Amethyst Crystal

What is an Amethyst Crystal?

Amethyst Crystal is a purple violet variety of Quartz Mineral Crystals. Ranging from a very deep bluish-purple to light almost pastel purple coloring. Amethyst can be naturally mined as well as lab-created. I personally prefer natural stones. There is magic with natural earth created energy-infused stones over millions of years on the planet. Amethyst Crytal chemical makeup is composed of silicon dioxide. Quartz is formed in lava. Gas bubbles in lava become trapped, thus allowing them to form inside the silica-rich liquid cavities created by the bubbles. Then millions of years later, we have our Amethyst Power Crystal.
The Amethyst Crystal comes in clusters, Geodes, Single points.


Amethyst Crystals, where do they come from?

Until the 19th-century the Amethyst Crystal was mainly mined in Russia. Amethyst Crystal was then discovered in other countries including Brazil, the United States, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Siberia Asia all the way down to South America. This is a Global Crystal.
Jewels made from Amethyst Crystals have been discovered dating back to 3,000 BC from archaeological sites.
A semiprecious stone that is often used in jewelry, healing, meditation and is the traditional western birthstone for February.

Amethyst, originally known as “amethystos” meaning not drunk. This name was given to this beautiful crystal by the greeks meaning not intoxicated. They carved drinking vessels from the Amethyst. The Greek belief was that it would prevent full intoxication and aid with the adverse effects of alcohol.

Amethyst can be naturally mined as well as lab-created. I personally prefer natural stones as I feel there is something magical with natural earth energy-infused stones over millions of years, on the planet versus lab-created ones.

The stone was stone in ancient times was only for the royals but fortunately, we can now enjoy the many uses of this powerhouse natural healing crystal.


Amethyst Crystal, science has begun to notice them.

All types of Amethyst Quartz Crystals are known to increase the size of living beings’ energy field. Amethyst crystal increases your bio-energy field expanding and harmonizing your frequency.
Amethyst generates infrared radiation and emits negative ions. Negative ions coming from this supernatural crystal have positive effects on your body tissues and DNA. Amethyst crystal has even been known to reduce symptoms of depression for some people as well.
Amethyst has an activating influence on some of the body systems and cognitive performance while promoting antimicrobial activity
How incredible is this stone!
I have a feeling they will use Amethyst to repair DNA not so far in the future. For now, we can use them on ourselves and increase the feel-good in our brains from the negative ions these life-changing super stones emit.

Amethyst Crystal is a superpower high-frequency Quartz Crystal

32,876 kHz is the vibration of an Amethyst Crystal. Wow, that is amazing!

Amethyst crystal emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876 kHz. The waves of this frequency enhance vital activities in all beings.

Amethyst Crystal is one of the highest vibrating crystals known on the planet currently discovered.


Amethyst Crystals and the Chakras

Amethyst is a stone of the sixth (Third eye) chakra, seventh (Crown) chakra, fourth (Heart) Chakra, and the fifth ( Throat) chakra. One must take note that Amethyst use is beneficial for all the chakras. This stone has a wide array of uses. That is why it is one of the commonly most used crystal stone for healers. This crystal is a tool to be kept in the healing kit.
Let’s now look into the main chakras Amethyst is used for.

Amethyst – Stimulate your 3rd Eye Chakra

Chevron Amethyst is one of the best third eye stimulators. Chevron Amethyst also stimulates inner vision and outer physical vision for your eyes.
The power vibration of the violet lavender amethyst crystal assists in opening the 3rd eye. The violet lavender type of Amethyst also takes you into a beta brain wave. The activation of the energy of the 3rd eye greatly assists one to see into other realms, know the truth, and dispel darkness.
The 3rd eye chakra is also the seat of the soul. Amethyst connects us with our soul path. You can also project out of your 3rd eye for manifestation techniques by pulling the energy up your root chakra and out the 3rd eye chakra while visualizing yourself, in the scene you desire to pass. Amethyst super crystal, aids us like a spirit guide, protecting us, nurturing us, and supporting our merge into our intuition(subtle body). Much more on the subtle body- the intuition of the soul, later.

Amethyst Crystal- Crown Chakra Activation.

Amethyst Healing Crystal Stone connects us to the higher planes of existence and a multitude of dimensions. The crown chakra is similar to antennae which connect us to the divine wisdom. The super stone opens our crown chakra to receive and send messages when this activation takes place. We can then come up with genius ideas that are floating in the ethers for us to tune into, or be downloaded with incredible ideas that we may not have been able to understand or even be on the same frequency as. Remember everything is energy even our ideas and thoughts. Science also works with energy as frequency, it’s like dialing a radio station. Crystals have many uses in modern technology as they carry frequencies. Thoughts are just frequencies of information as well.
I could go on about this topic and I will get into detail specifically in another time and place. However, for now, let us move to the heart and throat chakras uses for Amethyst.

Amethyst Crystal 5th Chakra Throat Center uses

Amethyst Crystals harmonize and heals your 5th (Throat) Chakra. This further helps you to speak up for yourself when confronted with negative situations. Feeling a more sense of calm and strength when speaking your truth. Remember this stone increases your auric field so you will feel more courageous, while your throat is activated, allowing you to express your innermost truth more harmoniously. Singers have been known to carry this stone for stage fright. Also, they let it steep in cool water overnight and drink the crystal elixir early morning to clear the throat and harmonize the vocal cords. Healers use the stone on chakras for clearing the space before and after clients have released grief in spaces. Counselors have used the stone for clients to hold while sharing topics of trauma for the calming effect.

Amethyst Crystal, 4th (Heart) Chakra Love, Anger and Grief.

Amethyst calms the heart, dispels grief, and transmutes anger and resentment. Thus allowing the heart to release pain easily and heal. The wearer of this Healing stone is activating the heart, throat, and 3rd eye with the crown chakra thus allowing one to see the full scope of the universal perspective which also aids in healing from adverse situations. You now have universal eyes, a universal heart of understanding, and can tell the truth to yourself.


Amethyst Healing Crystal, many more uses

calms and regulates the entire system
nerve relaxation
anxiety relief
depression and mood lifter
negative ions emission
chakra activation
increased intuition
increased stamina
clears negativity from home
clear negative thoughts
Prosperity, purple is the color of wealth and royalty as well
cleanse the aura from negative vibrations or toxic people
strong healing effect on body organs
strengthens the immune system
stimulate creativity and imagination