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Healing Crystals
Using Ancient Crystal Healing Secrets

Healing Crystals and gemstones are some of the most secret ancient healing tools dating back thousands of years globally. While most people are attracted to crystals and gemstones’ incredible beauty, not knowing that it goes even deeper and what healing crystals truly offer.
Healing crystals, each having its own healing capabilities for the mind, heart, body, and soul. Every healing gemstone is truly unique and the effects vary from person to person. This can be based on the influence of a person’s astrological zodiac sign. Healing stones and crystals enhance and magnify the flow of healing positive energy and assist the body, mind, and heart in transmuting the flow of negative energy to a more positive healing regenerating frequency, thereby increasing the physical, mental and emotional benefits.


Healing Crystals

Amplify yourself with crystals:

Healing Crystals and stones are known as the “master healers.” Each Healing Crystal and Healing Gemstone can bring about different types of healing. Quartz Crystals are known to amplify energy. The cellular structure of the healing crystals is very similar to the human body’s cellular structure. Healing crystals can also amplify your own thoughts during meditations, creative visualizations, and healing energy sessions. You can also hold them up to a particular chakra and amplify that particular chakra to aid in further healing, chakra balancing, and manifestation practices. There are select healing crystals and healing stones you can choose to use for each chakra, however, quartz crystals can work for any chakra healing and balancing, as they are in a group of healing crystals that are neutral in the sense that they can be used to amplify and balance other healing crystals energy as well.


Healing Crystals

using colored crystals and gemstones:

Healing Crystals come in various colors, such as the beautiful pink rose quartz that helps restore trust and harmony in all relationships. Brings love, self-love, and divine love into a person’s life. The healing stone of Jasper is the “supreme nurturers.” They enhance the soul and aid a person through harsh transformations. The healing crystal qualities of Jaspers are said to protect a person from negativity, thereby acting as a shield. Other healing crystals have equal superpowers and capabilities just like the ones mentioned.


Healing Crystals
guidance with gemstones:

Golden Light Healing Crystals is an information and stone powers guidance platform. Golden Light Healing Crystals offer our best picks and reviews for healing crystals. We do our best to research healing crystals and healing gemstones from around the world to bring this information to you. Golden Light Healing Crystals bring insights regarding healing crystals jewelry, healing stones, healing crystals, zodiac birthstones, crystal balls, crystal wands, crystal singing bowls, organite, and crystal books. With all healing crystal essentials and healing stones covered, you can easily select healing crystals and gemstones or discover new ones to add to your collection.


Healing Crystals Caring for them
best ways to purify crystals and gemstones:

Healing crystals can sometimes select you or catch your attention. This is your inner subconscious or soul guiding you in selecting the healing crystal that is best for you.
After you have selected your healing crystals and healing stones, here are some ways you can take care of and purify them. Room temperature alkaline water is great for purifying on the go or if you are traveling with your crystals and stones. Saltwater is a superhero when it comes to purifying and totally recharging your crystals and stones. Fill a glass or bowl of lukewarm water depending on the size of the crystal and make your healing crystal and stones a salt bath. Just soak overnight, then rinse off afterward and you are good to go.
Healing crystals and stones love sunlight or moonlight baths, enhancing positive recharging and purifying energies. We will go into this deeper for each stone. Rosewater is always a lovely purifier as it is an extremely high frequency, but it must be pure and organic. Then you can just spray your healing crystal. This is another good travel option for your stones when on the go.
Healing Crystals and Stones have other crystals that aid in their recharging and purification, in particular, is the healing crystal Selenite. Place your healing crystals and healing stones on the Selenite overnight to purify and recharge your crystals and stones.

I personally love to do all three by laying my healing stone or crystal on Selenite, spraying it with rosewater under the moonlight. So beautiful!

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