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Love for crystals and gemstones has been a lifelong love affair. It is our intention that our articles assist you on your journey with gemstones as a healer, collector, or designer. We are so thrilled that everyone has come to our site as we are expanding every day. If you found a new one let us know we would love to hear your crystal story! Peace and Prosperity, Tsarina <3



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I love mediation and the healing arts.
Sharing knowledge and serving others on a global scale brings much satisfaction to my work and research.
There are thousands of crystals that have been discovered and who knows whos how many more are on this planet.I a looking forward to finding out sharing with you our readers.Light and Blessings, Maryam


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In feng shui, my energy is a KUA 5 which rules small earth, aka Crystals. Honestly, I am obsessed with crystals. Always in awe of the beauty, they radiate! I love learning about them, and finding out which news ones are being discovered. There are so many crystals to love!

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