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Blue Fluorite Chakra

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Learn Blue Fluorite association with the third eye chakra and how to unblock and heal your Anja chakra.  

Blue Fluorite Chakra

What Chakra is Blue Fluorite?

Blue Fluorite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. This chakra is believed to be located in the center of the head, parallel to the middle of the eyebrows, and is linked to perception, awareness as well as spiritual communication. When open, it is said that the Third Eye Chakra can offer wisdom and insight and deepen one’s spiritual connection.  

What Blocks the Anja Chakra?

Many things can block the third eye chakra, including a diet consisting of highly processed foods, being disconnected from nature, and devastating feelings of sadness.

The alluring blue shades of blue fluorite make it a natural fit for the third eye chakra. The crystal helps balance the third eye chakra by eliminating any undesirable psychic debris or mental fog that clouds your intuition.

As a result, you will be able to see the situation clearly, gain a better and perfect understanding of what you are dealing with and take the steps needed.  

Blue Fluorite

What is Blue Fluorite Crystal?

Fluorite is a kaleidoscopic crystal known for its array of hues. Blue fluorite is a form of fluorite gemstone that exists in blue color.

Blue fluorite brings faith, trust, respect, and patience, providing the focus we need to act more responsibly, and become more sincere, and trustworthy.

Moreover, blue fluorite also brings rational and calm to the system, enhancing orderly, sequential thoughts as well as enabling one to direct their brain activities toward an intended objective.

That is not all, blue fluorite also inspires gentle honesty, a sense of justice, and letting go of frustrations, obsessions, and disappointment. It is also an ideal crystal for reprogramming karmic patterns and spiritual awakening.

Blue Fluorite Chakra Gemstone Benefits

Generally, fluorite crystal is so versatile that it can clear all seven chakras. Blue Fluorite is attuned to the third eye chakra and therefore can be used to:

·      Connect to the third eye and throat chakras

·      Clear and unblock third eye and throat chakra energy

·      Balance third eye and throat chakras

·      Diffuse negative emotions such as resentment and anger

·      Cleanses third eye and throat chakras  

Third Eye Chakra Ajna

What is a Third Eye Chakra?

 The third eye chakra is one of the seven chakras that are energy centers in our body. A form of healing energy called prana runs through chakras to balance the mind, spirit, and body. Each chakra has a unique purpose that if blocked, can cause both psychological and physiological symptoms.

The pineal gland is commonly referred to as the third eye because it is located deep in the center of the head, parallel to the middle of the eyebrows – the location of the third eye chakra.

Commonly referred to as the Ajna chakra, the third eye chakra is the sixth of the seven chakras and one of the spiritual chakras and center for intuition. As it is in the name, the third eye chakra physically controls the eyes. But it is also in charge of the lower part of the brain as well as the pituitary and pineal glands.

This chakra is represented by purple or dark blue color and it is associated with light.  

Blue fluorite is a highly spiritual stone that is often used to open and activate the third eye chakra.

You can use this beautiful fluorite crystal for awakening your Anja Chakra

Balanced Third Eye Chakra

When you have balanced or opened the third eye chakra, you will experience the ability to have intention and vision. These apparently virtuous themes are important for an individual to experience happiness, emotional liberation, and growth.

For without vision you settle and without intention you become reactive.

You will also have intuition when your third eye chakra is open. Intuition holds the secret to one’s deepest fulfillment and sense of purpose. It is the hidden sixth sense that lets you sense into the 99 percent of the remaining frequencies that can perceive with the rest of the five senses. When the third eye chakra is balanced, you are able to observe yourself from a third-person standpoint, outside your body.

Another aspect of balanced third eye chakra is how meaningful your life starts to feel. This chakra rules our mission and purpose – having future goals whose reward outweighs present comfort.

Symptoms of open/balanced third eye chakra include:

·      A sense of bliss

·      Mental clarity

·      Clear self-expression

·      Insight

·      Decisiveness

·      Strengthened intuition

·      Improved concentration

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Any time your third eye chakra is blocked it can lead to severe effects on both your physical and mental health. Note that an overactive third eye chakra can also cause these symptoms.

The blocked third eye can look like migraines or chronic headaches, brain fog, feeling lost in life, lack of future intentions or goals, difficulty seeing the future, failure to take in multiple stimuli via the eye, blurry vision, or hormone issues that can cause stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more.

Some of the most common ways one can tell if they have a blocked or imbalanced third eye chakra include:

·      You feel a lack of purpose, meaning, or significance in your life

·      It becomes hard to balance logic and emotions when communicating or making decisions

·      You feel a lack of creative thoughts

·      Experience hormonal imbalances

·      You feel disconnected from an energetic world i.e. you feel like the material world is all-consuming and only limited to the five senses.

When you have an imbalanced third eye chakra, you may also experience judgmental thoughts about the choices and actions of others. This means that you are unable to embrace the uniqueness of the world around you.

You might also start to consume too much-processed food. What you eat impacts your energy body.  

Dark Blue Fluorite

How to Use Blue Fluorite to Heal your Third Eye Chakra

Blue fluorite can be placed on the third eye chakra during meditation or worn as jewelry to help balance and heal and unblock this energy center.

It is also helpful in clearing away mental fog and enhancing psychic abilities. If you are seeking greater clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of the world around you, working with blue fluorite can be an excellent place to start.

You can use any color of Blue fluorite, Dark Blue crystals are also very helpful like this fluorite shown in the photo.

Third Eye Chakra Healing

Third eye chakra healing is a process of opening, cleansing, and balancing the third eye chakra in your body. It involves an array of holistic healing remedies from ancient times to bring alignment to the mind, spirit, and body.

These remedies may include practices like mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, color therapy, self-inquiry, yoga, third eye crystals, and aromatherapy among many others.  

Feng Shui for Third Eye Chakra

Use this blue crystal to enhance any living space that you use for calm reflection, repose, or prayer. In feng shui, blue fluorite uses water energy – the energy of stillness, purification, and strength. The water energy brings the power of rebirth and regeneration, and since it is associated with the North area of a room, place your blue fluorite crystal there to enhance the space.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that originates from eastern medicine and space activation.  

Blue Fluorite Crystal Affirmations

To use blue fluorite for the third eye, find a serene location where you can sit peacefully. Take deep breaths while holding your blue fluorite gemstone. Then repeat these affirmations to reprogram your brain and heal your third eye. Crystal Affirmations can be very useful for healing and supporting you in your spiritual journey.

1.     I focus without problems on what is important to me

2.     I easily let go of the negative attachments and patterns

3.     I release all that does not serve me

4.     I am open and willing to try new things

5.     I am inspired by blue fluorite energy of comprehension to see things in different ways

Blue fluorite chakra conclusion

The symptoms of blocked third eye chakra are not subtle and can easily be discerned. If you feel your third eye chakra is blocked, try using blue fluorite chakras to help clear and unlock the third eye chakra. Ancient use of gemstones has been used for centuries in unblocking the Anja chakra.

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