

Heart Chakra Crystals are very helpful when worn as a necklace or placed on the Anahata chakra.

Physical symptoms of the blocked heart chakra

·      Heart palpitations

·      Poor circulation

·      High or low blood pressure

Mental symptoms

·      Feeling isolated

·      Codependency

·      Fear

·      Holding grudges against people close to you

·      You are excessively defensive

·      Fear of intimacy

·      Difficult to trust others

Anahata blockage makes it difficult for an individual to connect and understand their emotions, making it hard to feel empathy, self-compassion, or forgiveness. As a result of this, it becomes challenging for one to have unconditional love for people in their lives, thus making it hard to have an open loving relationship with others.

Balancing Heart Chakra

Although the Anahata can become blocked, it can be brought back to a state of balance through some simple practices. Healthy and balanced heart chakra energy is essential to both our physical and mental well-being. Our heart center depends on open heat chakra for free-flowing compassion, love, and empathy.

If you are stuck in these areas, balancing the fourth chakra energy will open your heart to the beauty and love that surround us.

Several practices can be used to open and balance the heart chakra, but crystals are among the most powerful methods.

Green Crystals support loving energy to flow freely through the chakra system. They can be effective when the gemstone is placed over the chakra location during meditation, wearing them as jewelry, distributed around your home, or simply carrying them around.  

Third Eye Chakra Ajna

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye chakra, also known as the Anja, is the sixth chakra. It is located in the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows. This chakra is associated with insight, intuition, and wisdom.

The Third Eye chakra is responsible for our ability to see clearly both physically and intuitively. When this chakra is balanced, we have a strong connection to our intuition and are able to see things clearly both in the physical world and in our mind’s eye.

We are able to make decisions based on our gut feelings and inner knowing.

Third-eye crystals are very helpful when placed on the Anja Chakra during meditation.  

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

If the Third Eye chakra is out of balance, we may have trouble trusting our intuition or we may be overly rational. We may also suffer from headaches or migraines, as well as problems with our eyesight.

Balanced Third Eye Chakra

When this chakra is balanced, we have a strong sense of intuition and inner knowing. We are able to see beyond the surface of things, and we are open to new ideas and possibilities.  

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite Crystal Chakra Meditation

Green fluorite is a great gemstone to calm and relieve tension, stress, and anxiety by detoxifying the emotional body. It helps you focus and eliminate mental blocks and other mental issues. It can reduce anger, fear, and depression.

This form of green fluorite can cleanse your heat of negative energy or restrictive beliefs so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Connecting with green fluorite enables you to let your spirit free and your dreams run wild, preparing you for success in meditating and manifesting your dreams.

How to do Green Fluorite Heart Chakra Meditation

To use Green Fluorite for the Heart Chakra, sit in a comfortable position. Place the stone on your heart chakra or hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe in, imagine a green light entering through your nose and filling your lungs. As you exhale, imagine the green light filling your entire body.

Continue to breathe deeply and focus on the green light for several minutes. Relax your whole body and let go of any thoughts or worries. If your mind wanders, simply return your focus to your breath and the green light. When you are finished, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite Chakra Affirmations

Repeating affirmations mentally, in writing, or aloud can help you cleanse negative energy and create positive thought patterns. Using Crystal Affirmations greatly supports you doing the healing process.

Here are some positive affirmations to support the health of the heart chakra and Third Eye Chakra:  

I’m here, I’m real, I matter   

My body is a valuable resource and treasured intelligence

 I’m engrossed in a field of abundance

The universe meets my needs and supports me

I see with clarity and light

I am at peace with all I see and understand all that is

Green Fluorite Chakra Conclusion  

Anahata is the gatekeeper for emotions, but life trauma may lead to the blockage of energy blocks. A balance heart chakra means you can release your past grievances and open your soul to compassion, forgiveness, and kindness. The use of the beautiful crystal also supports your third eye, when your third eye and heart chakra are unblocked you can see the divine with love. 

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Another great root chakra crystal that is green with red flecks, is bloodstone chakra and hawks eye stone chakra.

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