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Crown Chakra Crystals


Learn the healing properties, names, and meanings of Crown Chakra Crystals. White Sapphire, White Selenite Crystal, Clear Quartz Crystal, White Moonstone, White Calcite, White Opal, White Beryl, and White Chalcedony Crown Chakra crystals help you open your Sahasrara Chakra.


What are Crown Chakra Crystals?

Crown Chakra Crystals are gemstones that help your spiritual self connect to the divine cosmic consciousness of light and clear blockages in your Sahasrara Chakra. White crown chakra crystals, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Howlite, White Sapphire, and Moonstone support enlightenment and healing.

Using chakra crystals, connect your energy body to cosmic energy, which is where you access a deeper level of consciousness. Sahasrara chakra crystals can help to open and balance the crown chakra, us to expand our metaphysical awareness and grow in spiritual ascension.

 A blocked crown chakra makes you feel disconnected from our higher purpose or the divine source of all life. By working with crown chakra crystals, we can begin to heal this energetic blockage and reconnect with our Higher Self.


Crown Chakra Crystals

What is a Crown Chakra? 

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is the most spiritual in nature of all seven chakras. The seventh energy center of your body, the color ranges from white to violet, and your spiritual energy is from the cosmos.

The crown chakra is where you create your highest, transcendental level of reality. It’s where you will find yourself in an understanding of the cycles, reincarnation, birth, and rebirth, but with a new level of consciousness. 

Crown Chakra Meaning

Crown chakra is “sahasrāra chakra” in Sanskrit, meaning a thousand or infinity. This is infinity consciousness, the entire existence of all life. It can also be translated as “the bridge to the cosmos.” The crown chakra is our highest potential and most spiritual in nature of all seven chakras.

A crown chakra is a place of integration and connection. It allows for experiences of unity and universal connectedness. It helps us to integrate the whole of our being and thus achieve integration in our actions and results. 

Balanced Crown Chakra






Sense of Clarity

Unity Consciousness

Connected to oneself

Sense of Inner Wisdom

Trust in Inner Knowing

The Feeling of Divine Peace

 Connected to a Higher Power

Ability to Transcend Physical Laws

Connected to Your Soul’s Purpose

You Surrender to a Power Higher than Oneself

Blocked Crown Chakra



Lack of faith

Lack of purpose

Excessive Isolation

Frustrated with life

Scattered, Forgetful

Confused and Lonely

 Disconnected from yourself

Unable to connect with others

 Critical of others’ spiritual beliefs

Disconnected from a higher power

Crown Chakra Healing

You can heal your crown chakra by using chakra crystals and meditations. This is an excellent place to start. Wear chakra crystals as jewelry that will make a difference in healing and unblock your crown chakra.

Unblock your Crown Chakra

Transcendental Meditation

Carry in Pocket throughout the day

Wear jewelry with white or violet Crystals

Silent Meditations breath work 

Place Crystal on Chakra to unblock

Creative visualization with light work

Make Crystal Grids for Crown chakra

Meditations with Crystals to activate the energy

Affirmations while holding Crown Chakra Crystals

Feng Shui Space Activation with selenite or clear quartz

Sit in an easy pose, legs crossed with chakra crystal, and imagine light pouring in through your crown chakra, filling up your entire body for 3 minutes a day or before bed.

Volunteer for a project to encompass unity, consciousness, and service

Crown Chakra Crystals

Crown Chakra Crystal Affirmations

Affirmations for Cosmic Connection

I am connected to the divine universe

The flow of light surrounds me and fills me up

I am open to guidance and support from the cosmos

Universal energy emanates from my being

Cosmic Rays light the way

to my highest self

I am one with the source of all that is

Breathing in, I connect to the wisdom of the ages. Breathing out, I receive the love of the universe.

In every moment, I am surrounded by loving light and guidance

I use the force and power of light to create my reality

I am grateful for my loving connections with all beings in the universe.

Affirmations for Genius Mind

My mind is the mind of all that is and will ever be

Genious ideas flow to me every day

I have all the answers I need within me

I am confident and brilliant

I allow my natural brilliance to shine

I am blessed with a brilliant mind

Universal Intelligence is my mind

Affirmations for Connection to Source Energy

I am connected to a pure source of energy

Source energy is always available to me

I am open and receptive to guidance from source energy

I am always supported by source energy

The pulse of the universal source radiates through me

, animating and perfecting every cell of my body

I am grateful for the abundance of source energy that is available to me.

Affirmations for Divinity

I am one with the Divine.

The Universe supports me in all ways.

I am divine light

I am protected and illuminated by divine light

Universal light is my soul

My spirit is the infinite spirit of divine perfection.

Everything and everyone in my life reflects the divine nature of my soul.

Affirmations for Enlightenment

I am an enlightened being.

I am connected to the divine source of all wisdom and knowledge.

I radiate light and love in all that I do.

I live in the light. I bless the light. I am the light

Divine love light is my true essence

I am filled with light in body, mind, heart, and spirit

All darkness now fades away, and only light fills my day

My mind is illuminated and filled with light

My heart overflows with divine love and light

Illumination fills my thoughts

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