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Brown Fluorite Chakra

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Learn brown fluorite chakra uses for the Root Chakra known as the Muladhara chakra.

Brown Fluorite Chakra

What Chakra is Brown Fluorite?

Brown fluorite chakra is the energy of root chakra or Muladhara. Brown fluorite grounds you to the warmth of earth energy and gives you nurturing and physical feelings of vitality and safety.

The root chakra serves as the root of the body and if it is blocked, you may feel anxious or ungrounded. It is the first chakra and is situated at the base of the spine.

The Muladhara is associated with the earth element, linked to our ability to dig in and feel resolutely rooted in our life. The root chakra is associated with the color red and brown earth colors which is why it links to the earth and base of all energy.  

Brown Fluorite

What is Brown Fluorite Crystal?

Brown fluorite is a form of fluorite but with distinct brown color, from honey to chocolate shades. It is a stone of warmth, stability, trustworthiness, and grounding.

This brown crystal helps us connect to our inner wisdom and guides us toward truthfulness and honesty. Brown fluorite also means stability and support. It can help us overcome fear and failures.

Brown fluorite spiritually is an excellent stone for those Seeking patience and stability. The grounding energy of brown fluorite brings support ideas and energy into material form and the Earthly dimension.

You can use Brown fluorite and many ways, and this and Crystal will support you and give you an understanding of other wisdom received in meditations.

Brown Fluorite for Root Chakra

The root chakra vibrates to the color red and brown and that is why brown fluorite crystal is associated with this chakra due to the earth’s color.

Chakras impact every part of our body and are linked to certain diseases and emotions. Just like the other six chakras, the root chakra also consists of a five-part reach namely the feelings, the physical, the energy, the spiritual, and the psychological.

Brown Crystals like this Fluroite are very beneficial root chakra crystals.  

Brown Fluorite

Benefits of Brown Fluorite Chakra

Brown fluorite crystal can help balance the root chakra and help experience:

·      Feelings of being secure and stable

·      Presence and focus

·      Reliability, responsibility, and dependability

·      The drive and determination to live

·      A strong survival instinct

·      A sense of belonging

·      The power to care for yourself

In addition to activating the root chakra, brown fluorite also has many other benefits, including:

·       Brown fluorite is a stone of balance and harmony.

·       It helps us feel more grounded, centered, and connected to our own spiritual nature.

·       Make better decisions for ourselves

·      Spiritual growth and development

Brown fluorite is a chakra crystal that connects us deeply to our spiritual side. It helps us connect with others on a deep level, making us approachable and friendly. It brings out the earthy nature we all share, helping us feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth.

This brown color is believed to represent the soul traveling through the darkness to light and grounding to earth energy. So when we hold brown fluorite, we may feel a deep connection to the spiritual realm. We may also feel closer to nature since it’s associated with the earth.

The energy of brown fluorite is warm and nurturing. It inspires trust and confidence. It helps us overcome fear and anxiety and allows us to move forward with courage and strength.  

Root Base Muladhara Chakra

What is Root Chakra?

The root chakra or the first chakra or Muladhara is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone in the back as well as the pubic bone in front. As a result, this energy wheel holds the fundamental needs for security, safety, and survival.

Muladhara is powerfully linked to our connection with the Earth Mother, offering the ability to be grounded into the earth plane. Moreover, this is also the center of manifestation.

So if you are trying to change things in the material world, the energy to succeed will emanate from the root chakra.

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra

Physical symptoms

When your root chakra is out of alignment, you may feel pain in the lower body and intestines. This misalignment can be manifested in the physical body in many ways, such as:

·      Weight loss/gain

·      Pelvic pain

·      Constipation

·      Incontinence

Mental Emtional symptoms

The first chakra is about the relationship between oneself and the world around them. But when this energy is clogged, you may experience the following:

·      Amplified distractibility

·      Feeling stuck

·      Feeling lethargic and exhausted

Indications of Open-Balanced Root Chakra

  • An open first chakra is associated with the following:
  •  You are present
  •  You are grounded in your own energy
  •   You feel a connection
  •   You are in touch with your body
  •   You are in tune with nature
  •  You feel safe, secure, and comfortable on this plane of existence
  • You can manifest stability
  • Feelings of security
  • balanced eating habits
  • Able to relax and rest

Root Chakra Healing

Root chakra or first chakra healing involves opening, cleansing, clearing, strengthening, and supporting the root chakra within your body. This healing involves using sounds, certain foods, smells, healing crystals, affirmations as well as other holistic remedies to reinstate coherence within the mind-body organism.  

Brown Fluorite

Brown Fluorite Crystal Chakra Uses


·      It has a positive impact on health

·      It heals

·      It is associated with the root chakra

·      It is a healing crystal with positive energy around it

·      Great for meditation

How to use it

·      Store it on your desk

·      Carry it with you

·      Use it for concentration

·      Use it to relax before bed

·      Use it for meditation  

Feng Shui for Root Chakra

Use brown fluorite crystal in the center or northeast area of your office or home to symbolize roots and nature as well as to create a centering and comforting effect. The color of this gemstone is considered stable and can motivate feelings of safety.  

Root Chakra Meditation

To heal and unblock your Muladhara chakra, start by Bringing your focus and attention to your root chakra at the base of your spine using grounding cord meditation.

Envisage the trunk of your favorite tree or plant growing down from the base of your pelvis. Breathe in and out deeply as you feel attached and grounded in the support of the earth. Meditation is a foundational solution to nearly all imbalances in our bodies and this type of meditation will help you ground your root chakra.  

Root Chakra Affirmations

Here are some root chakra affirmations you can use to ground yourself:

To do affirmation with brown fluorite, hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your root chakra while laying down.

·      I am abundant

·      I am grateful

·      I am confident

·      I am independent

·      I belong

·      I trust the process of life

·      I am proud of myself

·      My first/root chakra is balanced  

Brown Fluorite Chakra Conclusion

The root chakra is the grounding foundation of the chakra system and therefore if it is not correctly aligned, the other chakras will also be misaligned. Balancing the root chakra can help you feel safe and secure as well as grounded in your body and the earth. Fluorite Chakra Crystal is very divine.

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