Golden Light Healing Crystals is a living library of crystals from around the world.

We love to research, share personal stories and give you information in the world of crystals that we truly feel is fascinating.

Meet The Team at Golden Light Healing Crystals : )


Tsar : I love research, writing, alternative medicine and gardening, mainly my roses. I feel the journey begins within and crystals are handy tools used in consciousness expansion. Working with my daughter Sidney and the awesome Melissa is a blessing unto itself.


Sidney: ” I learned about crystals from my mom Tsar, our family goes on crystal hunting trips and and studies these magical and beautiful gems 24/7.Its my life !

I carry crystals in my car for extra protection and love meditating with them. In my spare time you can find me with my friends, traveling and creating art for the site, social media , communications, video and love posting information on social media.


Melissa: I have a communications degree and love journaling, and publishing. Its my thing! When I am not working, I love exploring, reading and just hanging with my family.

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Golden Light Healing Crystals

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