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Black Tourmaline Chakra

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Find out the black tourmaline chakra association with the earth and root chakras and how you can use black tourmaline to benefit your root chakra.

black tourmaline chakra crystal

What Chakra is Black Tourmaline good for?

Black tourmaline chakra associates earth and root chakra. But it can also be used when working with all the other crystals.

However, it is most effective with the base chakra because, like all dark and dreamy crystals, black tourmaline helps you get grounded.


What is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious chakra crystal found in many parts of the world, including the United States, parts of South America, such as Brazil, and some countries in Africa.

Ancient gemstone healers and magicians used black tourmaline for protection from negative energy, and even to this day, it is still utilized for that purpose.

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding crystal that can help us connect to the earth and enhance a sense of balance and stability.

This black crystal is a protective stone that can shield us from psychic attacks and negative energy.

As a healer, black tourmaline help reduce anxiety and stress and promotes relaxation and calm. It is also said to have detoxifying properties that can help us purify and cleanse all toxic from our bodies.

In astrology, black tourmaline is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn and is ruled by the planet Saturn – the planet that rules Capricorn.

Root Base Muladhara Chakra

What is a Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the first chakra of the seven chakras within our bodies. It is what you balance first, then work your way up to the rest of the chakras. It is situated at the perineum and expands through the feet and legs.

It is the foundational energy that enables us to feel grounded and secure. It is important always to pay attention to the root chakra as the foundation because when it is stabilized, we can move on to other developmental phases.

The Sanskrit name of the root chakra is Muladhara, and it is said to govern our basic needs, including security, survival, and a sense of belonging.

The root chakra is associated with the earth element and is believed to be related to the sense of smell.

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra

An imbalanced root chakra can manifest mentally and emotionally before you start seeing physical symptoms. You may begin experiencing feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and fear. Moreover, you start to find concentrating difficult, lose focus all the time, and find yourself confused.

Blockages in the root chakra can also affect your spiritual health. You may lose touch with the physical world and feel disconnected from others. Also, you start experiencing financial difficulties or an inability to afford basic needs.

Balanced Root Chakra

A balanced root chakra is associated with a sense of security and stability. When this energy is stabilized, you feel safe and secure in your environment.

As a foundational energy center within the body, the root chakra helps you feel more grounded and connected to the physical world. Also, it gives you a feeling of physical vitality and energy.

You become more confident and capable of meeting your basic needs. This means you can feel financially stable and secure.

Another indicator of a balanced root chakra is the increased sense of belonging and connection to others.

Black Tourmaline

How Does Black Tourmaline heal the Root Chakra?

Because of its grounding properties, black tourmaline chakra crystal is a perfect stone for balancing the root chakra.

This gemstone can help ground you to the earth, providing security and stability. It also helps transform negative energy into positive energy and enhances feelings of safety and security.

Black tourmaline is a highly protective chakra crystal.

Black Tourmaline

Where to Place Black Tourmaline on Root Chakra

You can place it on the lower belly, near the base of the spine, where the root chakra is located.

You can also hold it in your hand while meditating to help focus and ground your energy.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Chakra Crystal Healing Uses

  • In Root Chakra crystal meditation
  • When saying affirmations for grounding
  • Wearing Black Tourmaline Jewelry
  • Using Black Tourmaline in a chakra crystal grid
  • In yoga with black tourmaline for chakra healing
Black Tourmaline

How to use Black Tourmaline to Heal the Root Chakra

Find a comfortable position on a cushion or in a chair. You can play root chakra meditation music

Hold a piece of black tourmaline in your non-dominant hand or place it on your lower belly, near the base of your spine.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the sensation of the breath moving in and out of your body.

Visualize the root chakra at the base of your spine as a red spinning wheel.

As you breathe, try to visualize the red spinning wheel of the root chakra slowing down and coming into balance.

You can also try repeating affirmations related to the root chakra, such as “I am grounded and secure” or “I am connected to the earth.”

Continue to focus on your breath and visualization for as long as feels comfortable, generally 10-20 minutes.

When you are ready to end your meditation, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

black-tourmaline chakra

Black Tourmaline Chakra TakeAway

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that is connected to the root chakra. It helps us to stay grounded and secure while bringing balance and stability into our lives. It can help to protect us from unwanted energies and clear out any blockages in the root chakra. Black tourmaline helps to create an energetic shield around us that deflects negative vibrations while attracting positive ones. Additionally, it assists in calming our fight or flight responses so that we can make decisions from a place of peace and clarity.

Keeping black tourmaline in your space encourages us to feel empowered, connected to our true selves, and more fully present in the moment. If you are looking for a powerfully grounding crystal, black tourmaline is one for you!

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